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I'll become hate Teenage Girl 21/06/12(Sat)14:00 No. 23956 ID: e64cfb

File 162349922141.jpg - (42.85KB , 358x512 , 1f6e217765d1d09e0907957ffd0710101279326566_full.jpg )

I'm thinking that life is pretty much only unfair to me alone. I'm tired of everybody treating me like trash.

I decided to go to full on a badie and hurt everybody badly from now on without any kind of compassion. I won't hold back anything ever again. Everybody is a clown from now on.

Hate you all motherfuckingbitchesfaggots die of hemorrhoids

Teenage Girl 21/06/12(Sat)21:54 No. 23957 ID: ea6305

you sound like an unbearable person to be around, cry me a river entitled faggot fuckhead
to be very clear you probably deserved everything bad that happened to you because if you didn't - no good person would actually behave that way. You gotta move on, people trash you? find new friends, even move out of town. Live your life. Hurting people back just says more about you than any of them.

Teenage Girl 21/06/12(Sat)22:04 No. 23958 ID: e64cfb

Your post is meaningless you made no point at all

Teenage Girl 21/06/13(Sun)02:55 No. 23960 ID: 62edb7

Your post is meaningless you made no point at all

Teenage Girl 21/06/13(Sun)07:59 No. 23961 ID: e64cfb

File 162356394633.jpg - (308.02KB , 4618x3464 , 2020-05-19 15_43_14.jpg )

I wish I was Anastasia

Teenage Girl 21/06/15(Tue)04:15 No. 23983 ID: 62edb7

Your post is meaningless you made no point at all

Learn about your place in hierarchies Wizard+apprentice 22/01/16(Sun)00:03 No. 24412 ID: 182caf

You look like a stressed, fed up omega.
Trying to go sigma. But sigma requires thinking up for unexpected troubles and improving your ass a little bit more than usual, for the main trait of a sigma is "being cunning"

Instruct yourself: https://40xlifebydesign.com/modern-man/socio-sexual-hierarchy-sigma-male/

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