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Pathfinder and 3PP PF The+Liberator 17/02/13(Mon)15:12 No. 117678

File 148699517916.jpg - (46.10KB , 500x300 , pathfinder-rpg-core-book.jpg )

Hello all! This here will be a thread solely for discussion and requests, as well as a place to help clean or donate, Pathfinder Paizo material (and 3PP material as well). We try to get the main lines first each month (RPG, Campaign, Player Companion, Adventure Path, Module) and then with other things coming along when we have them to clean and share. Please email me if you have anything to share or help with. Here's a starter set of links to share to start this thread off! Thank you! And thank you to the cleaners/donors that help with this.

AP #108

AP #109

AP #110

AP #111

AP #112

AP #113


ComputerSmurf 17/02/13(Mon)23:48 No. 117705


Confirming Intent:
Should this also include Starjammer and Starfinder products as they are being released as well, or should that be placed in the main Request Thread

Starfinder The+Liberator 17/02/14(Tue)00:32 No. 117708


Definitely Starfinder as well.

PFS Anonymous 17/02/14(Tue)02:10 No. 117710


Great work as always The+Liberator!
Do you have PFS S08-06 and later as well?

The+Liberator 17/02/14(Tue)06:16 No. 117720


I believe those were all recently posted on the main Request thread, but it can be reposted here if anyone likes?

Trove Locations Anonymous 17/02/14(Tue)07:53 No. 117726

Since this is a new dedicated thread, perhaps we could get a trove location summary? I only know of one, but I'm not sure about whether I can post the URL in the clear or if I need to disguise it or what?

Reuqest: Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Compendium ComputerSmurf 17/02/14(Tue)17:17 No. 117746

Anybody have this little gem now that it appears to be complete?

Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Compendium (note, not to be confused with Book of Heroic Races Compendium from a couple years back)

Map Packs & Flip Mats 3AnonAnon 17/02/14(Tue)18:31 No. 117750

Like the idea of a separate thread for PF.

Missing the following if anyone has links, etc.

Hell's Vengeance Pawn Collection (11/2016)
Curse of the Crimson Throne Pawn Collection (12/2016)

Mythos Dungeon (9/2016)
Bigger Forest (10/2016)
Asylum (11/2016)
Elemental Planes Multi-Pack (1/2017)

Map Pack
Road System (4/2016)
Labyrinths (8/2016)
Bridges (10/2016)
Armada (1/2017)

Appreciate it!


Um... Daredevil 17/02/14(Tue)20:18 No. 117758

Is there an up to date trove because I would really like to update what I have. My computer went the way of the dodo, so I'm a bit behind. Basically, I think, the last two to three months. Everything else is backed up. Thanks in advance.

Mageguru!1mpu.dpn.g 17/02/14(Tue)22:02 No. 117761

I am currently in the process of uploading all my PF content. Paizo content will be up to date. 3rd party PF content is pretty up to date.

It's about 35 gigs.

February PF Update The+Liberator 17/02/15(Wed)03:43 No. 117780

Alright I believe I have all the main February PDFs acquired/pledged (Campaign, two Player Companion, and the AP). Expect those sometime on, or a little after, the 22nd.

DC 17/02/15(Wed)03:56 No. 117782

I'm pretty sure Mythos Dungeon was released.
I know we have it though (I'm the one who bought it and cleaned it)

If you can keep the missing list updated that would be great, cause I'm going to slowly fill it out within my budget.

3pp Request Anonymous 17/02/15(Wed)09:14 No. 117798

Anyone have the Ultimate Occult from Rogue Genius?
As tribute this mega dot nz/#F!kBAn3TBR!49_iwDup24kSiIJmwTPwjA!IZoT2TRB has most Paizo stuff.

Anonymous 17/02/15(Wed)09:15 No. 117799


I'm not quite sure where your PF/3rd party trove(s) is(are) located; the only PF trove I know of is me ga /#F!nE0hGIRL!gOFNKfhyFfoLeuJEWzl51g!3N9yEZjS

Concerning 3rd party stuff, I sadly missed Zeitgeist #13 that you've uploaded some time ago, so I'd be really grateful for that.

Wonderer 17/02/15(Wed)20:38 No. 117835


Map Pack: Road System was released by VH back in the day.

You also could add:

Pathfinder Campaign Setting
Strange Aeons Poster Map Folio (01/2017)

to the missing section.


If you have a cleaned version of the Mythos Dungeon, please re-up as I missed that release.

Anonymous 17/02/16(Thu)11:48 No. 117884

how many files is that? I have around 35gb's of Pathfinder content and I often have content Troves don't have. I also don't bother keeping "Print" versions

Anonymous 17/02/16(Thu)23:15 No. 117905


I'd love that, thanks!

The+Gentleman+with+Thistle+Down+Hair 17/02/17(Fri)17:31 No. 117952

So, the last PF 3rd party trove I saw on the general thread is down. Is there another? Can anyone reup it?
And has anyone participated in the kickstarter for Sandy Petersen's Cthulhu Mythos for Pathfinder? Or in Zombie Sky Press' The Faerie Ring kickstarter? Much obliged.

Anonymous 17/02/17(Fri)18:03 No. 117953


Faerie Ring pushed back again. I'm not shocked. Have not seen any backers @ here and I've been asking for months.

Troves & requests Ilija 17/02/17(Fri)19:56 No. 117957

Still active PF troves (paizo & 3pp) @mega:






Tome of Blighted Horrors by Frog Gods
Bard's Gate by Frog Gods
Grimoire of Lost Souls by Radiance House
Into Wintery Gale by AAW Games
Dark Obelisk Berinncorte By Infinium Games
Jacob's Tower by Zenith Games
Plight of Tuatha 2&3 by Mor Games

PF Trove Mageguru!1mpu.dpn.g 17/02/17(Fri)23:03 No. 117967

PF Trove now up...


Anonymous+And+Proud 17/02/18(Sat)03:18 No. 117980


Have not been able to download PFS 7-26 from your trove, always getting a temporary error, retrying message. Hope you can fix the matter.

Pathfinder Sci-fi Anonymous 17/02/18(Sat)05:44 No. 117990

Infinite Futures 2.0
Planets of the Fringe
Aliens of the Fringe
Dangers of the Fringe
Infinite Futures, Terran Marines Source Book
Infinite Starships
Infinite Threats 1
Infinite Treats, The Too-Nia

Star Tramps - Freelance Space Exploration (PFRPG)
Close Encounters - Alien Species for Star Tramps
Explorer's Arsenal - Star Tramps Player Options
Laws Of Robotics - Robots as PCs and Products for Star Tramps
Starships Expanded (PFRPG)
The Sol System - A Look At Humanity's Home Star (PFRPG)

Anonymous 17/02/18(Sat)14:28 No. 117997

File 148742449390.jpg - (17.19KB , 1162x125 , Screenshot_11.jpg )


The problem lies on your side, not his.


Frog God Games Dead+Frog+God 17/02/18(Sat)14:30 No. 117998

can you do a post on what this months stuff is please

Troves Wonderer 17/02/18(Sat)18:58 No. 118007


Thank you for putting this trove up. I appreciate all of your work on the PF and D&D troves that you have.

Anonymous+And+Proud 17/02/18(Sat)22:48 No. 118017


You would appear to be correct, as I have also successfully downloaded the file in question. Thanks to MageGuru for whatever they did.

Anonymous 17/02/19(Sun)00:49 No. 118022

1. "Undefatable" is not official PF material. Please move to 3PP folder, if any.

2. Pathways is available up to issue 60. Also not official PF material. Neither is Wayfinder.

3. You should rename the files to include the PZOxxxx number, this would make completing collections much easier.

people complaining A thankful hoarder 17/02/19(Sun)01:26 No. 118023

Why is there always some ass-hat Anon that needs to bitch and complain about free stuff. Why is it someone elses job to make your collecting of pirated FREE stuff easier for you?

I for one am happy with what is provided! Thank you to Mageguru for taking the time to upload this trove. I simply moved the wayfinder, Undefeatable, etc to 3pp on my own copies.

Mageguru!1mpu.dpn.g 17/02/19(Sun)01:46 No. 118025


Um, No. Just because.

Anonymous 17/02/19(Sun)02:55 No. 118031

i fully support this response

Anonymous 17/02/19(Sun)04:28 No. 118037

Holy crap, I've been looking for the 2011 Paizo catalog forever (don't ask) and had pretty much given up. Thanks!

Also, is the Pathways folder gone? Did I just hallucinate it earlier? Could someone please upload it if they grabbed it?

And if anyone wants all the undeFEATables collected into one volume: SS

Anonymous+Anon 17/02/19(Sun)06:16 No. 118046


Number 1 & 2 seem pretty OCD IMO.

Number 3 WOULD be nice as it makes it easier to find the newest material as the PZO numbers change the list from alphabetical order to chronological order. It doesn't matter if you know what you're looking for by name but harder if you're looking for something new without knowing the exact name.

Now I can understand Mageguru not wanting to look up the PZO and adding them because that's a pain in the ass. I'd prefer a trove with the PZO, I'm not going to complain when one is missing them.

Mageguru!1mpu.dpn.g 17/02/19(Sun)11:27 No. 118059

I took it down temporarily, cause I spotted some issues that were not clean.

Mageguru!1mpu.dpn.g 17/02/19(Sun)11:29 No. 118060


That's the thing I never look at product numbers. I look at tit... er titles.

Anonymous 17/02/19(Sun)15:42 No. 118069


Thanks, Lib. Genies looks sweet.

Anonymous 17/02/19(Sun)16:41 No. 118070

Not sure If I missed it, but does anyone have the Core Starjammer?

Anonymous 17/02/19(Sun)20:57 No. 118086

I'm curious if you're going to draw up a list of what 3PP products are needed to complete the trove. VH used to have a list for PF that helped donators figure out what to donate.

Anonymous+Anon 17/02/19(Sun)22:01 No. 118089


LOL I understand 100%. Once I download I too strip out the product code and only look at the title. I just know several times I've found PDF's I'd forgotten or didn't know about because they where in the bottom of the list and I could tell at a glance they where new.

Maybe you should make a trove that uses product codes. It never hurts to have multiple troves and it's easier to just upload files that already have the codes than add them in later. It'd leave us with the best of both worlds.

Now a request. Any of the Kineticists of Porphyra? I think they are up to 4 now and I haven't found any yet.

