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How do you imagine Venom symbiote? Anonymous 22/04/24(Sun)17:16 No. 25969

File 165081340213.png - (718.90KB , 1920x1080 , revenge.png )

I imagine it to be mysterious like it was before it was revealed to be alive.

Symbiote never shows the monstrous form. We never see if it feeds on negative emotions nor eats the host.
Symbiote at first copies Spider-Man's look, but like in Spectacular Spider-Man, the more the suit looks classic, more control the symbiote has, but it also gets a bit buffer and shinier.

Anonymous 22/05/17(Tue)18:08 No. 25981


"Things Undreamt of..." Anonymous 22/05/18(Wed)08:35 No. 25982

File 165285571383.jpg - (357.47KB , 953x1530 , RCO024_1470711112.jpg )

After Peter Parker goes to sleep for the night, he is too exhausted to notice his alien costume suddenly come to life and bond to his body. It takes control of his body and goes out web-slinging.

Anonymous 22/05/18(Wed)08:36 No. 25983

File 165285576976.jpg - (391.64KB , 950x1526 , RCO028_1470711112.jpg )

It soon arrives at a stand-off between the police and some armed men. The officers are under the command of Jean DeWolff, a long time ally of Spider-Man. Pinned down by gunfire, DeWolff is happy to see the sight of Spider-Man as he arrives on the scene. Silently, the symbiote pilots Spider-Man's body into the warehouse, ambushing the gunmen inside. Without speaking a single word, the body of the wall-crawler rounds up the gunmen in no time.

Anonymous 22/05/18(Wed)08:38 No. 25984

File 16528558814.jpg - (364.88KB , 960x1532 , RCO029_1470711112.jpg )

In the aftermath of the battle, Jean DeWolff takes a moment to pull Spider-Man aside and thank him for his help. Unaware that the wall-crawler is not in control of his body, she asks him to talk in private in the nearby alley. There Jean thanks the web-slinger for all the times he has aided her.

Anonymous 22/05/18(Wed)08:39 No. 25985

File 165285595425.jpg - (310.66KB , 949x1529 , RCO030_1470711112.jpg )

She also admits that she loves him. This causes the symbiote to think about its host's relationship with the Black Cat.[Continuity2 2] Based on this experience, the symbiote moves in to try and kiss Jean DeWolff. Jean then stops him, as he has misunderstood what she says. She explains that she loves Spider-Man as a friend.

Anonymous 22/05/18(Wed)08:40 No. 25986

File 165285600785.jpg - (274.91KB , 950x1529 , RCO031_1470711112.jpg )

In fact, she sees him as her best friend and understands how he could have misunderstood her. She then tells him not to say anything more and jokingly threatens him if he tells anyone about this private conversation. With that, Jean goes back to her fellow officers, prompting the symbiote to swing Spider-Man's body away.

Anonymous 22/05/20(Fri)19:42 No. 26005


Man, they did symbiote dirty after 1994 show.

Anonymous 22/05/25(Wed)17:16 No. 26026

File 165349180612.png - (952.61KB , 593x935 , irst.png )

Anonymous 22/06/03(Fri)14:55 No. 26083

File 165426092810.jpg - (74.34KB , 322x540 , 1630141889964.jpg )

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