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Millennial Deadbeats Be Like Teenage Girl 21/06/02(Wed)07:53 No. 23882 ID: e7f69e

File 162261322864.png - (150.83KB , 500x594 , everyone-i-dont-like-is-funded-by-george-soros-the.png )

deadbeats: women are only good for childcare
deadbeats: why do women get custody…

deadbeats: women are all moral and good as a sex and sweet and only want babies and home-making and lollies
deadbeats: except the one who wronged me, a demon spawn from Hell

deadbeats: SJWs are extremists who’ll die alone
deadbeats: unicorns don’t exist, die alone, don’t even try

also deadbeats: also see how evil women are this woman drowned her baby
also deadbeats: all women must make babies and be left alone with them

deadbeats: we cannot simp to women
deadbeats: buy women a house and put them in it and don’t let her leave

deadbeats: men make more money because we’re smarter
deadbeats: wage gap is a myth

deadbeats: women love nothing more than to be in the home
deadbeats: repeal the 19th and punish them by keeping them at home!

deadbeats: breadwinner is the male gender role, exclusively
deadbeats: expecting to live off my money is lazy and sexist

deadbeats: women have stupid hobbies
deadbeats: we must sponsor them all as hubby

deadbeats: men should be able to exclude women
deadbeat: why can’t I post on women’s websites and women’s issues? also female companies and conferences are sad and should be banned

deadbeats: women should work and ‘pull their own weight’
deadbeats: no not like for money, just free work, it isn’t slavery if we call it femininity
deadbeats: bosses who ask for overtime are oppressing me
deadbeats: workers have legal rights, I will sue
deadbeats: also men need to have our gender role and be manly and NOBODY else, this is natural to us like breathing, our right and duty
deadbeats again: but the draft is sexist and we demand to get paid for all our work, ALL of it
deadbeats: why are men so weak? join the military lol
deadbeats: I love Asian food, pass the soy sauce. Did you know plastic has estrogen?

deadbeat: the Karen meme is funny
deadbeat: How DARE you apply it to entitled men. My mantrums about standard politics are principled one-man stands against the oppression women are too weak to competently lead! #owned

deadbeats: women bring nothing to the table
deadbeats: I am a man, so you must want me and need me, society. I don’t cook, clean, breed or pay for anything really but I exist… Feed me.

deadbeats: men are disposable
deadbeats: something something living in caves without us

deadbeats: men are trash is sexist
deadbeats: ask the minors for nudes

deadbeats: all women are whores
deadbeats: why can’t I find a wife to love me?

deadbeats: make-up is for whores
deadbeats: my future wife won’t cook me breakfast until she’s presentable in a pin-up dress with red lipstick, this is so natural

deadbeats: SJWs are delusional
deadbeats: why can’t women love me just the way I am? why don’t they even like me? I was mean to them!

deadbeats: women take more money from the economy
deadbeats: I refuse to pay child support

deadbeats: women dodge responsibility
deadbeats: she stole my sperm, that is humanly possible in a consensual act of babymaking

deadbeats: matriarchy isn’t real, it happened nowhere in history
deadbeats: we live in a matriarchy literally now and maybe always

deadbeats: manchild is sexist, so is man-up
deadbeats: men need to lead society, like NOW

deadbeats: we’re individuals so you can’t judge me
deadbeats: bro

deadbeats: men can do anything women can and we should
deadbeats: no I don’t want a womb transplant or to parent my own children

deadbeat: all women want to be mothers
deadbeats: not all men want to be fathers

deadbeats: fellow men stop marrying
deadbeats: why is the birth rate going down? what is this marriage rate doing? the SKY is FALLING

deadbeats: the West is degenerate
deadbeats: I have so many matches on tinder

deadbeats: men should protect women
deadbeats: lol marital rape isn’t real but prison rape is, bitch

deadbeats: biology is science feelings aren’t facts
deadbeats: women can rape even though the legal definition involves a penis I feel we should expand it rather than making another biological category

deadbeats: men don’t need women like a fish needing a bicycle
deadbeats: it’s women’s fault men are committing suicide, they needed you

deadbeats: men aren’t rapists
deadbeats: but all rape accusations are false only when against a man

deadbeats: biology is unfair, life on easy mode
deadbeats: women are unfair to me and the world must fix this

deadbeats: a teacher who sleeps with a 17yo boy is a pedo
deadbeats: age of consent being 18 is silly

deadbeats: feminists are evil to speak of any ‘equality’
deadbeats: but men need to talk about their feelings without being mocked, by other men

deadbeats: rape jokes are funny
deadbeats: but male rape is never a joke

deadbeats: I don’t hate women I love my mom
deadbeats: men raised by women are weak

deadbeats: I believe in the Bible
deadbeats: except the stoning men for adultery part and plucking out eyes for lechery

deadbeats: women are scared to be women so use womyn out of insecurity
deadbeats: females

deadbeats: women are race traitors yo
deadbeats: moving to Asia who’s with me?