Anonymous 17/02/20(Mon)00:03 No. 118097


3 are here under Kinny. Haven't seen four in the wild yet.

Anonymous 17/02/20(Mon)00:04 No. 118098


Anonymous 17/02/20(Mon)00:50 No. 118101

File 148754821369.jpg - (10.09KB , 193x261 , Groot.jpg )

In the Company of Treants


Anonymous 17/02/20(Mon)01:09 No. 118102

seconding the request for sci-fi

Anonymous+Anon 17/02/20(Mon)07:22 No. 118123

>>118097 >>118098

Woot!! You rock! Thanks to you my quest is over and there was some other cool stuff in there too.

Scathach the Majestic Needs Your Help! Scathach!EgoMUSS73k 17/02/20(Mon)08:23 No. 118124

Humbly requesting from Dreamscarred Press:
Akashic Mysteries Collection
Monster Classes: Work-In-Progress
Monster Classes: Giants and Reptiles
Monster Classes: Sand and Spirit
Monster Classes: Woodlands
Monster Classes: True Dragon
Moster Classes: Savage Species II
Psionic Bestiary: Six Monsters
Psionic Bestiary, Part 9
Psionic Bestiary, Part 10
Psionic Bestiary: Psionic Dragons
Psionic Items of Legend: Groundscorn Boots
Psionic Items of Legend: Tempest's Blade
Psionics Augmented: Wilders
Psionics Augmented: Soulknives II
Psionics Augmented: Souldknives III
Psionics Augmented: Psicrystals Expanded
Psionics Augmented: Living Legend
Psionics Augmented Occult: Mind and Soul
Psionics Augmented Occult: Kineticists
Divergent Paths: Roil Dancer

And from Green Ronin:
Freeport: The City of Adventure
Player's Guide to Freeport
Short Cuts: Magic Firearms of Freeport
Short Cuts: Inquisitor Spells of Freeport
Short Cuts: Fifty Campaign Themes
Return to Freeport, Part One: Curse of the Brine Witch
Return to Freeport, Part Two: The Abyssinial Chain
Short Cuts: Thanemages of Freeport
Short Cuts: Witch Patrons of Freeport
Short Cuts: Cavalier Orders of Freeport
Return to Freeport, Part Three: Storming the Razor Caves

Ilija 17/02/20(Mon)19:33 No. 118143


Search through troves that are posted in the thread, most of dreamscarred stuff is there, and two main books of freeport.

Anonymous 17/02/20(Mon)20:35 No. 118145

Ah, thanks for the clarification. I really appreciate all your hard work.

And in case it matters, Wayfinder #4 in your trove isn't entirely clean either. You can see account info along the bottom from pages 02-64.

118098 The Gentleman with Thistledown Hair 17/02/20(Mon)22:18 No. 118149

hmmm... I'm sorry, but what should I do with this link?

Ilija 17/02/20(Mon)23:36 No. 118152


replace <doobie> with .

Anonymous 17/02/22(Wed)08:35 No. 118248

Does anyone have Fat Goblin Games; Feats of Lust?

Legendary Games Mythic Paths? Anonymous 17/02/22(Wed)10:48 No. 118255

I've been looking for Legendary Games' Mythic Paths, particularly the Path of the Genius. I've already got the print version(s), but it'd be easier if I could copy/paste into character sheets.

anonymous 17/02/23(Thu)00:48 No. 118282

Are all the Paizo releases covered for ?

February PF Update The+Liberator 17/02/23(Thu)04:59 No. 118293


Just waiting on one remaining donor to complete his pledge, then we will have them all ready to clean and share.

Nightfall 17/02/23(Thu)05:27 No. 118295


Thank you Lib! :)

Swift 17/02/23(Thu)09:43 No. 118307

I can't find any Starfinder products on any of the working Paizo troves. Anyone knows a place, please link it.

Anonymous 17/02/23(Thu)09:45 No. 118308

Starfinder isn't out at all until the summer. I would suggest chillin' on that

Pathfinder Pawns: Villain Codex Box Anonymous 17/02/23(Thu)10:26 No. 118309

Does anybody have the pawn box pdf for the Villain Codex yet?

Anonymous 17/02/23(Thu)22:03 No. 118321


Get stuck for a pledge, Lib? If so, which? I may be able to help, but not till tomorrow, at the soonest. I assume calls for aid would have gone out to our inboxes.

Anonymous 17/02/23(Thu)23:50 No. 118324

No Psychic Anthology yet?

Anonymous 17/02/24(Fri)00:13 No. 118326

That was pledged.

- A donor

Nightfall 17/02/24(Fri)04:43 No. 118336

Remember folks! Patience is a virtue. It will be posted. Just a matter of time.

Anonymous 17/02/24(Fri)05:46 No. 118338

I'm a mental patient. I'm *supposed* to act out!

Anonymous 17/02/24(Fri)05:48 No. 118339

You should look in my future trove. It has all kinds of good things that haven't been written yet.

Future Trove Old+Darb 17/02/24(Fri)06:33 No. 118340


Fantastic! Now I don't have to wait for B6 any more!

Apropos of nothing, does anyone know of any Epic Mythic (past 10th tier) material?

Nightfall 17/02/24(Fri)07:12 No. 118341


I'm not sure that applies the way you think it does...

Also future trove is a direct violation of the Temporal Accords.

Anonymous 17/02/24(Fri)07:15 No. 118342


Good thing we're pirates and flaunt the rules :-)

Nightfall 17/02/24(Fri)07:16 No. 118343


I'm not a pirate. I just visit here for knowledge.
Besides, rules aren't always meant to be broken. Otherwise we be flying off the planet without gravity.

Anonymous 17/02/24(Fri)07:48 No. 118344

The Accords were determined to be null and void after the Great Convergence when the infinite 'Lines became accessible to humanity.

Anonymous 17/02/24(Fri)11:52 No. 118353

Yes you are. Lie to yourself, but please save the rest of us from your delusions.

Anonymous 17/02/24(Fri)14:44 No. 118356

I can't even read. I'm just here for the raping and pillaging.

Norgorber 17/02/24(Fri)19:24 No. 118371

File 148796069644.png - (858.52KB , 915x1069 , Pirate.png )

Ahoy, mateys!

Finally, a new thread for Pathfinder! I'm eagerly waiting for February updates.Thanks for all your hard work my fellow pirates!


February PF Update The Liberator 17/02/25(Sat)02:11 No. 118394


Thanks, one of my pledges did not come through. So I ended up pitching in myself. I could use help for next month, send me an email.

I have AP #114, Map, Psychic Anthology, Heroes of the High Court and Lands of Conflict all set up for our cleaning crew to work on and should release them all tonight or this weekend.

Thanks to everyone for their patience.

Anonymous 17/02/25(Sat)02:30 No. 118397

Thanks Lib

Nightfall 17/02/25(Sat)04:27 No. 118399


Thank you Lib! :)

Anonymous 17/02/25(Sat)05:38 No. 118402

It's entirely possible that this has been mentioned in the past, but I've been following the threads for a while and don't recall seeing it. How does one pledge to support said endeavors?

Anonymous 17/02/25(Sat)06:22 No. 118405


Email the Liberator. Float on his name for the addy.

Looking For Something To Donate 17/02/25(Sat)14:05 No. 118423

Is there something in this one that was not liberated/pledged yet?


Anonymous 17/02/25(Sat)14:09 No. 118424

Very kind of you. Can't say as everything in there has been posted, but the popular ones have.

Anonymous 17/02/25(Sat)14:17 No. 118425

File 148802863878.jpg - (124.22KB , 768x987 , 194821-768x987.jpg )

Strivog the Bone Drow just got an Endie seal of approval. Ain't seen that yet.


Anonymous 17/02/25(Sat)14:25 No. 118427

I have the other three. I'd love to see the set completed and add it to my trove.

Anonymous 17/02/25(Sat)14:47 No. 118430

In case you're interested...


Anonymous 17/02/25(Sat)17:19 No. 118432


There's around 30-40% of files from there that have not been shared. That said, I can see about 4-5 files that maybe interest me personally the rest are filler IMO.

If you want to donate ~30$ from Legendary Games, maybe two parts of Legendary Planet (only prequel the Assimilation Strain has been liberated, volume 1,2 &4 are still missing; no.3 is not out yet)

Or the new Doomguard class.

Anonymous 17/02/25(Sat)17:42 No. 118435

Dooms is in the wash.

Legendary Kineticist ComputerSmurf 17/02/25(Sat)21:15 No. 118440

Seems I missed downloading Legendary Kineticists when it was initially posted back in December in the other thread.

Can anybody who snagged this re-upload it please?

Anonymous+Anon 17/02/25(Sat)21:30 No. 118442


It's still in a trove. I made a post to trove in the main share section. >>118441

Anonymous 17/02/25(Sat)21:50 No. 118443


Nice, thanks.

Anonymous 17/02/26(Sun)05:35 No. 118459

If someone has Heroes Wear Masks, i would be grateful.


Faux 17/02/27(Mon)02:58 No. 118519

Will these show up on this site or should I be looking elsewhere... not certain of how it works. On the flip side thanks Liberator... I hope that someday I can find a way to help you.

Anonymous 17/02/27(Mon)03:04 No. 118520

It does seem to be taking much longer than usual, but hang in there.

Norgorber 17/02/27(Mon)03:14 No. 118521


I'm sure we only have to wait for a day or two, and it will be posted here.

February PF Update The+Liberator 17/02/27(Mon)03:42 No. 118523

Just waiting on a quality check, hate to send these PDFs out without double checking. Wouldn't want a slip up and a donor's account is gone. Just a little more time, sorry about that.

Anonymous 17/02/27(Mon)03:51 No. 118524

No worries, Lib. Thanks for your efforts.

Nightfall 17/02/27(Mon)04:53 No. 118525


I'm always willing to give you time Lib.

Anonymous 17/02/27(Mon)05:38 No. 118527

take your time. We're used to waiting a week or two after the .pdfs get sent out for our copies.

Scathach!EgoMUSS73k 17/02/27(Mon)08:11 No. 118529

Requesting Legendary Kineticists and Kineticists of Porphyra IV. I have yet to find these buggers.

Anonymous 17/02/27(Mon)08:17 No. 118530

4 is at the cleaner. Read the thread for LK.

Anonymous+Anon 17/02/27(Mon)08:18 No. 118531

>>118529 see >>118440

Anonymous+Anon 17/02/27(Mon)08:22 No. 118532

Thanks for the info! Been looking for 4 ever since I heard it was out in the wild.

