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women's day tripcodejerk 11/10/15(Sat)09:17 No. 14054 ID: 49bc98

tags: [futa][tg][global change]

they called it the plague. that didn't actually make a ton of sense, seeing as how it was nothing like a plague, but whatever. it was really more of a worldwide curse. although depending on your point of view, maybe it was a blessing.

whatever you call it, the effects were the same. one morning, every woman on earth woke up with three things: a huge cock, the need to use it, and the strength to, well, force the issue. as time progressed, we found out more, but that was how it started.


i woke up to the sensation of my arms being moved. it took me a few seconds to grasp that that was because i was now entirely tied up, bent over my dining room table. yes, i only woke up after being moved out of my bed, down a flight of stairs, across the hall and tied to the table. i'm a heavy sleeper, okay?

anyway, the first thing to greet my eyes, other than my own predicament, was my big sister. it's always been our little joke that she was my big sister, since i've got a foot of height and at least 70 pounds on her. she's a couple years older though, so she's my big sister, like it or not. but i digress (and for neither the first or the last time).

"hey there, jack."

"sam," i said, the very voice of patience, "what the hell is going on here?"

"well, that's a funny story, actually. let me answer your question with another question: do you know what happened last night?"

"no, but i suspect you're about to enlighten me. maybe first you could UNTIE ME!"

"not gonna happen. here, i'll show you."

with that, she bent down and picked up the whole everloving table, with me still attached and carried it into the living room. she lined me up with the tv, and turned it on to the news.

"we return to our top story of the day: women are now supreme! muahahaha!" yelled the pretty newscaster lady, before running off screen.

"that was not actually helpful at all, plus I'M STILL TIED TO A TABLE!"

"okay, then. how about this?" with that, she pulled up her skirt. she didn't have any underwear. what she did have, hanging between her long, beautiful, feminine legs was a cock the size of her forearm. suddenly, the reason i was tied to a table got way, way too clear.

"sam, you're not planning to...?"

"i'm sorry, jack. i can't wait any more, i feel like i'm in heat." she looked like it too, her cock was standing at attention, veins throbbing, leaking slippery precum all over the floor. her nipples were standing at attention too, poking through the thin fabric of her shirt, proving that she wasn't wearing a bra. she was even panting with her need.

"nonononono, no way! just go jerk off or something! let me go!"

"i tried, believe me, i tried!" true to her word, her long, slender fingers were gently stroking her dick, slathering the pre all up and down it. "i just can't cum that way! so now i need your help, little brother." with that, she circled around out of my sight. the next thing i knew, she'd ripped my sleep pants right off, and started tracing her slimy fingers around my rear entrance.

i just lay there, struggling in vain to get free, to get away from the sister i thought i knew. when she slipped a finger inside, i couldn't stand it any more. "sis! there's gotta be another way! you don't have to do this!"

"well, there is one other thing we could try..." she mused, her fingers pausing in their exploration. "but you have to promise you'll cooperate, or i'm going to go right back here, and not waste any more time with fingers."

"anything! anything but this!"

"alright." she said, striding back into sight, "open up."

Anonymous 11/10/15(Sat)15:41 No. 14055 ID: f89e8c

I stopped reading when you didn't capitalize anything. Please do try again. I find it hard to enjoy something when such minor rules are not followed. Using the 'SHIFT' key is not that hard.

tripcodejerk 11/10/16(Sun)03:17 No. 14056 ID: 49bc98


Fair enough. Here you go.

They called it The Plague. That didn't actually make a ton of sense, seeing as how it was nothing like a plague, but whatever. It was really more of a worldwide curse. Although, depending on your point of view, maybe it was a blessing.

Whatever you call it, the effects were the same. One morning, every woman on earth woke up with three things: a huge cock, the need to use it, and the strength to, well, force the issue. As time progressed, we found out more, but that was how it started.


I woke up to the sensation of my arms being moved. It took me a few seconds to grasp that that was because I was now entirely tied up, bent over my dining room table. Yes, I only woke up after being moved out of my bed, down a flight of stairs, across the hall and tied to the table. I'm a heavy sleeper, okay?

Anyway, the first thing to greet my eyes, other than my own predicament, was my big sister. It's always been our little joke that she was my big sister, since I've got a foot of height and at least 70 pounds on her. She's a couple years older though, so she's my big sister, like it or not. but I digress (and for neither the first or the last time).

"Hey there, Jack."

"Sam," I said, the very voice of patience, "What the hell is going on here?"

"Well, that's a funny story, actually. Let me answer your question with another question: do you know what happened last night?"

"No, but i suspect you're about to enlighten me. Maybe first you could UNTIE ME!"

"Not gonna happen. Here, i'll show you."

With that, she bent down and picked up the whole everloving table, with me still attached and carried it into the living room. She lined me up with the tv, and turned it on to the news.

"We return to our top story of the day: women are now supreme! Muahahaha!" yelled the pretty newscaster lady, before running off screen.

"That was not actually helpful at all, plus I'M STILL TIED TO A TABLE!"

"Okay, then. How about this?" With that, she pulled up her skirt. She didn't have any underwear. What she did have, hanging between her long, beautiful, feminine legs was a cock the size of her forearm. Suddenly, the reason I was tied to a table got way, way too clear.

"Sam, you're not planning to...?"

"I'm sorry, Jack. I can't wait any more, It feels like I'm in heat." She looked like it too, her cock was standing at attention, veins throbbing, leaking slippery precum all over the floor. Her nipples were standing at attention too, poking through the thin fabric of her shirt, proving that she wasn't wearing a bra. She was even panting with her need.

"Nonononono, no way! Just go jerk off or something! Let me go!"

"I tried, believe me, I tried!" True to her word, her long, slender fingers were gently stroking her dick, slathering the pre all up and down it. "I just can't cum that way! So now i need your help, little brother." With that, she circled around out of my sight. The next thing i knew, she'd ripped my sleep pants right off, and started tracing her slimy fingers around my rear entrance.

I just lay there, struggling in vain to get free, to get away from the sister I thought I knew. When she slipped a finger inside, I couldn't stand it any more. "Sis! There's gotta be another way! You don't have to do this!"

"Well, there is one other thing we could try..." She mused, her fingers pausing in their exploration. "But you have to promise you'll cooperate, or I'm going to go right back here, and not waste any more time with fingers."

"Anything! Anything but this!"

"All right." She said, striding back into sight, "Open up."

Anonymous 11/10/16(Sun)21:11 No. 14063 ID: 4e4561


SGMOverkill 11/10/16(Sun)22:48 No. 14064 ID: e35ba2


tripcodejerk 11/10/17(Mon)10:51 No. 14068 ID: 49bc98

Okay, here's the next bit. Glad someone likes it.


Shit. Now I was really truly doomed. Either I could try to suck my sister's gigantic new cock, or she would start on my ass, and she wouln't be gentle about it. No second chances either. I opened my mouth.

The first thing I noticed as she started her first short thrust was that her pre was sweet, not salty like I expected. The second thing I noticed was that despite my fear, my rage, and my sense of betrayal, her cock tasted fantastic. Hey, maybe this won't be so bad after all, I told myself.

Then she started fucking my face in earnest. But as each new worry surfaced, it was quickly smothered (what a word for a time like this) by the feeling of wellbeing spreading through my body.

'It's too big, it can't possibly go any further!' And then it did, and it felt good, and I stopped worrying.

'It's gagging me, I'm gonna barf!' And then it slipped down my throat, and my nose was pressed tight against her smooth crotch, and it felt good, and I stopped worrying.

'She's never going to let up, I'm going to suffocate!' And then she pulled slowly, ever so slowly, back out.

I just lay there, gasping for air and looking up at my big sister for a moment. As my tounge lolled out, she stroked my hair, said, "Now, let's start for real!" and buried herself to the hilt in my throat, this time so quickly that it was all I could do to get my tounge back inside my mouth.

"Now Jack, how does it feel? One grunt for good, two for bad." Damn my traitor of a body, it felt good. I grunted once.

Her peal of laughter rang through the empty house. "That tickles. All right then, let's see what you can handle." She started pumping slowly, steadily in and out. As she pumped, she reached out to stroke my back, her fingers growing steadily closer and closer to her earlier goal.

My thrice-dammed traitor of a body responded. Each time she got all the way in, my own cock jumped and grew a little harder. After a minute or so, I was as hard as she was. Damn, but it's uncomfortable having a boner while tied facedown to a table.

