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I am the uncredited author of a great majority of popular music Teenage Girl 21/04/10(Sat)16:50 No. 23639 ID: 781bae

File 161806622357.jpg - (48.68KB , 340x522 , JTHAOTD-FC.jpg )

I was a close personal friend of Satan Lee in the 90s.i had lied to him. Said I was in my 50s. I wasn't even 10 yet. But I was working on programs for computers that would make printmaking easier, so Stan Lee allowed me to work heavily on creating characters that were 4th wall breaking. It all feels like a blur, as over 20 years will, but if I hadn't submitted my works as free for the picking, Stan Lee would have retired, potentially to have become deceased, around the same time as Charles Schulz.

Now, that's just a namedrop. It served purposeful for context. Stan Lee just popped into my head because well, he considered me a superhero. I considered him a man with an adult job. I called him Stanley Steamer; pictured him in a flat blue coverall with a belt. Pushing a vacuum. He called me the monolith.

I can't imagine what the world would be like, were I successful. There is virtually nothing left for me to wish to accomplish. I haven't earned money in the field, but my works have earned at times over a billion usd in a weekend. I also penned the entire SAW series.

But I'd rather talk to you about music. I was once passionate about music. I mean sure, I wrote 15 additional star wars films to be released after 1997, but music meant something to me. Not the Matrix, not Matrix, not my Pokemon game series. Music meant something to me. Koji Kondo & I used to trade orchestrated beats on midi softwares. I scripted the softwares.

I've worked with everyone. Sadly, it was always through Yahoo! messenger or shifted .txt files.

But to nip this one at the bud, I'm just upset with Taylor Swift. She's the only human on this planet I've ever offered 100% of my trust to. Instead she rerecorded my music so that she could co-sign at big machine & get her parents those mansions they needed. At the time, I didn't want to sell out, because I was an award winning architect. I also taught quantum physics to Stephen Hawking.

I miss Taylor Swift, but just because I loved her when I was 15. I always harken back to the days when she meant something to me. Unfortunately, writing Rap God & Venom as well as Speak Now & the rest of her catalogue didn't come across as interesting to anyone.

So I literally feel like this planet is drab & I'm disappointed that Taylor is still a popular artist (of sorts).

Teenage Girl 22/06/24(Fri)11:02 No. 24739 ID: 969b7c


Teenage Girl 22/06/24(Fri)14:25 No. 24741 ID: 82909b

>I also taught quantum physics to Stephen Hawking
Nigger what?

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