Anonymous+Anon 17/02/27(Mon)08:25 No. 118533

>>118532 meant >>118530 and not 118531 :P

Anonymous 17/02/27(Mon)08:25 No. 118534

Don't believe it is yet. That's why I sent it to the laundromat. Don't get ur hopes up too high. I thought it was kinda meh. The best I think is the Energy Roper and it is VERY crunchy.

Anonymous 17/02/27(Mon)08:32 No. 118535

In the wild = cleaned + circulated

Anonymous+Anon 17/02/27(Mon)09:24 No. 118539


Thanks for the share! Even is it's horrible, I have to 'catch em all'! It's rare that I can't dig out a few nuggets of goodness from new stuff. ;)

>>118535 Yep, I know. I'd heard the file was floating around the net and 'cleaned' a week or two ago but I looked here for it to make sure I got a truly clean version. I didn't really dig around so maybe what I heard was crap.

Anonymous 17/02/27(Mon)09:37 No. 118541

Psi over psy

Scathach!EgoMUSS73k 17/02/27(Mon)09:37 No. 118542

Apparently I'm incompetent. Would someone mind spoonfeeding me a link?

Anonymous 17/02/27(Mon)10:00 No. 118545

Incompetence is never rewarded. Just follow the links.

Anonymous 17/02/27(Mon)11:45 No. 118552

Is NybbleMe still around? Noticed his trove with a lot of 3pp stuff went down.

Scathach!EgoMUSS73k 17/02/27(Mon)14:06 No. 118557

Okay. THe links have been followed and they are corpse-y, as best I can tell. Can someone please re-up Legendary Kineticists?

Anonymous 17/02/27(Mon)14:19 No. 118558

Since Mega does seem to be knackered atm I will have some pity for you, poor anon.


Anonymous+Anon 17/02/27(Mon)20:32 No. 118575


I just checked and the trove is still up and running. If it's corpse-y, then something went wrong on your end.

You didn't go to the old individual link did you? That one's been dead for a while.


There was a Mega issue? I was on it several times last night and today and I haven't run into anything. In fact I check right after I saw Scathach!'s post to check that the trove was up.

Anonymous 17/02/27(Mon)23:06 No. 118590

Did the Feb PF stuff end up getting released?

Anonymous 17/02/27(Mon)23:52 No. 118593


See Lib's last post:


Nightfall 17/02/28(Tue)01:15 No. 118595


You do know patience is a virtue right?

Anonymous 17/02/28(Tue)01:50 No. 118600


Deja vu......

Anonymous 17/02/28(Tue)02:18 No. 118606


The only thing virtuous about me, anon, is the purity of my sins.

Nightfall 17/02/28(Tue)03:55 No. 118610


I am not an Anon. I'm Nightfall. Also I believe you about being vice ridden.

Nightfall 17/02/28(Tue)05:10 No. 118615

Is that so, anon?

Anonymous+Anon 17/02/28(Tue)05:15 No. 118616

File 148825533190.jpg - (31.42KB , 504x393 , I-am-Batman.jpg )


Nightfall 17/02/28(Tue)05:21 No. 118619


Hello Mister Wayne. Or should I say TV's Adam West?!!

Nightfall 17/02/28(Tue)05:53 No. 118622

Where does he get those wonderful toys?

Nightfall 17/02/28(Tue)06:50 No. 118625


Why so serious?

Paizo Site: Dungeon magazine request Anonymous 17/02/28(Tue)10:46 No. 118630

Sorry if this is a little off-topic.

Over in another thread some folks helped me find a World of Greyhawk Map from Paizo in jpg form constructed from the maps sold via Paizo.

Since then, I have found out that Paizo includes a ZIP for each map portion (4 of them) in the

DUNGEON Magazine issues, 118-121.

These are obviously more aimed at D&D but I am hoping since it was put out by Paizo that some great Anon has it in their collection.

If not, my friend will be buying them and I will forward the maps to our Illustrious MageGuru for cleanification.

I heard these maps have layers in the PDF which sounds very useful for removing adventuring sites for player versions.

Swift 17/03/01(Wed)00:49 No. 118661

Someone explain this to me... I thought if you buy an online PDF like this, well, you just get a file, same as you would with say, an online newspaper. Does this mean they somehow tailor each PDF to contain what, hidden code about whose account it was purchased from?

Swift 17/03/01(Wed)00:52 No. 118662

Oh. That's weird, then what was that Pathfinder accessory book that was shared recently that seems to have been made for Starfinder? Or was that for a retro Spelljammer? I never knew they open-sourced that world as well at Wizards.

Swift 17/03/01(Wed)00:55 No. 118663

Is the final part of STrange Aeons out yet, btw?

ComputerSmurf 17/03/01(Wed)01:03 No. 118664


What was recently shared is Starjammer. It's the new project name for Pathfinder in Space with a more spelljammer feel. Starfinder was it's initial name before Paizo decided to do Pathfinder In Space and worked out an arrangement with these publishers.

The Feb releases are with our wonderful file wizards that are scrubbing all the metadata that comes with it that would link a file to a user's account. When they feel it is 100% safe they will be released (including the Strange Aeons Book).

What happens, for the most part, is during the distribution process of buying an pdf copy of a product is it will have markers and tags that link the file back to a specific account, most typically (but not limited to) an account name or order number on each page.
I'm sure you can appreciate while people would want this information removed before it is released into the wild.

Anonymous 17/03/01(Wed)03:20 No. 118671

I'm wondering if P switched up their watermarks or something?

Anonymous 17/03/01(Wed)03:48 No. 118674


On one side it would be a surprise if they found the time to do that since they can't manage to accomplish much since working on Starfinder.

But on the other I could see them trying that to try to protect sales of Starfinder when it comes out.

February PF Arrives The+Liberator 17/03/01(Wed)05:06 No. 118675

Thanks for the wait everyone. Here they all are. Enjoy! Be sure to thank the donors and cleaners, and, as always, if you wish to help clean and/or donate please email me. The more that can help, the lighter the load it is for everyone. :D




PATHFINDER AP #114 - BLACK STARS BECKON (Strange Aeons 6 of 6)


Anonymous 17/03/01(Wed)06:08 No. 118678

Thanks Liberator, cleaners and donators.

Anonymous 17/03/01(Wed)06:19 No. 118679

Thanks everybody.

Mageguru!1mpu.dpn.g 17/03/01(Wed)06:26 No. 118680

Yes that is exactly what they do...

You will notice when you go to download, there is a delay and says something about readying your download. This is when they are injecting your account/order info into the PDF. This is done via an API script. Adobe has designed the PDF format to have an entire scripting language to allow this. RPGNow does the same thing.

Anonymous 17/03/01(Wed)06:51 No. 118683

Huge thanks to everyone involved with the Feb releases! You're awesome!

Anonymous 17/03/01(Wed)07:05 No. 118685

Thanks for the new releases

Anonymous+Anon 17/03/01(Wed)07:29 No. 118687


I click refresh for 96 hours straight and when I finally fall asleep you put out the new files. Darn you! :P

All kidding aside, thanks for the new stuff. I can finally look at the new kineticist stuff. Hopefully you got the kinks out of the quality control so you guys don't have to put in the extra time in the future.

Anonymous 17/03/01(Wed)08:56 No. 118693

Do you happen to have the LK2 playtest doc? Anybody?

Anonymous 17/03/01(Wed)09:06 No. 118694

Psi Aug - Psychic Warrior


Anonymous 17/03/01(Wed)17:11 No. 118705

Have I missed something or Pathfinder has no stats for Cthulhu?

Norgorber 17/03/01(Wed)19:11 No. 118712

File 148839190587.png - (3.47MB , 1722x1125 , Cthulhu.png )


Bestiary 4. Picture related.

Many Thanks! Norgorber 17/03/01(Wed)19:31 No. 118714

File 148839308926.png - (701.08KB , 602x601 , image640.png )


To Liberator, cleaners, and everyone involved with these releases! Finally, a picture of the last Great Old One of the AP, Ghatanothoa! *O*

Anonymous 17/03/02(Thu)00:21 No. 118737

Would anyone be able to mirror these somewhere else? Mega is saying I've exceeded my transfer quota even though I haven't downloaded anything in weeks. Thanks!

Anonymous 17/03/02(Thu)01:12 No. 118742


As far as I know, Mega doesn't even have a transfer quota...
Also because I downloaded gigabytes, at times, and never heard of anything like that.

Third Party Anonymous 17/03/02(Thu)03:29 No. 118747

Is there a trove with complete Third Party books from Drop Dead Studios and Dreamscarred Press that I somehow missed?

Anonymous 17/03/02(Thu)03:55 No. 118749

You're only allowed to download 5gb of data every 6 hours now unless you pay for their paid service, been that way for around 6 months iirc.

Thank you Old+Darb 17/03/02(Thu)04:58 No. 118752


Thank you to the contributors, cleaners, and creators of these fine materials.

Anonymous 17/03/02(Thu)05:48 No. 118755

Shit man, whachoo lookin' 4? My Psi trove has most of DSP minus some irrelevant shit. I have PoW and Bloodforge, but it's not up. Is there some DDS I should look into?

Nightfall 17/03/02(Thu)06:16 No. 118757


Thank you Lib! Also thank you donors and cleaners!

What I'm looking for Anonymous 17/03/02(Thu)06:47 No. 118759


-Psionics Augmented: Mind and Soul
-Psionics Augmented: Host of Heroes
-Bloodforge Infusions: Esoteric Energy

-Illuminator's Handbook
-Shapeshifter's Handbook
-Battlemage's Handbook

I like the more obscure stuff apparently.

DDS has the Sphere's of Power system which I really like, there's a wiki for it.

Anonymous 17/03/02(Thu)07:32 No. 118762

Ain't even read it yet. Nor Bloodforge. If I like it I may add it to the aforementioned.

To full of holes. Not my style, but available.

Sales, requests and stuff Ilija 17/03/02(Thu)23:49 No. 118791

There are sales on both D20pfsrd (40% 'till monday) and DriveThru (30% for 12 days), so I'm again requesting these please >>117957

Also is there news of this >>118435 ?

And to MageGuru, are you intending to add 3pp stuff to your PF trove or just Paizo stuff?

Anonymous 17/03/02(Thu)23:53 No. 118792

Nothing yet. I'll give it a few more days and contact the cleaner.

