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Andy's show Andy+Breese 19/11/15(Fri)20:40 No. 100782 [Reply]

File 157384682483.jpg - (0.99MB , 2560x1440 , 20191104_094820.jpg )

Love showing my kinky sideguys

Andy's show and use Andy+Breese 19/11/15(Fri)20:37 No. 100781 [Reply]

File 157384662193.jpg - (127.36KB , 1000x1000 , 869_1000 (1).jpg )

Andy for use

Andy's show and use Andy+Breese 19/11/15(Fri)20:22 No. 100780 [Reply]

File 157384577777.jpg - (128.22KB , 1600x1000 , 20191109_105123.jpg )

Andy's show Andy Breese 19/11/15(Fri)20:21 No. 100779 [Reply]

File 157384566910.jpg - (941.43KB , 2560x1440 , 20191104_094712.jpg )

Andy's shoe Andy Breese 19/11/15(Fri)20:19 No. 100778 [Reply]

File 15738455795.jpg - (64.22KB , 1600x1000 , 20191109_110408.jpg )

First time here posting. Koko 16/05/03(Tue)03:08 No. 100249 [Reply]

File 146223768512.jpg - (4.18MB , 4128x3096 , 20150621_191407.jpg )

What do you guys think ?

Koko 16/05/03(Tue)03:14 No. 100250

File 146223808515.jpg - (2.10MB , 4128x2322 , 20150824_231033.jpg )

SuzeFagRag 19/11/06(Wed)14:40 No. 100776

I'd suck and kiss then suck out that hot butt!

Which redhead? 14/06/25(Wed)05:02 No. 99017 [Reply]

File 140366533581.png - (620.24KB , 703x500 , EffinReadheads.png )

Left or right? Choose!

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18/09/30(Sun)11:43 No. 100656

bifag here, no doubt right.
female body > male body
cock > vag

very easy choice indeed

18/10/19(Fri)18:18 No. 100667

I want both please

Right SuzeFagRag 19/11/06(Wed)14:37 No. 100775

Give me a hot guy to fuck me and fill my ass and mouth with cum!

Beejs q 18/11/16(Fri)20:20 No. 100674 [Reply]

File 154239602365.jpg - (43.36KB , 333x526 , (m=e-yaaGqaa)(mh=vPLMOq75xu8SpNMu)original_2814968.jpg )

Going on my first date with a guy tonight... With how our last interaction went it looks like it may lead into the bedroom at the end... I've never blown a guy, so I'm looking for advice for giving a really good blowjob.

19/10/24(Thu)18:24 No. 100766

wrap your lips around your teeth, lick the underside, its the most sensitive part, I like to used my hand as a blocker so that I can go fast without going too deep and gagging

#thisismyfetish 19/02/04(Mon)16:01 No. 100693 [Reply]

File 154929247827.jpg - (38.12KB , 500x500 , 1386084552853.jpg )

I have a fetish for NEETs, shutins, asspies, incels, and other people with social anxieties and very bad self-esteem issues, who almost never leave their home and play video games all day, have given up on relationships and maybe even people in general.

I would caress, satisfy, and offer myself to such a boy sexually and emotionally with the force of a thousand suns. We would fuck, cook together, play vidya, and I would make his life happier and fulfilling. He would be like an untapped well, pure and pristine and I would be the one to "open" him, both figuratively and literally :)

Dunno, maybe I'm fucked up, too, with this white knight complex and everything, but I don't care.

It is, however, most difficult to find such boys. Distance is a giant factor, as I live in a 3rd word EU country. Most boys I've met are not actually NEETs or incels, they're just sluts who fuck around and have Grindr accounts and just act as if they're the real deal. There's not enough gay population around. Real NEETs and incels are also notoriously shy and wouldn't even make contact, due to social anxieties. Fuck my life!

I tried Wizards, they're downright aggressive and dismissive, some have an inflated sense of self and they wouldn't accept a blowjob from a guy, even if they're miserable and desperate. I know I would accept, but I guess some people are completely straight, no matter the circumstances. I tried furries, I don't share their fetish, but I wouldn't mind fucking a dude in a fursuit or even dressing up myself, if that's how he would like it, but furries are notoriously promiscuous, and not in the target population for me. I tried bronies, but most bronies around are retarded 13yo kids and there's no real community or fandom; I also guess the MLP franchise is dying everwhere. Dating apps and sites are obviously out of the question, no NEET would willingly put out an ad for sex or cuddles. IRL bars and clubs are also out of the question.

I have the most frustrating fetish :( Any advice on where I could get to know such boys? I know for sure there are people like this out there, there have to be, and this makes it even more frustrating.

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19/03/18(Mon)04:24 No. 100704

wait what
I'm 28 years old with social anxiety and never had a job in my life. I'm not depressed but I can't live forever doing this, have to commit suicide at some point. I think most people leave much sooner or are able to ask for help. Best bet for you is to become a psychiatrist, you'll meet plenty of people that will satisfy your fetish.

I have a fetish for bears and older men (35-59). My fetish should be easy but it's hard with social anxiety.

19/03/21(Thu)15:01 No. 100706

gee i want your money now

19/09/23(Mon)11:07 No. 100763

Put this same post up on /r9k/ on 4chan, that is where the needs and less-angry incels hang out.

Not many posts are made anymore Latinbb 19/07/24(Wed)20:45 No. 100746 [Reply]

File 156399390983.jpg - (16.87KB , 224x176 , 61B3D2A4-98DA-410C-B6BA-D7D70CC7B54F.jpg )

Hello! Haven’t been here in a really long time, but it doesn’t seem as active as it once was. Anyone know an active board for gay chat / hook ups? CL is long gone and I’m tired of Grindr..

IPF 19/08/09(Fri)10:11 No. 100750

Recently discovered Doublelist. It's basically a redux of the CraigsList personals section, and actually fairly active already.

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