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The Cultural Influences of The Legend of Korra Anonymous 21/06/03(Thu)10:03 No. 25822

File 162270738165.png - (156.20KB , 348x191 , Creamy - 06-03-2021.png )

I used to be one of those people who questioned the legitimacy of the cultural influences in The Legend of Korra and I too believed it to be too western. I also accepted that this was a western made show that was likely going to have western influences despite being a world inspired by eastern ones much in the same fashion as any anime depicting an European style world still retains Japanese cultural influences.

That is until I watched this video which made me realized that the creators of Avatar the Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra really know how to do their research. While they may have lacked a bit for the latter series and/or limited in what was accepted by the network at the time. I still find it admirable that they took the time to actually care about the specific cultures that were being portrayed in the fantasy world.

I found this video to be very educational and informative. It also made me rethink some of my stances on The Legend of Korra itself even though she is correct in saying that the show is far from being perfect. Having Zaheer be the first villain and then have Amon appear as a consequence to the actions made by the first would have made the story make better sense. However, what I feel she failed to realize is that Book 1 was originally going to be the only series as this was originally slated to be a mini-series. Though perhaps they should have gone with Zaheer still and save Amon for a rainy day. I do understand that the original characters were likely a big motivation for the series as they were treated way better than in any Star Wars film.


Anonymous 21/09/22(Wed)08:32 No. 25891

It's a piece of fiction. It can be as Asian or as Western as the writers want. If someone was making something on the Japanese Edo era, but "casts" fucking Sven from Gödenhadden, Denmark as the Japanese emperor, then maybe this conversation can be had. But not here.

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