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All Politics is Daddy Issues Teenage Girl 21/04/04(Sun)06:12 No. 23579 ID: 5cd6c2

File 161750956114.png - (36.89KB , 572x584 , 1614462681613.png )

It's no secret that most SJWs are rich preppy white kids who used to bully others so they adopted this fake varnish of social justice because they are expert social climbers and noticed how this shit basically gave them a carte blanche to continue to be complete assholes with impunity. It's no secret also that many so called alt-right, tradthot figures come from the exact same demographic, and operate exactly the same, but what is the ROOT CAUSE?


Oh, sure, you have the true believers, the one percenters, who actually believe in what they preach, but the rest? The ninety nine percent is only into politics because their ideology is that of Fuckyoudadism. Why does a rich idiot with sadbrains become a troon? Because FUCK YOU DAD. Why does a rich idiot police actual working classes for mean words? Because they remind the idiot of it's dad and thus, FUCK YOU DADS. Why does a rich idiot spend 6 figures on a degree with actual negative market value and no intellectual merit? Because, FUCK YOU DAD. Why do people look up to Jordan Peterson, Donald Trump, Vox Day, Sargon, Joshua Connor Moon and other malcontents? FUCK YOU DAD. Why did we get hippies? FUCK YOU DAD. Hell, you can attribute MGTOW/incel/etc shit to FUCK YOU DAD because their fathers married and procreated with women who told them to clean their rooms and get jobs.

Every decision they make, every position they advocate, can be traced back to that. FUCK. YOU. DAD.

On the flip side, swap Dad for Mom and you'd get feminism, etc.

Teenage Girl 21/04/04(Sun)08:05 No. 23580 ID: 5cd6c2

File 161751631965.png - (115.27KB , 540x316 , l.png )

Think about it like this: you know all those healthy at every size women? They want to be loved for the kind, warm, funny, gentle soul they are on the inside and not have people call them obese and unable to wipe themselves, but they demand a toned, handsome, manscaped hunk because society owes them. That’s the venn diagram overlap with the male incels right there: if you don’t ignore my unattractive looks and instead love me for who I am on the inside, you’re a shallow fuck! But I need a good-looking, attractive and fit partner, because I just caaaan’t be attracted to ugly or overweight people! I deserve a hottie! In my experience the only people who actually believe in a gender war are the most unfuckable people of both genders, walking textbook mommy and daddy issues. What a coincidence that it's usually some unpleasant fat fuck who thinks the opposite sex is the devil or that being pineapplegender is a real personality. Now imagine if corporations were deliberately pandering to these people.

Then you wonder why society is so fucked up these days. We have not only let the inmates run the asylum, we've let them run every facet of sociocultural life.

Teenage Girl 21/04/04(Sun)11:47 No. 23581 ID: 966381


My only hopes is that by the time I grow to be in my 70s-80s, I won't be dementia addled enough to be unable to laugh my ass off at all the other millennials and Zoomers in my same age range. Take every Incel, Doomer, Dangerhair, Soyboy, e-Thot, Troon, any other stereotypical trope the millenial generation got dealt with, and just picture how they'll all be in the next 50-60 years from now.

Sure, it'll be depressing as fuck since huge swaths of them will die before they reach that point (either suicide or just poor life choices) and just as huge swaths of them that do make it to that point will live their lives entirely childless, but think of it this way: you remember how most shows have the senile grandpa stumbling around with his pants around his ankles ranting about how he used to fight the Kraut Naytzees in Normandy? Just imagine that, but now he's ranting about how he resisted against the alt-right Nazis on Twitter.

>A millenial equivalent to Cotton Hill on a Zoomer equivalent to King of the Hill: I CANCELLED FIFTY CISHETS!

Teenage Girl 21/04/06(Tue)04:38 No. 23586 ID: 731fb7

File 161767668295.jpg - (314.39KB , 1400x1013 , anti_liberal_movement_3_0.jpg )

>Then you wonder why society is so fucked up these days. We have not only let the inmates run the asylum, we've let them run every facet of sociocultural life.

There's a reason why we have the saying "Life imitates art."
Alot of the absurd wackiness we see in Seinfeld, Madtv, Key & Peele, and The Office becomes THE SOCIAL-PHYSICAL CANON OF REALITY.