I tried to shift around to a more comfortable position. She noticed. "Aw, Jack," she said, stopping her rhythm and striding around the table, "I'm flattered. And I know I agreed to not come back here. But Jack, know what would make this feel even better?" And with that, she shoved two fingers, slimy with her pre deep into my ass.


"Okay, then. Just tell me this doesn't feel good, without moaning."

"This doesn't--" I couldn't finish the sentence.

"Doesn't what, little brother?"

"Thisdoesn'tfeelgood!" Somehow, I managed it.

She paused. "Well, I'll be damned. I guess you win!" Her fingers actually paused. And then, her voice perked up. "Hey, guess what I remembered? I have you tied to a table. I get to do whatever I want!"

Then she rammed herself in. It would have been balls deep, if whatever perverse force of nature created this Plague had given her balls. Somehow though, despite the fact that i had fifteen inches of futa cock up my ass, it didn't hurt. Okay, the taste thing was weird, but this was just too much.

Then it hit me. "Hey, your cock is drugging me!"

More laughter. "You're just figuring that out? And I thought you were supposed to be smart." She thrust gently with each word.

I had one chance to escape before I was too drugged to think i should. "Alright sis, you win. You can untie me now. I'll stay put."

"No, not quite yet. One last thing. Hang on tight!" Her pace was speeding up.

Before long, I was crying out with each thrust. When she came, a couple miutes later, I couldn't believe how much she had. She filled me up, then pulled out and kept squirting as she walked slowly around the table. All she could say, when she got around to my face was, "Clean me off." I was so horny, and so out of my head on her unnatural aphrodesiacs, that I let her in with no hesitation. Somehow, she had a couple more squirts. Damn, she must have pumped out the better part of a quart before she was finally done.

As I swallowed, I knew I would never be able to turn down a horny futa ever again, no matter how much I might want to.

"Alright, little brother. Now I can untie you. But first, I think you deserve this." She walked out of my sight, and the next thing i felt wasn't ropes loosening, it was a single finger running slowly down the length of my shaft.

I came so hard.

As I came, I noticed myself changing. My cock, which had been, up to this point, a perfectly respectable six inches, shrunk down to no more than four. I shrank right down with it, while my chest and ass swelled a bit. Even my bones changed, my shoulders growing narrower and my hips wider. Meanwhile, my face grew more feminine, and my beard simply disappeared.

I couldn't pass for a woman, but it was still a drastic change. Sam finally undid my bonds and stood me upright.

"Oh wow, I thought they were exaggerating with the 'men will turn into women' thing. Guess not. Alright, now that I'm... relaxed, I guess I can explain a bit better than that newswoman did."

Anonymous 11/10/17(Mon)19:06 No. 14070 ID: 67984b

That was good. I came hard, and I demand MOAR males tied up and at the mercy of crazy futas. Also, there should be more humiliation. I love humiliation, though it is hard to do well. I liked it when he discovered he was being drugged by her cock.

Here is some constructive criticism:

'It's too big, it can't possibly go any further!' And then it did, and it felt good, and I stopped worrying.

'It's gagging me, I'm gonna barf!' And then it slipped down my throat, and my nose was pressed tight against her smooth crotch, and it felt good, and I stopped worrying.

'She's never going to let up, I'm going to suffocate!' And then she pulled slowly, ever so slowly, back out.
I didn't like the style of those lines. I don't know if it's the single quotes, the repetitive use of "and", or what, but find another way to communicate inner thoughts please.

Also, the "males turn to females" isn't necessary for me, but eh, everyone has their fetishes. I did like his cock shrinking though. There is never enough cock shrinkage in stories these days.

tripcodejerk 11/10/17(Mon)21:36 No. 14071 ID: 49bc98

the repetition thing either works or it doesn't. guess it didn't here. there is some more humiliation upcoming. most stories i find with the males turning into females thing are purely a psychological transformation, which does nothing for me, so i wrote my own. this is my first effort, by the way.

tripcodejerk 11/10/17(Mon)23:13 No. 14072 ID: 49bc98

as promised, here's the next bit. hot off the notepad.exe


"Now, why don't you go ahead and give me a handy while I explain, to help keep me occupied."

It seemed pretty reasonable. I wrapped my fingers around her and started stroking.

"When I woke up, I was... suprised. You just thought you were suprised this morning. No. I was suprised this morning."

"So you woke up with a huge cock, and decided to go watch the news?"

"Hell no, I woke up with a huge cock and jerked off for two hours. I still had the need though. Then I decided to go watch the news."

"And the news told you what? Go rape your little brother?"

"No, the news told me that I had super strength and hypnotic cum, and that I would steadily lose control unless I had my way with a man, and well, you were closest."

"Well, I believe the hypnotic cum bit," I said, still stroking her cock, "but super strength? Really?"

She grabbed my hips, flipped me upside down, and lowered my face smoothly onto her cock, one, two, three times before setting me back down.

I sat there stunned.

"Hey, who said you could stop stroking?"

"Sorry sis, I guess you really do have super strength. Hey, what was that you mentioned earlier about men turning into women?"

"Well, the last thing the news said was that anytime a futa made a man cum, he would grow more feminized."

"So, is that the real reason you got me off just now?"

"Yeah, pretty much. I do love you, Jack, but I always did want a little sister. Plus, if it turned out to be wrong, humanity would have been basically doomed."

"WHAT!? What do you mean doomed?"

"Well, every woman on earth is now like me. get it yet?"

"No... Wait. Let me check something." I reached down, past her huge girlcock, past where her balls weren't, and found nothing but her asshole. "Oh, so if we men don't grow pussies, we're the last human generation. Well, shit."

"Pretty much. Oh yeah, one last thing they told me. All the effects are more potent if I share you."

"So what now?"

"Well now, we go for a walk. After all, it'd be mean to keep an obedient boy like you all to myself, wouldn't it?"

"In Public!?! Are you crazy?"

"No, but I am in charge. Come up to my room."

No arguing with that. I followed.

"Now, we just need to give you something to wear... Ah, here we go!"

"Sam, that's just a towel."

"Well, none of my things fit you. Just tie it over your new boobs, and it'll be fine."

It wasn't really fine. It covered half my ass, and left my cockhead in the breeze.

"I'll wear this," she proclaimed, emerging from her closet. all she had on were a miniskirt and a bomber jacket, unzipped. I could see at least ten inches of dick hanging below the skirt.

"Sis! If we go out like this, we'll get arrested."

"I don't think so. If a lady cop tries to arrest us, I'll just offer you insead. And if a male cop tries to arrest us, I'll just show him who's boss. Simple."

That made sense. "So, where are we going?"

"The mall. It's only about a mile off, and I'm hoping that by the time we get there, you'll be more or less your final shape so we can get you something better than a towel."

"Uh, Sam? I'm still covered in your cum, I'm gonna go take a shower."

"No, you're not. You're going to keep it right where it is. Hold still, I'll be right back."

Anonymous 11/10/18(Tue)00:52 No. 14075 ID: f56525

Not bad, not bad at all.

Anonymous 11/10/18(Tue)04:43 No. 14077 ID: 8ac802


Anonymous 11/10/18(Tue)18:11 No. 14085 ID: 67984b

I don't usually fap two days in a row to the same thing, but this got me.

tripcodejerk 11/10/19(Wed)09:37 No. 14091 ID: 49bc98

As you wish, anon.


Well shit, I couldn't shower now. But I didn't want to feel all slimy anymore. The only solution was to wipe it off and swallow it. I dropped the towel to the ground, knelt on it and started. Before I was halfway done, Sam had returned with a length of rope.

"Hey stop, who said you could do that?" She stood there in front of me with a leash and collar from our old dog who'd passed a year or so ago. "Now hold still for your leash, pet."

"You don't need that, I couldn't disobey you if I wanted to."

"It's really more to show you're mine." She tightened it around my neck. "Now, because you took off your towel to disobey me, I think it's only fair that it stays off."

"But I didn't take a shower!" I pleaded.

"You still didn't leave my cum where it was. Bad boy."

She was right. I stood up to follow her. "Sam? I can wear shoes, right?"

"Well, you are a bad boy, but I'm not mean. Throw on some flip flops."

The first thing we saw when we left the house was Mr. Poole, our superconservative neighbor being double teamed by his wife and daughter. Sam yelled to them, "Hey girls, wanna trade for a bit?"

"No, we're not quite done with him yet. Later though!"

As we walked through the neighborhood, almost every house either had a scene on the lawn or screams and moans coming from inside. Sam tried to get some to trade with her, but they were all busy. I guess I'd broken quickly.

Suddenly, a car pulled up next to us.

