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Are Rightoids Autistic? Teenage Girl 22/05/09(Mon)18:26 No. 24570 ID: 29defc

File 165211358429.jpg - (53.53KB , 1080x1128 , 160547443116.jpg )

> Lack of "theory of mind": thinking all of a "community" are alike, and that "collective punishment" mentality - BS like "female privilege".

> Trouble telling fiction from IRL: BS like "the villain is a white male, which means the author hates white people"

> Rigidly categorizing subjects, like the thinking that leads to BS like the "oppression olympics" or "AWALT".

> Behavior like "stimming", like the need for having a "safe space" after exposure to the "Prickly-Wicklies" of the "degenerate".

> Difficulty with subtlety: notice how rightoids can be compelled to advertise identity loudly all the time - like with "white pride"?

> Excessive stilted and awkward speech: "chanspeak" like "wojak", "fedora tipping", and "shitposting".

> Overthinking simple concepts, like how X must mean all Y are bad.

> Intense fixation on identity politics like it's an autistic "special interest": "everything is political".

> Lack of a sense of humor: rightoids can be easily offended, and of course there's the fact they created "cancel culture".

> Sensory issues: is there anything that's never "degenerate"?

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