Hooray Anonymous 17/03/03(Fri)03:58 No. 118805


Thanks for the Heroes book!

Thanks n00b 17/03/03(Fri)04:11 No. 118806

Thanks to all the awesome people who provided PF stuff!

Dynamite Exclusive Battle Map Pack Vee 17/03/03(Fri)04:42 No. 118807

I'm looking for the Dynamite Exclusive Battle Map Packs. It looks like they were released as 3 sets and some bonus maps as part of a humblebundle and I missed it. Would love to get them added to the trove if anyone has them.



Anonymous 17/03/03(Fri)04:49 No. 118808

First of all, thank you all who contribute to make all this PF stuff accessible to everybody.

I'm wondering if is there a trove or other place where one can get all the Pathfinder Novels. I have everything up to PZO8532 Hellknight, and need the last five novels that have been published.

Thank you for your time.

Anonymous 17/03/03(Fri)06:09 No. 118812


Anonymous 17/03/03(Fri)12:09 No. 118822

If there's a sale, how about you buy something yourself and share it?

Anonymous 17/03/03(Fri)13:03 No. 118823

It's one thing to ask for a share and something else to ask for something to be bought for you. Like the man said, buy it yourself.

Ilija 17/03/03(Fri)17:25 No. 118831


I will it's just that I have about 4$ until the 15th, so none of these titles is an option. I'm probably gonna pick up heralds of the apocalypse (RGG).


Because those things you request to be shared aren't bought by someone? And donors don't like to be notified of sales?

Thanks Anonymous 17/03/04(Sat)04:13 No. 118848



Starjammer Corebook? Anonymouse 17/03/04(Sat)08:30 No. 118861

I know a supplement for it was posted, but does anyone have the Starjammer corebook?

Mageguru!1mpu.dpn.g 17/03/04(Sat)09:20 No. 118863



Dragon Mag 118-121 Vee 17/03/04(Sat)10:27 No. 118865

I don't know if you still wanted it, but I found those Dragons in my collection.

http: // www65.zippyshare.com / v / W4mACk7v/file.html

Mageguru!1mpu.dpn.g 17/03/04(Sat)12:17 No. 118869


Actually it was DUNGEON not Dragon magazine 118-121 that was being discussed, and the 4 maps that are not included, which were being requested.

Any troves with the following? Anonymous 2 17/03/04(Sat)16:50 No. 118884

Mythic Monsters #37: Robots
Mythic Monsters #38: China
Mythic Monsters #40: North America
Mythic Monsters #41: India
Mythic Monsters #42: Halloween
Mythic Monsters #44: Elementals


Ilija 17/03/04(Sat)19:48 No. 118895


Apparently, I don't even have 4$ on my account so instead of Heralds, Cat&Mouse for PF sent to Mage including some other files.

Anonymous 17/03/04(Sat)20:40 No. 118898

How is Cat n' Mouse? Read some good things.

Anonymous 17/03/04(Sat)20:51 No. 118899

Still waiting on cleaner for this

and a couple others. Dragons of the Mind and Strivog

Ilija 17/03/04(Sat)21:39 No. 118901


Although not a fan of 1st lvl adventures, this one looks like fun, and like it could be run for two separate teams.

Swift 17/03/04(Sat)21:55 No. 118902

Eh, you just change your IP address (via router) and you continue to upload or download. And yeah, they have this limitation for uploads too.

Swift 17/03/04(Sat)21:58 No. 118903

Thanks a lot for the uploads! :D
Ah, didn't know, thanks. I never really purchased PDFs online before.

Anonymous 17/03/04(Sat)22:50 No. 118908

Thanks, G. I feel you pain. Keep an eye out for DotM >>118899 Awesome. Having a hard time hooking up with the dishwashers.

Anonymous 17/03/04(Sat)23:13 No. 118910

Anybody intersted in a NeoExodus trove? I've compiled about 80 sups and working on a few more.

Anon 17/03/04(Sat)23:38 No. 118912

Absolutely - love to see the second edition of the man guide

Anonymous 17/03/04(Sat)23:45 No. 118913

Does anyone have Suzerain by Savage Mojo? TIA

Anonymous 17/03/05(Sun)00:08 No. 118914

Man guide? Campaign Setting?

Anonymous 17/03/05(Sun)00:11 No. 118915

Found this somewhere on the net, not my upload but it does contian the CRB and it does work.

Ilija 17/03/05(Sun)00:58 No. 118916

Are those both 3.5 & PF? I have 25 files for PF, don't know how many for 3.5 (on my other computer). I'm a PF 3pp completionist, so everything is welcome :)

ComputerSmurf 17/03/05(Sun)05:21 No. 118925


When the do their 'ready for print' copy of the pdf it'll be resubmitted for cleaning. The initial release had issues (lack of stats for a new archetype mount, certain ship hulls couldn't operate in space as printed,etc) and each time a few get pointed out the devs re-release a copy with hotfixes

Anonymous 17/03/05(Sun)07:42 No. 118927

NeoExodus Campaign Setting

Monsters of NeoExodus - Dragons

Anonymous 17/03/05(Sun)09:11 No. 118931

How many files do you have for 3PP? I'm always looking to increase what I have.

Anonymous 17/03/05(Sun)09:29 No. 118932


Shapeshifter's Handbook

Illuminator's Handbook

Ilija 17/03/05(Sun)11:36 No. 118933


2452 files, 18,4 GB. I never keep duplicate (print/screen/full/lite) files. My collection has been shared with VolcanoHound, and all the files I got since his disappearance have been shared with Mageguru.

Also: Holy unoptimized pdf crap, NeoExodus!!!

Anon 17/03/05(Sun)13:36 No. 118939

(Face palm)
Yes, main guide, campaign setting
Not as interested in a man guide...just personal preference!

Anonymous 17/03/05(Sun)13:48 No. 118940

Anybody with some opti skillz and 3pp knowledge willing to help a n00b with a char concept? 4chan is nuts with this new Avowed playtest

prunefondlier stove Anonymous 17/03/05(Sun)14:19 No. 118942

is there a way, one may, per chance, gain access to the main trove where all the pathfinder shiz is?

Thanks in advance if anyone answers this.

Anonymous 17/03/05(Sun)14:22 No. 118943

One could read the thread

Anonymous 17/03/05(Sun)18:55 No. 118955

Courtesy of that bastard

Doomy stuff



Anonymous 17/03/05(Sun)19:55 No. 118960


More of my list, thanks!

Mageguru!1mpu.dpn.g 17/03/06(Mon)00:37 No. 118972

PF Society S8

S08-14 To Seal the Shadow

S08-15 Hrethnar's Throne


Psionics Augmented - Psychic Warrior The+Liberator 17/03/06(Mon)03:57 No. 118983

Here's a goody for Dreamscarred Press fans:


Anonymous 17/03/06(Mon)04:30 No. 118984

Still crap!

Mageguru!1mpu.dpn.g 17/03/06(Mon)05:39 No. 118989


Excuse you?

Entitled much? Valkyrie 17/03/06(Mon)06:07 No. 118992


Dude come on. The people who buy, clean and/or share stuff are offering their time and money as a favour to the rest of us. Seriously, be a bit more grateful, or if you're really not happy with how somebody has done something, learn how to do it yourself and contribute your work back to the community.

Anonymous 17/03/06(Mon)06:36 No. 118994

Actually, I posted that here


before the update. Guess what? It sucked then and it still does. There's a reason it was given away for free on /pfg/. It was neither donated, nor cleaned merely reposted.

Anonymous 17/03/06(Mon)06:49 No. 118995

And hey, I love DSP despite their propensity to repackage and resell old materiel, but in this case I'm just calling a spade a spade. If you can find anything worthwhile theirein more power to you.

Anonymous 17/03/06(Mon)11:10 No. 119006


couldn't find them, i looked, but either i'm blind or i can't see where they are.

Onanonanon 17/03/06(Mon)12:53 No. 119011


Requesting the the full Zeitgeist AP from EN Publishing for Pathfinder. All the other posts of it I've found seem to be dead. If at all possible, the compiled hardcover formats are preferred, that is: Act One: The Investigation Begins, Act Two: The Grand Design, and Act Three: The Age of Reason. Any supplementary material is also welcome. Thanks in advance.

ComputerSmurf 17/03/06(Mon)12:53 No. 119012


Erhm? What? Not sure where those statements are coming from.

You /do/ realize that the file in question was Feb's DSP Patreon Release right? (Thus not free, with minimum pledge level for obtaining the PDF is 5 bucks).

As far as being cleaned or not, funny, pretty sure it was considering the before and after of the pdf in question and what is uploaded here.

As far as it 'still sucks': That's like, totally your opinion man. Don't like it? Don't DL the product. Don't shit up a thread cause people are sharing what is being donated.

TL;DR: Don't spread misinformation, don't be a dick

Anonymous 17/03/06(Mon)13:48 No. 119016

Yeah, sure. My bad. Read it and tell me otherwise. If I were a Patreon, I would be pissed because it was given out for nothing.

Anonymous 17/03/06(Mon)14:37 No. 119021

It is a discussion thread. See, it says it right up top there. I was discussing it. Yes, my opinion. Yours may be that it is great. I wouldn't argue that. That is your opinion and you are entitled to it. Did you bother reading it or was that just a knee-jerk reaction to anything negative? You want to be helpful, review it yourself or point that idiot who can't find a PF trove in a PF thread in the right direction. (Hint: It's up)

Anonymous 17/03/06(Mon)15:16 No. 119024

This is for discussions on cleaning and sharing, not to discuss the contents of a single book or the policies of any company, so don't try to use the "discussion" excuse.

If we were to discuss that for all books and all companies, the requesting/sharing would go to shit in a second.

Anonymous 17/03/06(Mon)21:43 No. 119038

Is there any trove with updated Flip-mats or map packs? I have a roll20 campaign, and i value these like pure gold.

PF3PP Anonymous 17/03/07(Tue)19:31 No. 119090

Does any one have
"Jacob's Tower"by Zenith Games?

Anonymous 17/03/07(Tue)21:18 No. 119095

Searching for one myself, for the very same reason.

