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Teenage Girl 22/05/26(Thu)07:09 No. 24602 ID: cd7612

File 165354178517.png - (18.24KB , 300x250 , 3YQZDaf4nm-12.png )


I know the rep this guy has online, but he was way ahead of his time - Pretender Syndrome has taken over the entire internet. It's why so many edgelords and other malcontents are the way they are - they don't fit in anywhere because they have no real desire to do so. They aren't an actual person, they don't have any unique characteristics about themselves; they don't have a personality or likes or dislikes, they just parrot buzzwords over and over again: ratio, based, woke, YWNBAW, cuck, etc, etc. As much shit as I've given them, even Kiwi Farms went through the same shit - once the MIGAtards took over, it stopped being about lolcows and just became Diet /pol/ like every other place these fuckers infest. It's a truth universally acknowledged that every site ultimately becomes Diet Reddit or Diet /pol/ and that's because of all these pretending fucks. It's why anons mentioned how political correctness is the new fursecution, y'know. It's too bad we don't have people like Jim here calling this shit out: it's true then like it is now: you, the edgelords and woketards, are what's wrong with the internet. You have done to it what the Romans did to Carthage, and then you have the gall to whine when people call you out on it. And no, you were never what the internet used to be. The internet in the good old days was not comprised of people like you.

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