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John Smith 22/03/08(Tue)08:15 No. 48105

File 164672374592.jpg - (45.74KB , 767x241 , Screenshot_20220308-071538_Chrome.jpg )

I got this captcha and I though eh that looks like the pingas meme

John Smith 22/03/08(Tue)08:17 No. 48106

to add, i feel this is the more accurate way to spell said meme

John Smith 22/03/11(Fri)00:52 No. 48126

File 164695632525.jpg - (133.34KB , 1042x586 , pingas.jpg )

One of the monuments of YouTube Poops culture

John Smith 22/03/13(Sun)22:14 No. 48131


>YouTube Poops culture

Ever watch those classic KOTH YTPs? A breath of fresh air when it comes to internet culture since it's not full of "le based" soyjacks or whatever.

John Smith 22/03/14(Mon)05:39 No. 48132

I'm more into Thomas & Friends YTPs. Along with Billy Mays. But I usually watch whatever YTP is out. I haven't seen any King Of The Hill YTPs though. (I think it's more bc I feel bad about never watching an iconic TV show, so any splicing effects to make inside jokes done on such show will fly over my head.

But, I like those YTPs where they actually rearrange the entire background with chroma key or whatever effects.
Like Likety, cs188, Aliantos, awfulfawful, etc

John Smith 22/03/16(Wed)21:26 No. 48135


>Likety, cs188, Aliantos, awfulfawful, etc

That's peak internet culture, right there. Now it's all "own duh libz" bullshit.

John Smith 22/03/18(Fri)18:36 No. 48140

Joj and hoh sis

John Smith 22/04/21(Thu)06:56 No. 48177


John Smith 22/08/11(Thu)12:54 No. 48282

File 166021527782.jpg - (51.48KB , 550x585 , main-qimg-80c8b5aa892c2e08e90ca36be3729e94-lq.jpg )

This computer looks like it is hailing a cab

John Smith 22/09/08(Thu)05:34 No. 48315

that computer makes me ask "who's johnny"

John Smith 22/09/23(Fri)16:47 No. 48344

That looks like a very expensive commercial cheese grater. Is that how they recolor cheeses after they're made?

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