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Teenage Girl 21/02/19(Fri)08:15 No. 23450 ID: fb3bac

File 161371891216.jpg - (72.64KB , 720x785 , 1611738864227.jpg )

Why do so many people today overcomplicate life? Why do they act like life is so difficult when oftentimes, it's really not as bad as they think? Why do they allow themselves to be fooled by obvious charlatans and opportunists? Kyle isn't going to rape you, Hannah isn't going to say you did. Get off the fucking internet and go outside, people. Jesus!

Teenage Girl 21/02/19(Fri)17:35 No. 23452 ID: a15884

>But the internet is over run with literal children.

Nah, it's more failed adults. Adults are the ones who overestimate their own maturity. Mostly people who never peaked or people stucck in the "good ol days". Kids cannot enjoy anything anything without man children overanalyzing their favorite media. I mean seriously, how many videos must there be about how current-year kids shows suck just because they don't appeal to adults?

Teenage Girl 21/02/21(Sun)00:17 No. 23454 ID: 4c630d


And they hate the woman in the right of OP's pic. Most of these right wing "hold women to high standards" crowd are obese, lazy, selfish, easily angered, poorly (or un) employed men with freaky fetishes who generally have no qualities that makes them attractive to a woman looking for a traditional lifestyle.

Teenage Girl 21/02/21(Sun)09:56 No. 23455 ID: 4c630d

File 161389777040.gif - (71.30KB , 960x640 , 1610685694955.gif )


What you've said is examplified by classic Channer Narcissism: the idea that 4chan (which by now is an appendix in the wider Internet at best) is the most culturally-important part of the Internet, and by extension, other imageboards also. Go on any media-related board, and you'll see dozens of people claiming that, for example, anyone who mentions anything related to Games Workshop in any way is actually a paid shill employed by Games Workshop to drum up sales by... talking to a base that already knows about GW and has long since developed their opinions on their product. On /pol/, you literally had anons claiming that they got Trump into office, neglecting that Trump's support base was technologically illiterate boomers who likely thought those cartoon frogs were degenerate faggot shit and were solely voting for Trump because they thought he actually meant what he said about the Rust Belt and other parts of Flyover America.

>how many videos must there be about how current-year kids shows suck just because they don't appeal to adults?

Those videos are fucking retarded for the sole reason that "kids shows" don't even exist anymore - shit like Steven Universe and what not is all for failed adults who are desperate to be kids again. Kids these days are watching anal sex scenes in GTA V, swearing up a storm on my mother's fax machine - kids today are adults and adults are kids. Ever hear about Sarah Dessen and her token Negro Karens coming down hard on a college student who wanted to read about police brutality in college, not YA? Her college literally apologized to the Karen Brigade, throwing a young woman under the bus, and for what? Some bitch who writes "I wish I was a kid again lmao" shit.

Seriously, look at any "kids show" today and tell me kids are actually watching that shit. The problem is that youth culture has been ageistically gentrified. Comics used to be silly little books moms would buy their kids to distract them at the grocery store, and now they're the domain of boomer/millenial speds like Comicsgaters who don't even care about comics, they just want to "own the SJWs". YA books? Self-explanitory. Vidya? You have grown ass men and women doing "E-Sports" shit but when preteen Jimmy and Susie wanna play PS4, suddenly it's verboten. Literally anything traditionally associated with childhood/youth has been gentirified. It's like watching "old school" wrestling fans get butthurt when you point out that it's not 1999 anymore.

Teenage Girl 21/03/26(Fri)10:07 No. 23528 ID: 7cb4c3

>kyle isn't going to rape you

lmfao where the fuck do you live, England? You have no idea how fucked up American society is, every woman is literally a walking fuckstick for these apes

Teenage Girl 21/03/26(Fri)16:42 No. 23529 ID: 2b0d48


Why do you care? It's not like you'd get any in the first place. You sound like one of those coomers who gets mad about toons in women's sports you never watched anyway.

Teenage Girl 21/03/26(Fri)16:48 No. 23531 ID: 6d1187


>You have no idea how fucked up American society is

Everyone knows how fucked it up it is, millenialoid. And lowlife derelict cretins like your generation are a significant reason for it. It sounds like you should go back to /pol/ and let the adults talk. Y'know, the ones from generations that didn't need to coin words like ADULTING lmao.

Teenage Girl 21/03/31(Wed)05:52 No. 23557 ID: 3b9c55

Actually it's England that's fucked up. Rape gangs and hooligans whatnot.
To be fair though, England has been shitty for centuries. Why else did the Englishfolk storm Australia and North America in the 17th century?