"Need to fuck! Gotta Fuck!" screamed the middle aged woman as she scrambled out. She looked like she'd been pretty once, but now she was mostly just fat. Her dick was even bigger than Sam's, it looked like it was almost twenty inches! "You! Bitch! You I fuck!"

Sam laughed. "Better bend over, 'bitch.' I would've been like her if I'd waited much longer. There's no stopping her."

I bent over and grabbed my knees. I thought I was ready. I really wasn't. She wasn't gentle like Sam, she just got behind me and started pounding away like her life depended on it. It felt like she was splitting me in half, but it also felt fucking fantastic. I was screaming with each thrust, my dick felt ready to burst, and then Sam grabbed my chin.

"Maybe this will shut you up, 'bitch'" With that, Sam slammed herself right down my throat. Or at least she tried to. The collar she'd put on me kept her cock from fitting all the way down. "Well, we had better loosen this, hadn't we?" I nodded as best i could with my mouth full of her. She took the collar off, shoved her dick all the way in, then tightened it again without pulling out. "That's much better," she sighed, and started pumping.

That was the last straw. The feeling of being so totally filled up was too good. I came, somehow harder than last time. I felt myself changing more. My dick shrank til it was hardly more than a nub. My balls were the size of shelled peanuts. my nascent breasts could now fill a B cup, and my figure was well on the way to girlish, even though i was still almost six feet tall.

Then the stranger came. It was a flood, spraying all over the place. My belly distended a little bit. I felt something odd on my feet too, but I was too busy getting fucked to look.

"So," Sam asked the woman, "are you done with his ass? Want a turn up here?"

"Sure, dearie! I just couldn't control myself. Let's swap places."

As the woman slammed herself down my throat, Sam entered me more gently.

I expected her to taste foul, but there was just the now-usual sweet flavor of futa dick.

"Hi, I'm Sam," my sister said, reaching out her hand over me, "what's your name?"

"I'm Martha, dearie. And what's the name of this fine slut of yours?" She asked as she shook my sister's hand.

"He's Jack. Say Hi to the nice lady, Jack."

"Igh, adee."

"Although..." Sam gave me a reach around, or tried to. There was barely anything to reach around to. She giggled. "Pretty soon, we'll have to choose you a new name. Do you like Jaqueline? or maybe Jill? Let him talk for a second, Martha."

Martha drew out of my throat. "Well, slut? Make up your mind."

I was in ecstasy. I couldn't talk, I could only cry out. Martha shrugged and started fucking my throat in earnest.

"Bad boy, keeping Martha waiting. Jaqueline lets him go by Jackie, it's too similar. I think he- or rather, she gets to be Jill now. If you like it, just start jacking off. It's pretty much your last chance."

I could barely get two fingers on it. It hardly mattered, though. Even though I'd just came, the feelings in my ass and throat were enough to get me going again. Before long, we all came together. My belly was definitely bulging now, with two of Sam's loads and one of Martha's in my guts, plus one load from Martha in my stomach. I started changing once more.

I now looked tomboyish. I was about 5'9", my dick and balls had become a clit and labia. I didn't have a cunt yet, though. My tits were smallish, perky Cs now. My build was still a bit mascupine, but well on its way.

Martha hardly even finished before climbing in her car and speeding off.

I took my hands off my knees and stood up. Or at least I tried to. I ended up wobbling and falling in the grass next to the sidewalk. At first i assumed it was because of the pounding I'd just taken, but then I saw my feet.

Anonymous 11/10/19(Wed)12:28 No. 14092 ID: b47eeb

Oh the expectation!
If you keep posting regularly I'll keep fapping only to this. Just saying.

I guess that makes me your bitch.

tripcodejerk 11/10/20(Thu)07:25 No. 14097 ID: 107158

yay, I have a bitch!


My flip flops had somehow turned into strappy six inch heels when Martha came in me the first time, that was the odd sensation I had felt earlier. "Sam, look!" I yelled, pointing at my new shoes.

"Ooh, Jill, we might not need to get you all new clothes. Just sit right there and let me check something." She walked right up to the door of the house we were in front of and knocked loudly.

"Ah- What is it? We're a little bit busy here!"

"I need to borrow some piece of men's clothes. Just for a few minutes, I need to check something."

A woman came to the door, holding a man, impaled on her cock, with one hand and a tshirt with the other. She tossed the shirt to Sam and asked, "What are you checking, if you don't mind me asking?"

"Well," Sam said, tossing me the tshirt, "when i fucked my brother here just now, his flip flops turned into heels. I want to see if it works for other stuff. Put on the shirt, Jill."

I put on the shirt. It felt baggy over my new, smaller frame, but tight across my newly-enchanced chest. The woman seemed to have a lightbulb moment.

"Hey, do you mind swapping? Like that newslady said, sharing makes it go faster."

"Sure, sure. Hand me yours, then go pick up little Jill there." It was amazing how effortlessly Sam and the stranger handled the man, like he weighed nothing. Soon, Sam had him by the hips and was moving him up and down like a human cocksleeve.

The woman strode over to me, picked me up just as effortlessly, and asked me, "hey slut, is your little cunt ready?"

"No, ma'am, there's no hole yet. Do you want to use my ass or my mouth?"

"I think I'll use your mouth first. That way, I can tounge your little clitty. I hear your body only changes if you cum, after all." She flipped me upside down and started on my mouth, hoisting me by my now more pronounced hips.

From my sister's direction I heard, "Make sure she doesn't cum until after you do, I wanna see if it's you or her cumming that makes the clothes change."

"Got it! By the way, you trained him well, he even asked which hole I wanted."

She came quickly, I guess her man's ass must have gotten her most of the way. I was beginning to think that I wouldn't have to eat food anymore, what with all the ladycum. My shirt changed with her, but I couldn't tell into what, except that it got smaller. I was upside down, after all.

"It chaged when I came. I'm gonna start on her ass, so I can see what it is now."

"Sounds -urgh- good." Sam said from across the yard.

As she flipped me, I tried to pull the tshirt down, but it only barely covered my tits. The neckline was so deep, and so wide, that you could almost see my nipples. It was still a tshirt, sort of, but it covered barely more than a bra. Remember how I said it was more a curse than a plague? Yeah, you show me a plague that makes clothes slutty, and I'll call this The Plague.

"Well, that settles that. The clothes change when you cum in them, not when they come. Alright, now that the science is done, I can really start."

And by god she did. Not even Martha in her madlust had fucked this hard. With each thrust, my clit rubbed against her belly. Before long, I came. And came, and came. I guess I was female enough for multiple orgasms. With each one, my cunt grew deeper. My curly red hair grew down to a bit over shoulder length, and all my body hair disappeared. The rest of my body barely changed, I guess I was almost done.

"Miss, you done with my hubby there? This slut finally has a cunt worth trying! I figure you should get first dibs, since he's yours.

"Ooh, be right there. What should I do with yours?"

"Just put him down, he should know better than to run away by now. Even though I haven't been able to feminize him, since he won't cum while I'm fucking him, the dumb bitch."

She turned me around without pulling out so that sam could get at my cunt. My sister lifted the man off her dick, set him on his feet in the grass, and patted him on the head, before sauntering over to me. Just before she entered me, though, when both women were distracted, I saw the man start running down the street. I had to help out the nice lady who'd just given me the nice dicking. "Ma'am, your bitch is getting away!"

Anonymous 11/10/20(Thu)12:57 No. 14102 ID: d2dc80

I'd say go ahead and add another one to your list. Regular updates are god damn awesome. Every night, well morning actually, I get to sit down to an update? Fan-fucking-tastic shit right there. Please sir, keep writing.

tripcodejerk 11/10/21(Fri)23:36 No. 14109 ID: 107158

here's last night's update. bit late, but there will be another tonight.


She instantly released me and started running. Her dick was buried in me so deep that it took a few steps before I fell off her, though. As I rolled in the grass, I saw Sam run off after them.

Within the space of a minute, all three were back, the man firmly stuck on the woman's dick facing her, while sam was spanking him, hard. It looked so hot, but I couldn't possibly misbehave like that. I started fingering my new pussy.

"You need to make him cum to lock him in." Sam was saying between slaps as they came closer.

"This isn't right, I'll never cum from this unnatural perversion!" The man was screaming, punctuated by yelps.

"Hey, I have an idea," said Sam, "flip him around, and let's try something, ah, I never did catch your name?"

"I'm Alice, and this stupid bitch on my cock is Bob." Alice said as she flipped Bob around so his back was to her. "So, what's your big idea?"

"It's simple. Jill, get over here."

I crawled over. I wasn't steady enough on my feet yet to try heels.

