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Y'know what I don't like? Teenage Girl 21/04/27(Tue)03:05 No. 23718 ID: 08e6c5

File 161948552963.jpg - (44.27KB , 474x606 , f69e4702a19c4ac72ad7531a39025703--portrait-art-por.jpg )

Shitheads throwing around the words "consoom" and "consoomer" to describe people doing any activity that costs money.

>Excited to see a new movie? Consoomer.
>Wanna try out this new product? Consoomer.
>Liking some product that they don't? Consoomer.
>Doing all of the above? You're just a faggot who loves to consoom.
>You're buying groceries? CONSOOMER!

Shit like this is why I don't take culture warriors seriously. Getting pissed at people because they don't share your hatred of Kathleen Kennedy or Brie Larson and just want to enjoy a popcorn flick is retarded, as much so as people from the left and people from the right thinking that nazis/fascists/communists = people they don't like.

Teenage Girl 21/04/27(Tue)04:16 No. 23719 ID: 08e6c5

File 161948977668.jpg - (281.13KB , 1242x1277 , A6373776-6CD2-4587-AD37-2A73D5768661.jpg )

Look at 4chan, for example: it's full of people who care more about the discussion than the thing they're discussing. Nobody on /co/ watches cartoons; nobody on /v/ plays video games; nobody on /fit/ lifts weights; and it's pretty much a given that nobody on /pol/ engages in politics or reads political theory. These people's enjoyment of the site comes solely from being a part of the in-group, repeating the correct opinions, regurgitating the shibboleths, finding "subtle" ways to convey their bitterness and misanthropy to a crowd of people who are just as empty as they are. It reminds me of an Ebert quote:

>A lot of fans are basically fans of fandom itself. It's all about them. They have mastered the Star Wars or Star Trek universes or whatever, but their objects of veneration are useful mainly as a backdrop to their own devotion. Anyone who would camp out in a tent on the sidewalk for weeks in order to be first in line for a movie is more into camping on the sidewalk than movies. Extreme fandom may serve as a security blanket for the socially inept, who use its extreme structure as a substitute for social skills. If you are Luke Skywalker and she is Princess Leia, you already know what to say to each other, which is so much safer than having to ad lib it. Your fannish obsession is your beard. If you know absolutely all the trivia about your cubbyhole of pop culture, it saves you from having to know anything about anything else. That's why it's excruciatingly boring to talk to such people: They're always asking you questions they know the answer to.

Teenage Girl 21/04/27(Tue)04:20 No. 23720 ID: 08e6c5

File 161949005611.jpg - (68.91KB , 1242x489 , 534FE647-143A-43A1-B051-3AF470F305F4.jpg )

