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Teenage Girl 22/05/26(Thu)19:27 No. 24607 ID: d7b85c

File 165358607159.png - (210.54KB , 622x406 , 1653551430076.png )

A screencap from Nick Fuentes' latest stream. Wow, another self proclaimed traditionalist male outed as a homosexual. Whoever could have seen this coming. It's almost like the lady doth protest too much and has to peacock what they perceive as masculinity. Anyone that focuses on masculinity and sex to that degree almost always turns out to be gay. Turns out that most straight men aren't interested in what men do 99.9% of the time. It's why I keep saying that rightoids are closet faggots; their obsession with Chad and (built for) BBC, their misogynistic rhetoric that hits parody levels, the constant deference to "soyboys," the use of the hilariously unscientific alpha/beta/omega/sigma shit.....it's all starting to make sense.

Teenage Girl 22/05/26(Thu)19:46 No. 24609 ID: d7b85c

File 165358718677.png - (462.80KB , 1000x786 , gay fuentes.png )

It would also make sense as to why rightoid men hate women so much, but yet so many of them whine about the lack of sexy 2d in kids' toys like video games; not only are they unable to cope with aging, and that they're no longer the target audience in the capitalist system they praise so much, but that they have to constantly assert their supposed heterosexuality - it would also explain why anons post pictures of scantily clad 3d women totally unrelated to the thread on any imageboard. They have to prove to people that they are straight. It all stems from self-hatred, just like it does in any group revolving around hate of The Other. You don't join one when you're happy with yourself and your life. But hey, don't take my word for it, just notice how every rightoid site ultimately devolves into cunnyposting while simultaneously whining about drag queen story hour or how the Uvalde shooter was a tranny who apparently had more balls than the average trvd male anon who bleats on about le day of the rope, as if expecting someone else will do all the heavy lifting so they can go back to playing with kids' toys in a "Restored White America" that totally won't send him to a labor camp for being a NEET faggot.

Teenage Girl 22/05/27(Fri)04:40 No. 24611 ID: 53ec71

File 165361923711.jpg - (63.99KB , 606x597 , the dick.jpg )

Truly based. This just makes me like Nick just a little bit more because homosexuals are peak woman haters. They completely denounce women while also liking the clearly superior sex. Women are stupid subhumans and the less men like them and further technology advances to make artificial wombs a reality the better.

Teenage Girl 22/05/27(Fri)08:45 No. 24614 ID: 2f5cfe


As if you could afford an artificial womb. You'll be stuck with flesh and bone while the wealthy elite keep all the artificial wombs for themselves, and then the future generation of faggots can come to whatever passes for an imageboard then and whine about it.

Teenage Girl 22/05/30(Mon)01:47 No. 24622 ID: 613311

Listen to George Carlin's "Male Disease" monologue. It tackles all the absurdities of masculine conformity.

The+Red+Barron 22/06/01(Wed)10:19 No. 24632 ID: 7cb4c3

I exclusively masturbate to trannies and bestiality. I don't really think it is associated with any abnormal behavior, I don't hide it. If anything, porn gives you a distaste for certain things. I think I started hating used bitches because pornsluts always have four inch pussies. Started jerking to lez shit, then kiddie stuff, turns out I hate everything but monogamy which I just can't fap to.

Right before I became ultra-nationalist racist I was jerking to cuck and BBC tranny porn. Ironic maybe, but maybe more telling than that.

Porn sucks, and I'm tired of pretending it's a useful substitute for a wife

Teenage Girl 22/06/01(Wed)13:35 No. 24633 ID: b09348

That's quite a post.

Teenage Girl 22/06/02(Thu)01:25 No. 24634 ID: 20ad85

Do you have any of the pics where he goes on a date with a cat ears guy/human being, called "loli socks"
seen one should of grabed it for you.

right wing homo
left wing kids
not all of them, just thats how the pie chart looks

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