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RP Hookup Thread Ellie 11/06/25(Sat)20:34 No. 26474 ID: e1a12a

File 130902687253.jpg - (121.94KB , 684x503 , 130371689525.jpg )

Where did our RP hookup thread go? Oh well, guess I have to make another one. I'll post an entry soon, but for everyone else here's a little form:

Name: What do we call you?

Orientation: What kind of role do you play? M/F/Trap/Futa Gay/het/bi/pan dom/sub/switch?

Partner Pref: What are you looking for in an RP partner?

Kinks: What sort of thing are you into?

Squicks/Limits: What are the things that you refuse to roleplay?

Sample: Show us what your typical role playing looks like.

Contact Info: How do we get in contact with you?

Anonymous 11/06/27(Mon)07:22 No. 28079 ID: 302849

File 130915216615.jpg - (598.71KB , 880x1376 , 6e0e5bb030b02d2ba3931a0235f8e7fb.jpg )

Name: Caen

Orientation: What kind of role do you play? Dominant Male

Partner Pref: looking for a submissive female

Kinks: Anal, large insertion, rimming, creampies, ageplay, humiliation, etc

Squicks/Limits: Um, gore for the sake of gore.

Sample: Caen has you tied up, your arms and legs bound to the bedposts, and with that damn blindfold, you can't see a thing. The soft noises let you know I'm still nearby, but you're having difficulty pinpointing me exactly. Suddenly you feel the searing hot wax hit your stomach, quickly cooling and hardening against your skin.

Contact Info: AIM:caen420, MSN:caen420@gmail.com

noko Anonymous 11/06/27(Mon)07:51 No. 28080 ID: d22904

Let's do the two (at the same time!) we're all bound to see lots of over the next week...

Name: Mike (a man)
Name: Michelle (secretly a man, secretly also Mike)

Orientation: ANY (Mike is desperate)
Orientation: Straight, sub, and dom (straight? really Mike?)

Partner Pref: ANY (still desperate)
Partner Pref: Women or men, I go both ways (still a man, still desperate)

Kinks: Bondage, transformation, diapers (not cross dressing and homosexual sex Mike? really?)
Kinks: BDSM, roleplay, etc.

Squicks/Limits: I have an oddly specific aversion to roleplaying size fetishes and furries. Everything else, including cropophilia, is OK. And yes, I am judging those other fetishes, despite my own bizarre preferences.
Squicks/Limits: Necrophilia, size, guro, transformation, furries, and asians. (Really just size and furries, but needs to hide them in a list of things not likely encountered on the board so as to not "out" that is really Mike...)

Sample: Terrible, non-descriptive, and overly prosaic example of "roleplaying"
Sample: Really obviously written-by-a-male example of someone trying too hard to seem feminine

Contact Info: email address
Contact Info: a different email address that forwards to the above email address

Anonymous 11/06/28(Tue)04:14 No. 28086 ID: 909b7a

Name: What do we call you?

Orientation: What kind of role do you play? M/F/Trap/Futa Gay/het/bi/pan dom/sub/switch?
Anything with a cock. Sub. (can switch but don't like domming)

Partner Pref: What are you looking for in an RP partner?
Gender not an issue, but would love a girl. had a ton of male doms over the years, miss the ladies.

Kinks: What sort of thing are you into?
Everything but shit, piss and blood/cutting
Love cock and ball torture, having my cock and balls owned by someone else, and humiliation/degradation.

Squicks/Limits: What are the things that you refuse to roleplay?
Shit. Piss. Blood/Cutting

Sample: Show us what your typical role playing looks like.
Umm.... Huh?

Contact Info: How do we get in contact with you?

Anonymous 11/06/28(Tue)06:00 No. 28097 ID: f8597c

Name: What do we call you? Old Jester, Old Dog, Horny Monster.

Orientation: What kind of role do you play?
Dom and sub. All genders and races. Normaly with original and weird characters. Always up for very dirty things.

Partner Pref: What are you looking for in an RP partner?
Mostly anything that can happen on /d/. Interesting partners, specially females. No ragdolls.

Kinks: What sort of thing are you into?
50% of whatever can be found on /d/. Specially violation, humiliation and general weirdness. Big geeky stuffs are a plus.

Squicks/Limits: What are the things that you refuse to roleplay?
Near to nothing, if done right. I don't like stupidity.

Sample: Show us what your typical role playing looks like.
Madalene kisses his red skinned chest, blushing, a sign of submission to the dark powers.
A beastly moan escape his hot lips. "Delicious little girly."
The devil man grabs her by the waist and glue their bodies together. "You want a piece of me?"
"Y-yes Master."
He looked pleased.
"Then give all your loving to your master, sugar."
"H-how do you want it?" she asks.
Tail in toll, he gets closer to her earlobe, lips biting with the desire to whisper to whisper "Wet and warm."
The sweet girl blushes madly.

Contact Info: How do we get in contact with you?
skype: Baveboi
AIM: bavetteofagony
e-mail/msn: obavette@yahoo.com

Anonymous 11/06/29(Wed)20:04 No. 28128 ID: e568c3

Name: Jan/Ian
Oreintation: Futa/Trap/Bi switch.
Partner pref: Mainly a dom but I'm easy enough with anything. Male or female I don't mind.
Kinks: Futa on male, femdom, excessive cum, humilation, bondage, tg, pet play, anal play and forced fem.
Squicks/Limits: Scat/gore
Sample: Have to add me to find out. I'm a fine roleplayer.
Contact info: iansomnia-x-rated@hotmail.co.uk

Anonymous 11/06/30(Thu)03:27 No. 28134 ID: a5f016

Name: Chris/Chrissie

Orientation: don't really have one

Partner Pref: I'll play with anyone, though i generally prefer to play a submissive role myself

Kinks: Forced Feminization, Femdom, Sissification, Beastiality, Shota, Straight Shota,

Squicks/Limits: aside from scat, mainly none, i tend to get incredibly kinky given enough stimulation.

Sample: Staring up, so sweet and bashful, big green angel eyes so full of obedience and desire to arouse. Moist pale pink lips sliding over the tip of your arousal, gentle hums and coos of pleasure murmured from them as i invite more of the erection inside the hot wetness of my mouth.

Contact Info: MSN: chrisbeme@live.com Yahoo: chrissieishere@yahoo.com

Anonymous 11/07/08(Fri)20:38 No. 28253 ID: be14c3

File 131015032274.jpg - (118.85KB , 900x750 , 1310148888469.jpg )

Name: Sandi

Orientation: M/F/Trap/Futa/Gay/bi/

Switch, prefer sub, but I can do with dom

Partner Pref: any age gender you want to play, I'm very easygoing and can adapt to a lot of styles. I can't always spend a lot of time online so people who like to do something casually is nice

Kinks: Sissification willing/forced, Traps, Pegging, Humiliation, Excessive Cum on/in/drinking, Bondage light/heavy, Pet Play, Rimming, Enemas, Transformation, Whatever!

Squicks/Limits: I'll give anything a shot, but don't like gore/cutting

Sample: Suddenly strong arms pulled me onto my back, I squeaked as my cock popped up from under my skirt. I felt his long shaft tap up agains my oiled butt and I knew that dressing up wasn't just fun and games. I could feel the tip of his dick slowly positioned itself on my little hole. I started muttering, "I-I don't think it will fit" just as a thrust pushed his fat cock inside of me. I shouted out, but he kept pounding me , stuffing me deeper and deeper with each wild lunge. I was so shocked and excited I came within the first minute. My hot jizz shot far all over my own face, making my blonde hair stick to it as I groaned for him to fill me to the limit. As I cam I heard a whisper, "that won't be the first tonight, whore"

Contact Info:
AIM: PotPie138
Email: Potpie138@gmail.com

message me what you're into

FUCKMYASS!KFYsoPyexA 11/07/09(Sat)08:37 No. 28266 ID: 909b7a

you sound wonderful.

Anonymous 11/07/10(Sun)10:00 No. 28696 ID: 49789f

Name: Jay

Orientation: M/Trap/Futa pan switch?

Partner Pref: F/Trap/Futa Dom/switch, age is open

Kinks: Femdom, Straight Shota, ageplay, Futa on male, excessive cum, incest, demonic/angelic/fantasy,

Squicks/Limits: Gore, snuff, waterspots, scat,

Sample:(her) *Grins 'Mmmmm, I missed you too...now shut up and kiss me' I giggle as I lift you firmly off the couch and pin you to the wall. I slip my tongue back into your mouth, making out with you heavily, my hands moving down the back of your pants, squeezing your ass firmly, grinding my huge bulge against yours*

(me) *raising my leg slightly to wrap around your thigh I hold myself tight to you, grinding and rubbing my bulge against yours as I wrap my arm around your shoulder and neck, grabbing a small handful of your hair and kiss you strongly, starting to become breatheless as our half-bare forms press against one of yours. Keenly aware of your power, one hand moves from your shoulder down over your shoulder and down across your chest, lightly teasing your skin with my clipped fingernails, grazing over your sexy abs and around to your back. I break away from the kiss slightly and kiss into your neck. gently biting as I try to cling closer towards you, exploring your broad back with my hand* "Are you going to fuck me?" I whisper into your ear, nibbling onto your earlobe.

