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Teenage Girl 21/11/11(Thu)11:46 No. 24246 ID: c66018

File 163662761982.png - (51.72KB , 640x438 , taxman0.png )

Lowtax died as he lived: a petty, vindictive, spiteful, hypocritical POS. Hopefully Joshua Connor Moon is next. Thanks for helping ruin the internet, asshole.

Teenage Girl 21/11/11(Thu)18:00 No. 24247 ID: f4862a

File 163665004165.jpg - (594.03KB , 2000x1270 , A-utopia.jpg )

>the internet if imageboards hadn't been poisoned with goonshit from the get-go

Teenage Girl 21/11/11(Thu)22:41 No. 24250 ID: c66018

File 163666689577.jpg - (280.44KB , 1024x768 , boll.jpg )


He was a lazy drug addict who hadn't worked in twenty years, and when his free money for nothing suddenly dried up because people didn't want to keep giving free money to a wife-beating drug addict, he killed himself because the prospect of getting a job and having his wages garnished simply wasn't acceptable to him. He also let a man who is the platonic ideal of a child molester who was later proven to be a pedo babysit one of his kids, and when said kid developed night terrors, he effectively said "dumb bitch is so annoying with this shit." I believe this the same kid who called him "birth giver" instead of "father" or "dad." C'mon, man, he literally admitted to domestic violence in court documentation for the divorce filing and child support. What purpose does it serve to admit to DV and then shoot yourself in the face? He could've continued to deny it and shoot himself in the face and never give her the satisfaction of admitting he was wrong. The man is probably in financial ruins and with the proceedings requiring him to pay $350 a month (for one of three children) he realized he is an absolute waste of space, gave her the satisfaction in being right about him (probably after years of gaslighting) and removed himself from ruining anyone else's life because he surely was never going to get a job, work hard and support his children or become a better person. And even if you want to rely on the usual chancel contrarian fuckery, whether he was a good, bad or indifferent father, his children are going to be shaped by this for the rest of their lives. There will always be an accusing voice at the back of their minds telling them that had they behaved differently he would still be here, that if they weren't enough for even a parent to live for then how could anyone else love them, that maybe he would still be alive if they'd never been born. Children of parents who died by suicide are three times more likely to commit suicide themselves and twice as likely to need hospitalisation for a mental health condition. Children of addicts are at an increased risk of substance abuse themselves and this too is linked to an increased suicide risk. I can only imagine that that is more likely when the parent has had a contentious relationship with the living parent and has not left any message of love for their child. Those children are going to need a huge amount of support and given the mud-slinging and vitriol of the family I can't imagine this will be forthcoming. What a selfish prick, either way you splice it.

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