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Teenage Girl 22/06/24(Fri)11:15 No. 24740 ID: 969b7c

File 165606210123.png - (92.66KB , 657x527 , 0b1.png )

Tranny hate threads on 4chan are rather dumb. Everytime they show transgenders taking L, it's Always White transfemales from North America and United Kingdom.

I understand Bunkerchan and my mother's fax machine basically taught them that transgenders shouldn't be trusted all the time, but do they have to only focus on them?

Teenage Girl 22/06/27(Mon)09:32 No. 24813 ID: 213cee

Tranny derangement syndrome is real. I find it funny how trannies are somehow simultaneously and utterly inept, suicidal nutjobs who can't do shit for themselves AND a looming spectre that threatens to destroy everything like a Mongol horde. Reminds me of how shitlibs think Trump is a total dumb fuck jackass and yet smart enough to be the biggest thing since Der Fuhrer. People need to calm the fuck down and either touch grass or just get the inevitable "I wasted my life online and have nothing to show for it" suicide at 50 overwith sooner.

Teenage Girl 22/06/27(Mon)15:14 No. 24822 ID: 9ce0a6

>it's Always White transfemales from North America and United Kingdom
This is because transgenderism and all this pretendogendo bullshit is only taken seriously here in the west. Ever seen an African tranny?

Teenage Girl 22/06/27(Mon)17:54 No. 24830 ID: be9b39

No one can deny that a bunch of teenagers saying "you will never be a woman!" to any post that slightly disagrees with them is a major part of what killed /pol/, but I still think trannies are actually a somewhat telling problem. They constitute a really extreme form of reality denial and (for lack of a better term) 'snowflakeism'. They aren't just a somewhat bizarro take on the normal human condition like we saw with the 'weirdness' that boomers got up to during Counter Culture, they legitimately are this uniquely modern thing that is far removed from nature and wouldn't survive without systems that we've recently propped up with technology (the internet)

And before you say it >>24823 yes, I am aware that every society has always had a few trannies. But it's not remotely like this, they weren't encouraged and bent over backwards for to the point that troubled youth see it and think "huh maybe that's the thing for me!", there were very few cases outside of full blown gender dysphoria that someone got on their own.

Teenage Girl 22/06/27(Mon)18:08 No. 24835 ID: be9b39

You didn't need to stop me to say that. 19 year olds are teens. I'm just trying to make it clear that I don't respect them so I'm not saying something like "young men"

Teenage Girl 22/06/27(Mon)19:01 No. 24839 ID: be9b39

Why did you feel the need to tell me this?

Teenage Girl 22/06/27(Mon)19:04 No. 24841 ID: be9b39

>Youth is not automatic innocence/fragility.
Oh, it's you.

I agree with you in all of your threads and have told you so, but you're turning yourself from a quality poster into a schizoposter by just blindly and rudely dumping this rant for no reason, it de-legitimizes it.

Teenage Girl 22/06/27(Mon)19:11 No. 24843 ID: 17ce87


>No one can deny that a bunch of teenagers saying "you will never be a woman!" to any post that slightly disagrees with them is a major part of what killed /pol/, but I still think trannies are actually a somewhat telling problem.

To who? I find it funny that for years, imageboards were chock full of misogynistic bullshit about VAGINA HAVER BAD, but as soon as trannies become the convenient in thing, suddenly y'all are all clutching pearls over this shit. Trannies will ruin women's sports....even though we've always said no one watches them anyway! Trannies will go into women's shelters, even though we've always said men suffer more than women do! Blah blah blah. You people are such tryhard contrarian faggots, it's unreal.

Teenage Girl 22/06/27(Mon)19:14 No. 24845 ID: be9b39

>You people
Yeah, what kind of a person am I?

Teenage Girl 22/06/27(Mon)19:18 No. 24847 ID: be9b39

It hadn't really occurred to me to think about millennials almost at all until a week ago (I'm from the "cusp years" so I don't identify with either them or Gen Z), I'm just finding it to be interesting food for thought.

Teenage Girl 22/06/27(Mon)19:30 No. 24850 ID: 17ce87


The sorta person who thinks playing dumb means people will forget the chronic misogyny to the levels of self-parody imageboards exhibited.

>"But I wasn't one!"

Great, doesn't mean imageboards weren't.


>Mind you I'm a millennial myself and I don't agree with "2000s was the last golden age".

Because they were kids. It's expected kids will feel attachment to their time in the sun. But objectively, it was the cringiest, lamest, decade ever. Led to the shitshow that was the 2010s and the horrorshow that is the 2020s. No wonder so many of them latch onto the 90s.

Millennials' greatest cultural contribution was Brokencyde. But listen to them bash 'Lil Peep or whatever the fuck lol.

Teenage Girl 22/06/27(Mon)19:31 No. 24851 ID: be9b39

What the fuck are you talking about?

Teenage Girl 22/06/27(Mon)19:35 No. 24853 ID: be9b39

You're literally posting in another thread I made where I was raging about misogyny, and I don't see the relevance of this to the discussion here to begin with.

Teenage Girl 22/06/27(Mon)19:36 No. 24854 ID: 17ce87


Isn't it obvious?

Teenage Girl 22/06/27(Mon)19:38 No. 24855 ID: be9b39

>I think trannies are actually kind of a problem in spite of my general opposition to /pol/ bullshit
>"Yeah well I'm sure you or someone else said mean shit about women once!"

Teenage Girl 22/06/27(Mon)19:40 No. 24858 ID: 17ce87


Are you still trying to trot out this fantasy that imageboarders are just misunderstood souls who don't cling to an archaic form of communication 'cause normie man bad?

Teenage Girl 22/06/27(Mon)19:52 No. 24860 ID: be9b39

Where did you even get the idea that I was saying or thinking that?

Teenage Girl 22/06/27(Mon)21:35 No. 24861 ID: ac5ba6


Stop playing dumb. It's not cute. It's not funny.

Teenage Girl 22/06/27(Mon)21:42 No. 24862 ID: be9b39

No I genuinely don't know what the fuck you are talking about.

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