Contact Info: just_a_moment@live.com

RP Newbie Anonymous 11/07/11(Mon)03:01 No. 28760 ID: d3f4ec

Name: Jason

Orientation: M with capability to be anything of a male role really.

Partner Pref: female/futa

Kinks: Male on futa/anal/face rape/rape in general

Squicks/Limits: Gore, snuff, waterspots, scat,

Sample:Fairly new, so just hit me up.

Contact Info: AIM: jbdudo
Email: jbdudo@aol.com

Anonymous 11/07/11(Mon)03:36 No. 28761 ID: e38b8c

File removed.jpg - (250.34KB , 1613x2419 , 1296218441635.jpg )

Name: Georgia

Orientation: M/F/Futa

Partner Pref: anyone into yuri, futa on futa, futa on female, and hetero

Kinks: tentacles, incest (preferably between siblings), openminded as long as its not too extreme

Squicks/Limits: scat, gore, waterplay, overly-voluptuous women

Contact Info: Age_of_opression@hotmail whileiholdmyswrd aim

Anonymous 11/07/14(Thu)05:25 No. 28793 ID: 437077


HNNNNG Yes! This has made me less insecure about my own fetishes - namely, you can enjoy pretending to be a girl without being gay or enjoying cross-dressing. Although gotta say, if you want practice on not sounding-too-hard-obviously-pretending-to-be-a-girl, go to Omegle and don't talk to people who are on there for sex (ie, get offended or just act indifferent as you get it all the time, etc). I've been doing this pretty much whenever I come home drunk (As I always seem to be in the mood to get in touch with my feminine side then >.>) and I've gotten pretty good at it. It also gets you a good eye for how to spot a real girl on there when you're in 100% straight mode, as an added bonus. Shit gets real interesting pretending to be a girl to an actual girl. ANYWAY, time to crack on:

Name: Joe / Jenny (If you're looking for a female, pretty much any feminine name will do if you have a favorite)

Orientation: M/F/Trap/Futa, I much much much prefer subbing, but if the need calls for it I'll dom. I mostly enjoy playing females for that reason, but guys are pretty good.

Partner Pref: Pretty much anything. I'll even do Gay if I can bottom exclusively, but topping sits uneasy with me.

Kinks: Looking around the board I'm posting this on, pretty tame stuff. Still, anything goes with me as I'll try anything once. At the moment I'm somewhat interested in doing some /cake/ stuff, as long as I'm the one who's delicious. Shota goes, too.

Squicks/Limits: BDSM and gore, mainly. Cannot get into that at all. Same with feet, but I'd give that a go, at least. Scat depends on my mood - but I usually end up getting into it.

Sample: I prefer more conversation based interaction that the short stories you guys seem to be posting. For example (Assuming a generic F/M chat for maximum generic-ness): '*As I feel your cock hardening against me, I fall to my knees and begin to rub the bulge in your pants* "Oh Christ, I'm so horny right now... Let's see what you're packing in here ;)" *I pull down your boxers and a brief look of shock flashes across my face as your large cock pops towards me. My hand disappears between my legs as I stroke it slowly* "It's beautiful! But... What did you want me to do with it, Big Boy? ;)"'

Contact Info: How do we get in contact with you?

Anonymous 11/07/14(Thu)05:26 No. 28794 ID: 437077

Herp derp. Get a hold of me on the throwaway email I use for, funnily enough, being female on Omegle: jenny.daniels91@gmail.com

Anonymous 11/07/31(Sun)20:13 No. 28933 ID: 671ed9

Name: Katie.

Orientation: Female, straight.

Partner Pref: Creativity, an interesting writing style, and detail. Most importantly, story writing.

Kinks: Tentacles, incest, Master/Slave(I like being the sub :D), sci-fi style ones, fantasy roles. And also, I like roles with interesting stories.

Squicks/Limits: Poop, hitting.

Sample: The sun shines through Katie's bedroom window as she lays, half doozing and relaxing upon her comfortable bed after a day working in the garden digging up flowers and plants. basically making the most of the lovely weather. A leather collar lays nicely around her pale, bare neck, hugging her skin enough to let her know it's always there but not enough to choke.

Contact Info: harpy.dancing.kitten@gmail.co.uk

Anonymous 11/08/02(Tue)15:29 No. 28945 ID: 671ed9

Oops xD


Anonymous 11/08/04(Thu)02:56 No. 28949 ID: a78395

Name: What do we call you?
Whatever you want to, it makes next to no difference to me.

Orientation: What kind of role do you play? M/F/Trap/Futa Gay/het/bi/pan dom/sub/switch?
I'm most comfortable playing a male (probably because I am a male) and ideally I'd like to play opposite a female or a futa (or a male, or a tentacle monster. But female/futa are my preference).
I'd like to be playing a sub or a switch.

Partner Pref: What are you looking for in an RP partner?
Erm, ideally a dom(me), but to be honest I'll take what I can get.

Kinks: What sort of thing are you into?
Lots of things, nigh on anything not covered by limits.
Squicks/Limits: What are the things that you refuse to roleplay?
Gore, vore, animals, necrophillia, blood and faeces are what spring to mind, I will probably remember more (probably when I hit reply)

Sample: Show us what your typical role playing looks like.
I'm fairly new to this so don't expect too much, I should be able to come up with a paragraph or so per reply.

Contact Info: How do we get in contact with you?

Anonymous 11/08/06(Sat)10:47 No. 28961 ID: 0eed20

Does anyone else go on Shangrila nowadays?


Anonymous 11/08/07(Sun)20:53 No. 28973 ID: 663281

Name: What do we call you? Sam / Emily / Lauren / [any other name]

Orientation: What kind of role do you play? M/F/Trap/Futa Gay/het/bi/pan dom/sub/switch? Any of the above

Partner Pref: What are you looking for in an RP partner? No specific requirements. Although I don't like dominating other males.

Kinks: What sort of thing are you into? Try anything once. Specific interests: Mindcontrol, Bro/Sis Incest, Shoe/Foot fetish, Watersports, BDSM, Petplay, Ageplay(regression), Loli/(Straight)Shota, Diapers, Infalitism, Sissification (of me), Vore/Cannibalism, objectification, transformation, tentacles

Squicks/Limits: What are the things that you refuse to roleplay? Scat, parental incest, furries,

Sample: Show us what your typical role playing looks like.
The girls forced me down on to the floor of the toilets.
"Wha-" I started to ask. The short petite blonde girl, Rebecca, slapped me and shoved her shoe into my mouth
"Shut up bitch," she shouted at me.
My eyes widened at the taste of her leather school shoe in my mouth. I could feel myself growing hard.
A second girl, Lauren, noticed the small bulge and smirked at me, unzipping my trousers and pulling them and my boxers down. She snorted at the small size of my cock, and grabbed it, pumped it a few times, before wrapping a pink hairtie tightly around it and my balls.

Contact Info: How do we get in contact with you?
E-Mail / MSN: 7chanrp@gmail.com
AIM: sevenchanrp

Anonymous 11/08/17(Wed)15:57 No. 29049 ID: 78bf85

Name: Daniel

Orientation: sub straight male

Partner Pref: Dominant female/ts/trap

Kinks: Forced fem, transformation

Squicks/Limits: scat, vore, guro, watersports

Contact Info: its_you-not_me@hotmail.com

Anonymous 11/08/17(Wed)23:47 No. 29050 ID: e17230

Name: Whatever, nothing specific.

Orientation: M, bisexual. prefer sub/btm

Partner Pref: What are you looking for in an RP partner? Can write in fluent english with good grammer. Good rper. Don't really care if you play your real gender in rp.

Kinks: What sort of thing are you into? Incest, vore, macro/micro, age difference, sex

Squicks/Limits: What are the things that you refuse to roleplay? violence, blood, guro

Contact Info: How do we get in contact with you? YIM: s445805

Sev 11/08/17(Wed)23:58 No. 29051 ID: 028295

File 131361833598.jpg - (800.99KB , 3543x2581 , ae5e3329bef82265a7af3b0d0d1e12d6.jpg )

Name: Sev

Orientation: I've typically played straight male, but I'm willing to try practically anything. However, I vastly prefer to dom.

Partner Pref: Not particular about gender, but legal age required. Mostly I'm looking for specifics in RP style, which I'll explain below.

Kinks: Realism, meta-sexuality, tension, other people's fetishes. Besides that, pretty much anything on /d/, or anywhere really. Specific buttons are incest, straight shota, cake, genderswap, but really anything.

Squicks/Limits: Not into scat, not really into watersports. Anything else is fair game.

Sample: I'm pretty dynamic about style, mainly I adapt to the person I'm playing with. I also love sexualized conversation, especially those dealing with why/how you developed your kinks (see meta-sexuality above). You'll have to trust that I'm capable.

