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Sad Elmer Fudd 17/06/20(Tue)06:18 No. 21486 ID: 89dd7c

File 149793229955.png - (90.65KB , 314x314 , Startingtogetsad.png )

It's supposed to be wabbit season but there are no wabbits. :(

Teenage Girl 17/06/25(Sun)00:34 No. 21489 ID: 11e6d7

I like rabbits. Don't shoot them.

Teenage Girl 17/06/28(Wed)07:49 No. 21493 ID: 57e6cb

I like rabbits too, but if no one shoots them, how can we eat them?

Teenage Girl 17/06/29(Thu)00:16 No. 21494 ID: 7d7527

You could eat something else. Crazy notion, I know.

Teenage Girl 17/07/02(Sun)15:54 No. 21498 ID: ef3e94

There's nothing wrong with shooting wabbits. Their primary defence mechanism is to out-breed anything that kills them.

The more you shoot, the more they breed, the more they breed, the more there are:
>>21493 YOU get a wabbit!
>>21489 YOU get a wabbit!
EVERYONE gets a wabbit!!!

Teenage Girl 17/07/03(Mon)03:35 No. 21499 ID: e339bd

File 149904574594.webm - (883.77KB , 300x224 , What's Opera Doc.webm )

But after you kill the wabbit the blubbering starts.

Teenage Girl 17/07/18(Tue)15:16 No. 21518 ID: 9eed6d

File 150038377699.jpg - (679.11KB , 8525x4795 , starducksbluethethedathy - Copy.jpg )

U could hunt wucks, no?

Teenage Girl 17/07/21(Fri)09:06 No. 21522 ID: 5f4a72


THNX, Asshole. You ruinded Star Wars.

Teenage Girl 17/07/21(Fri)13:36 No. 21523 ID: 27b597

File 150063701459.jpg - (874.61KB , 7680x4320 , 8k_star_wars_forces_of_destiny.jpg )

Actually Star Wars destroyed Star Wars after Lucas couldn't finish it off...

Teenage Girl 17/07/22(Sat)04:07 No. 21524 ID: a870df

Star Wars was originally supposed to be a trilogy but Lucas squeezed it all into a single film because he didn't think he'd be able to make another Star Wars film. Blowing up the death star was supposed to occur in the last movie.

Everything after SW was Lucas throwing shit at a fan.

Teenage Girl 18/05/19(Sat)00:14 No. 21906 ID: df0e94

No wabbits? Dang

Teenage Girl 18/05/19(Sat)12:17 No. 21908 ID: e1fd41

File 152672503490.jpg - (87.79KB , 625x416 , Fusion.jpg )

The rabbits all left after the pool was closed due to aids

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