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John Smith 18/11/19(Mon)13:04 No. 46758

File 154262909796.jpg - (172.19KB , 1400x1050 , vibrance_24_9830_oboi_belaja_roza_1400x1050.jpg )

What is the weather today in your place

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John Smith 20/06/14(Sun)23:31 No. 47399

Partially cloudy. Slightly raining. The sun is breaking through the thin parts of the clouds giving an almost apocalyptic feeling to the area.

John Smith 20/06/15(Mon)08:40 No. 47400

No clouds today, unfortunate

John Smith 20/06/26(Fri)06:22 No. 47429

Hotter than shit today.

John Smith 20/06/27(Sat)03:50 No. 47430

File 159322261987.jpg - (177.72KB , 940x480 , red lined clouds.jpg )

Dear John,
Today was also very, very hot here as well.
Then around 7:30 we had a short thunder and lightning show.
Which I really enjoyed, although It could lasted longer.
Hope this find comfortable and moderaitely happy
Regards Jon

John Smith 20/06/27(Sat)23:37 No. 47431

File 159329387580.jpg - (669.87KB , 1600x912 , IMG_20200627_164704.jpg )

We had record high temps for a week, then they broke on Tuesday. Right now it's raining lightly with distant thunderstorms.

John Smith 20/06/29(Mon)12:22 No. 47434

Finally started raining again, but today was just a little sprinkle. Still lovely but not the constant grey I wanted

John Smith 20/08/30(Sun)20:19 No. 47514

Greetings, John.

Today the weather was peculiarly still.
The wind was completely absent and the air was still. The sounds of nature, which some days can be felt to be even overwhelming at times, were not present.
All was quiet. Not even insects, which on regular days fly around, busily buzzing and pricking around, were to be seen.
The most eventful aspect of today, in regards to what I perceived of my surrounding nature, was a woodpecker that pecked about in the trees.
It was nice.

John Smith 20/10/13(Tue)10:25 No. 47530

It appears to be raining. I can't see out my window much.

John Smith 20/10/19(Mon)06:02 No. 47541

Hello, John. Today's weather was not hot, not cold. Very eh.

John Smith 22/09/01(Thu)02:41 No. 48294

Good morning John, yesterday was rather bright and warm until it cooled down in the evening. I grow ever fonder of Winter.

John Smith 22/09/02(Fri)06:43 No. 48296

Unbearably hot

John Smith 22/09/02(Fri)08:52 No. 48297

This morning will be cool, warm and bright in the sun.
By noon, it will hot. Although pleasent in the shade.
To night will be cold.

John Smith 22/09/03(Sat)08:30 No. 48300

Dear John

I was right



John Smith 22/09/03(Sat)17:50 No. 48301

File 166222022262.jpg - (1.13MB , 3648x2048 , IMAG0176.jpg )

Feels like early fall already. It's nice but I do get a slight sense of ennui when summer ends.

John Smith 22/09/06(Tue)04:35 No. 48309

hello, john. today was blisteringly hot. love, john.

John Smith 22/09/07(Wed)23:23 No. 48312

it's average

John Smith 22/09/08(Thu)05:28 No. 48313

File 166260770614.png - (894.23KB , 1280x738 , vlcsnap-2018-01-26-23h24m02s953.png )

Cut the front yard over weekend. Since them, we've had rain. The front yard is 90% weeds.
I get to cut it again next weekend.

here, if you don't like the weather, give it an hour.

John Smith 22/09/13(Tue)11:31 No. 48328

Stormy and cold. It's starting to get closer to winter time and it likes to rain around here during fall and spring. Not to mention there's fires so smokey as hell too.

John Smith 22/09/14(Wed)23:55 No. 48331

It was really windy today. Blew my hair all over the place on my way home from work.

John Smith 22/09/24(Sat)01:23 No. 48346

Dear John,

The other night I finally got my shit together enough to drive out of town on a wing and a prayer, and even though both failed, so did the incoming rain storm, so it wasn't impossible to figure out how to get things going again. It's way too cold to keep sleeping in the woods now without some real camping gear, but it's not bad for late september. I'm still going to have to dodge some rain and cold nights for my upcoming plans, but I can't really complain.

Also happy equinox (or not, depending on what you have to be happy about).


John Smith 22/09/24(Sat)15:51 No. 48348

Overall cloudy with a cold breeze.

John Smith 22/09/24(Sat)16:06 No. 48349

File 166402837987.png - (1.01MB , 1133x816 , banger.png )

Same here.

John Smith 22/10/02(Sun)11:20 No. 48358

The ash from nearby forest fires rise through the air and drift over my state like toxic vagabonds, clouding the air in a cough-inducing fog.

It's hot inside, but when I open my windows, the ash comes in and gives me a headache.

I don't remember this many forest fires when I was growing up. This seems to be a relatively new phenomena, and if I'm to be honest, it worries me.

John Smith 22/10/09(Sun)16:52 No. 48370

So you love in California?

