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Teenage Girl 22/04/03(Sun)04:09 No. 24487 ID: ff3844

File 164895175953.jpg - (12.75KB , 192x192 , 10567.jpg )

Remember when millennials blamed boomers for literally everything wrong with the world, but during the pandemic, told Gen Z that you have to sacrifice everything to save them? Millennials literally cannot function without blaming somebody else for their own problems. I can't get laid? Jews made women bad. I can't get a job? Boomers keep bringing in damn dirty foreigners. I can't own a house? They never told me how to budget properly! I'm not the target audience for consoomable product anymore? Man, fuck zoomers! What's funny is that so many millennials will bleat on about the poor Ukrainians, but then act like them living in a land of 24/7 porn and fast food is somehow a big bad evil. What, would you prefer to live in some stuck in the Middle Ages Slavic shithole that hasn't amounted to anything since the Mongol invasions?

Face it, millennials are losers. I have have countless good interactions with people from every other generation, but millennials always, ALWAYS, sperg out.

Teenage Girl 22/04/03(Sun)04:24 No. 24488 ID: ff3844

What's interesting to me is how before 2020, American online culture was all about wistfully imagining a future paradise / hellscape wherein Baby Boomers didn't dictate elections or monopolise the best jobs in the corporate world. Here was a perfect opportunity for spiteful socialist Milennials to eliminate their competition so to speak, a literal Boomer Remover, and instead they became their most vociferous protectors. This isn't like Gen X who disliked the wars or the consumerism culture Boomers pitched, Gen X at least had the chance to get skills and make money.
Milennials sit and whine how Boomers single-handedly keep the GOP in power, and through their greed and fiscal incompetence, ruined the economy for young people. I can't wait for Gen Z to come along and succeed despite the corona-recession and Milennials transfer wholesale all their emotional baggage to teenagers 1-2 decades younger than they are. I mean, they already blame 'em for everything else.

>I can't consoom product anymore 'cause zoomers bad!

But at the same time, they'll tell you to beware the electronic synagogue.

Teenage Girl 22/04/03(Sun)07:03 No. 24490 ID: 9ac13d

I think the biggest irony of all is that the Millennials unwittingly created the very world they hate so much and spend all their time complaining about.

Teenage Girl 22/04/03(Sun)19:19 No. 24491 ID: ff3844


>I think the biggest irony of all is that the Millennials unwittingly created the very world they hate so much and spend all their time complaining about.


>American government gives the most lazily done, half-assed plot to drum up support for the Iraq War. Millennials enlist en masse, and despite it being bullshit, to this day lord it over boomers 'cause at least "WE served" - so what you're saying is that boomers are better 'cause they dodged a literal draft to avoid fighting in their own bullshit war? Who was drafting millennials to die in some desert shithole?

>Boomers (old people in general, really) are depicted as transphobic, racist planet killers for decades. Millennials then conveniently turn a 180 and tell Gen Z to go fuck themselves. Every single dumbass attention whoring hot take about the pandemic comes from millennials. The same generation that blames boomers for everything gets mad when Gen Z coins the term, "Boomer Remover." Millennials encourage the money printer brrrrring, not caring that they will be the new boomers to Gen Z and future gens.

>Gen Z is organizing school walkouts, civil disruption, the works. Millennials? Too busy fretting over Rowling being transphobic despite giving her a pass for all the other problematic shit she did beforehand. Stephen "gangbang in the sewers" King gets a pass also.

>Millennials tell you white privilege is bad, yet consistently vote for old white men like Biden. Even the token tranny in his cabinet is white.

>Gen Z girls dance for fun on TikTok. Millennials online talk about, and sometimes carry out, shootings of innocent people.

>TIKTOK BAD! SMARTPHONES BAD! SOCIAL MEDIA IS THE DEVIL! Says the same generation that gave us Reddit, 4chan AND Tumblr.

>Every generation has their unique contributions to culture. Boomers? Classic rock. Gen-X? Simpsons, Daria, the golden age of hip hop, Attitude Era, John Hughes. Millennials? Tumbleweeds. Literally nothing. You cannot name any great millennial movies, books, etc. It's all rehashes, retreads, and reboots of the works of others.

I mean, I could go on.

Millennials get what they fucking deserve.

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