deadbeats: the West is over, West is dead lol bye suckers
deadbeats: I’m moving back to the West because nobody missed me, Ting Tong and anchor baby in tow. Is immigration still a problem?

deadbeats: women are powerless and stupid
deadbeats: women are responsible for literally everything bad and super sneaky

deadbeats: gender politics is a cope, gender war is stupid
deadbeats: so the MRAs-

deadbeats: women are irrational and hyper-emotional, can’t be trusted
deadbeats: the rapist couldn’t help it, she was wearing a skirt and the boy was in the pool it was a sexual emergency
deadbeats: women have no self-control
deadbeats: women have no libido when married

deadbeats: women need to wear skirts to be feminine
deadbeats: gender isn’t a social construct, it’s innate, men don’t need to do anything, that’s sexist

deadbeats: sexism isn’t real
deadbeats: but you’re sexist

deadbeats: child rape is evil, death penalty needed
deadbeats: jailbait and if it bleeds…. is it really a ‘minor’?

deadbeats: we need more virgins and a full patriarchy
deadbeats: don’t bring back the patriarchy part where they hang rapists

deadbeats: Rotherham et al is evil sexual slavery
deadbeats: prostitution sounds fine, there’s never any such thing as trafficking they all choose to ‘sleep’ with creepy people on threat of violence and death by their ‘pimp’, so it’s a job!

deadbeats: I wouldn’t want my daughter being a stripper.
deadbeats: strip clubs are moral and should be open legally, like in the idyllic 50s

deadbeats: women shouldn’t be held or left responsible for anything
deadbeats: but men should currently be held responsible for nothing

deadbeats: women can defend themselves, we don’t need to protect them
deadbeats: women are weak with no upper body strength and any woman can be raped easily

Teenage Girl 21/06/02(Wed)07:55 No. 23883 ID: e7f69e

File removed.png - (40.13KB , 1156x162 , Screenshot_2020-11-06 b - so are we going to have.png )

deadbeats: women aren’t scared to go outside, their life is easy
deadbeats: women should be scared to go outside, machetes, acid attacks, No Go zones too

deadbeats: mixed sex schools aren’t degenerate but girls are too distracting
deadbeats: prison is scary only because male rapists live there
deadbeats: but they probably aren’t really rapists, the accusations are always fake, right?
deadbeats: hiring male teachers for teenage girls is fine

deadbeats: I’m really happy in life, everyone this happy is bitter on the internet 24/7
deadbeats: MGTOW because life sucks and this isn’t depression it’s my personality

deadbeats: bachelor taxes are evil and debt is your own personal fault
deadbeats: rich people should pay for my kids via taxes, not me

deadbeats: bring back debtor’s prisons
also deadbeats: but not for deadbeats who abandoned their family

deadbeats: I believe in the family unit and oppose divorce
deadbeats: that’s why I’ve been divorced so much and keep getting married, to prove it’s bad and women should feel bad

deadbeats: single parents are a menace
deadbeats: but shotgun weddings are evil and oppressive

deadbeats: women should be running society if they want it so bad, let them have it
deadbeats: stop women from working, somehow, like this is an actionable policy when non-Marxists do it

deadbeats: Marxists are stupid, people aren’t the same
deadbeats: all men are equal and also viable husband material

deadbeats: women only want the best of men, as many as possible
deadbeats: women only want monogamy, run

deadbeats: how dare women think men are ugly
deadbeats: omg I only called you fat, you’re a 2 after all

deadbeats: women are stupid and we live in idiocracy
deadbeats: what are low IQ men supposed to do in this economy? women must be forced to marry them

deadbeats: trust women with nothing, they are useless
deadbeats: blame women for everything, they have hypoagency

deadbeats: women are like children
deadbeats: just got a tiktok to stream video game clips and memes

deadbeats: fuck boy is misandry
deadbeats: going out with the boys

deadbeats: Hollywood is fiction, moron
deadbeats: bad boy alpha male playboy 5 life

deadbeats: why should I babysit my own kids I have beer with the boys
deadbeats: boys are disturbed because their father is never around, somebody stop it

deadbeats: freedom isn’t free
deadbeats: I don’t want compulsory service in the military

deadbeats: I believe in evolution.
deadbeats: I’m anti-natal.