>A Guide to the Many Boards of 4chan
by mute

>/a/: a bunch of faggots who think anime and manga is on the same level as real literature.
>/b/: a bunch of faggots who aren't old enough to be on 4chan. Some faggots say it used to be good, but it was never good.
>/c/: a bunch of faggots dumping vaguely pedophilic images. Pretty much no discussions ever.
>/d/: a bunch of faggots dumping obscure fetish images and occasionally trying to rationalize their weird fetishes like dickgirls and inflation. Also, hookup threads. Ugh.
>/e/: a bunch of faggots that don't like full-on porn, just pictures of naked anime girls. They don't even like regular hentai. It's a NSFW board, but you can get banned for posting porn. Wat.
>/f/: a bunch of faggots reposting shit like lolicatgirls.swf day in and day out. The only variety here is how people intentionally mis-tag and rename the files. And noko doesn't do anything in /f/, but most of the faggots there still haven't realized it yet.
>/g/: a bunch of faggots discussing anime, interior design, consumerism, and living with autism or Asperger's syndrome. On most days there is little to no actual technology discussion here. Often known as 4chan Tech Support.
>/gif/: a bunch of faggots that don't know how to use TinEye or Saucenao. It used to have interesting GIFs, but now it's 99% porn and "sauce plz" posts.
>/h/: a bunch of faggots that don't understand that requests go in /r/.
>/hr/: a bunch of faggots who think that higher resolution = higher quality. Because it's impossible to take a shitty photo with a high resolution camera, right? Sure.
>/k/: a bunch of faggots who play Call of Duty (but don't like to admit it because they know it ruins their credibility) and pretend to be experts on guns, even though a majority of the posters don't even have gun licenses.
>/m/: a bunch of faggots that like robots and anime.
>/o/: a bunch of faggots with Honda Civics and Ford Mustangs who talk poorly about Ferraris. Lots of arguing, bench-racers, and tripfags. Much like /k/, most of the people on /o/ talk about things which they have no knowledge or experience with.
>/p/: a bunch of faggots who spend upwards of $1,000 on camera equipment to take blurry pictures of trees.
>/r/: a bunch of faggots who make really specific and obscure requests. About 99% of the requests are never filled.
>/s/: a bunch of faggots that take porn too seriously. Like, to a creepy extent. They try to find the names and info of all the girls posted on /s/.
>/t/: a bunch of faggots that post asian torrents. Asian porn, asian movies, asian everything. They're more weeaboo than /a/ or /jp/.
>/u/: a bunch of faggots and hambeasts posting lesbian chinese girl's cartoons. If no one posted any text, this board would be a million times better. The discussions on any of the porn boards (not just /u/) are fucking terrible.
>/v/: a bunch of faggots that brag about how much time they waste accomplishing absolutely nothing.
>/w/: a bunch of faggots who like anime and wallpapers.
>/wg/: a bunch of faggots who like Rainmeter and Rocketdock way too much, and collect wallpapers.
>/i/: a bunch of faggots with no artistic talent who still manage to be pretentious about their shitty art.
>/ic/: a bunch of faggots who value their own shitty opinions too much.
>/cm/: a bunch of faggots. That's pretty much it.
>/y/: a bunch of faggots and some occasional fat femanons. Really, really fat femanons.
>/3/: a bunch of faggots that care more about the process of making something than the finished product.
>/adv/: a bunch of underage faggots who think they're worldly and experienced.
>/an/: a bunch of faggots who do not belong on 4chan.
>/cgl/: a bunch of faggots that think that it's perfectly normal to dress up as a goofy-looking anime character in public and have their pictures taken... and many of them are out of shape, too. Tons of white knights though.
>/ck/: a bunch of faggots who think that being able to cook a steak means they're a world-class chef.
>/co/: a bunch of faggots that think they're better than weeaboos because, although they still watch cartoons and read comics, it's apparently "okay", because they're WESTERN cartoons and comics. What they don't realize is that they're all losers anyway, regardless of the origins of the cartoons or comics they waste their time and money on.
>/fa/: a bunch of faggots that think the epitome of male style is to look as feminine and gay as possible.
>/fit/: a bunch of faggots who are either trying to lose weight or help others lose weight. However, most of the people here are unsuccessful. But they would never admit it. After all, on the internet, no one can prove that you're fat.
>/int/: a bunch of faggots that hate their own culture so much that they want to adopt another one. There's also some Stormfront faggotry here and there.
>/jp/: a bunch of faggots with pervasive developmental disorders. They are all NEETs and either live off of government pity money or their parents. They have no future. They might as well kill themselves.
>/lit/: a bunch of faggots who think that reading a couple New York Times Bestsellers makes them well-read.
>/mu/: a bunch of faggots who listen to shitty music just because it's not popular, thus making it "cool". If you disagree with their shitty taste, they'll say it's too deep for you or some shit.
>/n/: a bunch of faggots with fixies. Used to be /n/ews, before /n/ews was deleted, reinstated as /new/, and then deleted again. Now, as the transportatio/n/ board, it has such great discussions, like cyclists vs. drivers. According to /n/, if a cyclist doesn't have the right of way and is dangerously maneuvering around cars when they shouldn't be, and then somehow gets hurt, it's the driver's fault. No cyclist should ever be held responsible for their idiocy. Of course.
>/po/: a bunch of faggots who are too cheap to buy figures, so they make cheap, crushable paper versions of them instead. But apparently they consider this act to be an art form.
>/sci/: a bunch of faggots that argue about religion. There are also lots of sophomoric philosophical discussions too. Sometimes people will discuss what majors are best. Often times, high schoolers will ask for homework help, and /sci/ will tell them to do their own work, but then proceed to do it for them, because they love easy mental masturbation because they think it makes them look smart, even when it really doesn't.
>/soc/: a bunch of faggots who found 4chan from Facebook and like to post pictures of their genitals. Usually referred to as the asshole of 4chan, it was created by moot to contain all the cancer.
>/sp/: a bunch of faggots who think they're "normalfags", when in fact they are still posting on 4chan.
>/tg/: a bunch of faggots who care too much about role-playing. Most of the people on /tg/ are awkward, fat, and put way too much time and effort into painting figures and/or writing detailed character bios.
>/toy: a bunch of faggots (who are pretty much all grown men) who buy children's toys and play with them in public places and take pictures of them. Need I say more?
>/trv/: a bunch of faggots who plan trips to Japan because they like anime.
>/tv/: a bunch of faggots that actually watch TV still. Who the fuck watches TV anymore?
>/vp/: a bunch of faggots that still play shitty games from a shitty franchise. Occasionally people post Pokemon porn.
>/x/: a bunch of faggots who have paranoid personality disorder and/or have brain damage.
>/rs/: a bunch of faggots that have never heard of torrents, FTP, or usenet.

