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Newsflash: no one cares! Teenage Girl 21/05/25(Tue)02:30 No. 23848 ID: 72665c

File 162190260647.jpg - (51.36KB , 720x960 , ogf2sozywpr21.jpg )

The vast majority of people in the world have never heard of sites like Something Awful, Kiwi Farms, 4chan, etc. Of those few who have most would have heard of them in passing and never interacted with them. Of those even fewer who have actually interacted with them only a slight fraction would ever have any sort of entrepreneurial aspirations, let alone involving them. The end result is that only a handful (0.0000000001%) of people would ever bother trying to run these places, resulting in an extremely tiny pool and the inevitable musical chairs of ownership. And that's before the incestuous nature of niche cliques, especially ones online where groups can sequester themselves far more easily comes into play. Not to mention the potential stigma from running these edgy sites in an ever-more sanitized internet.

Yet anons still believe that they're a big deal. We memed a president into office! Normies are scared of us! Blah blah fucking blah.

Sorry to disappoint, but the truth is you've wasted your prime years for NOTHING.


Teenage Girl 21/05/25(Tue)03:08 No. 23849 ID: ccb2f1

You're a nigger.

Teenage Girl 21/05/25(Tue)08:58 No. 23851 ID: 72665c


Is that what you told your mama's bull when he told you to move out of his basement?

Teenage Girl 21/06/05(Sat)21:27 No. 23918 ID: f55fa5


Is that what your father told you when he found out how much of a disappointment you are? See, I love it. You're so used to poking and prodding at fellow millennialoid losers like trannies and blue checkmarks that when someone doesn't give a shit about your generic edgelord routine and just keeps hammering home the truth, you literally can't come up with anything at all. Just like how you can't come up with any great literature or cinema. The adulting generation is a bunch of losers.

Teenage Girl 21/06/16(Wed)18:44 No. 23985 ID: c0cb11

I wish less people heard about those sites.

Teenage Girl 21/06/27(Sun)09:06 No. 24000 ID: bde4a5

lol true

Teenage Girl 22/03/22(Tue)07:35 No. 24477 ID: 27d9ee

In a way, imageboards are what's keeping the general Internet safe.
Because without them, the "based/redpilled" manchildren would shit up the place with their premature midlife crisis.

Teenage Girl 22/03/23(Wed)03:30 No. 24479 ID: ff3844

File 164800264728.png - (440.66KB , 738x619 , 322222222.png )


>Because without them, the "based/redpilled" manchildren would shit up the place with their premature midlife crisis.

A tempting proposition, but it's too bad the "STACY BAD" YA femcel crowd already did exactly that. There's no healthy medium, anymore. It's either woketardation or le based lib ownage XD shit.

Teenage Girl 22/04/07(Thu)04:04 No. 24498 ID: ff3844

File 164929704193.jpg - (260.51KB , 1080x1520 , IMG_20210606_010454.jpg )

Shoutout to KF user Donutcapybara for posting this thread on Kiwi.

Teenage Girl 22/04/07(Thu)17:42 No. 24499 ID: 2ec802

File 164934613531.jpg - (50.96KB , 1000x600 , 276999005_3266146883711386_8985681079868071952_n.jpg )

I recently got a new brother in law and come to find out he is heavily autistic to the point of almost not being able to take care of himself; all he ever does all day long is call people nigger, fag, spic, etc etc. everything really comes into perspective when I think about the culture found on image boards while keeping in mind this person cannot even really take care of themselves. it comes down to the vulnerable unwashed dregs of social rejects who get autist pilled and mixing it with probably a poor amount of education/ social interaction produces this. not to mention broken Schizophrenics who see patterns between unrelated things all the time and any other mental disorder you can think of.

in one way beautiful, in another way terrifically sad

Teenage Girl 22/04/07(Thu)19:37 No. 24500 ID: bc4b3d

>everything really comes into perspective when I think about the culture found on image boards while keeping in mind this person cannot even really take care of themselves
Just keep in mind you are a member of this culture.

Teenage Girl 22/04/09(Sat)03:00 No. 24502 ID: d67099

How the hell are people THAT autistic? Like, does he not know how to bathe? Is he physically incapable of handling a shower?

Teenage Girl 22/04/09(Sat)08:02 No. 24504 ID: ff3844


Personal hygiene is a Judeo-Bolshevik plot designed to sap one's personal fluids or something, obviously.

Teenage Girl 22/04/10(Sun)11:58 No. 24508 ID: 2ec802

File 164958472091.png - (416.11KB , 640x406 , giowfpzp7k471.png )

I am one of the masses, but I am not one of the many I am referencing

dude will rip a door off it's hinges and screams at people who make eye contact and show teeth; he just doesn't like doors, or eye contact, or teeth

Teenage Girl 22/04/10(Sun)18:38 No. 24512 ID: 992dcf

Why are people like this allowed into society? This poor fucker just sounds like a walking problem. He doesn't bathe and on top of that he freaks out upon eye contact and becomes physically aggressive. What good can come from keeping people like this around?

Teenage Girl 22/04/13(Wed)20:06 No. 24514 ID: 2ec802

File 164987321194.jpg - (97.99KB , 1440x1080 , 240096541_10226919901523988_6107928338192827013_n.jpg )

>>24512 if we ever need to return to monke

Teenage Girl 22/04/20(Wed)02:00 No. 24536 ID: 34ca75


This is why insane asylums used to be a thing. These kinds of weirdos were kept away from normal society bit now they are glorified and thrust into the mainstream as the new normal and anybody who dares speak against them gets attacked and cancelled. Expect a lot more of this as millennials assume more and more positions formerly occupied by Globoboomer goofs.

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