Contact Info: AIM svnseize

kittyshideaway 11/08/24(Wed)04:02 No. 29093 ID: 520f2c

I'm new to RPing so if someone doesn't mind that, hit me up. If anyone has some suggestions for how to get into RPing, I'd appreciate that as well :)

Name: Kate, Kitty

Orientation: Trap is preferred but I will play Futa/F/M as well, Bi/Pan, btm/switch

Partner Pref: any gender/sex, a top who doesn't mind switching, good with words, never afraid to try something new

Kinks: exhibitionism, crossdressing/trapping, large insertions, watersports, preg, tf, tg, inflation/weight gain, open to most things, never be afraid to make a suggestion

Not a fan of: Scat, Vomit, BDSM
Limits: Gore

Sample: Kate knew that Jeff had bought the quietest vibrator in the store, but she couldn't help feeling that everyone in the school could hear the hum as it pleasured her tight asshole. She held her text books in front of her skirt to hide her arousal and kept her eyes to the ground as she walked down the hall. Her cheeks burned bright red with a combination of embarrassment and pleasure. If anyone had been paying attention, they might have noticed that something was up, but most of the students were busy at their lockers.

Contact: kittyshideaway88@gmail.com

Yvianne 11/08/25(Thu)17:10 No. 29105 ID: 964018

Been stalkin for a while here, may as well put my info up

Name: Yvi, Yvianne

Orientation: F bi switch

Partner Pref: I'm not terribly choosy

Kinks: http://houseeros.com/kinks/display.php?id=1001
Or if you can't see that, I like all kinds of things but some of my favorites are bondage, wetting, diapers, pet-play and forced nudity/forced outfit, humiliation, lactation

Squicks/Limits: Again, refer to link, but if for some reason it doesn't work, I'm not fond of scat, vore, violence/blood

Sample: yvianne500: *Ellie nearly bursts out in tears at the sight, having hoped for him not to find her favorite vibrator, buried in the back of her drawers. She started feeling wave after wave of shame eminating from the thick toy, a result of years of hiding her hobbies from her roommate, but also felt droplets of excitement forming in her slit, making her lips moist and glistening* N-no...! Of all the- Why are you even looking in my stuff!?

Contact Info: yvianne500@yahoo.com, please let me know you're from this thread

Furry pref: For those that care about it, I could go either way

Anonymous 11/08/28(Sun)04:45 No. 29125 ID: 178ac3

File 131449955315.jpg - (644.81KB , 1103x1600 , 06.jpg )

Name: Michael

Orientation: Straight male, futa, often dom

Partner pref: Non-futa female, any age is fine, wild lust preferred, enthusiasm a must

Kinks: BE/PE, ageplay, excessive cum/inflation by means of cum, incest, pet play, master/slave, lactation, anal, spanking, and begging whores

Limits: scat, excessive abuse, gore, vomit

Sample: I try to adapt to each person when I RP, so it's difficult to post a sample.

Contact: snagglepuss111@hotmail.com

Soff 11/08/28(Sun)08:23 No. 29127 ID: e709f6

Name: Chris

Orientation: M/TRAP/FUTA
I'm mostly slave-ish, but can be VERY dominant.

Partner Pref: Someone interesting, not a large hairy man stroking his small dick as he drools.
But still, just someone who keeps my attention, types well, and has a pulse.

Kinks: BDSM, transformation, petplay, beast, fem, smothering,

Squicks/Limits: Scat, death, gore, vore, I HATE BODY HAIR. OF ALL SORTS. JUST FYI.

Sample: I'm decent, seeing as I'm a poet. Recently it's been in the -action- format, but I'm willing to change that.

Contact Info: eMail me at suckmytardis@yahoo.com
We'll discuss rp contacts from there

Anonymous 11/09/07(Wed)07:11 No. 29292 ID: d37ab8

File 131537229811.jpg - (56.69KB , 540x720 , snow throne 8.jpg )

Name: What do we call you?

Orientation: What kind of role do you play? M/dom/sub i like dom-ing a little less but it's still fun.

Partner Pref: What are you looking for in an RP partner? Female someone who likes domming but isnt afraid to switch

Kinks: What sort of thing are you into?
transformation,futa,BDSM,petplay,threesome (me and my gf have been looking for another girl)

Squicks/Limits: What are the things that you refuse to roleplay?
Gore, Hardcore BDSM, Vomit, and Scat, pee, blood,edging/orgasm denial,anal insertion

Sample: Show us what your typical role playing looks like. As he lay there unable to move or scream he took a moment to breath it all in. The tightness of the ropes around his wrist, cutting into his skin if he moved too much, the gag in his mouth, leaving his jaw aching without any release and his sight taken from him, left in the dark to only wonder and imagine what came next, when it hit him, literally. A hard smack across the face from nowhere and suddenly he felt someone jump on top of him rubbing her tight latex outfit into his naked body as her fingers tightened ever-so-perfectly around his throat as the backhand sent his fae whirling to the other side. (i could write a Dom story but its 5 in the morning so if you want one email me )

Contact Info: How do we get in contact with you?
ze email iz : ildiran@hotmail.co.uk

oh.....and have a pic of me on the house ;)

Anonymous 11/09/21(Wed)07:41 No. 29690 ID: a628b8

Name: An
Age/sex/loc: 22/f/east coast
About: submissive bisexual
Kinks: Bondage, whipping, slave, piercing, anal, fantasy setting, leather, uniforms, gags.
Limits/squicks: death, scat, age, etc

Aim: anonanne1

Reposting now with AIM!

Aqu 11/09/27(Tue)06:42 No. 29743 ID: 2940d0

Name: Aqu works for me.

Orientation: I don't mind partners of either age, and if the situation calls for it, I can play female well enough. Same goes for the D/s spectrum. My preference is that it's fun for both.

Kinks: incest, animal/demon girls, pregnancy, age differences, yanderes, tsunderes, bestiality, petplay, slavery, futa, egg-laying, lactation, humilation, ryona, genderswapping, and I have a RH character for further reference. http://rh.greydawn.net/browse.php?c=Jest
As said above, one thing that will kill my incentive to play would be boring stories or nothing but sex. Why not have a little fun?

Squicks/dislikes: I can't say I would want feces, vomit or other unpleasantries like that in a play, but I won't mind if it isn't sexual. Besides that, I can roll with a lot.

Writing Sample: Might as well pick something that I remember doing.

There was nothing left. No laughing. No sounds of metal beating or cutting flesh. Not even the familiar jingling of small bells on a familiar blue sash. Within the hour, the friar's house had been sacked, wrecked and torched to the ground...and I helped.

"Aww, are you sad? You know that it's for the better..." A spry, happy voice called out from behind me.

"Shut up, Allie."

"He betrayed us, and tried to kill you, after all..." her voice went low.

"Shut up, Allie."

"Now we can just go on our merry way and keep going like we have before~" I felt a pair of slender arms wrap around my bruised torso. "We can rest up in the next town and I can take care of your wounds that those bad monks gave you..."

"..." I hesitantly brought up my bloodied glove to her hands. "...Shut up, Allie."

We left. Again, I left another place I once called home. Again, I was alone with this creature that I couldn't help but stay with.

It's a little less sexy and more plot material...but it's a measure of what I can do, if nothing else. I've been playing and writing in general for a few years, so it'll be fun to revisit roleplaying with someone.
Email's in the name and on the RH link.

Sophie 11/10/12(Wed)07:38 No. 29836 ID: 8b2d9c

File 13183978947.jpg - (82.15KB , 850x567 , enema bondage.jpg )

Well, I've been lurking here long enough... Time to throw caution to the wind.

Name: Sophia

Orientation: F/Trans/Futa/Pan/Switch

Partner Pref: Really, anyone willing to satisfy my kinks...

Kinks: Bondage, Rape, Infantilism, Pet-Girl, Extreme SM, Expansion, Lactation

Limits: Hardcore Guro

Sample: My bated breath could not stave off the impending burst of air that was to be ushered forth from my lungs. I could hold no longer, despite what Mistress had commanded me to do. I could only pray that each second longer I held on, she would be a little less angry with me. My body tightened against the harness, the fury of sensation become ever more emboldened as it electrifies my forsaken flesh. Perhaps I had grown to enjoy this madness. The fluids seeping from my once sacred places seemed to concur with this thought. Maybe my punishment would become pure bliss.

I at last exhale, quickly reversing suit and taking a new breath of the fetid stale air. Even so, it felt like the most pure breeze upon the most delightful of meadows. A slow tsk, tsk, tsk made itself audible behind me.

"Now why did you have to go and do that, little one?" I bite my lip in trepidation at her words, unable to speak myself. Noting the silence, she grabs me by the neck and licks my jawline as if to issue threat and tease both. "Now whatever will we do with you now?"

Contact info: I prefer to be contacted via instant messenger, but since my IM e-mail is the same as my actual e-mail, go crazy? And I do have other IMs. E-mail if WLM isn't your cup of tea, and we can discuss which to use.

Windows Live Messenger: sophiaaetheria@live.com

Anonymous 11/10/14(Fri)01:39 No. 29842 ID: cb0755

Name: Whatever
Orientations: Futa and trap
Partner: Don't care about age or gender But I prefer being sub
Kinks: Futa, and trap. Although, I prefer futa with balls
Limitations: muscle girl and guro.
Sample: (All is bondage futa) "Where am I?" "Shut up." "Huh? What? Who's there?" "I said be quiet." (Just a girl) "Why am I tied up like this." "Because, I'm going to pound your ass." (I'm not the greatest with samples)
Contact: ANEWMORNING70@yahoo.com

Anonymous 11/10/14(Fri)01:39 No. 29843 ID: cb0755

Name: Whatever
Orientations: Futa and trap
Partner: Don't care about age or gender But I prefer being sub
Kinks: Futa, and trap. Although, I prefer futa with balls
Limitations: muscle girl and guro.
Sample: (All is bondage futa) "Where am I?" "Shut up." "Huh? What? Who's there?" "I said be quiet." (Just a girl) "Why am I tied up like this." "Because, I'm going to pound your ass." (I'm not the greatest with samples)
Contact: ANEWMORNING70@yahoo.com

Come on No Longer RP Newbie 11/10/15(Sat)08:17 No. 29848 ID: d74c63

Bump for interest.
Need more people to submit and make sure you an AIM account/Google talk account/Skype
Those are the 3 commonly used ones.
And no e-mail crap, it doesn't work that well.