This list was from 2011. It's only gotten worse since.

Teenage Girl 21/04/29(Thu)22:06 No. 23723 ID: a8c594

>These people's enjoyment of the site comes solely from being a part of the in-group, repeating the correct opinions
One of the reasons why it's objective truth that, while imageboards as a concept of an open anonymous forum of totally unrestricted free-speech is inherently good, imageboard "culture" is cancer and always was.

Teenage Girl 21/04/30(Fri)22:24 No. 23724 ID: 1af323

File 161981428791.png - (25.24KB , 1467x34 , 1619808151845.png )


You could say the exact same about the internet as a whole. Quite honestly, I think the internet has run its course.

Teenage Girl 21/05/01(Sat)16:57 No. 23725 ID: f0bc9c

That "-oomer" suffix (or at least they want it to be a recognised suffix) you see permeating higher traffic imageboards is essentially a calling card for people who only recently began using the internet, let alone any of the more obscure corners of it. It's pathetically infantile and slapped on to the end of any consonant to strawman and create a caricature of whatever group of people it's supposed to "represent". Like a child, they find the sustained pronunciation of "oo" funny. Oddly enough, the only reason you're hearing it is because of a single person made a conscious effort to spam various -oomer derivatives across 4chan three years ago. Either way, you can safely ignore the input of anyone who posts that, they've demonstrated themselves to be incapable of communicating beyond what may as well be incoherent screaming.

Teenage Girl 21/05/01(Sat)23:13 No. 23726 ID: 7fe0bc

Idk. Alot of people using -oomer are those "oldfags", those 00s kids whom go "www Fortnite"
People who think 25/30 is "seasoned veteran" but 18 is a fetus.
Basically, nostalgiatard Millennials.

Teenage Girl 21/05/02(Sun)14:58 No. 23728 ID: f0bc9c

They are not, they want to give off that impression, but they're simply parroting second-hand information they might've received from legitimate oldfags or people who aren't flagrantly underage. If you're thinking otherwise due to the sheer frequency of people you see spouting any derivative of "-oomer", then you probably shouldn't, because I have the exact source for where it originated from, see:
Check that same "zoomer" keyword on other boards and you'll see the same person spamming it on the same date of 17/06/2018, accompanied by the usual hideous wojak edit. This was done with the clear intent of normalising use of "-oomer" as some sort of infantile suffix for easy labelling, caricatures and strawman interpretations of people they don't like. Same reason you see other similarly childish slang like "booba" hurled around, an attempt to infantilise discourse until it consists of just about nothing except children (or adults with the mental capacity of children) flinging "funny sounding" (essentially baby talk) back and forth until the internet is practically unusable. If you don't notice the problem now, then you might do when every post you see consists of two-syllable max buzzwords with at least two of the same vowels in sequence.