Teenage Girl 21/03/31(Wed)06:27 No. 23558 ID: 6d1187

File 16171648573.jpg - (58.23KB , 656x680 , 20181017_184307_20201008190233031.jpg )


>rape gangs

Meanwhile, rightoid millenial goofs be like: dude, what if we just TALK about them and don't DO anything about them? And what if we bash women and girls and say they deserve this one moment, and then talk about how we need to save the White Race the next?

Teenage Girl 21/04/01(Thu)18:41 No. 23561 ID: 26aa0b

It's funny how people mock the left as "all-talk-no-walk" and/or "cancelling" things yet, the right is becoming the new SJWism.
Like I said in one post:" Conservatism died in the 1960s".
Republicans post-2014 shouldn't even consider themselves conservative anymore.

Teenage Girl 21/04/02(Fri)00:25 No. 23563 ID: 58b9e1

File 161731591136.jpg - (113.80KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault.jpg )


That reminds me of the whole COVID fiasco: the response to the virus has been so incompetent primarily because of political partisanship. The left is going way overboard with the restrictions to spite the right. The right is being as lax as possible about the thing to spite the left. I guarantee within thirty years or so, a modern day Randy Shilts is going to write a tell-all book.

Fun fact: Shilts was regarded as a Judas by the gay community, and was spat on in the streets for daring to be so critical of its leaders and actions, but after he died, the very same detractors turned into simpering sycophants overnight, praising him to high heaven. I foresee the same happening here.

>Republicans post-2014 shouldn't even consider themselves conservative anymore.

Post-2014? Nah, they haven't been conservative for decades, as far back as the glorified retard fit called the Cold War. More like post-1945.

>It's funny how people mock the left as "all-talk-no-walk" and/or "cancelling" things yet, the right is becoming the new SJWism.

It's all a cycle. The right started cancel culture, the left improved it, the right is gonna improve it even more, all the while normal people are like Homer shouting at Ned and Maude:

>Will you two shut up? People are trying to sleep!

The right are just jealous the left won't invite 'em to their parties. Why else are so many "AGE OF CONSENT BAD!" types suddenly getting hostile over shit like drag queen story hour? Or "FUCK FOIDS LOL" types are so invested in women's sports and bathrooms that they endorse "le based TERFs?" (speaking of which, the left does the same shit - rape culture is bad, but violence against women considered TERFs is fine and dandy). I said it over on the doomer board on 8kun, but I truly believe that they both only do this shit just because they never went through the power process, never were given the tools for a healthy exploration of Self in relation to the World. In short, it's all glorified attention whoring. Why else would Milo suddenly go straight or a pick-me tradthot suddenly larp as a beta redpiller?

Teenage Girl 21/04/06(Tue)04:29 No. 23585 ID: 731fb7

There are no adults anymore.
Everyone is just a post-pubescent brat.
And the worst part is,they get worse with age.
The first three postmodern generations (Boomers, X, and Y) are of questionable honor/maturity.
Every adult born after 1940 thinks that their age is a shiny golden ticket to an eternal Pleasure Island, kinda like Pinocchio.
They dump all of their moral responsibilities on the youth,telling them its their duty to "change the world",and when said ideas blow up in their face,they accusethe young of cowardice and sloth.
People in their thirties and forties act like the stereotypical party animal teenager, EVEN DRESSING UP LIKE IT.
If Boomer nostalgia was an iron fist, Millennial nostalgia will be the red-hot uranium rod that will contaminate everything.

But even more sad is that Zoomers will become like this as well.
Age numbers are now personality traits.

Teenage Girl 21/04/06(Tue)09:16 No. 23589 ID: 966381


Well, like you said:

>Anyway, what I'm saying is that civilization is fucked royal, pandemic or not. Climate change, soil degradation, resource exhaustion, aquifer draining, ecological collapse, EROI on common energy sources like oil and gas almost reaching below-replacement levels. Within the next 50 years the world is going to run out of EVERYTHING: water, food, animals, cheap petroleum. Billions will starve once the growing systems in most countries collapse because the soil is dead and the reservoirs are dry. But it's not going to take half that long before shit starts getting really bad. Who knows how long institutions that are propped up on imaginary bullshit and good will, like the government and stock market, will last once things get difficult. But when they go, they'll take society as a whole down with it.

So don't feel too bad, millenial nostalgia won't be a thing for too long.

Teenage Girl 21/12/30(Thu)00:04 No. 24397 ID: ff3844

File 16408190723.jpg - (167.80KB , 894x1405 , IMG_20211230_005922.jpg )

Food for thought.

Ugly Pete 22/01/01(Sat)17:25 No. 24398 ID: c33046

Good lord, that picture is an ecological nightmare.

Teenage Girl 22/01/04(Tue)18:26 No. 24400 ID: baeaec

"Too many children"?

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