Snow White ComputerSmurf 17/03/08(Wed)12:57 No. 119126

So I saw these in my feed and was curious if anybody had these squirreled away already / was eyeballing picking it up already

Fin Starling's Guide to Morsain (aka the Player's Guide to the Snow White Mega-adventure)

Snow White: (both links presented because it seems it's on sale via AAW website for 10 bucks vs 21 on DriveThruRPG)


Can't find some stuff in the troves. Anonymous 17/03/08(Wed)17:21 No. 119138

I was wondering if some of the pathfinder books have been been cleaned and posted, specifically speaking:

Lands of conflict
black stars beckon (the book, not the map)

If they have been, i don't suppose someone could make a link? thanks in advance.

Ilija 17/03/08(Wed)17:30 No. 119139


I gave VH Snow White when kickstarter was complete. It should be in one of the troves linked in this thread. I haven't pledged Guide to Morsain, and haven't seen it liberated anywhere.

Anonymous 17/03/09(Thu)01:42 No. 119154

>>Black Stars Beckon

You didn't even look at the previous posts, even less tried ctrl+F, did you?

Pawns Norgorber 17/03/09(Thu)14:03 No. 119176

File 148906459970.png - (2.62MB , 1732x1125 , Mordiggian.png )

For everyone in the cleaning team to which I'm so thankful, respectfully, I have a question.

Are you going to stop cleaning the pawn collections, or was it simple not donated yet? There are two pawn collections missing: Hell's Vengence and Villains Codex.

Mageguru!1mpu.dpn.g 17/03/09(Thu)14:50 No. 119178

Haven't been donated.

Anonymous 17/03/10(Fri)03:47 No. 119211

anyone ever found chase decks/social combat decks anywhere?

Wizards academy Jmaru3 17/03/10(Fri)09:04 No. 119222

any chance you have Wizards academy by Drop dead studios

Sorry Anonymous 17/03/11(Sat)04:02 No. 119256


Sorry, I don't. I haven't run a game in years so I don't go after DM specific books (although I download good ones when I find them).

Anonymous 17/03/11(Sat)23:37 No. 119308

>Holy unoptimized pdf crap, NeoExodus!!!


Ilija 17/03/11(Sat)23:56 No. 119309


It's over 200 MB. Critique was to LPJ, not cleaner.

Mageguru!1mpu.dpn.g 17/03/12(Sun)10:16 No. 119333


I was able to get this down to 100mb...

NeoExodus - Campaign Setting


Anonymous 17/03/12(Sun)14:53 No. 119340

Does anyone happen to have Culinary Magic by Flaming Crab? http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/162315/Letters-from-the-Flaming-Crab-Culinary-Magic

Mageguru!1mpu.dpn.g 17/03/12(Sun)17:02 No. 119349


Baby Bestiary Handbook Vol.2

Legendary Kineticists 2

Request Arrogant 17/03/12(Sun)22:03 No. 119368

May I please get a copy of TPK's Wardens of the Wild? I have seen links to it, but they are all dead LOL.

Also, if i have things I would like to donate, who is the cleaner?

Mageguru!1mpu.dpn.g 17/03/12(Sun)23:18 No. 119371


That would be me.

Request Anonymous 17/03/13(Mon)13:18 No. 119411

Request for some Pathfinder Compatible stuff.

Echelon Explorations: Polyhedral Pantheons


Kingdoms of Legend: Sands of Destiny


Deluxe Harrow Deck Diaz Ex Machina 17/03/13(Mon)13:41 No. 119414

Does anyone have a .pdf version of "PZO3042 Pathfinder Cards: Deluxe Harrow Deck"? I have the old versione and would like to upgrade to the deluxe one.

Anonymous 17/03/13(Mon)14:59 No. 119416

You'd think "deluxe" means they changed those old shitty pictures, but no, just the frames around them.
How to beg for more money by throwing old shit at customers and making them feel special...

Diaz+Ex+Machina 17/03/13(Mon)17:07 No. 119420

I like those "old shitty picture", so I'm glad they did not change them. But yeah, that was kind of a money-grabbing move from Paizo.

The Redemption Engine Anonymous 17/03/14(Tue)00:23 No. 119437

Anyone got the The Redemption Engine in pdf or epub? Or other newer novels?

Diaz+Ex+Machina 17/03/14(Tue)19:52 No. 119482

Try to use mIRC. It's fairly easy to use and you can find every Pathfinder Tales you're searching for.

Here's a guide:

3rd Party Materrial Froggie 17/03/15(Wed)01:24 No. 119498

Perhaps I'm blind...

Is there a trove for 3rd Party Material?

Nightfall 17/03/15(Wed)03:22 No. 119505

Just curious o mighty Mageguru, but has there been any moment on the acquisition front for the next AP and the Player's Guide?

Mageguru!1mpu.dpn.g 17/03/15(Wed)04:57 No. 119509

That would be a question for The Liberator :)

reply to 119414 Anonymous 17/03/15(Wed)05:23 No. 119511

File 148955182365.png - (180.43KB , 507x350 , harrowingtarotA1_small.png )

Here it is https://gofile.io/?c=agdky0

March PDF Update The Liberator 17/03/15(Wed)13:58 No. 119525


I have the APs pledged and I believe the Monster Hunter's Handbook as well, should be able to get them all on, or a little after, the 29th.

Diaz+Ex+Machina 17/03/15(Wed)22:44 No. 119547

This is wonderful! Thank you very very much kind Sir!

Anonymous 17/03/16(Thu)01:57 No. 119554


I get a "download no longer available" message, can anyone reup?
Thanks in advance.

Mageguru!1mpu.dpn.g 17/03/16(Thu)07:58 No. 119561


Improved Harrow Deck Deluxe, now combined in one PDF w/ the box art. Also only 11MB vs. 150MB.


Diaz+Ex+Machina 17/03/16(Thu)13:12 No. 119570

Thank you Mageguru!

Nightfall 17/03/16(Thu)21:38 No. 119587


Thanks Lib! I was just curious about status of things as we inch closer to an actual Hardcover in April.

Clean Guide? Anonymous 17/03/17(Fri)01:37 No. 119592

I see the guides for PFS season 1 to 7, but did anyone ever clean the guide for season 8?

Anonymous 17/03/17(Fri)02:48 No. 119598


Yep, here you go

Anonymous 17/03/17(Fri)09:13 No. 119611

That is very much appreciated, thank you.

Zeitgeist Anonymous 17/03/18(Sat)01:54 No. 119632

All prior links are down, and I can't find it in any troves I could find either. Looking for the assembled Zeitgeist AP, acts 1 and 3, as well as the individual parts 12 and 13.

Thanks in advance. This'll close off my collection.

Anonymous 17/03/18(Sat)17:49 No. 119643

looking for:

PZO1024 - Pathfinder Pawns: Villain Codex Box

March PF Update The+Liberator 17/03/18(Sat)18:06 No. 119645

The two Adventure Paths and Monster Hunter's Handbook pledges are in. Expect them on 29th or a little after.

Also, Bestiary 6 is pledged in April so look forward to that.

Nightfall 17/03/18(Sat)20:29 No. 119649


YAY!!! Bestiary 6! :D Awesome. :)

Mageguru!1mpu.dpn.g 17/03/18(Sat)21:36 No. 119656


Four Horsemen - Heralds of the Apocalypse PFRPG
Gaming Paper- Edgewaters Folly PFRPG

Villian Codex Pawns Anonymous 17/03/19(Sun)17:05 No. 119693


Haven't seen these anywhere yet. I imagine the pawns take a while to find their way out since they need to be scanned manually.

Anyone know where they usually come from, and how long after release they usually take?

Villian Codex Pawns Anonymous 17/03/19(Sun)18:49 No. 119707

You can download Pawns also as a PDF from Paizo.

Mageguru!1mpu.dpn.g 17/03/19(Sun)21:59 No. 119712


How long does it take? As long as it takes to be donated, which they have not.

Part of the reason is people are not so willing to buy the official PDF ($24.95) which costs 2x more than the official PDF of the book ($9.95), which doesn't make a lick of sense since the pawns have about 1/10th the content.

Nightfall 17/03/19(Sun)22:49 No. 119713


Yeah I mean I like the PDFs, but for me it's easier to deal with buying the actual box.

Wizards Academy Cleaning Anonymous 17/03/21(Tue)02:33 No. 119763

Okay, after saying that I didn't have and wasn't going to get Wizards Academy I got Wizards Academy anyway.

It's been a long time since I've sent anything to a cleaner, who here should I send it to?

Anonymous 17/03/21(Tue)03:53 No. 119766


Is that everything for the month?

Nightfall 17/03/21(Tue)05:51 No. 119770


For March? Yes. I'm unclear on April at this point.

Anonymous 17/03/21(Tue)13:18 No. 119778

Apparently Monster Hunter's Handbook has been released.

Nightfall 17/03/22(Wed)02:41 No. 119802


Source? Link? Otherwise it's just more internet gossip.

Ilija 17/03/22(Wed)18:47 No. 119825


It's probably released to subscribers only. Official release for us commoners is not until 29th.

Anonymous 17/03/22(Wed)20:56 No. 119830

Yeah. Guy who has it is a subscriber.

Mwagi? Anonymous 17/03/22(Wed)21:38 No. 119833

Just wondering if anyone has the converted Mists of Mwangi season 0 scenario. The trove has the 3.5 ver but not the updated Pathfinder one.

Ilija 17/03/23(Thu)00:47 No. 119841


Mageguru's your man.

Vee 17/03/23(Thu)00:58 No. 119843

I've heard your plea.

Lite Anonymous 17/03/23(Thu)02:25 No. 119850

Have all the "lite" versions been liberated yet?


Jacob's Tower by Zenith Games Anonymous 17/03/23(Thu)08:11 No. 119860

Does anyone have PDF
"Jacob's Tower by Zenith Games "?



Pathfinder society 07&8 Anon 17/03/23(Thu)23:31 No. 119884

Hello. Did someone have pathfinder society from 13 to the end of PS07 and 9-11-13 of PS08? Links are dead

Thanks a lot.

Anonymous 17/03/23(Thu)23:49 No. 119885

Anyone got the Asian Archetypes PDF's for Legendary Games?

Anonymous 17/03/24(Fri)00:51 No. 119889

Anyone got Winter's Roar: Vikmordere Bestiary or Mythic Monsters #46: Japan?

Please and thank you

REQ: Ultimate Herbalism Anonymous 17/03/24(Fri)03:20 No. 119904

I was hoping someone could share Ultimate Herbalism by IG. Thanks!