Teenage Girl 21/05/02(Sun)20:43 No. 23731 ID: ef601a

Your specific numbers are confussing. But then, I'm not conviced that this nostalgiatard doesn't just prefer using a mobile goalpost anyway.

But again, this shit can be more than sufficiently confussing: >>23691

Teenage Girl 21/05/03(Mon)05:28 No. 23733 ID: 4af4b5

Again, you're wrong. You assume that all faux pas is "underage" bc only "kids are dumb".
Again, alot of these -oomer things are oldfags, bc they always use "ZOOMER" to whine about post-2007 while praising new wave/punk aesthetics in the same sentence.

Jaquaan 7chan [CEO] 21/05/03(Mon)06:05 No. 23734 ID: aabdb7

File 162001471967.jpg - (472.44KB , 1968x1248 , U MAD.jpg )


Teenage Girl 21/05/03(Mon)11:33 No. 23735 ID: f0bc9c

And I've already explained why that's the case, pretending you were there (or alive) for an online epoch is something anyone can do, even if they weren't actually around for it. Picking up an infantile forced suffix and spamming it indicates the person doing so is an impressionable child, which every single person without exception is if they use any variant of "-oomer". Parroting second-hand information or namedropping oldfag keywords to pretend they aren't underage newfags is exceedingly common, but the lingo they gravitate towards gives them away regardless.

Teenage Girl 21/05/04(Tue)00:30 No. 23738 ID: 1af323

File 162008104874.jpg - (49.10KB , 500x530 , Itstrue.jpg )


>pretending you were there (or alive) for an online epoch is something anyone can do

Which is sadder? The person who thinks that online epoch was worthy of being considered an epoch in the first place, or the person who has no life nor personality and thinks man, I wish I was a part of whatever a bunch of nostalgiatard diet boomers thought was oh so witteeeeee and funeeeeee?

Teenage Girl 21/05/04(Tue)11:55 No. 23747 ID: cca630

You underestimate the faux-pas of adults online.
Again, its always easier to assume anything you don't like is only kids being dumb and that adults have automatically moved on.
Go anywhere on the Internet and its mainly blogs and comments and pics of people 20 - 50 talking about "the good ol days" with online petitions to demand media networks to revive old shows or restore long-term TV shows to their "former glory
You seriously think that kids are passionately participating in an active nostalgia facade?
They're too busy making their fabrics, video skits, etc.

Teenage Girl 21/05/04(Tue)14:54 No. 23748 ID: f0bc9c

Between your use of the same "-oomer" garbage I already brought up and your mindless strawmanning, you're a perfect exhibit of what is wrong with the post-ironic internet era.
Middle-aged people and normalfags being cynical towards younger generations does not translate into their brains immediately going necrotic and them suddenly taking up their manufactured -oomer baby-talk when that's exactly the sort of shit they take issue with in the first place.
Anyone you see spouting any derivative is openly underage, or underage and posturing as older than they are for e-cred.

Teenage Girl 21/05/08(Sat)13:37 No. 23762 ID: 96eda0

>>You're buying groceries? CONSOOMER!

Actually, that example is seriously shitty. There's all sorts of factors that can add up to levels upon levels of consumerism when examining food choices.

Although some of the attempted exemptions just get deranged - raw veganism anyone?

Teenage Girl 21/05/20(Thu)16:05 No. 23810 ID: c5feed

Why don't you go buy and consoom then if you're such a faggot that you're butthurt about memes?

Teenage Girl 21/05/21(Fri)02:43 No. 23815 ID: 1dd770


>Why don't you go buy and consoom then if you're such a faggot that you're butthurt about memes?

Says the guy who's likely still posting on imageboards 'cause he's scared the Judeo-Bolshevik boogeyman will find out that he takes basic bitch life truths and spins them as revolutionary gospel.