I sometimes ask people if they feel like they're in a sitcom.
Some have responded "My life IS a sitcom."
All of this mess of 2020 is just a mere event horizon from the eventual convergence of past BS.

Teenage Girl 21/04/06(Tue)07:09 No. 23587 ID: 966381

File 161768575399.jpg - (117.23KB , 827x1183 , EkQi91NXYAA3-Tc.jpg )


This is old news but Trump posted this a while back when he had a twitter account This really surprised me because it shows how much denial Trump is in about his actual age. To suggest a man who's ''4 years'' older than you belongs in a nursing home is sad because you're tagging along close behind. They're both senior citizens and that election debate from months ago was like a revival of the 'Gumpy old men'' movies taking place on a stage. Like you said in another thread, Trump is a boomer who, by their standards, is a millenial.

>All of this mess of 2020 is just a mere event horizon from the eventual convergence of past BS.

It's basically karmic retribution for decades of fucking around, but if you think about it, in the grand scheme of history 2020 wasn't even that crazy. What's really even happened that year? The Boomer Pox and Orange Man sperging out? No one can predict the future, especially some historically illiterate mongoloids that can only muster up some half baked log linear regression. If people actually think 2020 was a big deal, they're being total dorks (considering it's not 1914, 1939, literally 1945-1991 when the threat of nuclear war was on the horizon, etc). Also, once in a century pandemic my ass, there's likely gonna be much worse ones in the future. This is just Baby's First Happening shit in comparison.

Teenage Girl 21/04/06(Tue)12:31 No. 23590 ID: 731fb7

Trump is hilarious. I never hated Trump. For what exactly? To hate Trump would be to give him some level of respect for doing something noteworthy,which Trump has not did. All he knows is running his big mouth.
I don't even think that brash man you see is his true self. I think he's probably a mediocre boring failed man behind closed doors.

The people I'm actually worried about are his die-hard disciples.

Teenage Girl 21/04/06(Tue)19:31 No. 23595 ID: 966381

File 161773026640.jpg - (100.94KB , 900x596 , the-morning-of-the-18th-brumaire-1799-henri-freder.jpg )


>The people I'm actually worried about are his die-hard disciples.

They didn't do shit during Bush and Obama's terms, why now? What I'm worried about is what Sinclair Lewis wrote:

>Remember the Kentucky night-riders? Remember how trainloads of people have gone to enjoy lynchings? Not happen here? Prohibition—shooting down people just because they might be transporting liquor—no, that couldn't happen in America! Why, where in all history has there ever been a people so ripe for a dictatorship as ours!

Trumpism is a glorified publicity stunt that has come and went. Already, his die-hards are denouncing Trump and pretending they never supported him at all. /pol/ for example is doing this regularly. They're already claiming it was just shills for Trump invading the place, not that they spent four fucking years claiming they got him into office. What you should worry about is what comes a decade or so from now, as sociocultural and economic pressures mount more and more. I don't think it'll be a cliche MUH FASCISM or whatever, though. I think it'll be an American Napoleon (or Cromwell, given the Christian fundies who I'm sure would just love to see a strongman in office) who will present himself as neither left nor right but forward. I can see it now too:

>The Constitution! You yourselves have destroyed it. You violated it on August 7th, 1964. You violated it on October 26th, 2001. You violated it in March 19th, 2003. You violated it throughout 2020. You violated it in 2021. You violated it innumerable times prior and since. It no longer has the respect of anyone.

Teenage Girl 21/04/08(Thu)02:21 No. 23603 ID: a7c52b

>they spent four fucking years claiming they got him into office
More than that. They spent four fucking years claiming he was the God Emperor (their words exactly) that he would bring the "day of the rope" (a white-supremacist fantasy similar to the Christian Judgement Day, where all the blacks, gays, Jews, feminists, liberals, and the like would be publicly executed en masse), and form a king-like dynasty of Trumps that would rule America forever; and all this would SOMEHOW lead to a paradise for the poor, white, straight male anons.

They literally made him into a political version of Jesus that would smite all the "sinners" and bring all the believes into a Heaven. It was a complete fucking joke, completely laughable, but they were all fully convinced. And now? Now they think Trump was actually secretly a puppet, and that their NEW SAVIOR Qanon has been pulling the strings the whole time. Their opinion is split on whether Trump is still magically President, or if Biden is the new puppet, same as the old puppet.