"Okay slut, now suck Bob the bitch's dick while Alice here nails him, we'll make him cum yet."

I'd never sucked a dick that wasn't attached to a woman before, but what the hell. I was a woman now, and Bob soon would be too. I sucked.

Bob came almost immediately. Compared to Sam and the other women, there was barely any, but it didn't taste as good. Sam must've been right, the touch of a non-futa woman was all he needed. For the first time, I got to watch a transformation from the outside. His dick shrank in my mouth, receding from the back of my throat all the way to the middle of my tounge. His balls shrank on my chin, to no more than half their previous size. I looked up, and his whole body had changed much more than mine had the first time, probably from how wound up he was.

The biggest change was what he was saying, though. In no time flat, he went from, "No! No!" to, "Yes! Fuck me, Alice!"

That got Alice over the edge, and she filled him right up. I lapped up some that was overflowing to get the nasty taste out of my mouth.

Sam giggled and grabbed me by the hair. "I don't think Alice needs any more help, slut. Plus, I want to get you home, now. Give Bob his shirt back."

I peeled off the shirt and tossed it to Bob. He tried to put it on, but Alice grabbed it out of his hand and threw it several feet away before slapping him across his new tits. "Disobedient bitches don't get clothes, Bob. Now down on your knees and suck my dick."

He started slowly, then picked up speed. Soon, he was going like a pro.

Sam said, "Up, Jill. You get to practice walking in heels on the way home." She picked me up, set me on the sidewalk, and grabbed my leash.

tripcodejerk 11/10/22(Sat)08:41 No. 14114 ID: 107158

as promised.


Walking in heels was the hardest thing I'd done all day. To motivate me, Sam swatted me on my sexy new ass whenever I stumbled. By the time I tottered past Mr. Poole's house and turned up my driveway, it was red all over and stung like a bitch. I loved it though, if I still had a dick, it would have been painfully hard. As it was, my new cunt was dripping and my nipples could've cut glass.

Sam loved it too. I saw how hard she was. After opening the door, she gave me one last openhanded spank that sent me sprawling inside. "Okay Jill, I've got two priorities: changing your clothes and trying out your new fuckhole. But since you've been such a good slut all day, I've got a suprise for you. Why don't you go get all your clothes and shoes, and meet me in the living room. Oh, and get all Dad's stuff too. I'm sure Mom will appreciate it when they get back from their cruise."

"Okay sis!" I took off my heels and ran upstairs, bouncing as I went to give Sam a show. My leash dragged behind. "Sam, can I take off the leash? I'm afraid it's going to trip me."

"Sure, but leave the collar on. You're still mine, after all."

"Yes'm." I ran the rest of the way up to my room. I had never had many clothes, as a guy. What I had was a few button-ups, some tshirts, a couple pairs each of shorts and jeans, some sweatpants, socks, and swim trunks. I grabbed it all and went downstairs to my dad's room. He just had a closet full of suits, plus a few sweaters and sweatpants for the few moments he wasn't at work. I grabbed all I could, and went to the living room.

"Is that everything, Jill?" Sam asked as I dropped my armload. She had something behind her back, I couldn't tell what.

"No, it's just all I could carry. Be right back with the rest and the shoes." I ran back to my dad's room, scooped up the rest of his suits, and ran over to the front hall to get shoes. I had a few pair of sneakers (along with the flip flops that had already changed), and my dad had one pair of work boots and several pair of wingtips.

I dumped them all in the living room clothes pile. "Okay, that's everything. What's the suprise?"

"Well, two suprises, actually. First, a present." She showed me what she had behind her back. It was a large buttplug, not as large as her, of course, but still pretty big. I took it eagerly. It was already slippery. "I took the liberty of lubing it up. It vibrates, too. Just stick it in and flip the switch."

I pushed it in easily, then flicked the switch. The sensation was overwhelming. "And -ah- the other thing?"

"Well, since you've been such an obedient little slut, I'm going to let you ride me to break in your cunt." She lay down on the floor on her back, her dick sticking up like a flagpole, still dripping pre. "Now, get some clothes and get on my cock."

I decided to start with a suit. I put it on, shoes and all, then pulled the pants and boxers down around my knees. It fit about as well as you'd expect a middle aged man's suit to fit a sexy teenage slut. I walked over to straddle Sam, knelt down so her cockhead was right up against my snatch, and paused. "Sam, it's not gonna fit. There's no way my cunt's more than about six inches deep."

"Aw, put a sock in it. Here." She handed me a sock from the pile.

"Wha- oh." I wadded up the sock and stuffed it in my mouth before lowering myself finally onto Sam's rod. It went in smoothly, and somehow painlessly. God damn, that felt fantastic. I'd been missing out, having a pussy was awesome. As I lowered myself, Sam's cock just kept disappearing inside me, I don't know how. Before I knew it, I had fifteen inches of girlcock buried in my pussy, which couldn't possibly be that deep, reality be damned. I told you this shit wasn't just a Plague.

I tried to lift myself up for the second thrust, but my knees were too weak from the new sensations, plus the huge vibrator in my ass. Sam saw. "Aw, can't do it? Want me to help?"

I just nodded. The sock was muffling my moans, and even without it, I sure couldn't form a sentence now. She grabbed me with both hands around the waist. Her fingers came amazingly close together. Then she lifted me up, so high she was barely in me, then without any warning just dropped me. I fell so fast that my already sore ass slapped against her thighs, elicting a squeal from me through the sock.

"Just fucking with you, slut. Ready for the real deal?" I moaned. She grabbed me again. This time, she just got straight to the business of fucking the shit out of me. This time, it was ten minutes of hard fucking before she filled my last hole right up. That, plus the clothes tightening around my curves, was enough to start me on a series of mind-shattering orgasms.

"Alright, slut. Climb off and let's see what we've got." I rolled off her and stood shakily to my feet. I pulled up the short skirt and crotchless panties that now hung around my knees. The suit, if such a skimpy garment still deserved the name, was more like a parody of a suit than anything anyone but a stripper would ever wear. The jacket ended just under my boobs, and the shirt simply didn't have any buttons higher than mid-chest so my cleaveage was hanging free. The skirt, once I pulled it up, barely covered my snatch. The shoes were now fuck-me heels, and the socks were nylons reaching to mid-thigh, nowhere near the hem of the skirt. The really odd part was that the sock in my mouth felt different too. I took it out, and it unballed into another long stocking.

"Sis, look. I don't have to be wearing the clothes for them to change." I excitedly told Sam.

"Good, 'cause I'm just about of juice for today. Lie on the table and make sure you're touching everything, and we can finish with this. I've only got one more load for you today, so let's make it count."

I lay down on the same table I'd started the day tied to, and draped all the clothes so that I could touch them all simultaineously.

Sam was done being gentle. She just started fucking me as hard as she could. It was all I could to to make sure I was still touching all the clothes. Even with her brutal pace, It was the better part of half an hour before she filled me up again. I'd been cumming every minute or so that she'd been going, though. This new body was awesome!

Sam sighed contentedly and said, "Okay slut, I know it's only midafternoon, but I'm all worn out. Come to bed. And I expect to wake up with your lips wrapped around my shaft, or I'm going to be very unhappy."

"Yes, Sam. Of course." She led me up tp her room, then flopped on her bed on her back and was asleep almost before she was done falling. I curled up next to her, my head pillowed on her tits, one hand on her shaft and the other exploring my snatch. I could hardly wait for tomorrow.

Anonymous 11/10/22(Sat)12:20 No. 14115 ID: 3bb246

Wait wait wait.

All the women in the world lost their vaginas?

What about pregnant women?

Anonymous 11/10/22(Sat)14:12 No. 14117 ID: 42bfd6


>"saw the man start running down the street. I had to help out the nice lady who'd just given me the nice dicking. "Ma'am, your bitch is getting away!""

Jesus Christ, this sounds horrifying from the male perspective, like a fucking zombie apocalypse.

"Throngs of terrified males ran screaming through the streets, some naked and bleeding from thier rectums, followed closely by throngs of sex crazed superhuman women.

Suddenly, a green and black camoflage military helicopter flew overhead and its male occupants in full combat regalia shot canisters of teargas and (insert military weaponary) into the crowds of onlookers. The aircraft landing in an empty patch on the street, and the ecastic women ran with inhumane speed towards it, schreeching like bloodhounds; "ahahahahaa MORE MEEEEN!".

The fully armed soldiers were too quick even for the sprinting women though, they disembarked in formation and the initial charging line women was gunned down under a downpour of machine gun fire.