Anonymous 11/10/15(Sat)22:08 No. 29850 ID: 510418

Name: Luke
Orientation: Either male or female roles, I don't play as futa or traps but I love playing with them.
Partner Pref: Male or Futa. See kinks for more specifics.
Kinks: I'm -really- into stereotypical role reversals, as a submissive. Meaning: I like playing as a taller, athletic type of guy (for example, many others apply), who ends up submitting to a smaller, feminine guy or futa. Same applys to ageplay, with the babysitter being topped by the shota or whatever it ends up being.

Futa (including loli-futa), male on male, shota, oversized cocks (although realistic is fine too), and excessive cum are all fantastic.

Squicks/Limits: Scat, Diapers, Tentacles, Birthing, extreme Gore. Not a fan of sadistic type scenarios either, despite my kinks. Not saying it has to be a flowery chick-flick romance with huge dicks thrown in the mix (although that'd be fine too), but rape is a no-go.

Sample: Length varies, but I have a hard time keeping my posts -under- 4 sentences. Multi paragraphs are fine, as are single paragraphs and the occasional one liner during conversation. Don't give me the equivalent of 5 pages in Word though, I don't have time to co-write novels anymore.

Contact Info: Aim: SpiffyEll

Anonymous 11/10/21(Fri)20:04 No. 29884 ID: c931ec

Name: Branwell or Becky

Orientation: M/Trap/bi/dom/sub/switch

Partner Pref: Anyone really, gender does not matter. I've domed a lot so im looking to be a sub, but I don't mind switching :)

Kinks: Forced feminization, hypnosis/brainwashing, femdom, rape, dehumanization, TF, enslavement (again, either way, im easy)

Squicks/Limits: Guro and scat

Sample: *I grab your hair and force you to look into the spiral, as you do, you feel your will slowly slipping away*
See, its not so hard is it now?

Contact Info: Yahoomsger: branwellobeys@yahoo.com

I look forward to hearing from people :)

Anonymous 11/10/21(Fri)23:50 No. 29885 ID: c931ec

my mistake, its branwellobeys@yahoo.co.uk
Sorry :P

Anonymous 11/10/24(Mon)07:46 No. 29913 ID: f476f4

Name: Mike

Orientation: Straight male

Partner Pref: I really want to be dominated by a Female or a trap/futa.

Kinks: Anal, being submissive, being told what to do.

Squicks/Limits: Not too much orgasm denial, I don't have that much willpower. I'm pretty much down for the dirtiest nastiest sex ever. I don't have a foot fetish tho.

Sample: Lei greased up the dildo as she readied it for his ass. "Ok, I'll count to three, then I'm going in balls deep." Lei purred. "Wait, take it slowly, I'm scared..." mike trembled beneath her gaze. "One..." Without warning, she penetrated his tight virgin asshole as he screamed in a mixture of pain and pleasure. She began thrusting, and their night began.

Contact Info: chestersweetyman@gmail.com

Kiru 11/10/27(Thu)05:02 No. 29963 ID: d22e51

File 131968455079.jpg - (216.61KB , 720x551 , 1316760777174.jpg )

Name: Kiru, Alex, Josh

Orientation: M/F/Trap/Futa/Gay/het/bi/pan dom/sub/switch and anything you can imagine.

Partner Pref: Anyone willing to do anything from a short to long session, i'm a Bi and can be a dom or sub, so I am a fit all glove.

Kinks: Everything, but primarily TF,TG,Cross,Bondage,Hypnosis,Rape,Body Control, and ect.

Squicks/Limits: No limits, ever kink ever :3

Sample: Digging down, he rupped his neck, the stationary man squealing as the solution was forced down the tube and into his stomach, which gurgled as Alex rubbed the poor boys stomach, he seemed to be on the verge of tears. He knew it meant little compared to what the fluid would do to him.
Contact Info: kirucookie on Skype

Anonymous 11/10/29(Sat)09:53 No. 29976 ID: 2940d0

File 131987483068.png - (535.83KB , 798x590 , 1247450827573.png )

Good idea.

Skype for my post ( >>29743 ) is lancerj0
Email for either works, if something else needs to be set up.

Anonymous 11/10/30(Sun)20:39 No. 29979 ID: 82f4c8

Name: Kiki

Orientation: Submissive female.

Partner Pref: Dominant straight male. Light Sadist

Kinks: Light or Hardcore Bondage, Breath play, large insertion, rape, anal, spanking, orgasm denial, enemas, hot wax, humiliation, make me your bitch, keep me in your basement, i'm a reluctant slave, punish me, make me want it.

Squicks/Limits: Scat, needles, guro, furry, transgender, futa,

Sample: (I've never done this before,take lead)

Contact Info: KikiTheSlave@hotmail.com

Anonymous 11/10/31(Mon)01:20 No. 29982 ID: 0562f9

File 132002026488.gif - (3.99MB , 300x225 , 77bd7f8e0aeced2dd2f335ca98aa533c63472904.gif )

I'm not exactly experienced in erotic RP, but I have done some internet RP and D&D, so the concept isn't foreign to me.

Name: Depends on RP. For a natural setting, I'll just choose a random name depending on the gender (Steve, Mike, Alice, Katie, etc.). For fantasy settings, I'll just string together some vowels and consonants (Yugo, Tremin, Merith, Loaca, etc.). For bizarro settings, any random word will work (Mr. Ink, Murmur, Battle John, Mute Girl, etc.).

Orientation: Male to whatever tf is my main preference (man to doll, MtF, man to loli, etc), but it's not just that. Most things involving what's in my kinks are acceptable, as well, so it's not just limited to tf.

Partner Pref: Someone who can take the lead, since I'm not exactly used to cybering.

Kinks: Aside from what's in my orientation, I also swing for straight, monster girls, traps, futa, living clothes, straight shota, regular shota, loli, body suits, and most /d/ material. Occasionally, I will also get the itch for some watersports, furry, or bbw, but only once in a while. "Whatever turns you on is good to go." is my maxim.

Squicks/Limits: Hard bondage, necro, vomit, scat, and aseptic hygiene. Unless it's done in a very specific and niche way, guro too. Though it's not a total turn off, hard gay stuff between two men isn't much of a turn on either. Why, when I'm into shota and traps? Who knows. All I know is that traditional gay stuff isn't a turn on.

Sample: Typically, I suppose that I do quick first person narratives and descriptions, like what you would see in a comic book or light novel.

"'Ah, a tentacle!?' I shout in surprise. After watching it writhe on its own, I raise my hand to touch the tentacle and shiver at the rush of pleasure it brings."

"Ah, I can feel it going in me!"

"I poise myself against the wall, with my ass in the air and my hands supporting my weight."

It's pretty cold right now, which affects my typing speed and motor skills, so I can't guarantee 100% error free sentences.

Contact Info: I'm available on Skype almost all the time since I work at home. My timezone is EST standard and I'm usually up until 1AM or later. My username is bitpeg, under the name Phadius Blur. My email is bitpeg@gmail.com

Anonymous 11/10/31(Mon)11:44 No. 29987 ID: 1780ee

Name: Andrew, Blue Eyes

Orientation: Male, het or bi, interested in Trap. I'm accustomed to being dom, but would prefer some sub, for a change

Partner Pref: Female or futa, dominant, mid to high writing capability.Flexible on these, though. Geeky.

Kinks: Incest, group sex, bdsm, loli, sissification, humiliation, trap, forced. Primarily, I want someone to have me dress up as a slutty woman, get fucked by multiple people, filled with cum, and treated like a dirty whore. After I get some of that, I'm down for whatever.

Squicks/Limits: Gore, scat, blood, heavy violence.

Sample: I'll imitate the writing style of the other person, particularly length of post, perspective, and depth of description (I'm also drunk, and not up to impromptu rp)

Contact Info:

Anonymous 11/10/31(Mon)11:46 No. 29988 ID: 1780ee

dirtycumdumpster here again, let me know that you're adding me from this thread, or I probably won't talk to you

Anonymous 11/10/31(Mon)20:58 No. 29991 ID: 0562f9

Okay, so a thought came to mind just now. Not that I'm impatient, but what exactly is the hookup ratio for this thread? How many people does this thread actually work for?

Anonymous 11/10/31(Mon)22:06 No. 29992 ID: 3d1ede

nobody unless your gay or bi or trap. no girls here.

Jables 11/11/02(Wed)00:51 No. 30010 ID: 0288ca

ACTUALLY i've gotten a good five or six people hit me up.
ONE of which was a guy.
the rest were women.