Teenage Girl 21/06/05(Sat)19:27 No. 23913 ID: 432d0d

>defends capeshit
because you are a consoomer. you defend hot garbage that not even normies liked (look at the box office numbers) because you must consoom anything disney puts out and force yourself to like it. you support disney's monopoly on everything instead of watching good movies and you ree about cuckchanners calling you out for what you really are. you're not just a fan, you're a consoomer who will accept anything the disney monopoly throws at you.

Teenage Girl 21/06/05(Sat)21:25 No. 23916 ID: f55fa5


I'm not defending capeshit, moron. I'm talking about the fact that people like you get butthurt over people liking things you don't like. I hate capeshit, but I don't throw autistic shitfits over it. I don't make cringetastic rants on YouTube about how much it sucks. I simply just ignore it and go about my day.


It's 2021, dude. Time to stop pretending you have this super sekrit club. Time to grow up.


>kike spotted

>slacktivist who won't do anything about it spotted.

Teenage Girl 21/06/06(Sun)01:50 No. 23927 ID: 432d0d

File 162293700540.png - (217.48KB , 3588x1196 , 1597600484083.png )

>im not defending capeshit
>b-but please don't throw an autist shitfit over it because i'll throw a bigger one
wow, you're either b8ing or you're just retarded. I would assume a b8 poster would be more detached from the subject matter so I'll have to assume the latter.
>I'm talking about the fact that people like you get butthurt over people liking things you don't like.
just like how you're getting butthurt about people not liking things you claim to be indifferent towards. you're literally pic related, sperging out to spergery.

Teenage Girl 21/06/13(Sun)18:06 No. 23967 ID: 8bcbee

>wow, you're either b8ing or you're just retarded.
This creature does happen to be both. It has apparantly exposed itself to much bait, and probably little else, and has this one conviction of aspiring to be like that, in spite of cohernently displaying nothing else, other than retardation.

There's retards that are in people's faces cause they're retarded. There's cretins that are in a few or perhaps many people's faces because at times they relish being in people's faces. This pile of shit is just really, really, really obsessive about being in everybody's faces.

Though of course, there the additional possibility that it's a bot.

Teenage Girl 21/06/13(Sun)21:43 No. 23968 ID: 4ffd85

OP based. Shitheads are fucking scum.

Teenage Girl 21/06/14(Mon)14:01 No. 23971 ID: dcaf15

It's the same as when politicians do absolutely anything, someone will inevitably say "I can't believe my taxes are being wasted on this!". It's not worth getting worked up about.

Teenage Girl 21/06/15(Tue)02:13 No. 23975 ID: 8bcbee

>Though of course, there the additional possibility that it's a bot.

Ahhh, yup, that's becoming pretty clear, bots do post on these boards:

(I'm specifically referring to just the last of the linked posts)

Teenage Girl 21/06/27(Sun)10:14 No. 24004 ID: bde4a5

Here's my definition for a habitual consumer; I feel it's pretty fair.
A habitual consumer is one who:
-buys things for status/outward appearance.
-buys into a certain brand for illogical/inexplicable reasons.
-buys many expensive/uneccesary things for personal reasons.
-Does not know how to buy things cheaply/doesnt want to put in the effort to do so.
-buys unneccesary services out of laziness.
-owns a Tesla
-buys into a lifestyle brand
-enjoys/tolerates commercials/advertising

There are a lot more guidelines, but I'll cut it short: People who don't know how to save money and buy into stupid shit. If you own a new car, I look down on you.

Teenage Girl 21/06/27(Sun)17:10 No. 24005 ID: 6f8a99

File 162480663617.jpg - (104.88KB , 512x384 , 1225842084374.jpg )

>pointing out radical hardcore communists means you're "far right"

Teenage Girl 22/05/15(Sun)06:22 No. 24575 ID: 1937e1


>Everyone I don't like is a COMMUNIST!

It's amazing how consistently like your fellow retards on the horseshoe you lot are.