The ranking seargent of the unit climbed on board a nearby vehicle with a loudspeaker and addressed the now very still and very attentive crowd: "all uninfected males in this area are to board th-" And so on and so forth.

Could be an offshoot to the main literotica, a fucked up kinky 'Left For Dead'.

Mutabah 11/10/22(Sat)16:53 No. 14121 ID: a39203

Despite the lack of capital letters in the first post, this is a very interesting story. Few grammatical errors, and inventive techniques.

I think you mean "Left 4 Head" :)

Anonymous 11/10/23(Sun)02:32 No. 14124 ID: 42bfd6


Left 4 Head; where every enemy is a Boomer... that wants to rape you.

Anonymous 11/10/23(Sun)13:42 No. 14128 ID: 588529


I really love it. You've got a great mind for depravity and you know just what to focus on. = )

I would love to see more.

Anonymous 11/10/23(Sun)20:37 No. 14130 ID: b5e1eb

I feel like you got in a hurry and left out some details. Or your trying to go somewhere in the story, I don't really know. But try not to get sloppy or in a hurry.

tripcodejerk 11/10/24(Mon)09:08 No. 14133 ID: 107158


cesarian sections are gonna be pretty in demand for a while.


that's pretty fucked up, i actually hadn't considered that perspective.


i am trying.


When I woke up, something felt really weird. Well, actually, lots of things felt weird. I was cuddling someone, both my hands were on dicks, but only one of them was mine, and I had a giant vibe in my ass. Then I remembered yesterday's events, and it took all my willpower not to scream.

I had to get out now, before she drugged me again. I knew she'd catch me in minutes unless I got away without waking her. I slowly, so slowly, let go of her dick and stood up. I didn't think I could take out the vibe silently, so I left it in for the moment. It had run out of batteries sometime in the night, so at least that wasn't an issue.

I crept downstairs to the clothes pile to see if any were fit to wear. I'd done a good job of making sure I got them all last night, damn my drugged self. The best I could find were some yoga pants which had probably been sweats and one of the button up shirts that would only button halfway up. I pulled the plug out. Somehow it was still painless, despite its size.

The yoga pants were better -barely- than nothing. They showed the outlines of everything perfectly clear and squished my balls something fierce. The shirt, tight on my smaller female frame didn't button at all, but still better than nothing. I needed shoes if I was going to get any distance, but every shoe in the house was now way too small for my feet.

Fuck it, the priority was escaping. I slipped out the door and started running in the predawn light. I barely got a quarter mile before I heard a police siren behind me. I was saved! "Please, you gotta help me!" I cried, turning around to face the cop. "My sister spent all yesterday raping and drugging me, I barely escaped!"

Then the cop got out of the car and I saw her. Oh, shit. She came around the door, her cock bulging against her uniform pants, and drawled, "you've been a very bad boy. Are we doing this the easy way or the hard way?"

I ran, even though I knew it was hopeless. She caught me without even trying and tossed me over her shoulder. I pounded my fists against her back, but all I got for my trouble was a slap on the ass and a shout of, "Cut it out, bitch"

She tossed me down on the grass by her car and said, "We've been getting a lot of dumb bitches like you running away this morning. Where do you belong?"

"I'm not going back!"

"Sure you're not. Oh, what's this? Someone had the sense to collar her bitch, huh?"

Fuck, I'd forgotten to take the collar off in my haste to leave. She reached down and grabbed the collar. "Let's see if it tells me where you belong."

The collar had been our dog's. It had our address, in case she'd ever run away. Now I was caught.

"Get in the back seat, slut. We'll see what your mistress has to say about this stunt."

There was no sense defying her, all I'd get for my trouble would be more spanks. I got in.

She drove the short way back to my house. She left me in the back seat while she went up to ring the doorbell. Sam answered, buck naked and pissed looking. They talked for a bit, then Sam came striding down the walkway, her cock swinging with each step. She wrenched open the door, reached in, and grabbed me by my again-short hair.

"No, Sam, don't drug me again! How can you do this?"

She said nothing to me, but as she dragged me past the lady cop into the house, she said, "wanna help?"

"God, I love my job." Was the response. She followed us inside and shut the door after her.

Sam pulled my shirt and pants off as I pleaded with her. "Listen, bitch. I expected to be woken this morning by your lips on my cock, not a cop at the door. So now, I am very unhappy. I am not in a mood to be gentle. So what I am going to do is this: I am going to give you the hardest fucking of your life. Harder than Martha. But since you're such a bad slut, I'm not going to let you cum til I'm satisfied that you're mine."

"I'll never be yours! I was just drugged yesterday. I'd never do those things otherwise."

"Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn. Now hold still."

Anonymous 11/10/24(Mon)11:28 No. 14134 ID: b5feb5

Very interesting to see the contrasting perspective. A question to clarify though, it sounds like the transformation is temporary, is it completely transient or do the males slowly become more and more feminine even when they turn back?

Anonymous 11/10/25(Tue)07:22 No. 14140 ID: 8afc00

super freaky ugh horrible rape dystopia

Anonymous 11/10/25(Tue)07:23 No. 14141 ID: 8afc00

i mean that in a good way of course

tripcodejerk 11/10/27(Thu)01:31 No. 14154 ID: 107158

sorry i can't keep up daily updates.


She roughly grabbed my cock and balls, tied a bit of twine tight around the base, and lifted me by the hips. The fact

that I was so much bigger than her in every way but one didn't seem to matter at all. True to her word, she wasn't

gentle. She just slammed me down onto her and started fucking away like her life depended on it.

It was happening again, but quicker this time. I could feel the wonderful sensation pulsing through me with each

stroke. My cock jumped to attention. "No!" I screamed. "I'll never submit!" I knew it was a lie, but I had to fight.

"So I get his mouth, right?" The cop stood in front of me, her gigantic dick hanging out the front of her uniform


"Well, it's your choice: you can take his mouth if you want, or you can join me in his ass."

"Oh, that sounds fun. But can we even both fit?"

"Only one way to find out." Sam paused in her fucking and tilted my ass toward our guest. She entered slowly but

steadily. Once she was in as far as my sister, Sam pushed herself in with her. In seconds, I had two gigantic dicks

buried all the way in my ass. Not only did it not hurt, but it actually felt amazing. Then they started thrusting


I don't even know how they both fit, much less how it could feel so amazing. I looked down, only to see my belly

bulging obsecenely with each synchronized thrust. The evidence of my desecration brought me right to the edge, and the

double fucking kept me there, but I still couldn't cum.

The women were under no such restriction, though, and they proved it before long. They filled me up so full that most

of both loads sprayed back out past their cocks.

When she finished, Sam stayed inside and asked me, "So, slut, what do you have to say for yourself?"

"I'm sorry, sis! I'll be yours, just let me cum!"

Our guest spoke up then, "Are you going to let this slut get away with calling you sis? I think she should have to call

you Mistress, to remind her of her place."

"That's a good idea. Well, Jill?" Sam slipped out of me, leaving the officer on her own in my ass. "Do you want to

clean your mistress's cock?"

"Yes! Untie me, please!"

"Yes, what?" Sam asked, giving me a hard slap right on the butt.

"Yes, Mistress. Please let me clean your cock!"

"That's better. Okay, Officer. Why don't you let him down so he can get to it?"

"Sure. But the slut better clean me off too, before I get back to my patrol."

She set me down, and I crawled over to Sam. I started licking all up and down her shaft, filling my mouth with that

wonderful futacum flavor. I couldn't imagine why I'd had a problem with this earlier. It was so good, and besides, Sam

couldn't go without any more than any other futa. It would just be rude to force her to go through what Martha had

before she found us yesterday.

I stopped for a moment, and swallowed. "Sam, I just had a great idea!"

Mutabah 11/10/27(Thu)13:46 No. 14165 ID: a39203

Ooh, I'm getting an interesting feeling from that last line, and I do believe that when Jack stops being Jill again, he will truly regret it. :)

Anonymous 11/10/31(Mon)04:18 No. 14207 ID: 9e2ecc


Of course he'll regret it... but that's his problem later, not now.

Anonymous 11/11/02(Wed)01:28 No. 14221 ID: 95747c


Anonymous 11/11/03(Thu)07:57 No. 14230 ID: 11c362

i could give excuses, but here's another chapter instead.


"At night, I can chain myself up before bed so I can't escape in the morning."

"That's a great idea, Jill! That's so great that I think you get a reward. Stand up."

Once I got to my feet, Sam untied the string around my junk, leaned down, and gave my straining prick a quick little kiss.

