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Well-drawn stuff with story 14/08/25(Mon)20:43 No. 7673

File 140899218078.jpg - (56.87KB , 1200x1595 , P00001.jpg )

A thread to collect comcis that come with an actual story and good to high quality artwork.

I start with "A Little Temptation".
Unfortunately not as much sex as I was hoping for but still: great characters and a good read.


Anonymous 14/09/30(Tue)06:45 No. 7952

I like the concept, unfortunately, the link is dead.

Anonymous 14/10/05(Sun)21:17 No. 7980

File 141253664787.png - (1.15MB , 1000x1200 , deliciousconfections_0112.png )


< And this pic is from Balst

Anonymous 14/10/09(Thu)03:42 No. 7993

Story made me mad as hell. Fucking bitches, all of them. And the father gets completely fucked. Fucking hell.

Anonymous 15/01/27(Tue)09:49 No. 8482

Bump for more good stories.

Anonymous 15/01/29(Thu)23:12 No. 8486


Anonymous 16/06/27(Mon)02:38 No. 10803

Oh man, its always so good to find one that has such a plot and strong characters. This was my angriest fap ever though. Also, bumping for more like this.

Anonymous 16/08/15(Mon)12:27 No. 10947

story stolen from a french book from 1890

Anonymous 16/08/21(Sun)11:00 No. 10974

I want more in this vein, please for go sakes post something

Anonymous 17/04/25(Tue)07:34 No. 11845


Anonymous 17/10/11(Wed)06:11 No. 12406

File 15076950734.png - (842.22KB , 1447x1134 , anna-a-little-temptation-acht-1 copy.png )

Someone made porn of the blonde bitch from this book, but nobody seems to have the original picture.

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