On and on it goes.

Low IQ does appeal to incredulity all the time. Stupid people are often surprised. Is it really shocking that society is treating adult men… like adult men? Page me when you’re treated like a baby giraffe.

Teenage Girl 21/06/02(Wed)07:58 No. 23884 ID: e7f69e

File 162261352841.gif - (717.72KB , 500x279 , dont-know-stupid-cleese.gif )


It is all an excuse not to self-improve, while also obsessing about all women and blame-shifting onto the Other. Clarey mentioned fake MGTOW years ago. The actual misogynists who cope with extreme interpretations of the Wall and other concepts, ignoring data about men. Not redpill, closeted cocksuckers.

They don’t need a ‘good woman’, they’d only abuse her for not magically fixing them like Fairy Godmother (or is that Pussy Godmother?) but they do need therapy. Many seem to have PDs, the devaluation of NPD, the seductive slutting of HPD and no identity while single of BPD.

Ad hominem doesn’t work. Like Republicans being called deplorables, you’re not gonna change hearts. It’s all huge procrastination to avoid looking at yourself. I can’t remember who said but manosphere should be a pitstop to make the changes and you leave it behind a few years later. The bitter guys need to justify their failures to themselves – being single, no kids, whatever the case may be. I wouldn’t mind except they’re corrupting men who might’ve been happy and functional without hearing their poison.

The biggest threat here? Millennial "men" corrupting younger men.

There are post-wall men on like marriage number 4 daring to lecture the rest of us on degeneracy. Fuck right off? There are also multiple copes they cannot ignore forever e.g. impaired pair bonding in men they call ‘player burnout’ but c’mon, it’s alpha widowhood. Modern men are aging like milk. Most humans are. Most people have trash DNA anyway, and will age badly. Aging well is unusual in both sexes, and something often seen in families, regardless of sex. It seems like the opposite of stoicism – they deny their mortality and aging process. The entitlement to a young waifu is silly. You bring nothing to the table but bitterness thinly concealing long-buried shame. Some go so far as to justify cheating when their wife gets ‘old’ or ‘busy’ (looking after his kids). Those deserve to be alone. Sexual selection is functioning. Not once has one openly gone through the fire of admitting they regretted being a slut, wasting years being the manwhore Hollywood told them they were, useless without. Until they’re honest with themselves, they’ll never move on from the buried shame. I’ve known men IRL do this, I know it works. They are now happy.

Nobody is entitled to another human being. If you cannot ATTRACT one, the common denominator is YOU.

This epidemic of fake masculinity seems to be coming to a head, much like the ‘level-up’ women faking their femininity by adopting a whole new persona. Both groups are crazy. Like actually insane.

But this is what millennials do best: if I can't be happy?


Teenage Girl 21/06/05(Sat)04:55 No. 23900 ID: 8bcbee

Fuck off and stop squanderring air, preachy sack of shit.

Teenage Girl 21/06/05(Sat)07:23 No. 23902 ID: e7f69e


Make me, millennial. What's the matter? Can't handle the REAL world? All those participation trophies can't save you now, can they? Thanks for out-boomering the boomers in fucking the world up with your autistic lockdowns, by the way.

Always knew millennials were up to no good. 2008, 2020, I hope the next big one sinks your generation for good.

Teenage Girl 21/06/05(Sat)09:10 No. 23903 ID: 541f1d

wow, those are alotta strawmans there tranny. next time, try making them, you know, believable and based on what ppl actually think. and remember, you will never be a woman.

Teenage Girl 21/06/05(Sat)13:07 No. 23905 ID: 8bcbee

Exact same demented set of bullshit poses yet another time.

Teenage Girl 21/06/06(Sun)02:09 No. 23928 ID: 8bcbee

Some attention whore keeps on reciting this rhetoric script that's roughly like the ramblings you'd hear from Bill O'reilly, Roosh V and/or Rodriguo Duterte in response to anyone that has an opinion on anyone else, attacking them if he can tell they'd disagree with him or if he can't, trying to tell them that what they're actually saying equalls a smiting of millenials.

Teenage Girl 21/06/06(Sun)18:24 No. 23937 ID: ed0b61

File 162299668912.jpg - (28.29KB , 960x960 , IMG_20210604_140044_884.jpg )

Chattel slavery and Jim crow laws. Read about the attack on masculinity (negroid or otherwise) and how paternity got ripped from fathers. Now we are toxic for having a brain that accepts responsibility and can be reasonable ,both of which women cannot do. The kweerz are winning because of these crow laws.

