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Women Teenage Girl 22/07/30(Sat)23:16 No. 25175 ID: 838b0b

File 165921578892.png - (380.71KB , 588x441 , r6ued6.png )

*proceeds to walk like a 3 year old through their whole life*
>Acts like a complete cunt
"No, anon I was just SAYING ________"

Yeah right, I don't need you.

Teenage Girl 22/07/31(Sun)16:02 No. 25176 ID: 4e9eca

have sex

Teenage Girl 22/07/31(Sun)17:35 No. 25177 ID: 838b0b

I can hardly afford the first kid, I am not going to have another female trick me in to a 2nd.

Teenage Girl 22/07/31(Sun)18:20 No. 25178 ID: ff6ef6

Okay then, don't.

Teenage Girl 22/07/31(Sun)20:12 No. 25179 ID: 8f58ab

It's funny how someone can have regular sex in a monogamous relationship for twenty five years and never have a scare but others have sex four times with some dumb bitch and boom! Fatherhood.

Teenage Girl 22/07/31(Sun)21:24 No. 25180 ID: be9b39

What's so bad about that? You spread your genes, you beat the game.

Teenage Girl 22/08/01(Mon)15:37 No. 25183 ID: 744827

Is this the new term everyone's gonna use to reply to every argument for the next few months?

Teenage Girl 22/08/01(Mon)15:38 No. 25184 ID: 744827

>You spread your genes, you beat the game.
I'd say NOT spreading your gene beats the game.

Teenage Girl 22/08/01(Mon)23:51 No. 25185 ID: be9b39

It's been a thing for about 5 years. It's usually ironic.

Teenage Girl 22/08/01(Mon)23:53 No. 25186 ID: be9b39

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes (like funko pops)

Teenage Girl 22/08/02(Tue)00:01 No. 25187 ID: 838b0b

It's been about 2 years now.
>have sex
>poorfag cope
>touch grass
or on faggit
>who hurt you
Are all from a late late Trump world until now.

Teenage Girl 22/08/04(Thu)05:23 No. 25188 ID: 6fd678

File 165958341148.jpg - (16.51KB , 862x480 , f5d6f36e-d130-446e-8f10-b51b9cc1942e_screenshot (1.jpg )

OP perfectly describes so many men. Maybe the truth is that we're all fucked up in our own little ways.

Teenage Girl 22/08/07(Sun)03:08 No. 25189 ID: dc1af3

It especially describes those male hierarchy enthusiasts.

>Sigma males never do X

>If you do this, you're a beta

Teenage Girl 22/08/09(Tue)00:02 No. 25190 ID: a54ab0

File 165999614449.png - (255.52KB , 1200x1080 , khyfduydfkug.png )

That's correct.

Teenage Girl 22/08/10(Wed)00:20 No. 25191 ID: f42032

Everyone's fucked up in one way or another.

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