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Teenage Girl 22/03/23(Wed)03:28 No. 24478 ID: ff3844

File 164800253633.png - (666.79KB , 783x783 , 1647997003269.png )

In light of recent events, I've noticed that many American right wingers are mindless contrarians who have absolutely no intent on actually succeeding and it has never been clearer than how much they simp for Russia for apparently no reason. They do not know elementary facts about how Russia works, let alone lived near them or under them. At this point, globohomo has become the ultimate boogeyman and I'll be the first to say it. Country invaded? It's the Jews. Law got passed that you don't like? Must be Soros. Food arrived late? Had to be Israel tampering.

Not to deny disproportionate Jewish political influence but the fact that you're eager to jump on the first trad looking cock that is MORE authoritarian by any metric makes you look like someone who doesn't understand or intend to take part in actual politics, just likes to purposefully take up absolutely stupid beliefs so that you could forever feel exclusively enlightened over everyone else while in real world, most of the people you consider sheep aren't necessarily lacking in critical judgement, they simply don't gobble up media in unhealthy amounts and if they DID mindlessly consume MSM, Trump would never have been elected.

But you know who didn't win? You. I'm not going to go on an anti-Trump tirade, partially because he's just a glorified patsi like every other president, but also because that's the point where you put your fingers in your ears and ignore the rest of what I have to say: And it's that it is very hard to deny that Trump has achieved nothing. Leaving or reducing US role in NATO didn't go anywhere. Trade war with China changed nothing other than antagonize the countries. Lock Her Up amounted to nothing. The Wall (TM) amounted to nothing. And guess who has a lot to benefit from the first two and a bit from the third? Won't name him but if you're this far along then you have the idea. Not to say the C word, but even taken at face value as expressions of an isolationist policy they didn't really return anything of value other than fuck up foreign relations.

And that's the case of the modern American Right. They stand for nothing other than antagonizing anyone and anything that crosses their poorly defined pseudo traditionalist-nationalist-isolationist values that make no coherent sense unless you're in that bubble and if you ever press them on an issue instead of giving you a straight answer they'll either dismiss you as a sheep outright or if you're (un)lucky go through unbelievable mental gymnastics to arrive at nonsensical justifications. They've become just as intellectually lazy as the leftists they vilify; owning the libs le epic style XD!

You have no values, you never put your balls on the line and you pretend that you're winning while you never really had any real values to defend or well defined goals to achieve. You just pissed off a pile of freshman university students and driven away many reasonable people from right wing thought which you whored out completely and wear as an empty fashion statement.

And whatever you think of Ukraine, this doesn't change anything.

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