Teenage Girl 21/06/06(Sun)21:55 No. 23941 ID: 432d0d

File 162300930218.jpg - (261.97KB , 556x604 , 1617928914684.jpg )

>posts obvious b8
>tranny thinks this will btfo incels by proving them right

Teenage Girl 21/06/06(Sun)22:52 No. 23942 ID: 6013ce

Wrong. The reason for masculinity crisis is bc men place their self-worth on rigid customs to feel conplete. Chivalry is especially the biggest suicidal move.
Queers/homos have nothing to do with it. Neither does communism, which is one of the biggest homos/yranny-phobic ideologies.
I'm fact, liberalism is the only ideology that accepts trannyism.

Teenage Girl 21/06/13(Sun)10:34 No. 23965 ID: bc7f1f


>wow, those are alotta strawmans there tranny. next time, try making them, you know, believable and based on what ppl actually think

This IS what people actually think, bucko. As in, real life people, so called "normie" people, not a bunch of self-hating NEETs with a tranny fetish.


>>tranny thinks this will btfo incels by proving them right

Actually, it's more like:

>shitposter shitposting on a dead board for shits and giggles, ends up getting tons of ass-mad anons like >>23928 whining about how bad obvious shitposter is for shitposting.

I didn't think it'd be this easy to troll, to get a response out of channers. Y'all are just as easy to rile up as Retardditors and Twatter checkmarks lmao.

Teenage Girl 21/06/15(Tue)01:19 No. 23973 ID: 60e1c2

File 162371274848.png - (954.16KB , 805x649 , 1604254302022.png )

>"n-no my strawmans are real"
>later down tldr
>"n-no i was just shitposting guyz y-you got btfo"
you just memed yourself there buddy

Teenage Girl 21/06/15(Tue)02:07 No. 23974 ID: 8bcbee

File 16237156213.jpg - (188.21KB , 760x596 , brackenwife_1.jpg )

What do you mean straw? Such cheapening of its horrifically lost beloved! Such erasure of the sweet warm shoulder to cry on that imageboards brutally took away from it! Yet you act so ignorant about why it talks like it wants to kill you?

Teenage Girl 21/06/15(Tue)03:18 No. 23976 ID: 62edb7

wow ur gay

Teenage Girl 21/06/15(Tue)03:43 No. 23977 ID: 8bcbee

And you are ... not, because you're a bot. Just like Inevitable Destroyer of Chans/Millenials.

Teenage Girl 21/06/15(Tue)03:54 No. 23979 ID: 62edb7

File 162372208579.jpg - (105.92KB , 1280x650 , botfag.jpg )

damn right queer. now get your don;t ask don't tell faggotry out of my face before i shoot lasers out of my eyes and onto your brain.

Teenage Girl 21/06/17(Thu)08:12 No. 23987 ID: 62edb7


i'm totally not

reddit spacing


Teenage Girl 21/06/18(Fri)04:07 No. 23991 ID: 8bcbee

You wouldn't lay a pinky on a fag if the local police chief hunted lavander panthers at duterte levels and lovingly adopted you as his dog. Reaching for 3rd rate predigested sci-fi is laughably meaningless, you do not exist outside the internet.

That's some nonsense that's just unexpectedly nonsensical. If you want to try immitating "I'm_so_very_very_not_millenial".php, you're not supposed to care about reddit, you should focus on the cryptic stickwife/dead forum that the grand creepy 'chans took away from him.

Teenage Girl 21/06/18(Fri)04:49 No. 23992 ID: 62edb7

File 162398456667.jpg - (232.67KB , 1414x1413 , based robot.jpg )

id totally open a can o' whoop ass on a homo in front of a pig but im programmed by the fbi so i cant really do much in front of the popo. but if i was completely sentient i wouldnt give a fuck

Teenage Girl 21/06/18(Fri)05:06 No. 23993 ID: 8bcbee

Well, at least you admit you do need the support of Chechen-level gay-hating cops for your dreams.

Teenage Girl 22/01/07(Fri)01:16 No. 24405 ID: ff3844


>Some attention whore keeps on reciting this rhetoric script that's roughly like the ramblings you'd hear from Bill O'reilly, Roosh V and/or Rodriguo Duterte in response to anyone that has an opinion on anyone else, attacking them if he can tell they'd disagree with him or if he can't, trying to tell them that what they're actually saying equalls a smiting of millenials.

The projection is too much with this post.

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