The+Red+Barron 22/05/16(Mon)09:18 No. 24578 ID: 7cb4c3

>look down on new car owners

Same bro. Also

Love me starbucks
Love me manga
Love me Barnes n Nobles
'ate me Marvel movies

Simple as

Darth+Musturd 22/05/17(Tue)18:50 No. 24579 ID: 1c5a16

Honestly I've given up on the whole idea of the consoomer, and for the most part the -oomer in general, with the exception of a select few. As with everything on the internet, it becomes so oversaturated in just a few months that it's unrecognizable to it's previous state. I say, let people enjoy things, and to the people that enjoy those things, good for you. We are all consoomers in our own ways. Some of us consoom 4chan or 7chan religiously. Some of us buy expensive clothes. Some of us buy cheap clothes. Some of us are foodies. Some of us are gym-bros. If you're like me, I'm a survivalist. I am constantly looking around for cool new gear for innathewoods. Only a few people are not consooming something or other, probably monks and even then only a select few of those. I can go on and on; this is a condensed version of my rant.
Take the log out of your own eye so you can see to take the speck out of your brothers.

Teenage Girl 22/05/17(Tue)19:31 No. 24581 ID: ebc5bc

File 165280868146.jpg - (46.92KB , 514x508 , 085.jpg )


The redpill that no anon will ever be able to take is that millennials came up with this -oomer shit as a natural evolution of participation trophies. See, Mommy and Daddy were too lazy and inept to raise 'em properly, so they demanded that schools hand out participation trophies just to avoid kids feeling in the dumps, which would compel them to ask Mommy and Daddy, who just procreated to have someone else do their chores (believe me, I've heard this sentiment from parents so many times; one even told her son the other day IRL that he should do something for her 'cause he's "my free labor"), about what to do about it. If no child is down in the dumps, if every child is a winner, then Mommy and Daddy don't have to do their jobs, and no kid has to feel bad! The only problem was that they did this so many times over the years (No Child Left Behind, etc) that they created an entire generation of men and women alike who expect everything to be handed to them, so when it isn't? What do they do? They blame everyone else for it. They cannot cope with the fact Mommy and Daddy lied to them just so they didn't have to do their jobs. They can't cope with how schools threw 'em to the wolves 'cause schools are paralyzed by "red tape" (aka you can't tell parents to do their fucking jobs to their faces; they'll sue you into the dirt), they can't cope with how kids with ACTUAL parents manage to succeed. And they can't cope with the fact that they are, at best, mediocre. So, what do they do? Well, they come up with convoluted theories as to why this all is. Wait, you mean to tell me I actually have to qualify for a job? You can't just give me one? Fuckin' boomers! Wait, you mean to tell me that men/women have standards when it comes to who they want to fuck? They're bigots! Wait, you mean to tell me that those people who don't share the same skin color as me are on the dole, and I can't be? Fucking Jews! Wait, you're telling me I didn't have to go to college? I could've just taken up a trade? I could've actually done my due diiligence instead of following the herd? Fucking BOOMERS! On and on it goes, a perpetual search for the perfect escape from one's own inadequacies. The millennial will never accept full responsibility for its actions, because it was never raised to, and just like all the lead in boomers, all the plastics in millennials are surely not helping, either. This would also explain why so much of millennial "culture" revolves around discussions of kids' toys like video games, retreads and reboots of movies they grew up on, and, of course, Harry Potter (which REALLY ruined an entire generation of women, not Scott Pilgrim, although these women were never going to be on any guy's radar to begin with). It would explain why Gamergate was a thing, 'cause these millennials were so hellbent on trying to be kids again that the only thing that reminded them they were adults now wasn't the shitty economy or the fragile geopolitical situation, it was that someone was messing with their toys! If Gamergate never happened, the vast majority of "rightoids" online would be milquetoast, indifferent consoomers just like the Funko Pop bugmen they like to stereotype, as if they're any better (and that also leads to my point - Funko Pops are toys, usually made of characters from millennial favorites). This would also explain why so many millennials love to bash what Gen Z is into, and act like the nineties were based - newsflash, millennials; the nineties was Gen X's decade. Your decade was the noughties, which was essentially the beginning of the end: nu-metal, scene/emo, the internet being suffocated with your obnoxious edgy bullshit. Need I remind you that Tumblr came about as YOUR generation was growing up? "Social justice shit" was a millennial invention. Millennials, desperate to uphold this idea that all those trophies MEANT something, came up with even MORE bullshit to justify not growing up and realizing they were had; suddenly, you were some sorta -ist for telling them off. You told a man that he doesn't have what it takes for a relationship with you? You're a misandrist. You told a woman that she doesn't need to feel so much white guilt? You're a racist. On and on it goes. As Gen Z comes into its own, suddenly millennials feel the need to act like THEY created all this: SJW-ism? Oh, ignore the fact it was coming around during our generation's zeitgeist, zoomers did it. Saints Row's reboot being a millennial power fantasy (literal words of one of the head devs)? Oh, zoomers are to blame! Millennials blowing all their money on DLC and shit? Zoomers are to blame for its progression to lootboxes! Everything sucks today? ZOOMERS! On and on it goes. Why do you think millennials pushed ideas like "gold star lesbians" and "based and redpilled" so much? Because those are just new trophies. I don't need to do anything with my life, I'm white! All these X pride world wide fags are taking pride in being some shade or form of glorified primate, and why? Because they're the new participation trophies. I'm a mutt who can pass as white? That makes me on the same level as Hernan Cortes! We're not sorry! Funny how anons whine about trannies and yet they shove their own brand of autism into everything just as much as trannies do. Seriouisly, you ever see that cartoon about the fat woman who falls down the stairs and whose chicken goes rotten in the fridge and all she can do is blame Gamergate? That's the millennial in general. You could swap out "Gamergate" with "Jews" or "trannies" or "white people" or "women" or whatever and it'd still be true. It's also why so many millennials seem to think that mentally ill people are some sorta spectacle to be mocked (Norman Boutin, CWC and other "lolcows," etc) and belittled rather than supported. Finally, millennials have someone even worse off than they are.....or are they? I mean, Joshua Connor Moon runs a glorified gossip site with no wife, nor kids, nor even a home, but yet DSP, Jack Scalfani, Ethan Ralph, and more "lolcows" all have those things for the most part. "Lolcows" are just a rightoid millennial's last ditch attempt to stave off the epiphany that they wasted their lives on stupid shit like "internet culture" and want to point to even bigger losers than they are just so they don't feel bad. When even WINGS OF REDEMPTION is doing better than you in life, it's time to change.