That sent me right over the edge I'd been at since they'd started gutfucking me, and I sprayed a huge load all over my big sister's face. Even as I did, though, I started changing again, but faster than yesterday. By the time I was done, I realized that I'd changed more than I had yesterday, too. I was now even shorter than Sam, no more than 5'4". I was definitely a D cup, but somehow, my tits were perky nonetheless, without looking fake. My waist was almost unbelievably thin, and my hips flared out far enough to leave a sexy little gap between my thighs.

My body was entirely hairless, too. Not a single strand grew anywhere but my head, eybrows, and eyelashes, as far as I could tell. I did however have a luxurious head of wavy red hair tickling the small of my back.

My cock and balls disappeared yet again, leaving me with a cute little clit and pussy. Once I was done changing, I turned back to our guest. "Your turn now, Ma'am. Just hold still and let me do the work." I immediately took her whole length between my soft, full lips.

Before I was done cleaning her, though, she checked her watch, yelped, shoved me off, stuck her dick back in her pants, and booked it out the door.

"Well now, my little slut, looks like we're all alone. Which hole should I use first?" Sam asked, licking her lips.

I was about to ask her to use my pussy when I somehow started changing yet again. The weird thing was that Sam did too. As my cock grew back, Sam's dwindled to nothing. As it exploded way past any size I'd ever had as a guy, Sam's pussy reformed. Within seconds, I had a cock at least eighteen inches long, and as thick as my wrist. Sam was fully her old self. My ballsack reappeared, and my balls ballooned out to the size of lemons.

My strength surged with my cock. Even though I kept my tiny, feminine new body, I felt worlds stronger than ever before. "Sam, d'you know what they day about turnabout?"

"N- No." Her face, except her lips, was still covered in my cum.

"It's fair play. Now, are we doing this the easy way or the hard way?"

"No, you can't, I'm your sister!"

"I don't remember you being swayed by that argument. Now, you can either get to work with your mouth, or I can start on your cute little ass right away."

"No, I'm supposed to be the mistress, and you're the slut!"

I grabbed her roughly by the hair and shoved her over the edge of the couch. "I bet you're not even a virgin back here, with that giant buttplug you have."

"I never even used it!"

"Really? Then you'll be almost as suprised as I was yesterday."

Anonymous 11/11/03(Thu)11:17 No. 14232 ID: 3bb246

I love this new chapter! Eat dick, you psycho bitch.

Anonymous 11/11/03(Thu)23:27 No. 14233 ID: 622248

To be honest, I was already starting to feel a bit sorry for Jack.

Anonymous 11/11/04(Fri)00:56 No. 14234 ID: f53e8e

"new chapter" is probably not by the OP, by the way

Anonymous 11/11/14(Mon)07:11 No. 14313 ID: c05dd0

where are you tripcodejerk?!

Anonymous 11/11/14(Mon)17:24 No. 14315 ID: 6e41ad

Is right where are you I have been waiting for ages

Anonymous 11/11/20(Sun)07:35 No. 14347 ID: f6c443

updates are impossible.

Anonymous 11/12/03(Sat)12:46 No. 14476 ID: 6e41ad


Anonymous 11/12/13(Tue)09:47 No. 14539 ID: 848be4

Secondary bump

Anonymous 11/12/17(Sat)03:58 No. 14567 ID: 1b2b6c


Anonymous 11/12/17(Sat)18:28 No. 14568 ID: 6017e4

ty sat on a wall

Anonymous 11/12/18(Sun)02:54 No. 14569 ID: de7a5c


Anonymous 11/12/18(Sun)02:54 No. 14570 ID: de7a5c

ty had great cock

Anonymous 11/12/20(Tue)10:02 No. 14581 ID: 2276b2

Damn it same fag it was supposed to be a combo from unrelated people joining in and now you have just made it shit

tripcodejerk 11/12/22(Thu)11:33 No. 14591 ID: a9a6ee

Hey /elit/. I pretty much ran out of ideas after that first week of posting, but I finally managed to write some more. With no further ado,


With that, I shoved myself deep into her ass in one swift motion. My huge new dick was slimy enough with my pre that it was hardly even difficult.

Sam didn't scream. I'd expected her to, but all she did was gasp. "Yeah, bitch!" I yelled, as I began to roughly pump in and out of her. "This is what you've been doing to me, bitch! How does it feel to be on the receiving end of things for once?"

She was panting now, her breaths coming in little gasps. "Can't talk... slow down," she managed to say.

I took one more thrust into her, and stopped, buried deep in my big sister's ass. "Well? Tell me how you like it, slut."

"Okay, you bastard. I'll tell you how it fucking feels. It feels amazing! Fuck me harder!"

Well, the crazy lust drug sure did a number on her. Good to know it was working for me for once. I started back up in earnest.

Before long, I felt a once-familiar pressure building inside me. I quickly pulled out, grabbed Sam, and set her on her knees on the floor. I didn't have to say a word, she immediately took me into her mouth and started bobbing up and down, gazing up at me as she gagged on my dick.

Within moments, I couldn't stand it any more, and released a gigantic load right down her throat. It felt like she was sucking me dry.

Oh, shit. She WAS sucking me dry! As I felt myself empty into her, I felt my wonderful new cock dwindling to nothing and my newfound strength fading. I tried to pull myself away, but she grabbed my round little butt and held me to her until I felt my cunt reform, cumming all the while.

I was once again fully a woman. As Sam rose from her knees, I saw that she had changed back to her usual length too. Her belly was still bulging with my cum. She looked pissed. "What do you have to say for yourself, Jill?"

"Uh, get busy with your tounge, bitch?"

She grabbed a handful of my flowing red hair and easily hoisted me above her head. "Guess again."

Well, it was worth a try.

Anonymous 11/12/23(Fri)09:15 No. 14604 ID: b20783

too bad
it was too short
but the table can turn any moment now thats good to know.

Anonymous 11/12/25(Sun)17:12 No. 14617 ID: 1c8ac7

the cop part of the story reminds me of a pic where there is some young guy in a cell with like 12 women and each of them is hung like a horse

tripcodejerk 11/12/28(Wed)08:11 No. 14638 ID: be48d0

welp, here's some more.


"Uh, please fuck my slutty cunt, Mistress?"

"Much better. See, even you can learn your proper place." She threw me over her shoulder, head down, ass up. She strode across the room to where I'd dropped the vibe in my haste to get out the door, grabbed it, and shoved it into my ass without any warning whatsoever.

It popped right in. Sam lifted me up and slammed me right down onto her rod in one smooth motion. "Y'know," she said, as she got into a rhythm, moving me up and down like a human cocksleeve, "you haven't been a very good slut today. It's barely 8 AM, and you've already run away and then, after the nice cop lady and I gave you a nice gutfucking and I even let you cum, how did you repay me? Well?"

The aphrodesiac was getting to me, but I still had the presence of mind for one last verbal parting shot before I became Her Slut, like yesterday. "I gave you a taste of your own medicine, you bitch."

"Oh, is that what you think? Sounds to me like little Jill needs a good spanking." She carried me over to a chair, pulled her cock and her toy out of me, and bent me over her lap like a little kid. "Okay, slut, first you get ten for running. Count for me."

She started spanking my bare ass, hard, with her open hand. SLAP. "Aaah!" I screamed, trying to twist out of her iron grasp.

"Now, now, Jill, it only counts if you count it for me. Let's try again" I managed to count, squeaking out a number each time she assaulted my tender cheeks with supernatural strength.

Finally, I gasped out, "ten," and went limp over my big sister's lap.

Sam gave me a couple seconds to regain my breath. Then she gently lifted me chin so I was looking up into her face. "Now, that wasn't so bad, was it? And I bet you aren't going to run away any time soon, are you?"

"N-no, ma'am. No more running. Please don't spank me anymore. You're too strong, it hurts too much."

"Aw, that's adorable. Slut thinks I was hitting hard. I've been barely swatting you, you pussy."


"Now these are for having the audacity to think you could get away with fucking my perfect asshole. Count to twenty this time!"

I had a moment of shock before she started right back up, with even more gusto this time. I managed -barely- to not miss counting any, but by the time I gasped out, "twenty," I was utterly exhausted. My ass was bright red, covered in Sam's handprints, and swollen.

Sam petted my hair and said, "It's okay little brother, you just never ever disobey me again, and we won't have to do this anymore, okay?"

"Yeah, whatever you say. I'm gonna go collapse."

"Well, we can't have you collapsing so early in the day. That's no good at all. You stand right here, and I'll be right back"

I struggled to my feet, wondering what else she had in store for me. I didn't move, partly out of fear of more spankings, but mostly because my legs were just too shaky to walk quite yet.