Anonymous 11/11/04(Fri)01:45 No. 30028 ID: eb6f0d

File 132036753192.png - (267.19KB , 966x1400 , 013.png )

Name: Golonac

Orientation: M/Bi/traps/futa

Partner Pref: Prefer females, sub is especially preferred.

Kinks: Watersports, Zoophilia, Tentacles, forced sex, bro/sis incest is great too. But i'm up for any kink tbh.

Squicks/Limits: Scat, vomiting.

Sample: Alec groaned, his hands on the back of his lover's head as she milked him with her mouth. His fingers digging into her hair and tugging her off of himself as he laid her on her back. His rigid tool slowly parting her lips and plunging inside.

Contact Info: AIM: Golonak66

Anonymous 11/11/07(Mon)23:18 No. 30375 ID: a3f57d

Name: Nick/Nikki

Orientation: I can play a male... but prefer not to. submissive.

Partner pref: Doesn't really matter.

Kinks: tg, transformation, shrinking, pet, and open for others.

Limits: Not too fond of gore.

Sample: "Yes master..." She said as she rolled over onto her back, blushing as she spread her legs, readying herself for her master as she nervously tugged on her collar.

Contact info: YIM: Nkkmeare

max 11/11/24(Thu)07:44 No. 30485 ID: 432d8a

File removed.jpg - (115.80KB , 542x810 , 128470191670.jpg )

Name: Max

Orientation: What kind of role do you play? M pan switch?

Partner Pref: someone very open minded that likes to try everything and anything

Kinks: traps, bondage, rape, exhibitionism, voyeurism. kinky stuff.

Squicks/Limits: i havent found any, but im sure im not okay with any kind of scat or vomit play.

Sample: usually we do stuff in my dungeon.

Contact Info: dillwiid37@aol.com

Anonymous 11/12/03(Sat)05:09 No. 31735 ID: 288cd4

Name: Kell or Kyra, there're my two basic characters

Orientation: Kell: trap, sub Kyra:F/Futa, switch. Both are bi

Partner Pref: Pretty much anyone who's interested

Kinks: Most everything, but especially hypnosis and tf

Squicks/Limits: Guro, hardcore bdsm, vomit

Sample: "Oh Daddy! You're so big!" I cry out in painful ecstasy, shoving my ass backwards in time with your thrusts to get your cock as deep as possible into my boipussy. "Fuck me harder! I'm nothing but your dirty fuckdoll! Ram your juicy cock into this stupid cumdump's ass!" Tears of pain stream down my face from the brutal fucking, but I can't stop verbally debasing myself for Daddy's pleasure.

Contact Info: meisslave@gmail.com

Anonymous 11/12/03(Sat)08:13 No. 31738 ID: 62f6fa

File 132289637692.gif - (491.12KB , 500x211 , tumblr_le00rwXL0q1qfi8bco1_500.gif )

Name: For now anon works fine

Orientation: Dom/Switch Male

Partner Pref: Young 18-22 (im 22) female switch that wants to try new things.

Kinks: Bondage, device bondage, restraints, open to new things and willing to experiment,anal, giving a female oral, pegging occasionally, Ill try just about anything once.

Squicks/Limits: Gore, Bodily fluids, pain/hitting etc.

Sample: the couple fucked feverishly all night long

Contact Info: slashb419@hotmail.com

Roleplaye Anon 11/12/19(Mon)04:29 No. 31979 ID: 859c33

I'm a male and i ALWAYS prefer to be subby :D i like hardcore stuff and i have no limits, i even do scat! I love being the dommed one...so yeah, Sam4765@live.com

Anonymous 11/12/19(Mon)11:16 No. 31984 ID: ee23a7


Orientation: Dominant Futa or possible male

Partner Pref: Submissive Female, submissive girly male

Kinks: Anal fisting, anal gaping, sexual tortue, rape, humiliation, water sports, impregnation, tentacles, medical play, beastiality

Squicks/Limits: Gay sex, scat, death, gore

Sample: Rita forcefully pushed her hardened cock inside of Annes virgin asshole. The swollen, lubed up member slide deep inside, stretching her ass over Rita's throbbing shaft. Rita gripped anne's hips painfully, nails digging into the tender creamy flesh.

Contact Info: RitaForlorn on Skype

Pic: What your ass will look like after I'm done with it

Centaur 11/12/20(Tue)06:01 No. 31990 ID: 182bd1

Name: Season

Orientation: I'm usually dominant in my roleplays, mainly because of my character's natural height. (6'6) But yeah, that doesn't mean I can't be dommed...just makes it harder. Also, bisexual but with a preference for girls.

Partner Pref: (THIS IS NOT MY TYPICAL MOOD.) but I really want to roleplay with a loli CHARACTER (Please be a legal age, please...!), maybe 12/13 year old. If you could do that, then I would love you forever.

Kinks: Scat, scatty anal vore, musk, centaurs, humans, scent-play, farting, anal-play, complete insertion, live insertion, eating shit, smearing, pretty much everything to do with shit...and farts...yeah.

Squicks/Limits: Gore, that's pretty much it. I'm open to suggestions though.

Sample: (Heavy scat and farting content...!) Season moaned lovingly, her equine backside rumbling with approval as her large gassy load made its way to her crinkled, furred pucker. Her tail lifted and her pucker bulged out with some warm, rancid horse gas. The centaur cooed like a kitten; she'd been holding that in all day! Her thick, pink horse pussy winked and begged for some attention, but it would get it soon enough. Her stinkhole bulged out with some more gas, and then, with a slight crackling noise, the thick, hard, light brown logs began to protrude. They were greased up, but that didn't make them any easier to pass. She breathed, pushing hard and with a small plop, the few logs landed in the mouth of one of the eager-for-dinner farmhands. She closed her eyes in concentration, her pucker pushing hard and her entire body sweating with exertion before a few more logs slithered out in their glory. She sighed, her tail lowering and the next farmhand lining up for their turn. (Yeah, I <3 scat-eating.)

Contact Info:
AIM: TehStinkyCentaur

Anonymous 11/12/20(Tue)12:49 No. 31992 ID: f1ae71

Name: Bunni

Orientation: Bi Submissive

Partner Pref: Happy with guy or girl, or anything in between, and would prefer someone who can be dominant

Kinks: I will do anything....anything! hehe, so feel free to bring up any ideas that you want to try and I will gladly do as told.

Squicks/Limits: Theres not anything I can think of.

Sample: Idol stretched and yawned "Early morning..always gets me" he mewed, walking along again, skipping as he ran his fingers over the shops window. He came up to a boy and girl, putting his arms over their shoulders, shaking his ass some "hey you two...mind if I come with yous?" he asked, licking the girls cheek with a playful and innocent smile, the girl giggled, the boy pushed him back.
((Note, this is from a very casual rp, can do longer posts if needed to around a paragraph, but looking for something chill and relaxed.))

Contact Info: email

SabrWolf 11/12/23(Fri)08:40 No. 32016 ID: 30b5d4

Name: SabrWolf or Sabr

Orientation: M / het / Dom

Partner Pref: I'm looking for a Girl (or Futa) who loves to Role Play. I'm a pretty detailed as a role player and I usually aim for at least 1 to 2 paragraphs in each post/reply.

Kinks: I'm a bit of a chameleon when it comes to kinks. I like experimenting a lot so most things are actually fine with me (refer to squicks for stuff I'm not into)

Squicks/Limits: I don't like farting, diapers, scat, or watersports. I'm not really into gore either.

Contact Info: sabrwolf24@gmail.com

Anonymous 11/12/24(Sat)06:20 No. 32047 ID: 19eec0

Name: Kyle or Kayla

Orientation: M/f/bi/trap/futa, whatever you're looking for! Not dominant, I'm a bit pacifistic, but I don't mind BEING dominated :P I actually really like the idea of rape.

Partner pref: Anything really, girl, guy, trap, whatever!

Kinks: Mostly anything, AND I MEAN IT! LOVE CUM!

Limits: Scat. Piss is okay, not huge on it though/it varies. Don't mind a bit of Guro from time to time.

Sample: I'm actually new to RPing, but I'll try my best! I can react however it pleases you!

MSN: Girm_kyle@hotmail.com

Anonymous 11/12/30(Fri)00:23 No. 32080 ID: 7056d9

pick 1.

Anonymous 11/12/30(Fri)04:54 No. 32083 ID: 86a13e

Name: Rinye


Partner Pref: Herm/female/male, is that order. :3 Dom or switch.

Kinks: traps, cock worship, futa, tf, master/slave, light bdsm, light bloodplay

Squicks/Limits: Heavy bloodplay, scat, rape.

Contact Info:
Msn: eroticgrape@gmail.com

Kaz 11/12/31(Sat)12:04 No. 32087 ID: 515df3

Name: Kaz/(dependent on who and what I am rping}

Orientation: M/Trap/Futa Dom/switch

Partner Pref: Really anything its more dependent on the rp. Though in order of what is more likely to succeed F/Futa/Trap

Kinks: For the most part pretty civil and keep with in normal realms of what I enjoy, though it is easier to catch me with an idea of a kink by asking as I am mostly up for everything.

Squicks/Limits: Scat/Gore(vore)/heavy watersports/heavy bondage(pain/cutting/bloodplay)

Sample: Usual multi-para, molded to what/whom I am playing. As well as their style. More or less shortstory styling. Though can do more of a conversation driven style if prefered.