Ilija 17/03/24(Fri)18:42 No. 119936


Vikmordere Bestiary and Asian Archetypes are in Mageguru's trove

Anonymous 17/03/24(Fri)23:04 No. 119949


I'm not the anon who asked for it, but I've always followed the threads (this one and the request thread, and the ones before), yet I've never seen Vikmordere Bestiary posted; did I just miss it among the many files, or was it actually never posted?
I'm asking because if there's stuff that doesn't get posted (no idea why), then I'll have to check troves regularly too.

Ilija 17/03/25(Sat)09:03 No. 119969


It wasn't posted as far as I know, but it's in there. Mage notified me he put in a 3pp folder (as I asked him will he), so when I scoured it, I found things like Vikmordere Bestiary, Grimoire of Lost Souls and the rest of Compendium Arcanum. There were several other smaller files but don't remember now.

I generally check the troves about once per week, sometimes I find new stuff that was not posted here.

Anonymous 17/03/25(Sat)15:04 No. 119983

Uhm, Mageguru, how come those pdfs don't get posted?

Keeping track of new files in countless folders with bare eyes is nightmarish.

Anonymous 17/03/25(Sat)20:13 No. 119997

Shut up, you whining entitled fuck

Anonymous 17/03/26(Sun)14:38 No. 120029

Ah, there's the smartass of the week.
Please, go play in a pond with pirhanas and don't pollute civil discussion with pointless insults.

Anonymous 17/03/26(Sun)15:54 No. 120034


Hi, Mr. "how come you don't do what I want, even though I don't pay you a dime?"

Mighty logical of you.

Mageguru!1mpu.dpn.g 17/03/26(Sun)22:02 No. 120057

I know not of what PDFs you speak.

Also my trove has been posted on this thread.

Anonymous 17/03/27(Mon)14:43 No. 120083


Vikmordere Bestiary is one example. I don't know which other files, since... well, that's the issue... it's not like there's ten files total in the trove, there are hundreds, and in a lot of subfolders... if one is added there without a word here in the threads, it's reasonably very hard to track it.


When you finally get out of your mom's basement, maybe you'll realize that not everyone has all day to browse through files, mr. mighy logical.

Anonymous 17/03/27(Mon)14:58 No. 120086

Some assembly required, fucktard

Mageguru!1mpu.dpn.g 17/03/27(Mon)18:38 No. 120095


Well if you want to get technical Vikmordere was was actually posted back in December, before this thread existed and the reset of the request thread.

Not my fault you missed it.

Anonymous 17/03/28(Tue)01:14 No. 120113


Wasn't giving you any fault. As I said when talking to Ilija, I assumed I might have missed it. I was just asking if it was the reason of the other possibility, if that was the case.
Issue resolved, thanks.


You obviously have too much free time on your hands, having nothing better to do than bother random people like a little sad internet troll.

Nightfall 17/03/28(Tue)06:52 No. 120119


Any ETA on those March releases? I mean should I expect them this week or not?

Anonymous 17/03/28(Tue)07:03 No. 120120

Unlikely son. Last month took, what ten days, to be released?

>uninformed shitposting
guru is no longer cleaning new releases? He has been the most expedient.

General Yap Yap Yap CityofCarse 17/03/28(Tue)08:11 No. 120123

File 149068149429.jpg - (6.00KB , 276x183 , yoga.jpg )


I feel like we should just chill out, and relax. Unfortunately, the nature of these boards is that there will be new people who crash in and start asking for stuff left and right, not being aware of the protocol and time frame.

Then again, for those of us who have been here awhile, we can get a little frustrated with that and respond with a bit of vitriol.

Long story short. Don't take anything personal here. Search first, ask questions afterwards. Don't be a jerk to new people. We were all new at one point.

Be patient. When releases are ready, they will be posted. Please keep in mind that all of this is dependent on the kindness and generosity of other like-minded people around the globe who all (usually) have lives of their own. If they won't share, don't take it personal. Develop your own list of sources/places to go/people to ask.

Always say please and thank you.


Mageguru!1mpu.dpn.g 17/03/28(Tue)08:57 No. 120125


1) In the last week I have dropped almost 60 books, if you check other chans/threads

2) I have not been handed March's titles yet, It is in the hands of those that donate and when they get them to me.

2) Once I get them I get them cleaned as quickly as I can, and they go to QC to be checked. I have no control over when they get set into the wild at least for the official Paizo PF titles.

3) I do have a life, and I now understand what VH went through.

Anonymous 17/03/28(Tue)16:32 No. 120132

Despite the entitled complainers and whiners, there are many of us who are deeply grateful for your efforts, in addition to all the other cleaners, donators, and helpers. Don't let the bastards get you down. The books are up when they're up. Sometimes they require more than a little effort to obtain. Most of us get that and are willing to put in the extra clicks or time spent hunting around.

Thank you, Mageguru Anonymous 17/03/28(Tue)19:52 No. 120137

I thank you and all the others in the chain who provide me with such wonderful reading matter for free. I have always been grateful to you all, especially the creators, who are the reason any of it exists in the first place. I won't even point out that you have two number 2 bullet points. Oops. :D

Nightfall 17/03/29(Wed)04:18 No. 120157



I'm sorry that you feel that I'm adding to the stress. Mostly because I know how V-hound felt.

Ultimate Combat Anonymous 17/03/29(Wed)05:28 No. 120159

Would anybody have second Print of this that ISN'T redacted? Would very much appreciate. TIA

Anonymous 17/03/29(Wed)19:11 No. 120190


But that's how it's always gonna be. See, people are ungrateful pricks and the moment someone becomes reliable, they are starting to act like they have any right to demand a thing.

If you're doing more than merely sharing more often than a few documents every other week, you're bound to burn out and lose the faith in humanity.

Take an advice from someone who shared fuckton of things here in the past: it's not worth it.

To those who donate and clean? Thanks The+Dude+Dude 17/03/29(Wed)22:30 No. 120194

At the end of the day I don't understand those who become impatient or expectant. I mean, I used to donate books when I was much more financially stable. Things take time, that is the nature of the universe. Peace and love :)

March PDF Updates The+Liberator 17/03/30(Thu)01:32 No. 120208

Very soon the PF March material will be in. As for now, enjoy a small batch of goodies. One was a request made earlier:


***PFS05 - Mists of Mwangi*** (Requested)



Anonymous+Anon 17/03/30(Thu)02:05 No. 120209


Thanks for the update and of course for the releases! :)

Anonymous 17/03/30(Thu)03:51 No. 120214

Oh, shit. They included the Silhouette. Nice. Thanks, Lib!

Nightfall 17/03/30(Thu)04:08 No. 120215


Thank you very much Lib. I look forward to the next batch soon.

Anonymous 17/03/30(Thu)08:46 No. 120226

To The+Liberator, Mageguru!, The donors and everyone else who has contributed to this Beautiful Gem of a thread, Thank You. Please keep the PF love rolling.

Mageguru!1mpu.dpn.g 17/03/30(Thu)11:47 No. 120233


Wizard's Academy

Hard to find Pathfinder Grimtooth 17/03/30(Thu)14:33 No. 120238

Anyone have the following hard to find PDFs?

Battlefield Press
Sherwood: The Legend of Robin Hood (Pathfinder Edition)

Northwinter Press
Mystical—Kingdom of Monsters: Haunted Eve Monsters Only Pack

AAW Games
Assassin's Breach: Tavern Gambling Game
Any of the Underworld Classes or Races

Jon Brazer Enterprises
Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Elans

Misfit Studios
Bite Me! Weremantises

Anonymous 17/03/30(Thu)15:04 No. 120239


I have Underworld Races-Drow. Probly the most common. You want it?

MHH Anonymous 17/03/30(Thu)20:06 No. 120250




PF Pawns Wonderer 17/03/30(Thu)20:07 No. 120251


Many thanks to the donator(s) and cleaner(s) of the updated Mwangi Mists and the Hell's Vengeance Pawn Collection.

Nightfall 17/03/30(Thu)20:31 No. 120252


Thank. I'd like to point out to others this set to be a two page spread instead of page by page you'd normally see. That being said it's a good look see while we wait.

Anonymous 17/03/30(Thu)20:53 No. 120254

Yup, plus it's compiled from "leaked" JPEGs. Def. not meant for archiving. :)

March PF arrives The+Liberator 17/03/30(Thu)21:03 No. 120256

Ok everyone. Enjoy! A great thank you to both the donors and the cleaners for these! Please donate if you can, or even help be a cleaner if you know how to clean these kinds of PDFs thoroughly. Email me if so.


***PATHFINDER ADVENTURE PATH #115 - Interactive Maps***


***PATHFINDER ADVENTURE PATH #116 - Interactive Maps***


Thanks! Taco Bill 17/03/30(Thu)21:45 No. 120257

As always, thanks guys!

Anonymous 17/03/30(Thu)22:53 No. 120259


"you have exceeded your free quota, try again in 7 hours"

...that's new.

Anonymous 17/03/30(Thu)23:42 No. 120260


Just found this thread yesterday. You people work fast. Thanks The+Liberator. Keep the PF love rolling.

Swift 17/03/31(Fri)02:54 No. 120272

Wow, nice, thanks a bunch! odd, they releaded two adventure path at the same month?
Mega has an I think 1-1.5 GB download limit, after that you need to wait... or just reset your router and change your IP address, as I do. ;)

Zeitgeist 13 Anonymous 17/03/31(Fri)03:14 No. 120273

Requesting Zeitgeist: Gears of Revolution #13 (Avatar of Revolution). Thanks!

Anonymous 17/03/31(Fri)03:48 No. 120278


Check MG's Pathfinder trove, it's in the 3rdd party section. Not sure which thread the trove was posted in, but it was posted. Not sharing the link here for, well... obvious reasons.

Yago1981 17/03/31(Fri)04:09 No. 120279

Hello I am an Italian and I congratulate you all for the contributions failed to deliver. I need help: I can not find
Strange Aeons: Poster Map Folio

Thanks in advance for your valuable help.

Mageguru!1mpu.dpn.g 17/03/31(Fri)04:58 No. 120281


I posted the Trove in this very thread

Hasn't been donated yet, so it hasn't been posted.

To those who have donated Requester 17/03/31(Fri)09:00 No. 120286

and those who have curated, we thank you. You do get thanks, and it doesn't always seem like you've done good. However there are many who know the good you have done, far more than there are just jerks.

Just like teaching and many other jobs, the good you do far outweighs the angst the trolls give.