John Smith 22/11/01(Tue)23:39 No. 48433

Today has been switching from rainy windy overcast storms, to clear sunny and peaceful weather, again and again, all day long. Such quick weather changes really tire me out. I hope to move away from Britain one day for this very reason.

John Smith 22/11/02(Wed)09:15 No. 48435

cold, rainy, and depressing

John Smith 22/11/02(Wed)12:08 No. 48436

grey and dry

John Smith 22/11/03(Thu)13:19 No. 48437

Same thing here in the US, but I live under the jet stream, so the weather patterns always keep flipping back and forth as it wiggles around. This is good for agriculture as long as it doesn't rain on somebody's straw harvest and ruin it. Surprisingly pleasant out when it switches back from cold to warm, and the colors are crisp and lovely this year.

John Smith 22/11/13(Sun)23:40 No. 48447

File 166837925171.png - (1.22MB , 1309x890 , medway.png )

We got lucky with weather this year. Our first bit of snow is supposed to happen in a few hours.

John Smith 22/12/23(Fri)09:33 No. 48464

The weather in my neck of the woods was slushy cold rain and soggy

John Smith 22/12/28(Wed)23:16 No. 48474

~-+ Warmin Up Gang +-~

John Smith 23/01/01(Sun)01:00 No. 48478

File 167253120820.png - (571.89KB , 1299x729 , madawawi.png )

It was unseasonably warm today. Supposed to be cold tomorrow.

John Smith 23/01/01(Sun)16:08 No. 48480

Cool picture

It's spring weather here now, wonder when it will dip down again

John Smith 23/01/13(Fri)08:31 No. 48485

very windy

John Smith 23/01/14(Sat)06:11 No. 48486

File 167367307884.png - (1.38MB , 1920x1080 , madawawa.png )

We got a good batch of snow today. Finally.

John Smith 23/01/23(Mon)14:04 No. 48536

File 167447907271.jpg - (100.05KB , 850x1275 , __original_drawn_by_houtengeki__sample-9b24e8c0a0e.jpg )

Snowed yesterday. Melting and cloudy today. Quite comfy

John Smith 23/01/31(Tue)21:06 No. 48546

Light snow last night into this morning, but it's below freezing 100% of the time now and going to drop down another 10 degrees for a while probably. Not the best time to wind up living out of my car lol.

John Smith 23/02/01(Wed)03:50 No. 48547

File 167521982686.jpg - (40.77KB , 851x418 , o_o.jpg )


John Smith 23/02/01(Wed)19:34 No. 48548

File 167527645034.gif - (179.98KB , 200x200 , 1651371699889.gif )

Oof. Well the good news is that it evened out around around 15F instead of dipping lower, and there's no wind chill inside my car, so total cost was only about $10 for a warmer blanket and $1 in gas to warm things back up once in a while.

But that $10 is EQUITY, my friend, EQUITY. I won't have to spend $10 on a warm blanket again!

John Smith 23/03/21(Tue)01:21 No. 48636

Thanks. Long term it tends to get sodden and fails to break the wind but it's been better than nothing. The remnants I got from the sewing store worked better except for not being fluffy, but it's always a question of what one can afford. I'd go for an XTREME sleeping bag about now, since this time of year is a horrible clusterfuck of fucking wet cold days that never dry out, and now my blanket is sodden and in bad need of laundering.

John Smith 23/04/15(Sat)19:44 No. 48647

File 168158066598.png - (840.68KB , 1288x717 , iauerhygiuhtrgfg.png )

It is finally spring.

John Smith 23/04/21(Fri)01:21 No. 48648

A most tumultous time under this part of the jet stream. Cycles through everything but automn almost at random. It'd be nice if I didn't have to suddenly remember sweating my balls off when it was sleeting and freezing the day before, but I know a lot of people really like Spring, so I just say
>yeah haha shitty winter finally it's nice out y-yeah

Last winter was unusually dry, so it's weird remembering how much of a bummer cold rain and murky muck can be by comparison.

John Smith 23/04/29(Sat)19:55 No. 48657

File 168279090927.png - (1.04MB , 1249x693 , uawyfg8ewgrf.png )

Big difference in just a few days. Spring be like that.

John Smith 23/04/29(Sat)20:07 No. 48658

File 168279165135.gif - (1.37MB , 320x240 , 1386405983135.gif )

If I look at this like a blueprint, like a chart, I think I could reconstruct the entire spring from this image.

Does that sound exciting or what?

John Smith 23/04/30(Sun)18:56 No. 48659

Of course not. If it did, it wouldn't be appropriate for the board.

John Smith 23/06/26(Mon)21:53 No. 48690


John Smith 23/06/27(Tue)16:14 No. 48691


Just the way I like it.

John Smith 23/06/28(Wed)00:35 No. 48692


John Smith 23/06/29(Thu)02:43 No. 48694

File 168799938018.png - (1.04MB , 1261x708 , mirdwr.png )

Rain. More rain coming up for several days, actually.

John Smith 23/06/30(Fri)20:27 No. 48695

Rain all day again
It's also summer


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