She came back with batteries.

Anonymous 11/12/29(Thu)04:07 No. 14643 ID: 21b573

less than stellar but makes me want more

Anonymous 12/01/16(Mon)08:40 No. 14871 ID: fcaed9

please sir, may I have some moar?

Magic Trick Goldfingers 12/02/13(Mon)00:25 No. 15148 ID: 166623

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Anonymous 12/03/04(Sun)09:24 No. 15356 ID: 1506c9

are you a wizard?

Anonymous 12/03/05(Mon)14:35 No. 15373 ID: 322206

Is this story dead

Anonymous 12/03/06(Tue)04:36 No. 15377 ID: 5b4d71

it appears so

Anonymous 12/03/07(Wed)15:04 No. 15395 ID: 322206

Damn well this sucks

Anonymous 12/03/18(Sun)14:48 No. 15511 ID: 322206

I want moar

Anonymous 12/03/18(Sun)14:48 No. 15512 ID: 322206

I want moar

tripcodejerk 12/04/07(Sat)07:29 No. 15751 ID: 4d5a6e

better late than never.


As she put the new batteries in the giant plug, Sam asked, "Now Jill, can you put this in, or should I just slap it in there for you?"

At the word slap, I jumped a bit and said, "Yes mistress, I can put it in just fine!"

I leaned over and gently reached to push the toy in before Sam could decide I was taking too long and she needed to do it herself when I realized something: there was no more pain! All I could feel was a spreading sense of warmth.

With a sigh of relief, I spread my round and (I now knew) very slappable ass and slipped the toy in. It felt so right having the solid weight of it inside me.

"Ah-ah, slut. You forgot the most important part," Sam chided. In answer to my puzzled look, she reached around me and pushed the switch to on.

Waves of pleasure coursed through me, and I sank to my knees. My sister just giggled for a second or two, then a thoughtful expression crossed her face. "Hey, you down on your knees like that gave me an idea for a game!"

"What kind of game?" I asked hesitantly.

"Well, here's how it works: I shove my dick down your throat, and you see how long you can go without passing out!"

"N-no, you're gonna kill me!"

"I don't think you understand me. This isn't the kind of game you get to opt out of." She grabbed a fistful of my auburn curls and pulled me to her. "Open up, slut. Or do you need another lesson?"

At the thought of more spankings, my mouth sprang open almost of its own accord.

"That's better." She shoved he huge ladycock roughly into my throat. My jaw stretched further than I would have ever thought it could, before yesterday. Soon, my nose was pressed firmly against her smooth belly, and her dick was almost in my stomach.

I tried to pull away, but Sam's hand kept me firmly in place. No way I was getting out of this. She giggled at my pathetic efforts to free myself. "You know you love it, whore. And hey, if you don't, just wait a bit. Remember how much fun you had yesterday?"

'So, this is it,' I thought. No way to escape, and my will to was dwindling fast. No matter what I did, I'd be her slut for as long as she wanted me. I decided to make the best of it. Except that, in my already drug-addled brain, making the best of it meant swallowing as much of her sweet cum as possible.

First, I stopped struggling. Sam complained, "Already? That's no fun. I thought you'd last at least another ten seconds or so."

I shook my head a little, then I slowly started running my tongue over the smooth, hard surface of her cock.

"Oh, now that's more like it. Good girl"

I reached up and grabbed my big sister's smooth, round ass to pull her further in. Then I looked up, still licking her rod, past her perky tits to meet her eyes. And winked.

Sam giggled. "God you make a great sexy slut."

I swelled with pride at her compliment. I started licking faster and faster, slathering her shaft with spit.

After what felt like no time at all, I felt her cock start to twitch. Then she started pouring hot ropes of cum straight into my belly. I swallowed eagerly, hungry for her load.

When she was finished, my belly was bloated obscenely. Sam grabbed a fistful of my hair, pulled me off her cock, and asked, "How are you feeling now, slut?"

tripcodejerk 12/04/07(Sat)08:48 No. 15752 ID: 4d5a6e

a one-two punch of weird porn story.


"I'm feeling good." I said, rubbing my belly. "Mistress just gave me all this cum."

"Did you know, slut, that you were just on my dick for fifteen minutes? For that matter, you've been almost unbelievably flexible since this all started. Why don't you find out just how much you can stretch while we go watch the news? It sure was helpful yesterday"

I got to my feet and walked to the couch. I sat down gingerly and started sliding a finger into my unfamiliar but soaking cunt.

Sam flipped on the TV just as one of the two newladies on the screen said, "And now, for national news. House leaders, mostly on advice," She gave the other newslady a knowing look, "from their respective wives today proposed a bilateral amendment to the constitution, in order to update it for the situation we find ourselves in. Now to Stephanie in the factroom to explain what this law would mean for you."

I had managed to get four fingers into myself, and felt like I could keep going forever.

"Thanks Amy. This law will basically change two things: first, rape would be legal, provided that it's dickwoman on male or former male. rejecting that right would be like rejecting the right to breathe."

"Second, owning slaves would be legal too, with that same caveat. Pretty simple stuff, really. back to you, Amy."

I had managed to get my whole fist up my cunt. I started pressing the index finger of my other hand in, even though my whole body was already tingling.

"Thanks Steph. Hold on, I'm getting word that both the house and senate unanimously approved the amendment. Now the states just have to ratify it. Let's have a round of applause for those persuasive congressional wives."

Both newsladies clapped, and so did my big sister. I had both hands in my snatch, and it felt great.

"And, wow, I'm already getting word that more and more state legislatures have followed the decisive leadership we just saw in Washington. Here's the map."

The screen flicked to a map of the US, with more and more states blinking green by the second. I asked Sam, "Can I take out the plug, so I can try my butt?"

"Okay, but you have to suck it."

I pulled the toy out, then raised it to my lips. It fit just as easily as Sam's cock had, and was almost as sweet. I started teasing my butthole.

"And that's it, ladies and gentlemen, or should i say, ladies and sluts. We've got 38 states who've passed the amendment. That means that, yes, you can now legally own and rape men."

"Hey little brother, it's official now. I. Own. Your. Ass."

I thought that was just fine. I had one fist up my ass, the other in my cunt, a huge vibe in my mouth, and I was about to come.

The other newslady, the one who'd been quiet so far, suddenly yelled, "Woo, let's party! Bring on the boys!"

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Anonymous 12/04/08(Sun)15:21 No. 15757 ID: b176bd

Yay this thread isn't dead yet

tripcodejerk 12/04/09(Mon)23:14 No. 15779 ID: 4d5a6e

hey, look. a chapter.


A line of maybe a dozen naked men filed onto the set, led by a naked, and very erect, futa. The newcomer said, "These ones are all virgins, but they're all obedient. Isn't that right, boys?" she asked, raising one hand threateningly into the air, palm open. The men shrank away from her, muttering assent.

The men ranged from huge and musclebound to tiny. Most of them just looked cowed, but a couple looked excited, and one particularly built guy mostly looked pissed.

I came, then kept right on fisting myself like my mistress wanted.

The factroom lady, Stephanie, strode onto the set, her cock swinging obscenely below the hem of her skirt. She looked tall for a woman, maybe five foot ten, with small tits, dark brown hair, and a tanned complexion. Her cock was small for a futa, maybe only thirteen inches or so. "Let's start with the defiant-looking one, eh girls?"

The other two newsladies stood up from their desk, and I saw that they were already at half mast. The one who'd called for the men, a short, curvy blonde with a cock that hung to her knees, said, "I think that's a wonderful idea. C'mere, slut." She beckoned the angry-looking man to her with a curled finger.

He didn't move. Not, that is, until the handler who'd led him and his fellows into the room silently walked up behind him and smacked him on the ass hard enough to send him stumbling forward into the grasp of his new owners.

I put my toy back where it belonged, buzzing away in my ass, then started using both hands to stretch my cunt.

The lady who'd spoken first, Amy, was a slight woman with jet-black hair and pale skin. Both her tits and her cock were huge. She asked the man, "Tell me, slut, what did you do before yesterday?"

"I'm a cop, you crazy bitch! Let me go, this is assaulting an officer."

"No, this is claiming a slave. Your new job is cumtoilet, slave. Do you understand what that means?"

"Fuck you, bitch."

"It means you sit in the bathroom and suck every dick that's offered to you. Are you ready to get started, right here on live TV?"

"I'll never do that! Are you insane?"

She made a dissappointed clucking noise at him, then grabbed his hair, pulled his head down to crotch level with no visible effort, and asked, "Ready, girls?"

