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Booomer mom Teenage Girl 22/06/01(Wed)01:31 No. 24628 ID: 099740

File 165403990787.png - (82.98KB , 452x410 , q5yh65.png )

Impossible to talk to my boomer mom, either says something negative or says "I don't know". Probably why I didn't get anywhere in life. Stamps around as loud as she can. If she is doing anything even slightly laborious has a really negative bitchy tone and then flips to something really sissy if I tell her to drop her tone or I'll drop her with my fist.

The+Red+Barron 22/06/01(Wed)10:02 No. 24629 ID: 7cb4c3

She's addicted to opiates

That state is called "being awake" to an opiate addict, the angry stares, the stomping, all par for the course. Try not to instigate, she will waste all your food money on it if you push her to use

Teenage Girl 22/06/05(Sun)12:10 No. 24649 ID: 59085e

>I'll drop her with my fist.
Move out, it is rarely acceptable to hit ones mother.

Teenage Girl 22/06/08(Wed)04:55 No. 24654 ID: ceca69

It still amazes me that adult misbehavior is never given the same physical punishment that juvenile misbehavior does.
I sometimes think adults, especially men, use their age as an excuse to be douchebags in old age because "respect your elders".

Respect goes both ways.

Teenage Girl 22/06/10(Fri)08:45 No. 24657 ID: c49955

I know exactly how you feel, OP. I had the same kinda mother, which is why I moved out and no contact'd her a long time ago. Does your father take it out on you that he married such a bitch? Mine did, which is why I don't bother with him, either.

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