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So sick of this city Teenage Girl 22/05/31(Tue)23:10 No. 24627 ID: 099740

File 16540314529.jpg - (641.53KB , 2998x2000 , 345h66h6w.jpg )

Every white women from 6/10 to 9/10 have a male boyfriend who dumps them, then they find another

Every white man in single and works construction

Every black female has 6 kids and is fat, has an attitude, and is really stupid

Every black man is really tired and gets angry easy but is also really stupid, and get free money to be stupid

My neighborhood didn't have 1 overcrowded black house for 30 blocks in every direction all until 6~10 years ago. Now you can't go anywhere that isn't 25 miles away that isn't Africa with screaming kids and taking up massive amount of time acting stupid.

I went to school and they taught me not to be racist, but it's impossible not to be with these fuckers drowning the area.

The+Red+Barron 22/06/01(Wed)10:04 No. 24630 ID: 7cb4c3

Sounds like there's better cities out there for sure

Honestly you should just find the absolute smallest town with a cheap hotel you can, and go on vacation

Teenage Girl 22/06/02(Thu)03:08 No. 24636 ID: 5c22f0

That's strange. It seems it's the whites always causing trouble. Drugging up and pumping and dumping out kids. But then again, poltards like you wouldn't understand that.

Please go back to your cesspool

Teenage Girl 22/06/05(Sun)03:31 No. 24648 ID: e46f79

File 165439269867.jpg - (93.34KB , 576x1024 , titties out during a bbq fight.jpg )

Watch, in another ten years, OP's neighborhood will get gentrified. Letting "the blacks" devalue the area for a bit is key to real estate scumbaggery.

Teenage Girl 22/06/07(Tue)09:10 No. 24652 ID: deb781

File 165458583021.jpg - (30.74KB , 600x600 , nail hammer.jpg )

saddly I can't seem to find my nail and hmmer pic
so for you, I looked for one and here it is.
as for>>24627,>>24636
skin colour is just a distraction
yet feel free to be chumps

Teenage Girl 22/06/10(Fri)08:53 No. 24659 ID: c49955

File 165484399438.png - (95.70KB , 565x599 , 1458004280127.png )

That's funny. Where I live, I see people of all colors and what not mingling peacefully, having fun, all sorts of good shit. Kids of all colors playing outside, having even more fun, going to community events with their parents, raising donations to renovate the park nearby. OP is probably just a faggot making up shit to justify being too lazy to come up with a personality. >>24636 is exactly right, but let's be honest, poltards are just performatively racist. Otherwise they wouldn't be on a medium created originally to discuss cuckime, vidya games and other (by their own standards) gook/kike shit. Imagine being such a failure at life you can't even be a racist scumbag properly.

Teenage Girl 22/06/10(Fri)08:54 No. 24660 ID: c49955


>just a distraction

Yeah, and they double down on it. Doubling down is pretty much their STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE. Anything else would not only mean people catching on to them. But also being forced to confront the possibility that they've fucked up.

Teenage Girl 22/06/20(Mon)21:31 No. 24687 ID: c06629

>Anything else would not only mean people catching on to them.
>But also being forced to confront the possibility that they've fucked up.

Yep >>24660, last thing people are going to do is look around them and go oh fuck what have I done.

So it jsut business as usual.

Hope your doing ok anon

Teenage Girl 22/06/22(Wed)17:59 No. 24701 ID: be9b39

>a male boyfriend

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