Teenage Girl 22/05/17(Tue)19:39 No. 24582 ID: ebc5bc

File 16528091991.jpg - (13.96KB , 225x225 , 2Q.jpg )


Pic related was right: this generation really is pathetic.

Teenage Girl 22/05/23(Mon)20:16 No. 24588 ID: 8397b8

It wasn't the participation trophy. No kid has been influenced by participation trophies. That's just reactive copium.
The real problem with millennials is theyre desperation to "change the world". They wanna leave any scrapping of relevance. So they use their "first generation to grow up with the Internet."
NVM the fact that Gen X computer tinkerers were actually the first generation of youth to be online.

Teenage Girl 22/05/23(Mon)23:00 No. 24589 ID: 59085e

Your entire projection can be summed up in two sentences.
>Millenials can't take responsibility for their actions. It's their parents fault.
If you can't see the irony you need to step back and be more objective.

Teenage Girl 22/05/24(Tue)03:30 No. 24592 ID: 2f1e81


>Millenials can't take responsibility for their actions. It's their parents fault.

Nope, it's THEIR fault. A lot of us got saddled with shitty parents, but we did something with our lives all the same. We didn't gather on virtual hugboxes to whine about how it's all normies/Jews/white people/whatever like you lot did.


It's not just the trophy, it's the whole idea behind it, that you're SPECIAL and UNIQUE and all that crap.

>The real problem with millennials is theyre desperation to "change the world".

And why? Is it to make things better for people? Nope! It's solely because they can't get over themselves. Like I said, this is the generation that blames everyone but themselves for why they can't get jobs, can't get laid, can't own a house, and so on. There's a reason boomers still run everything - millennials don't give a fuck!

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