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Anonymous 19/06/22(Sat)02:14 No. 25537

File 156116248436.jpg - (182.18KB , 1100x1095 , naomi-scott-al-15657c-1558544949[1].jpg )

Even though she isn't the cartoon version of the character. How come live action Jasmine, Noami Scott, is hot to me when I am a straight biological male?

Anonymous 19/06/22(Sat)02:53 No. 25541

>straight biological male
Interesting question.

Anonymous 19/06/22(Sat)10:31 No. 25542

Some women can be considered hot. This has no bearing on your sexuality.

Anonymous 19/06/24(Mon)13:09 No. 25545

Damn those tiddies look huge

Anonymous 22/06/01(Wed)20:56 No. 26055

Drawing of 'Princess Jasmine (Naomi Scott)', from the movie 'Aladdin' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kljCf7lH9sI

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