Contact Info: kazuke91@hotmail.com Prefered emailing before hand, and then I can offer other means for rping. Just an easier way to get ahold of me.

Anonymous 12/01/01(Sun)06:41 No. 32088 ID: c70296

Name: Jonzu

Orientation: Female or Futa (Always sub)

Partner Pref: Looking for dominating females or males.

Kinks: Petplay, Ponyplay, BDSM, Humaliation, Incest, Vore, Scat, Vomit & Loli

Squicks/Limits: Diapers, Gore, Transforming & Whipping

Sample: *starts dressing her latex suit on, she zips it, picks up pair of dog paws, attaching them to her hands. Then she places the dog mask onto her head and buckles it up*
How Can I serve you today, Master?

Contact Info: MSN: jonzu95@luukku.com

They 12/01/16(Mon)08:37 No. 32208 ID: 288066

Name: Whatever you want to call me

Orientation: M/F/Trap/Futa Gay/sub

Partner Pref: Anything really

Kinks: Incest, age play, excessive cum, whatever

Squicks/Limits: Guro, scat

Sample: She let out a sigh. "He took me from my home, bound me, and brought me to a cabin. I fell for him. I don't know why, he had taken me from my father, from my home, talked me into giving him my innocence. But I fell for him. he treated me badly at first, but after a gave myself to him, He became so kind. We stayed there, wanting to run, but he brought me here." she said. "I know it is strange..."

Contact Info: reespbcup94@hotmail.com

They 12/01/16(Mon)08:38 No. 32209 ID: 288066

Name: Whatever you want to call me

Orientation: M/F/Trap/Futa Gay/sub

Partner Pref: Anything really

Kinks: Incest, age play, excessive cum, whatever

Squicks/Limits: Guro, scat

Sample: She let out a sigh. "He took me from my home, bound me, and brought me to a cabin. I fell for him. I don't know why, he had taken me from my father, from my home, talked me into giving him my innocence. But I fell for him. he treated me badly at first, but after a gave myself to him, He became so kind. We stayed there, wanting to run, but he brought me here." she said. "I know it is strange..."

Contact Info: reespbcup94@hotmail.com

Straight shota rp! Anonymous 12/01/22(Sun)06:18 No. 32264 ID: f4bcfa

File 132720953853.jpg - (40.40KB , 495x274 , Iron-giant-495x274.jpg )

Name: Avery

Orientation: M straight

Partner Pref: Female straight/bi

Kinks: Mom/son incest, age play

Squicks/Limits: Guro, scat

Sample: He forced his Mother's gushing hot pussy open, as he slid all 8 inches of his massive boy cock between her begging wet lips. Her pussy tightening around her son's young hard cock like a glove as it throbbed inside of her, releasing it's oozing cum deep inside her womb. The boy's hot semen dripping down out of her pink lips and covering her thighs as he sucks on his mother's tongue.

Contact Info: sparkytrace@yahoo.com
Contact info: sparkytrace@gmail.com

Anonymous 12/02/14(Tue)06:09 No. 32954 ID: 86a13e

Alice, mostly submissive female or futa.
AIM is qqluei

I'm in futa, bdsm(mostly slave/master), pet play, footplay, tf, age regression, pegging, lesbians, traps, femdom, sissification, stuff like that.

Not so much into: blood play and scat.

Dokuruchan 12/02/15(Wed)23:51 No. 32960 ID: 79f503

File 132934626654.jpg - (195.90KB , 1050x1050 , 131004351942.jpg )


oriention: sub, slave female

partner pref: dom

kinks: spank, gangbangs, older men, teasing , bdsm

squil: strapon, small dick

how to reach; kik at kittiii
dont have kik? well search at "kik" at android market and download for free

Dokuruchan 12/02/15(Wed)23:54 No. 32961 ID: 79f503

name: Taniko
" look up "

Anonymous 12/02/18(Sat)07:30 No. 32983 ID: d377c2

added you

Anonymous 12/02/18(Sat)16:53 No. 32985 ID: edf545

File 132958038863.jpg - (826.85KB , 882x1553 , Sissy Beam.jpg )

Name: Kara Kamala

Orientation: Female or futa, although I can play a male. Mostly switch with a subby bent.

Partner Pref: What are you looking for in an RP partner?

Kinks: First and foremost hypnosis and mind control. After that, p. much anything - incest, lactation, watersports, preggo, furry, humiliation, transformation, genderbending, diapers...

Squicks/Limits: No pain of any kind. No scat, vomit, or blood. No vore.

Sample: Oh god I have no idea what to write here. Have a picture I made instead.

Contact Info: karakarakamala@gmail.com, or Second Life under my name.

Anonymous 12/02/20(Mon)01:56 No. 33000 ID: 6a3d08

Repeating for updates

Name: Kyle or Kayla

Orientation: M/f/bi/trap/futa/pan, whatever you're looking for! Not dominant,very sub,

Partner pref: Anything really, girl, guy, furry, trap, whatever!

Kinks: Mostly anything,personal favorites include excessive cum (bukkake would be hard to pull off, but still sounds fun), any CRAZY situaltions, I like vore a bit. Ageplay, incest.

Limits: Scat. Piss is okay, not huge on it though/it varies. Don't mind a bit of Guro from time to time, but not huge on it. I like a bit of vore though.

Sample: She sat down and stuck out her tongue, waiting for the cum to flow. She wrapped her dainty fingers along the rigid cock and stroked the throbbing pole. as she felt a bulge she placed the tip on her mouth allowing the thick, gooey semen to slide down her throat.

MSN and AIM: Girm_kyle@hotmail.com

Anonymous 12/02/20(Mon)23:10 No. 33003 ID: 731528

Name: Zin

Orientation: My basic form is male, but I can rp a herm with no difficulty, my character is a shapeshifter, so I can take almost any form someone might want.

Partner Pref: I like rping with everyone except masculine guys . Having someone who brings an interesting personality to the character is a plus. I'm usually a dom, but I don't mind switching roles every once in a while.

Kinks: My main ones are tentacles, TF, domination, submission, monsters or aliens.
For the rest I'll just put a link to my rh profile http://rh.greydawn.net/browse.php?c=Zin%20Leorter

Squicks/Limits: only the ones listed on my rh.

Sample: Zin smiled impishly as he walked around the woman, her hand tied with thick rope which was attached to the ceiling. The incubi's tail swished lazily back and forth while his dark eyes took in the form of his naked prisoner.
"Well, well. you really should be more careful when going out, otherwise you might end up in a rather... compromising situation." He murred, letting his fingertips lightly graze across the exposed skin of her torso.
"Don't worry though.." he murmured as he leaned in, his lips almost brushing her ear. "I'm sure we'll have lots of fun."

Contact Info:
AIM: zin_incu/ YIM: zin_incu

Anonymous 12/02/25(Sat)06:24 No. 33033 ID: fd5e86

File removed.jpg - (455.00KB , 506x900 , 13277070177.jpg )

Name: Oni-Chan or Oliver

Orientation: Male. Dominant

Partner Pref: Someone who enjoys playing the role of a younger

girl, or sister.

Kinks: bro-sis love. violent anal. dominance over a younger


Squicks/Limits: tentacles. faggotry.

Sample: You awake by my side in a nicely furbished basement.

there is a couch not too far, with a flatscreen nearby on the wall.
throughout the day we have sex in various places and positions.

i pamper you, my younger mistress, with all the best drugs,

clothes, booze, toys, and money. i make you meals whenever

you like or whenever i feel you need it. i am between 15 and 21,

you are always between 9 and 14. i will treat you right, but one

messup warrants punishment. it could be rough sex, whipping,

or being tied down in a sex machine and left there while i nap.
anything can happen. i assure you we will have a good time ^_^

Contact Info: bob.mcdonald75@yahoo dot com
Muskrat F. Doe

four!ZUzodgT8/M 12/03/03(Sat)21:21 No. 33054 ID: 5fe6e4

File 133080608577.jpg - (180.26KB , 831x755 , 1330001868499.jpg )

Name: ummm, idklol. it varies by the RP, I guess?

Orientation: futa, pan, switch.

Partner Pref: someone who doesn't take RPing too seriously but can still write.

Kinks: futanari, thick/chubby/borderline BBW, latex/rubber, rimming, cock worship, bukkake, wet/messy play, verbal humiliation, humiliation in general, orgasm control, prostate play, watersports, spanking, sexualized guro, enemas, bondage, ganguro, corruption, monstergirls/boys. i'm open to just about anything i don't have listed as a squick, though.

Squicks/Limits: farting, men with vag, pointless TF (i.e. into random animals or furniture), furry, toddlercon, vore for its own sake.

Sample: too lazy to post one. please believe me when i say i can write well!

Contact Info: #deviant. if you don't like or know how to IRC, i'll make an AIM or something!

Anonymous 12/03/06(Tue)08:07 No. 33066 ID: d91c07

File 133101766048.jpg - (368.64KB , 907x778 , 701d44134f4381f294427b1990700934.jpg )

Name: wat

Orientation: straight/dominant

Partner pref: girl, dickgirl, or both. Must be of age. Bigger tits is a plus.

