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Teenage Girl 21/11/21(Sun)03:40 No. 24301 ID: e6cab8

File 163746240780.jpg - (24.23KB , 638x474 , 94545e5ed0b0debdea750fc59c9bb25d557d8dd71eee65c712.jpg )

Teenage Girl 21/11/21(Sun)21:56 No. 24302 ID: b84839


Teenage Girl 21/11/21(Sun)23:03 No. 24304 ID: 14acb9

I get it's bait but OP is overestimating how many people care about anime.
In his defense they do be likin dat anime doe.

Teenage Girl 21/11/22(Mon)04:26 No. 24311 ID: e6cab8


Bait? Sure, but it is pretty much true.

Teenage Girl 21/11/25(Thu)01:20 No. 24324 ID: 763c27

Anime didn't ruin men. Idealism did.

Teenage Girl 21/11/29(Mon)05:13 No. 24325 ID: 15c902

Idealism didn't ruin men. Homeschooling did.

Teenage Girl 21/12/02(Thu)00:57 No. 24327 ID: 15c902

File 163840303154.jpg - (31.16KB , 480x480 , NRA Texans.jpg )

Dumb bitches got upset that schools were teaching their children that dumb bitches were wrong, which was too much for these dumb bitches to stand for, so they taught their children all their lies and misinformation. Which in turn created a whole new generation of dumb bitches intent on home schooling their children so they never had to answer questions about all the bullshit they were taught.

And this is how Texas was started.

Teenage Girl 21/12/07(Tue)16:54 No. 24342 ID: 3051e4

Adults are astronomically dumb when it comes to children.
All because adults cannot bother to teach kids about the world as it is. No. They always have to feel the need to euphemise and fill the youth with silly idealisms about "changing the world."

Teenage Girl 21/12/09(Thu)19:51 No. 24350 ID: ff3844

File 163907586763.jpg - (16.28KB , 480x360 , hqdefault.jpg )


>All because adults cannot bother to teach kids about the world as it is.

Well, what do you expect them to say? Sorry, kid, but you were born into a mediocre family in a mediocre at best economy? That your only chance of making a name for yourself in this world is to fight and die for everything other than your country (join the military) or pimp yourself out to boomers (sugar babying)? That you were born at the end of history only to die at the end of the world? That you were born too late to enjoy any of the actual culture of past gens, and that you're basically stuck with glorified rehashes and retreads? That God and the State are dead, nobody really knows what the fuck they're doing, and we're basically just killing time for the next ninety years? If adults told kids what this world is really like, kids would be killing themselves in droves. It's why so called "well meaning" adults come up with shit like "well, it's about the journey, maaaan" which they shove down kids' throats to quiet the voices in their own heads. We literally have a generation or two of kids who will be alive to see this whole rotten structure crashing down on them ----> are you willing to look a kid in the eye and tell them hey, you're gonna get Nanking'd when you're my age, hope you enjoy it?

Teenage Girl 21/12/10(Fri)14:49 No. 24356 ID: 85a642

I think kids would be much better off if told about the world as it is. Sure they might kill themselves, but they won't be used and abused by the bullshit social institutions.
They won't grow up into delusional failed adults whom cannot get over glory days they never had.
Contrary to popular belief, idealism isn't naturally universal under 30. Most youth are hopeful and worried about their future. But idealistic?
That's from external forces goading them.

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