But seriously, they're just going to start taking away voting rights from everyone, slowly but surely. First the criminals and the poor. Then the "criminals", legal immigrants, religious minorities, gays, women, racial minorities. Will take a few years and the retard white anons will cheer, and then their own vote will be taken and nobody will be left to stop it.

Teenage Girl 21/04/08(Thu)08:06 No. 23617 ID: 966381

File 161786199364.jpg - (64.41KB , 904x593 , D_S_A_america.jpg )


>But seriously, they're just going to start taking away voting rights from everyone, slowly but surely. First the criminals and the poor. Then the "criminals", legal immigrants, religious minorities, gays, women, racial minorities. Will take a few years and the retard white anons will cheer, and then their own vote will be taken and nobody will be left to stop it.

Who do you propose would be the one taking it all away? I'm hinging my bets on a monarchy because, well, why not? Why does it have to automatically be fascism or communism? America is a nation of 300 or so million, and you're telling me that they're all into the same shit? That there's no conceivable way it can't be anything like eco-fascism, theodemocracy, radical Randroids, etc taking over or at least fighting for a chance? If the Day of the Rope happened, literally every single fucking ideology or religion you can think of will be sending their best out there. Radical Islamists will duke it out with the Black Panthers. The KKK will find themselves at odds with militant Catholics. The Feds will be gang-raped by fifty shades of anarchist. There will be a successor state of every conceivable flavor; the Mormons will take Utah, the Amish will declare a free state, the Scientologists will turn Clearwater, Florida into a dystopian Singapore, various warlords will rule not according to ideology but according to how they feel like on any given day, etc, etc. It won't be a race war, 'cause it will be every man, woman and child for themselves. Oh, sure, you'll see some "based" ethnostates, but the entire country isn't gonna consist solely of them post-collapse. It will be China's warlord era on steroids, ESPECIALLY when every other country will be meddling. Russia? China? Iran? Hell, even Canada - they'll all be stopping by to take what they want, prop up who they want, etc, etc.

The Day of the Rope wouldn't lead to a based and trvdpilled society, but the utter lack of one entirely. Something like pic related.

Teenage Girl 21/04/10(Sat)07:47 No. 23634 ID: 0f9b3e

>Who do you propose would be the one taking it all away?
The rich white corporatists and capitalists (which are also congressmen and judges). Same as literally everything else.

>you're telling me that they're all into the same shit
Doesn't matter. The vast majority are wage slaves a dropped paycheck from putting their family on the street. They don't have any ability to go protest in any capacity, and doing so would just get them shot by the cops anyway. And they KNOW IT. They're prisoners in a prison where everyone gets ass-raped, but where a few who resist get taken out back and shot to keep everyone scared. It's not much, but it's a livin'.

And no, if the federal government collapses the state governments will just take over. Nothing will change. You think a group composed of NORMAL PEOPLE can do anything against the state? Even IF it somehow became privately owned enclaves, it would just be feudalism again. You can't even IMAGINE how much a billion dollars is, or what you can do with it. The difference between a child with a penny he found on the street, and you, is the difference between you and a millionaire. And then that again for a millionaire versus a billionaire. No, it'll be something like Elon Musk will own California, Jeff Bezos will own Texas. And you'll pay taxes to Telsa/Amazon instead of to the IRS. The cops will have Apple logos on their uniforms instead of the US Flag.

Teenage Girl 21/04/10(Sat)08:05 No. 23637 ID: eb341a

>And no, if the federal government collapses the state governments will just take over.
If the federal government collapses a lot of state governments are going to follow, many states take in more in federal funds than they pay out in federal taxes, once that gravy train comes to an end they'll collapse.

Teenage Girl 21/04/11(Sun)05:29 No. 23640 ID: 966381

File 161811179755.jpg - (270.32KB , 1289x700 , 1400967559200.jpg )


>The rich white corporatists and capitalists (which are also congressmen and judges). Same as literally everything else.

So, pic related? And, of course, the millennials will be cheering for it as long as it OWNS DUH ZOOMERZ.

As for the rest of your comment, I think >>23637 said it best. It'd be a pretty big domino effect, and then all bets are off. I mean, isn't Illinois on the hook for so much boomer welfare that it literally is on the verge of becoming the Greece of North America?