Kinks: hardcore, anal, oral, all postitions. Dickgirl is definate turn on, would do many things to her, threeway with dick girl and girl or two girls or dickgirls.

Limits: I don't like to receive.

Aim: ThatGuy
Email: omgwat15@yahoo.com

Anonymous 12/03/06(Tue)22:41 No. 33069 ID: 0c61aa

Name: pashaimeru

Orientation: Either gender, dom/sub both work. I'm easy.

Partner Pref: See above. And below.

Kinks: I'm looking for a partner for mind control / transformation / corruption related stuff, so I'd sorta like to find someone who's okay with these. Fantasy settings are nice: innocent heroines being transformed into monsters or brainwashed into slaves, oh my.

Squicks/Limits: Male/male pairings are a no-go, unless there's some genuine gender transformation involved. Then it's fine, of course. Balls aren't touching. Scat/vomit/excessive cum is rather nasty as well. No furry stuff either.

Sample: "Alright..." She said, surprised at how nice the pod seemed. She was a eager to accept her training so she could finally pay back to the ones who are doing this to her, but the strange atmosphere of the room still unnerved her a bit. She attempted to relax and take a comfortable position within the pod.

Contact Info: AIM pashaimeru or MSN pashaimeru@gmail.com.

Anonymous 12/03/09(Fri)07:16 No. 33074 ID: 99652c

Name: Pet

Orientation: Trap/F very sub
Partner Pref: M/F/Futa anything that can take pleasure from me really
Kinks: Pleasing my partner, humiliation, dressing up, excessive cum, really just about anything that can be found on /d/ just ask and Ill probably agree
Limits: Guro and scat

Contact Info: AIM onmyknees1369 Message me anytime, but I will say that Ill probably seem a little shy the first time we talk

Anonymous 12/04/05(Thu)16:48 No. 37811 ID: 537bac

(casually) Matt
(during RP, it all depends on what role I'm playing)

Orientation: What kind of role do you play?

Partner Pref:
*somebody who wants to RP regularly, not every once in a while, who has good grammar and can stay on topic

Kinks: What sort of thing are you into?
*Traps, Genderfuck,Master/slave, Dom/sub, a little bit of incest, I have a lot more that I can list

Squicks/Limits: What are the things that you refuse to roleplay?
*Scat, water-sports, gore/really violent things

Contact Info: How do we get in contact with you?

*Skype: illinoi899
*Yahoo: illinois8559@yahoo.com

Anonymous 12/04/17(Tue)22:05 No. 37840 ID: 537bac

Wow, it's dead in here. Anyways, I should have been more clear. I'm looking to RP with submissive traps and cross-dressers. I myself, am not a trap.

sesh 12/04/21(Sat)07:55 No. 37848 ID: 1350a4

File 133498772920.jpg - (270.67KB , 862x1200 , 132514632827.jpg )

Name: Sesh
Age: 22
Sex: M
Orientation: Straight
MSN: sechs.llsc.us@hotmail.com

Figured i'd repost my ad here. I had moderate success on old fapchan in the past.

I'm a fairly open-minded, well-spoken individual who enjoys most scenarios. I'm quite laid back and flexible when it comes to rp. My kinks in no particular order:

tentacles, multiple penetration, excessive cum, cock/breast enlargement

Those are just my kinks, i'm quite open to other things. I dislike:

watersports, feces, gore, vore, extreme ageplay, diaper fetishes, egglaying/impregnation

So yeah. I probably left out some info so get in touch with me if you wnana know more. Add me on MSN or email me if you want my skype address (i don't wanna post that here). Hope to meet some people.

Anonymous 12/04/27(Fri)15:37 No. 37867 ID: a0e0ef

Name: Jenny, doesn't really matter

Orientation: I play F, or sissy

Partner Pref: Dom M/F/Trap/Futa preferred but as long as you don't ask me to Dom it's fine

Kinks: I'm sub obviously, ageplay, some incest, rough, transformation, pregg, just ask. If I haven't done it before I'll at least give it a shot

Squicks/Limits: Scat, watersports, gore

Contact Info: Skype, yahoo or hotmail: minnrp966

Anonymous 12/04/30(Mon)07:24 No. 37874 ID: 0f9210

Orientation:Bi-Females/beasts prefered

Partner Pref: Mainly someone to control a scenario(Like DM)

Kinks: Transformation and toilet play are my favorites and I'm pretty much open to everything in between with those in it.

Squicks/Limits: Death or a lot of gore

Contact Info: YIM: Adrixia101

Anonymous 12/05/06(Sun)02:33 No. 37940 ID: a7f0d2

Name: Anne

Orientation: Female and bisexual mainly, though open to futa, herm, male, etc..

Partner Pref: Male, female, futa, etc..

Kinks: Topping the list would be ageplay, risk of pregnancy/pregnancy, size-differences, incest, etc..

Squicks/Limits: Nothing really, though for guro, bestiality and toilet-play, it had best be very arousingly worded to get me going.

Sample: She let out her own breath on his ear once more as she slowly dropped once more, her thin legs shifting to let her fall further along his engorged cock, the thickness of it spreading that pink, virginal pussy so wide. She moved away from him for just a moment, looking down between their bodies and seeing that dark, firm flesh parting her little cunny so wide.

Contact Info: MajoraDee on AIM

Anonymous 12/05/06(Sun)20:45 No. 37944 ID: 30a97e

Name: Charles
Orientation: Sub M, hetero
Partner Pref: F, Futa, possibly trap
Kinks: femdom, crossdressing, glasses, skirts, short hair, a little bit of feet (clean)
Squicks/Limits: no scat, no ageplay, no diapers, no incest
Sample: None atm, I'm pretty new to this whole thing.
Contact Info: fallen.paladin@hotmail.com, feel free too look me up (it's also my MSN, and connected to my Skype)

Anonymous 12/05/07(Mon)20:45 No. 37956 ID: dd88c8

Name: James

Orientation: Dominant Male

Partner Pref: Any age female, submissive

Kinks: Rape, electic torture, large insertions, orgasm denial, anal

Squicks/Limits: Shit, piuss, vomit, death

Sample: As I remove the enormous dildo from you wet pulsating pussy, you gasp and collapse from lack of sleep. But your eyes suddenly open when you hear the sound of hooves behind you

Contact Info: Skype: studentboy101, crazyskater74@live.co.uk

Anonymous 12/05/13(Sun)19:21 No. 37988 ID: 135b64


Orientation: bi
Partner Pref: Man, Woman, Futa

Kinks: I love being dominated by a strong male/Futa. Into humiliation/cuckolding

Limits: As long as im not killed none

Sample: i would love for a strong dominant alpha to put me in my place... rough me up and fuck my gf in front of me as she taunts me and worships his cock

Contact Info: byaah29@aol.com

Anonymous 12/05/14(Mon)21:14 No. 37998 ID: cf2cf5

Name: Sigue

Orientation: Dominant Male

Partner Pref: Sub M/F/Trap/Gay/Bi

Kinks: Transformation, monster girls, pet play, sissification, crossdressing, ageplay, inflation, loli, shota, and so on. In short I enjoy most of what you'd find on /d/ and then some.

Squicks/Limits: Aside from Scat and gore/mutilation the sky's the limit.

Sample: He exhaled onto her flat stomach, hot breaths trailing over the already moist spots that his lips had caressed. His thumb was still rested on her lower midriff, slowly spreading that tiny little untouched belly button of hers as he looked up to her innocent face. Kissing slowly downward, the petite female would soon feel that familiar, hot sensation. Only now, his mouth was toying with her tiny navel, held spread and vulnerable for his tongue to dip in and slowly lick over her sweet, untouched skin.

Contact Info: AIM: Siguex
YIM: Siguex
E-mail: Siguex@gmail.com

caitie 12/05/15(Tue)03:08 No. 37999 ID: 3684ae

name:julie, cait, just depends

orientation: female, usaully dom, but wants to try sub.

partner ref:dom male/female

kinks:master/servent, rape, light bdsm, huiliation.

squicks/limits: scat,piss,vomit,gore,trap,death

sample:uhh this is my first time ever rp, so i need someone to show me the ropes.

contact info-caitlin.maudlin@gmail.com

Anonymous 12/05/21(Mon)01:47 No. 38322 ID: ba3aa4

File 133755767534.jpg - (143.78KB , 942x800 , cumslut6.jpg )


Submissive trap

Very dominant

Anything but scat and gore

I lay back, spreading my legs, my small, feminine cock twitching as it struggles to stay erect.


Pic related

Anonymous 12/05/27(Sun)19:16 No. 38330 ID: 537bac

Now that I think about it, I prefer being more dominant, and my partner being very submissive. Still, trying my luck to find a good partner.

Anonymous 12/05/29(Tue)06:11 No. 38337 ID: 589a86

Name: Seth

Orientation: Dom/Occasional Switch (depends entirely on the partner)

Partner Pref: Perverted. M/F/Other.

Kinks: Anal/BDSM/Petplay/Transformation/Forced Fem/
Anything not specifically listed I'm open to suggestion on for kinks.

Squicks: Watersports/Loli/Guro


You awaken to find yourself unable to see, something is pressed close against the skin of your face. In a panic you begin to breathe in furiously, discovering that the mask covers your face entirely, with just a tube inserted into your mouth for you to inhale fresh air.
You try and raise your hands to remove your trappings, however your arms and legs are bound by leather straps and your swaying slightly as if your are suspended in the air.
A calm voice rings out in the darkness, as you feel a hand run down your spine "Ahh, I see you are finally awake. Out of all the applicants to my advert, I can see I picked the right one......"

