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ID this comic book, please! Anonymous 21/09/04(Sat)22:08 No. 25884

File 163078613486.jpg - (184.71KB , 1324x959 , 68f458594dd49abb4354e04c371e837a.jpg )

Here's just the basics of it.

One single volume, not an ongoing series AFAIK.

One comic is about people hunting sapient turnips by playing "Teddy bear's picnic" in the woods and just shove them down a sack.

One comic is about some television fan club having having a meeting in a hotel. When the discussion is almost to get to punches, it turns up that someone mixed up the bookings of the premises and those who was supposed to have it was a bunch of nazis.

One long story arc is about time travel, something-something.

One short story is autobiographical, when the artist in his youth made a film epic from stock footage.

Anonymous 21/09/29(Wed)23:35 No. 25893

I recall that one comic in the volume was about the "automatic" mechanical turk that was supposed to play chess and a young Bobby Fischer.

Anonymous 21/11/15(Mon)13:21 No. 25906

There's also one comic about a father and daughter. The daughter sneaks out at night, in clown dress and makeup, to attend an underground club with every kind of clown-related debauchery. He infiltrates it and discover it's really a front for a communist organization. He tries to foil a bomb plot, but gets killed together with the leader. And he becomes a "clownie" martyr.


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