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/eh/ - Particularly uninteresting conversation
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John Smith 20/09/13(Sun)16:28 No. 47519

File 160000731831.jpg - (130.73KB , 434x483 , Wayne_Deur.jpg )

Hey John,

Do you feel particularly uninteresting because the interesting times have passed? Or perhaps that they have yet to come? The isolation as of late surely hasn't helped but what's your prognosis John?

John Smith 20/09/13(Sun)17:20 No. 47520

We are experiencing the most eh point in history john.

Our economy has turned us all into social pariahs by it's very nature. No new or interesting commodities are being produced anymore. It's just the same tired old bland shit mindlessly churned out over and over again en mass, for ever, while, simultaneously it has prevented any sense of solidarity or organized labor from taking hold in the world. It has done everything to ensure this mediocrity can not be over come. Wake up, go to work, stare at screen, die.

We live in very /eh/ times indeed.

John Smith 20/09/14(Mon)18:27 No. 47521

I feel particularly uninteresting, because I don't think I've done anything that would make me somewhat interesting. Having said that, I'm quite content with leaving the constant quest for appreciation to those who find that type of endeavour rewarding. Instead, I'll continue to engage in work that suits me and look forward to the perhaps uninteresting, but achievable rewards in my own life.

John Smith 20/09/17(Thu)21:14 No. 47523

Thats what human history is in general. People have been spoiled by the back-to-back action that was the 15th-20th centuries.
Dont be fooled by movies and documentaries. History is made by the few, carried out by the masses.

The bland drivel of 21st century life is the same back in the past only with no screens. This childish wanton to "change the world" is whats making things go to shit.

John Smith 20/10/15(Thu)16:11 No. 47531

File 160277108383.png - (107.18KB , 654x398 , waiter hand cropped.png )


Interesting times are (and are to come) for people whom are willing to "progress" within the confides of the increasing technological totalitarian control.

John Smith 20/11/06(Fri)09:03 No. 47588

Being uninteresting is an active choice I make. Im a very anxious person and all of my habits tend towards mitigating that.

People at parties complain my music puts them to sleep. People in my car complain I play it too quietly. Co-workers notice I skip about half of our outings, and that I never initiate conversation or hold one too long. I watch the same movies and TV shows over and over again. I clean my house religiously. I have only a few favorite foods that I eat regularly. Though I am in my twenties, I save and conservatively invest my money as if I were 60. When I go out for fun, I always go to one of a few places. I prefer quiet ones. I find crowds and noise unpleasant.

I am quite content this way. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll continue listening to elevator music and reading 6 month old posts about the weather.


John Smith 20/11/07(Sat)19:09 No. 47592

>Though I am in my twenties, I save and conservatively invest my money as if I were 60.

I find its kinda the other way around.
Twentysomethings buy secondhand shut for cheap while older people buy more expensive shit bc more disposable income.

John Smith 20/11/10(Tue)04:54 No. 47595

A good choice

I've watched Outlaw Star like four times in the past three months, muh space arms

Man you really need to talk to some old people. They'll buy a sandwich that is half dog shit because it's 20 cents off

John Smith 21/02/02(Tue)05:40 No. 47703

>Man you really need to talk to some old people. They'll buy a sandwich that is half dog shit because it's 20 cents off

Ok maybe "old" was the wrong word.
"Middle-aged" is more like it.

John Smith 21/02/07(Sun)12:30 No. 47706

The isolation from this virus is interesting in the effect it has on people, and observing that. But the novelty has worn off. I've always been an introvert who was happy at home, as I suspect many Johns on here are, but even I am reaching my limit. The time goes on but in my house I feel as though everything is the same.

John Smith 21/02/07(Sun)13:37 No. 47707

I was already a shut-in before the lockdown, and yes, things eventually start to blend together.

John Smith 23/05/23(Tue)21:48 No. 48664

Id rather things stay boring

Boring is good

John Smith 23/05/27(Sat)05:15 No. 48666

File 16851573579.png - (1.76MB , 1429x943 , forced labor.png )

I like it better when nothing happens because otherwise it most likely would be bad things happening.

John Smith 23/05/29(Mon)00:32 No. 48669

people are too stupid/pathological to understand that. People even justify the bad with "hard times makes strong men".

People think hardship/suffering is some theatric movie performance that theyll get applause for.

Main character syndrome at its finest.

John Smith 23/06/01(Thu)18:48 No. 48673

Doom shop mf

John Smith 23/09/03(Sun)09:59 No. 48714

You speak of 20 v 60.
You don't sound like you have done either.
When I was 20 I did every stupid thing.
When I was 60 I paid the price for the stupid things.
Oh to be 60 again, lithe, energetic and not the only living member of my beloved family whom I undeservedly outlived.

t. Assembly language programmer from way back.

John Smith 23/09/26(Tue)00:32 No. 48723


Speak for yourself.
Peopl act like age numbers have inherent personality traits. They dont.

If anything, while you gain experience, wisdom is still purely optional.

Men especially seem to assume that their age is a badge of virtue within itself.

John Smith 23/09/26(Tue)05:11 No. 48724

Also I tire of older people reminisicng of their youth in a patronizing way.

Youth is not inherent innocence or happiness.
If parents and teachers wouldnt be so fucking neurotic about everything pertaining to the kids and allow them breathing space, youth would be alot more enjoyable.

John Smith 24/01/01(Mon)20:13 No. 48748

Isn't this an exciting era? And it's "election" year!

John Smith 24/01/03(Wed)08:46 No. 48750

This year its gonna be a bloodbath.
Im a bit worried althoigh interested in how things are gonna turn out this election season.

But as anon said in >>48666, non-boring often ends up in disaster.

Alot of people may not realize it now or probably may have voiced it a while back, but 2012 election season was truly a beacom of hope compared to now.

John Smith 24/01/16(Tue)01:51 No. 48754

File 170536627270.jpg - (149.25KB , 850x680 , __faye_valentine_and_ein_cowboy_bebop_drawn_by_sco.jpg )

Never be hopeful about fair elections

John Smith 24/01/19(Fri)03:00 No. 48758

tbh I dont think people really care about fairness and equality. They just like drama. Ever notice all the mild mannered politicians are often forgotten and pushed aside?

John Smith 24/03/18(Mon)02:31 No. 48793

It's a combination of the economy as you pointed out, as well as the effects of Covid. A lot of people I know, including myself, got so used to isolating that it became comfortable for them. Around 1/3 of the people I knew became shut-ins after Covid.

Are you truly content John? I lived the same way for years and convinced myself that I was content. Perhaps I genuinely was. However, I slowly started getting this itching feeling that maybe I was missing out on something. That feeling grew stronger to the point that it became an anxiety.

Finally my anxiety over potentially wasting my life grew so loud that I couldn't peacefully sit at home anymore. The only solution, I figured, was to force myself to go out. I started meeting with my friends again, rekindling old connections, planning trips, and even signing up for yoga classes, going rock climbing, and even hopping on online dating.

It's been anything but comfortable, but that being said, it's been exhilarating. I've experienced some lows, but I've also experienced some highs that I did not know existed. For example, pulling a sweet girl who likes you close and cuddling her while you stroke her hair is a feeling I'd not experienced before, but that brought me great joy unlike anything else in life. I would have not known of this pleasure had I resigned myself to my previous life.

Of course there are lows too - I've experienced embarrassment from making multiple faux pas or just generally being awkward, as well as experiencing the heartache of feeling a romantic interest slip away from you. Still though, it's been a more eventful 6 months than the previous 4 years combined.

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