All three were rock hard and dripping precum. They didn't even bother to answer; they just walked up to the man's ass. After a quick round of rock-paper-scissors, Stephanie grabbed his hips and roughly started pounding his virgin asshole.

He gasped in shock, and Amy took the opportunity to start using his mouth.

Anonymous 12/04/12(Thu)13:52 No. 15812 ID: ce2fbf

I love you man

Anonymous 12/04/18(Wed)15:43 No. 15880 ID: 322206

Idem and moar futa

Anonymous 12/04/22(Sun)16:03 No. 15923 ID: 322206

I want more futa

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Anonymous 12/05/07(Mon)15:34 No. 16093 ID: 322206

Moar I need moar I love you stories

Anonymous 12/05/23(Wed)02:35 No. 16240 ID: cd9d54

supportive bump!

Anonymous 12/05/23(Wed)15:40 No. 16247 ID: 322206

You must make another chapter you stopped right before the sex scene D:

Anonymous 12/05/24(Thu)06:09 No. 16252 ID: df91f7

I'm curious, how exactly did Jack/Jill become the dominant one a few chapters ago? it seemed like after the girls came in him so many times, he suddenly got his cock back and fucked his sister, but immediately after he finished he went back to being jill.

tripcodejerk 13/01/08(Tue)09:00 No. 18069 ID: 4276c0


magic a is magic a in this universe, has been all along. i'm getting to the explanation.


While the two newsladies trained their new cumtoilet, the blonde who'd been leading things walked over and selected one handsome but scared-looking man out of the line of slaves. She grabbed him firmly by his hair and led him over to the news desk.

"Now Rick," she said to the man, as she forced his hips against the desk and his head down, "I've got a problem. I want to celebrate, but somebody has to tell everybody the news. Won't you help me, Rick?"

"Cindy, you crazy bitch, let me go!"

"Aw Rick, all you have to do is read the news to people, while I rape your little asshole and make you love it." She told him cheerfully, as she lined the tip of her huge girlcock up with his ass. "It shouldn't be too hard, you're a professional anchor and slut for publicity anyway. The only difference is that you're a slut for me now, at least until your mother shows up." With her free hand, she reached down and gently cupped his balls.

"What are y-" She cut him off by shoving the head of her cock, itself fist-sized, into his ass. He gasped in shock.

My body had already absorbed all the wonderful jizz Sam had just poured down my throat. I looked down past my large but perky tits and my flat, sexy stomach to see my cunt gaping wide as I stretched it at my Mistress's mere whim. It felt great, but I knew what I really needed was Mistress's cock.

Mistress looked down at my gaping cunt, giggled to herself a bit, and asked me, "doesn't he look like he's having fun, slave?"

I nodded enthusiastically. "Yes Mistress! Getting fucked is the best!" I noticed she was hard again, the tip of her cock was level with her perky tits, and so engorged that it was twitching with her pulse.

Mistress didn't say a word, she just grinned and grabbed me by my long wavy red hair, then threw me to the floor in front of the TV. I landed on hands and knees.

A good slave knows what Mistress wants. I spread my knees wide apart and gently bit my lower lip in anticipation as I looked back to the screen to learn about my new life as a slave.

The newslady had been trying to reason with the silly slave, but apparently lost patience with him. "Listen, you useless cunt. You can read the damn news and have lots of fun," she stroked his cock, "or you can defy me and have no fun at all." She emphasized her last few words with quick tugs on his balls.

The slave yelped and responded in a pitch much higher than the one he'd been using. "Okay! Okay! Please be gentle!"

"Read." She yanked on his balls again, and pushed herself another few inches into him.

He moaned, looked around frantically, and started talking. "The question on every woman's mind: 'Who do I own?' Well, we've collected everything you need to know. It's called the Wife-Mother-Daughter-Stranger model. First, if a man has a wife, she owns him automatically. A bachelor belongs to his mother, and a man with no wife or mother is owned by his eldest daughter, if he has one. Otherwise, he belongs to whatever stranger tames him first."

While he spoke, Cindy had buried herself to the hilt in his ass. She leaned over him and said, "Don't stop now. I won't." True to her word, she slowly drew back so that only the tip of her cockhead was inside him, paused to get a good grip on his hips, and started fucking him with smooth, deep strokes.

He gasped, then contined reading. "After you tame a slave like me," he blushed bright red, but continued with barely a pause, "provided you're the rightful owner, all of his former assets and so on go to you." Cindy sped up her pace, and I noticed his dick was already rock hard, if comically small compared to hers. "Your slaves are your property, to be traded, fucked, worked, or used exactly as you like." His eyes shot wide as he realized what he was saying, and he stopped speaking.

I felt Sam's presence behind me. She pulled the buzzing plug from my ass and held it in front of my full, soft lips. "Who owns you, Jill?"

I thought for a second. "Mom does." I opened my mouth wide, ready to suck on my wonderful toy. Mistress pressed it gently but firmly into my mouth.

When the base touched my cute little nose, she let go and told me, "that's better. It was gonna be in the way, plus, you're a screamer." She started pounding my cunt with smooth, deep strokes. Her pelvis slapped hard against my firm, round ass.

I was loving the way her dick filled me. She was buried so deep in me, I felt her cockhead stretching my womb deeper into me. It didn't hurt a bit, my new body was built to take a fucking like this.

Behind the recalcitrant news slave, Cindy growled, "do you need another reminder of who's in charge? Read, you stupid slut."

His reached down to try to shield his balls, and rushed on. "After all, a stupid cunt like me doesn't deserve any rights. So don't waste any time, ladies, go out and claim your sons, your husbands, and your fathers. It's for our own good. Any woman who finds a runaway must either try to get him to his proper owner or turn him over to the police. Don't worry, there are plenty of us slaves to go around and of course there's no reason not to have a little fun while you're at it."

He went on, emboldened by the aphrodesiac in her precum. "And guys, this isn't even on the prompter, and I know you don't want to hear it, but it's the truth: you should turn yourselves in. You can't fight the inevetable, and why would you want to, when the inevetable is so fun?"

He was speaking more naturally now. Seemingly without consciously realizing he was doing it, he started stroking his cock in time with her thrusts. "For every owned runaway you bring in, you will leave with a slave of your own. As you can see, it's not too hard to tame your slaves. We just need a good hard fucking." He winked at the camera.

Cindy grunted, slammed her huge dick deep inside him one last time, and held him there as she came. He tried to keep talking, but all he managed to do was gasp in pleasure as her cum gushed into him. His eyes rolled back as his belly bulged with wonderful, hypnotic ladycum.

He must have cum too. I couldn't see his dick anymore past his huge bellyful of futa jizz, but I saw a pathetic little squirt of cum fall to the tabletop.

The camera zoomed in on his face, and I watched as his features softened and became more delicate. His lips puffed out, fuller and redder. His nose, jaw and chin grew finer, more elegantly feminine and less blocky. His eyes grew larger and his lashes longer and thicker while his brows sculpted themselves into smooth arches. His slicked back hair grew into a cute bob.

Rick the news reporter looked like a knocked up teenage slut. He changed so much more than I had in just one change, probably because he was so easy.

As Sam continued to plow my sopping cunt, Cindy pulled Rick upright, and I saw that the rest of him had also changed quickly. His cock was just a overgrown clit now, he had pussy lips, and his tits were perky, well formed B cups. He was hairless everywhere below his lashes, had lost at least a foot of height, and would have had a stunning hourglass figure if it weren't for Cindy's load.

She spun him around to face her, looked him up and down, and forced him to his knees in front of her. He eagerly started sucking, and Cindy grinned and said, "we'll be right back." It cut to a PSA about how returning runaways was every woman's civic duty.

Anonymous 13/01/15(Tue)04:53 No. 18132 ID: 95747c

this is my favorite story. i am glad it has returned. write more!

Anonymous 13/01/21(Mon)13:26 No. 18168 ID: fc1deb

God this is the greatest story I've ever read. I'm so glad that you are still righting it.

I hope you continue to wright.

Anonymous 13/01/22(Tue)00:00 No. 18170 ID: 4b8d72


Two chances to type "write" and you do it wrong on both accounts. With two completely different words. Wow. It's WRITE.

Anonymous 13/01/27(Sun)08:28 No. 18205 ID: 94d89b

7 months

Anonymous 13/03/21(Thu)23:11 No. 18561 ID: cc1023

I wonder if this will ever be continued

Anonymous 13/04/04(Thu)03:16 No. 18629 ID: 322206

Bump for the cause

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