Thank you

Scathach!EgoMUSS73k 17/03/31(Fri)09:17 No. 120287

The GIRL trove has been updated with both the February (sorry!) and March releases. Many thanks to Mage, Lib, and all others.

Scathach!EgoMUSS73k 17/03/31(Fri)09:29 No. 120288


Meant to post that with the post! Oops!

PF Anonymous 17/03/31(Fri)11:07 No. 120289


- Ironfang Invasion - Player's Guide

missing list update Anonymous 17/03/31(Fri)13:29 No. 120291

could we possibly get an update to the missing items list?

Diaz+Ex+Machina 17/03/31(Fri)13:35 No. 120292

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this month releases, you guys are amazing!

missings Anonymous 17/03/31(Fri)13:40 No. 120293

I think this is the updated missing files, CMIIW:

Campaign settings
Strange Aeons Poster Map Folio


Bigger Basic
Bigger Forest
Elemental Planes Multi-Pack
Bigger Ship
Forbidden Jungle

Curse of the Crimson Throne Pawn Collection
Villain Codex Box

Norgorber 17/04/01(Sat)00:03 No. 120305


You missed Strange Aeons Pawn Collections

Pathfinder Novels CityofCarse 17/04/01(Sat)04:49 No. 120311



I emailed a big chunk of Pathfinder Novels to you at the hotmail. Should be updated up to PZO8532.

Also, trove not currently loading up using the bit<dot>do/PFTrove address.

Nightfall 17/04/01(Sat)05:05 No. 120312


Thank you Lib!

Anonymous 17/04/01(Sat)09:31 No. 120318


Thanks Anonymous. Keep the PF love rolling.

Mageguru!1mpu.dpn.g 17/04/01(Sat)20:05 No. 120349

Looks like bit<dot>do was having some network issues, it's working now.

freeport bestiary freeport+bestiary 17/04/01(Sat)21:29 No. 120354

Any maybe have this one-https://greenroninstore.com/products/freeport-bestiary-for-the-pathfinder-rpg-pdf

Anonymous 17/04/02(Sun)09:06 No. 120373

Anyone has Aethera campaign setting from Legendary Games?

Lornis 17/04/02(Sun)18:22 No. 120388

Hey guys just a quick message to say to all of you a huge thanks. I see people complaining and I'm here, enjoying huge content because of you. Thanks thanks and thanks!

Origins #5 & #6 Anonymous 17/04/03(Mon)05:13 No. 120404

If possible, please share PF Origins comics #5 & #6 with gaming content included. The copies in the troves and floating around the comics sharing sites are incomplete and do not contain those pages. Thanks!

3PP Request Anonymous 17/04/03(Mon)06:28 No. 120409

Yo people, does anyone have a link to:
Dynastic Races Compendium
I've looked around and so far come up empty handed, and if it is in one of the troves I missed it.

Missing DSP Products Anonymous 17/04/03(Mon)15:54 No. 120427

Anyone have any of these?
Monster Classes: Harpy, Imp, Medusa
Monster Classes: Woodlands
Psionics Augmented: Occultists
Psionics Augmented: Host of Heroes
Psionics Augmented: Mind and Soul


Ilija 17/04/03(Mon)18:41 No. 120434


Host of Heroes and Mind & Soul have been shared, try searching this or the request thread. Or Mageguru's trove.

The rest haven't been seen yet.

Anonymous 17/04/03(Mon)20:12 No. 120435

Just wondering if this is the right place to ask about the rest of the PF Animal Races series? I've had little luck in the main thread.

Ilija 17/04/03(Mon)21:54 No. 120437


Clan of the Deer
Clan f the Raptor
Dawn of the Carnosaur
Dawn of the Cerapod

are the only ones I've seen.

Anonymous 17/04/04(Tue)07:20 No. 120455

Any one have Intrigue Archetypes from Legendary Games?

ComputerSmurf 17/04/04(Tue)08:08 No. 120458

Just sent to the cleaners citizen

Anonymous 17/04/04(Tue)08:27 No. 120459

Thx! awesome looking forward to it.

Anonymous 17/04/04(Tue)15:42 No. 120475

Found Mind and Soul, but couldn't find Host of Heroes in either the trove or the request thread. Anyone care to re-upload it?

Norgorber 17/04/04(Tue)19:40 No. 120485

File 149132760938.png - (1.87MB , 1720x1125 , Ymeri.png )

Hi there,

I'm requesting Bestiary 5 Pawn Collection. I searched for it in the trove, but I couldn't find it.

Many thanks.

Just popped in to pick up the March Books The+Dude+Dude 17/04/04(Tue)20:59 No. 120489

and I found a gift in the updated Mists of Mwangi scenario. To all donors and cleaners, a big thank you. You guys rock.

Map Trove RPGFreak69 17/04/05(Wed)03:21 No. 120512

I wonder if any of you can Help me, I've been through all the troves I can find and I am unble to find these maps, yes even crtl+f.

The reason I'm looking for these is I am making a map trove of Pathfinder, D&D, and SciFi stuff (for Star wars), what I'm doing different is all PDF's are converted in PNG and then constructed ready for use with the appropriate transparencies in place, that means I have to dismantle a lot of D&D Peices from one sheet yes it's long but its a labor of love for me and well you get the benefit.

Gamemastery Map Packs
Desert Sites
Secret Rooms
Bigger Forest
Bigger Ship

Gamemastery Flip Maps
Bigger Forest
Elemental Planes Multi-Pack
Forbidden Jungle

Thanks for any assisntace you can give to my project, also if you have maps you want asseembled tranpancies put in place etc let me know.



Mageguru!1mpu.dpn.g 17/04/05(Wed)05:34 No. 120519

It's in the PFTrove

Mageguru!1mpu.dpn.g 17/04/05(Wed)05:37 No. 120520


Unfortunately, none of those have been donated.

Mageguru!1mpu.dpn.g 17/04/05(Wed)09:49 No. 120524


PF Society S08-16 - House of Harmonius Wisdom

Zeitgeist - Act 3 - The Age of Reason (PFRPG)

Kobold Guide to Plots & Campaigns

Kobold - Shadows of the Dusk Queen

Kobold - Beyond Damage Dice (5e)

Anonymous 17/04/05(Wed)10:24 No. 120526

Thanks Mageguru! and donors for the PF stuff. Keep the PF love rolling.

Anonymous 17/04/05(Wed)17:37 No. 120535


Thanks for the constant PF updates. It's greatly appreciated!

I'm just patiently waiting on 8-17 Refugees of the Weary Sky.

Anonymous 17/04/05(Wed)23:25 No. 120547

Can't download Zeitgeist, file too big to display.

Ilija 17/04/05(Wed)23:28 No. 120548

Just click where it says download again.

Goodies The+Liberator 17/04/06(Thu)02:18 No. 120558

Here are some goodies, thanks to the donors and cleaners.

***DREAMSCARRED PRESS --- Fool's Errand***

***DREAMSCARRED PRESS --- April Psionics Augmented***

***EVERYMAN MINIS--- Unchained Kangaroos***


Anonymous 17/04/06(Thu)03:09 No. 120562

Kangaroos is corrupted, tried on 2 different readers.


Mageguru!1mpu.dpn.g 17/04/06(Thu)04:57 No. 120565


It's you, I did the clean on that, and I d/l'd from this link. Works fine in the Acrobat(which is a must and what it was used to work on it), Foxit and PDF-Xchange.

Mageguru!1mpu.dpn.g 17/04/06(Thu)08:55 No. 120580

OMG HEART OF THE DEERNICORN, did a DCMA take down on the Request thread...

Probably for Fall of Magic... hmm maybe I should lay low.

Anonymous 17/04/06(Thu)09:12 No. 120583


Thanks The+Liberator and Donors for the PF stuff. Really love Unchained Kangaroos. Keep the PF love rolling.

Anonymous 17/04/06(Thu)09:16 No. 120584


?! What happened to the request thread?

Mageguru!1mpu.dpn.g 17/04/06(Thu)09:21 No. 120585

As stated DMCA take down...


Andrew+Dumas 17/04/06(Thu)12:57 No. 120592

Their games suck donkeys balls. I wouldnt piss on them if they caught fire.

Nightfall 17/04/06(Thu)23:32 No. 120612


I also agree with Mage. I got it to work fine.

Anonymous 17/04/07(Fri)08:12 No. 120631


Ugh... Taken down by the small press. I always thought it's going to be the big names that would do it. That just blows.

KOP4 req Anonymous 17/04/07(Fri)08:13 No. 120632

To clarify, kineticists of porphyra is donated, but not cleaned? Or was lost in the shut down?

Kop req Anonymous 17/04/07(Fri)08:19 No. 120633


Kin of porphyra IV, that is.

Kop req Anonymous 17/04/07(Fri)08:20 No. 120634


Kin of porphyra IV, that is.

Anonymous 17/04/07(Fri)15:10 No. 120646


Back up your troves and grab your socks, lads.

Anonymous 17/04/07(Fri)15:13 No. 120647

Not a good precedent.

5E stuff Searching 17/04/07(Fri)18:25 No. 120653

I know some of the folks here also share WotC 5E stuff... any idea if there will be a place to share once again?

April PF Updates The+Liberator 17/04/07(Fri)21:12 No. 120655

BESTIARY 6 is pledged as well as AP#117

What I still need is "Heroes of the Darklands."

Also, there is a list earlier of the Map Packs we could use help getting donations for. If anyone wants to help get and share those Map Packs, much appreciated!

Nightfall 17/04/08(Sat)00:14 No. 120656


Thanks for the update Lib. Hopefully we'll get Heroes of the Darklands before the end of the month. I do appreciate your hard work.

April PF Updates The+Liberator 17/04/08(Sat)17:35 No. 120663

"Heroes of the Darklands" pledged.

Only thing we're looking to clean and share are any of the missing Map Packs. I don't recall the latest one that's stopped, though.

Anonymous 17/04/08(Sat)18:42 No. 120670

Has anyone donated or pledged the second PFS scenario released in March, Refugees of the Weary Sky?

Nightfall 17/04/09(Sun)01:45 No. 120676

File 149169514130.jpg - (25.75KB , 564x567 , Good News Everyone.jpg )


That is good news! :)

Mageguru!1mpu.dpn.g 17/04/09(Sun)03:16 No. 120677

File 149170061468.jpg - (276.91KB , 720x932 , mega-pf-sale-720x932.jpg )

Legendary Games Bundle


Note: This contains only 32 of 60 books, the other 28 have been posted previously.

