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i can BAWWW here??? for free? no conditionnnn?!?!? Teenage Girl 22/02/21(Mon)03:32 No. 24450 ID: ee25db

File 16454107309.jpg - (761.51KB , 3106x4096 , IMG_20220221_092510.jpg )

im trying to be concept artist, animators, 3d artist... whats good practice? theyre all entertainment/art shamalamadingdong,. so i assume some still lifes? trying to put on a big gallery of portofolios like the pros? hubdreds of pages i guess...? what should i fill it with?

Teenage Girl 22/02/21(Mon)06:00 No. 24451 ID: ee25db

>>24450 ah this thred is now slow...

Teenage Girl 22/11/29(Tue)11:41 No. 25403 ID: 77b709


Teenage Girl 22/12/01(Thu)09:19 No. 25407 ID: 23ce09


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