Contact info: AIM - Ovorefiend

Anonymous 12/05/29(Tue)14:41 No. 38340 ID: a4b1b3

Name: Mila. [or ask me later]

Usually I play traps, crossdressers, or gay males. I don't really enjoy writing straight sex or roleplay even. With a good, solid and creative plot, I can, however, over look that. I play both tops and bottoms and I have moods for both. Sometimes I play a big bad demon who may look like a complete dollface, but can tear you apart piece by piece. It just depends, can play a blushing child or a virgin man. I can play a fumbling fool or a dapper gentleman. I'm good with roles.

Partner Preference:
I prefer you to be at least 16 of age; characters it's doesn't matter about age. Any gender or race or sexuality is find with me-you are who you are, right? I like big men and I like pretty traps and sexy long legged men with tight asses and big hands. Again, I can accept a lot, it really depends on your character. Preferably male, I can handle boobs on a man too. I like creativity! People with an eye for detail and someone wanting to also write a story as well as sex. Also I prefer posts to be written in 3rd person.

Traps, Big man/sissyboy, stockings, vintage underwear, heels, smoking, crossdressing, guns, action, gore, whips, magic, sci fiction, beastiality, furry, shapeshifting, torture, Anal, rimming, anything ass related, ageplay, humiliation, geeky things, demons, vampires, aliens, mpreg, incest, fantasy, abuse, violence, thugs,

Vomit, Scat, Hardcore BDSM (Only because I'm still learning, if you're willing to teach, I'm willing to learn and write), stupidity and oneliners (unless called for a reaction), posts written in first person-unless done well.



Probably should have been dead by now. Or, at least, that's how it felt. Chris couldn't help but suck in a breath and he dragged the rough black lace down his naked from, willing the whimpers to stay quiet as the material raked over the sensitive skin of his cock. Fuck. He was going to blow his load before he even go the dress on right, he just knew it.

Sucking in a breath, he jerked the material down and cried out, tears of pleasure making his eyes shiny, mouth dropped open as he sucked in thick, ragged breathes, his new breasts heaving only to be squished tighly against the pretty lace. "Please.... I have to stop!"


"Did I say?" Melik demanded, coming to stand in front of the beautiful blond boy on his knees trying to force his new body into a dress that had been tight before /he/ had given him some new toys to play with. Like those pretty handfuls of breasts he'd given him with dime sized pink nipples, puffy and sensitive looking-all the better for pinching.

An echo of the sound of his hand connectng with a pretty, flushed cheek echoed through the room and the boy sobbed before starting to wriggle into the dress more. "Beautiful..." he breathed and grabbed the boy by his ankles, spreading his legs roughly, the lace tearing from the pressure.

"Fuck. Yea."

Contact Email:
(You will be given my AIM after a couple of emails)

Anonymous 12/06/05(Tue)16:28 No. 38351 ID: e12278

me here. So it seems my yahoo IM broke somehow and I can't get it to start.... My new hangout is AIM. Same email

Anonymous 12/06/07(Thu)22:45 No. 38354 ID: be3e84

Name: Whatever

Orientation: What kind of role do you play? M, trap, sub, switch

Partner Pref: Whatever

Kinks: Femdom and quicksand (see pics, one is animooted). Quicksans is kind of like nature's bondage, with an element of peril involved.

Squicks/Limits: I dunno. Gore? Scat? Furry? Shit like that.

Sample: I dunno, I've never RP'd before. There's tons of erotic quicksand fiction though. Example: http://web.archive.org/web/19991008001531/http://www.wamsat.com/jthicket/stories/over_my_head

Contact Info: fthrotla@gmail.com

Anonymous 12/06/11(Mon)21:44 No. 38366 ID: e1d034

Role-Female, Trap (Occasionally) Generally Submissive but sometimes I enjoy turning the tables.
Partner Preference-Male of Female
Kinks-Chikan Grope, Blindfolding, Fur, Slavery, Choking, Rape, Whipping, Age Difference, Crossdressing, Tickling, Nippleplay, Worship, Display Bondage, Soft Vore, Branding
Squicks-Hard Vore, Gore, Vomit, Scat
Sample- Alicia gasped the young feline girl felt the presence of the people before her but she could not see them, she could barely hear them with the plugs in her long feline ears. She was afraid and nervous of what they would do to her, but even moreso she was afraid of dissapointing her owner, her master, her love. She held up a tray and upon that tray there were dozens of toys, ways to punish her, dildos, whips, clamps and each time she felt the weight being lifted off of her hands she sucked in. Knowing that... she would be the central piece to her master's deviant art gallery.
Contact Info- Rosemary_Alicia@YIM

Jables 12/06/11(Mon)22:04 No. 38368 ID: e0466c

I like where this thread has gone.
Lets get some submissive futa players up in here, that's my favorite.
(BTW This is Jason)
Contact: jbdudo on AIM

anonymous 12/06/16(Sat)00:27 No. 38419 ID: 6f8010

Name: What do we call you?
Anything you want

Orientation: What kind of role do you play? M/F/Trap/Futa Gay/het/bi/pan dom/sub/switch?
Switch, prefer sub, Bisexual male/trap/futa whatever

Partner Pref: What are you looking for in an RP partner?
A dominant female or trap, who has a good imagination, knows how to punish and train, etc..

Kinks: What sort of thing are you into?
A lot of things..

Squicks/Limits: What are the things that you refuse to roleplay?
Blood, incest, scat, water sports, extreme violence

Sample: Show us what your typical role
playing looks like.

the boy was stunned as she shoved him onto the bed, now baring down on him. a bead of sweat dripped down his face as his eyes darted between her and the door, while he plotted his escape. Before he knew it, she had him pinned down, and rendered him helpless, now restraining his arms. She forced her knee into his crotch, putting a little bit of pressure, so that she could feel his growing erection.

Contact Info: How do we get in contact with you?
I have AIM or YIM if you want it ^^

Anonymous 12/06/21(Thu)02:39 No. 38432 ID: 8138b4

Name: Aaron or Element

Orientation: My natural role is a hetero male with a caring but often dominant personality. I'm open to exploring other roles, including with male partners.

Partner Pref: Someone intelligent, and who will happily contribute equally to the story progression

Kinks: A list can be found here http://houseeros.com/kinks/display.php?id=2777
I'm most interested in incest, mind control, pet play, age play, diapers, lactation, role reversal and weight gain.

Squicks/Limits: No excessive blood, torture, or permanent bodily harm

Sample: I groan and continue thrusting, the bed begining to creak rythmically. I pat and rub your bottom, helping to soothe the painful handprints on it, "It's much better to do what I want isn't it? It's better to obey, kitten, but sometimes you need to be reminded" I say casualy between groans, the sound of my hips slapping against your ass echoing lightly in the room. I reach down and tug your nightdress, freeing your soft breasts which bounce in time with my thrusts.

Contact Info: element0@live.ca

Anonymous 12/06/21(Thu)03:27 No. 38433 ID: 3505f7

Ooh this seems fun...

Name: Alec, Lukas, Tess, really whatever male or female name strikes your fancy

Orientation: Female, Trap, or Male - I prefer to sub regardless.

Partner Pref: Looking for a Dom into reasonably kinky, kinda up there stuff. Be patient though because sometimes I work a lot... Maybe someone into the fact that my partner doesn't know about my to account ^.~

Kinks: Excessive cum, large insertion, tentacles, rape, bdsm, monster rape, hypnosis/mind control, forced feminization, futa in male, futa on female, public use, forced femme, pegging, Traps, May consider some besiality, vore

Squicks/Limits: No scat, no watersports, no vomit

Sample: Lukas struggled against her grasp, but to no avail - every time he tried to wriggle away, it just seemed to give her another opportunity to raise his hips higher and higher, until he felt the slick tip of her lubed cock pressing against his tight ass.
"W-wait! It's gonna hurt!" He cried out, as she teasingly rubbed the tip around in little circles, her eyes never leaving his.

Contact Info: AIM - pleaseusemeplease@gmail.com

Occasionally may take a bit to respond if I'm at work ;)

Anonymous 12/06/22(Fri)09:07 No. 38435 ID: 6eebae

Name: Tia

Orientation: Female, Trap, Futa, Male Sub

Parter: Any dom

Kinks: Anything that isn't in my Squicks/Limits, just ask ;)

Squicks/Limits: Scat, gore

Contact Info: Aim: Tia CD (tia.cd@aim.com)

Anonymous 12/07/07(Sat)07:50 No. 38497 ID: e75416

Name: Tim (bi-sub)
Tiffany (trap/futa)

Partner Pref: I would love to find a mistress to put my sissy slut self into place. I'm not picky, I love cock.

Kinks: forced feminization, tentacles, rape, bdsm, hypnosis/mind control, futa in male, futa on female, public use, forced femme, pegging, Traps

Squicks/Limits: Vore, diapers, wetworks,

Sample: I had a mistress order me to dress myself in pretty pink and fuck myself with a dildo

Contact Info: babyboiblu@live.com

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