Teenage Girl 21/04/11(Sun)12:14 No. 23643 ID: eb341a

If you think Illinois is bad you'll shit your pants if you looked at states like Alabama.

The SLS is a welfare program for the space belt.

Teenage Girl 21/04/11(Sun)16:39 No. 23644 ID: aebcbb

That would be fucking fantastic

Teenage Girl 21/04/11(Sun)23:56 No. 23649 ID: 966381


I've only heard of Illinois through the occassional dip down the rabbit hole, but I'm not surprised other states have it just as hard, or worse.


It'd be like something out of Crusader Kings, y'know? Imagine all the crazy combinations. That's one of the cardinal sings of wingcucks - they're so unimaginative.

Teenage Girl 21/04/13(Tue)06:06 No. 23653 ID: 7a132d

>a lot of state governments are going to follow
Those states shouldn't exist if they can't fucking take care of themselves. There's a reason they're called "flyover states".

Teenage Girl 21/04/16(Fri)23:03 No. 23674 ID: 966381


>There's a reason they're called "flyover states".

This also explains Western Canadian (sans BC) alienation.

Teenage Girl 21/05/20(Thu)16:23 No. 23812 ID: c5feed

LMAO, this is the most backward thing I've ever read. It's cityslickers and coastal types that are tax vampires, not to mention that you would starve to death without Nature to leech off of.

Teenage Girl 21/05/21(Fri)08:57 No. 23822 ID: 6f8a99

The mentally handicapped retarded jew-worshiping pedophile child molesting communist wannabes in the US still parrot that line even after it was exposed to all and sundry that the SALT thing in the federal income tax code invalidates the tired claim that coastal seditious faggot communist states in face leach off their despised fly-over states that are actually productive (in every way other than spewing jewish filth and genocide in all directions)

Teenage Girl 21/08/01(Sun)05:31 No. 24044 ID: 4abffb

>The cops will have Apple logos on their uniforms instead of the US Flag.


Teenage Girl 21/08/12(Thu)04:33 No. 24055 ID: 3e50b2

You know whats spooky? The Hunger Games series takes place in a post-apocalyptic America. What youre suggesting is the realization of this, in a way.

Teenage Girl 22/04/13(Wed)21:13 No. 24516 ID: 321549

I agree with this. I have a pretty good dad but most of my politics can still be traced somehow to things about him that piss me off. He has this loud and bombastic way of presenting things, as well as this "be postive!!!!!" nonsense that he randomly pulls out of his ass without really incorporating it into his choices, and general boomerism, all of which I am opposed to and have pushed against on a grander scale.

Teenage Girl 22/04/13(Wed)23:03 No. 24517 ID: cbbe86

The states are in a deficit because they are throwing money into welfare programs and other silly, unneeded nonsense. The government really doesn't need much more than a police force and some infrastructure to keep the structure in place.

Teenage Girl 22/04/14(Thu)21:25 No. 24522 ID: ff3844

File 164996435644.jpg - (68.46KB , 640x702 , FQPVF7lXEAcCeHr.jpg )


That's exactly what I'm talking about, and it's funny that so many terminally online goofs refuse to admit it, as if we all can't see it in real time with every stale post they make about some such group. We get it, you're bored and disenchanted with your cushy, privileged life, stop pretending that it's anything other than FUCK YOU DAD-esque cringe. It's like pic related: champagne socialism just ain't for the "leftists" anymore.

Teenage Girl 22/04/14(Thu)21:37 No. 24524 ID: 4c1d0c

calling other people terminally online won't change the fact that you are terminally online

Teenage Girl 22/04/14(Thu)21:44 No. 24525 ID: ff3844


I bet you thought you got me good there, didn't you? Too bad you didn't. But nice try trying to come up with an original thought. Maybe next time, you'll do better.

Teenage Girl 22/04/23(Sat)07:32 No. 24545 ID: 34ca75


Get rid of those welfare programs, and all the based and redpilled NEET faggots would be up shit creek. It'd suck to have to wreck shit for the people who could actually use said programs, but I'd like a day just to watch the NEETs get what's coming to them. Just to see the look on their faces when they have to get jobs and stop acting like they're anything but white niggers by their own (lack of) logic.

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