Nightfall 17/04/09(Sun)03:47 No. 120678


Thank you Mageguru!

Seti 17/04/09(Sun)18:21 No. 120685


I requested the Legendary Planet adventure path and player's guide, for Pathfinder and 5E


Anonymous 17/04/09(Sun)21:35 No. 120690


Thanks Mageguru!and donors for the LG bundle. Keep the PF love rolling.

????? Anonymous 2 17/04/10(Mon)00:36 No. 120692

Looking for the follow. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong trove if they have been supplied.

Mythic Monsters #37: Robots
Mythic Monsters #38: China
Mythic Monsters #41: India
Mythic Monsters #42: Halloween

If those have been liberated, I would appreciate help finding where they reside.

Mageguru!1mpu.dpn.g 17/04/10(Mon)01:23 No. 120693

Haven't been liberated.

Anonymous 2 17/04/10(Mon)01:50 No. 120694

Thanks for the info Mage.

Mageguru!1mpu.dpn.g 17/04/10(Mon)03:53 No. 120695

I want to point out, that offering up title in order to get some sort of early access to another title that we have announced as being pledged is not going to happen.

Titles donated or pledged will be released publicly to all at the same time, donating other titles will not grant you special favors or early release. We also do not have any set time tables.

Anonymous 17/04/10(Mon)04:02 No. 120696

File 149178974493.jpg - (516.98KB , 768x1024 , sword_cyborg_by_ianllanas-d70opby.jpg )

Not %100 accurate. Robots has been hiding quietly in my trove for a while.


The Tome of Horrors Revised 17/04/10(Mon)14:57 No. 120701

"The Tome of Horrors Revised"
Search this PDF,thanks a lot.


(PFCM"Into the darlness" used its monsters)

Thanks Anonymous 2 17/04/10(Mon)14:57 No. 120702


Awesome! Getting closer.

Anonymous 17/04/11(Tue)01:13 No. 120703

uploadman is really bad

120701 Arrogant 17/04/11(Tue)03:29 No. 120712


Here it is


Anonymous 17/04/11(Tue)09:55 No. 120718

Could someone please remind what should I add to @$$ to make it an address? (Can be obscured as well, but I need a full site name, and with req thread down, I can't check there)

Anonymous 17/04/11(Tue)13:53 No. 120723

The space where you send stuff.

Anonymous 17/04/11(Tue)16:38 No. 120725

Damn, and I was trying to read @ as part of the name... got it, thanks!

Faces of the Tarnished Souk ComputerSmurf 17/04/11(Tue)17:55 No. 120729

Does anybody have this squirreled away in their collections by any chance?


B6 ToC preview Anonymous 17/04/11(Tue)21:13 No. 120736

Algea (psychopomp) 217
Alp 7
Alter ego 8–9
Amargasaurus (dinosaur) 94
Animus shade 10–11
Apocalypse horse 12–13
Apollyon (Horseman) 160–161
Arshea (empyreal lord) 110–111
Atuikakura 32
Azuretzi (protean) 208
Baalzebul (archdevil) 16–17
Banelight 37
Barbatos (archdevil) 18–19
Behimiron (qlippoth) 224
Belial (archdevil) 20–21
Black Butterfly (empyreal lord) 112–113
Blighted fey 46–47
Blood bramble 48
Bloody bones 49
Boggart 50
Boggle 51
Bonethorn 52
Brimorak (demon) 83
Brontotherium (megafauna) 184
Calpina 53
Cataboligne (qlippoth) 225
Cave blight 39
Charnel god 54–55
Charon (Horseman) 162–163
Chavazvug (qlippoth lord) 232–233
Cipactli 56–57
Clockwork angel 58
Clockwork assassin 59
Clockwork fiend 60
Clockwork guardian 61
Clockwork hound 62
Coffin anemone (sea anemone) 248
Combusted 63
Common eurypterid 122
Conqueror worm 64–65
Coral capuchin 66
Crimson jellyfish 169
Crypt dragon (planar dragon) 98–99
Crypt flower 67
Cryptguard 68
Cultist troop 266
Cutlass spider 69
Daitengu 79
Danthienne 80
Deathsnatcher 81
Deep walker 82
Deinotherium (megafauna) 184
Derro magister 92
Desert blight 40
Devil monkey 93
Dispater (archdevil) 22–23
Dream naga 198
Duneshaker (solifugid) 256
Dunkleosteus (fish) 129
Elasmotherium (megafauna) 185
Elder wyrm 108–109
Entothrope 116–119
Erodaemon (daemon) 70
Esobok (psychopomp) 218
Euryale 120–121
Exiled shade 123
Exoskeleton 124–125
Fallen 126
Fen mauler 127
Fire whale 128
Forest blight 41
Fungus queen 130–131
Geryon (archdevil) 24–25
Ghole 132
Giant belostomatid (aquatic insect) 14
Giant hellgrammite (aquatic insect) 14
Giant raven 240
Giant starfish 257
Giant sundew 258
Giant tube worm (sea worm) 249
Giganotosaurus (dinosaur) 94
Gluttongrass 137
Goezspall 139
Goblin troop 267
Gold golem 140
Gongorinan (qlippoth) 226–227
Gorgoros (qlippoth) 228
Gowrow 144
Gravesludge 145
Green man 152–153
Havoc dragon (planar dragon) 100–101
Hegessik (protean) 209
Herecite 154–155
Hivemind swarm 156–157
Hookfang (sea worm) 249
Horla 158
Hupia 168
Hydraggon (qlippoth) 229
Ichkoh (sahkil) 243
Infernal dragon (planar dragon) 102–103
Isph-Aun-Vuln (qlippoth lord) 234–235
Izfiitar (protean) 210–211
Kamaitachi 176
Kentrosaurus (dinosaur) 95
Kikituk 177
Krampus 178–179
Lacridaemon (daemon) 71
Leng hound 180
Lilitu (demon) 84–85
Llorona 181
Lovelorn 182
Mammon (archdevil) 26–27
Mapinguari 183
Memitim (psychopomp) 219
Mephistopheles (archdevil) 28–29
Mezlan 186–187
Mire nettle 188
Mockingfey 189
Mokele-mbembe 190
Moldwretch 191
Moloch (archdevil) 30–31
Mongrel giant 192–193
Monkey goblin 138
Mountain blight 42
Mountain giant 133
Mosslord 194–195
Muhuru 196
Munavri 197
Naiad 200
Nekomata 201
Oaur-Ooung (qlippoth lord) 236–237
Obcisidaemon (daemon) 72–73
Oblivion 202–203
Obsidian golem 141
Olethros (psychopomp) 220–221
Omnipath 204–205
Oolioddroo (demon) 86–87
Oshageros (protean) 212
Ourdivar (protean) 213
Ouroboros 206–207
Outlaw troop 267
Paradise dragon (planar dragon) 104–105
Pelagastr (protean) 214
Phasmadaemon (daemon) 74
Piranha swarm (fish) 129
Plague giant 134
Psoglav 215
Psychic stalker 216
Quetzalcoatlus (dinosaur) 95
Quintessence golem 142
Ragathiel (empyreal lord) 114–115
Raven swarm 240
Rawhead 241
Razormouth (solifugid) 256
Rhan-Tegoth (Great Old One) 146–147
Rift dragon (planar dragon) 106–107
Rougarou 242
Sangudaemon (daemon) 75
Saurian 247
Sewer blight 43
Shadow giant 135
Shoki (psychopomp) 222
Siabrae 250–251
Siren’s bed (sea anemone) 248
Skincrawler 252
Skrimsl 253
Slime naga 199
Slithering pit 254–255
Spiny eurypterid 122
Spore zombie 287
Suspiridaemon (daemon) 76
Swamp blight 44
Szuriel (Horseman) 164–165
Taniwha 259
Tarantula tree 260
Targotha 261
Tawil at’Umr (Great Old One) 148–149
Temerdaemon (daemon) 77
Tenome 262
Thessalhydra 263
Thuskchoon (qlippoth lord) 238–239
Titan centipede exoskeleton 124
Titanic whip spider 275
Titanoboa (megafauna) 185
Tomb giant 136
Trailgaunt 264
Trelmarixian (Horseman) 166–167
Tundra blight 45
Uinuja (azata) 33
Unrisen 268
Urhag 269
Utukku (qlippoth) 230
Varklops (kaiju) 170–171
Vavakia (demon) 88–89
Veiled master 270–271
Venedaemon (daemon) 78
Veranallia (azata) 34–35
Vermlek (demon) 90
Vespergaunt 272
Viduus (psychopomp) 223
Viridium golem 143
Vorgozen (kaiju) 172–173
Vrykolakas 273
Warmonger 274
Weremantis (entothrope) 117
Werespider (entothrope) 118
Werewasp (entothrope) 119
Whaler jellyfish 169
Whisperer 276–277
Wild hunt archer 279
Wild hunt horse 280
Wild hunt hound 281
Wild hunt monarch 282–283
Wild hunt scout 284
Ximtal (sahkil) 244–245
Yaddithian 285
Yaenit (demon) 91
Yamah (azata) 36
Yarthoon (kaiju) 174–175
Yig (Great Old One) 150–151
Yurei 286
Zohanil (sahkil) 246

greenronin freeport bestiary freeport+bestiary 17/04/11(Tue)23:27 No. 120741

If any want to change Bestiary 6 for https://greenroninstore.com/products/freeport-bestiary-for-the-pathfinder-rpg-pdf
i buyed that one for crazy price 18us, early i have access to VH trove because i be donor

preview for creatures of freeport freeport+bestiary 17/04/11(Tue)23:35 No. 120742

Creatures of Freeport................. 9
Blemmyae..................................... 11
Bloathsome.................................. 13
Brass Monkey............................... 15
Burnling....................................... 16
Caddaja........................................ 18
Cannonball Urchin....................... 20
Carnivorous Shrimp Swarm.......... 21
Chindi.......................................... 23
Cipelahq....................................... 25
Cirein-Croin................................ 27
Corpse Flower.............................. 29
Dakosaurus.................................. 31
Dead Man’s Brain......................... 33
Deadwood Tree............................. 37
Deer Woman................................ 41
Devil Lizard................................. 42
Dragon, Sail................................. 45
Drahc........................................... 48
Drake, Corsair.............................. 50
Fetish Familiar.............................. 52
Fire Spectre.................................. 53
Flayed Man.................................. 56
Flying Head................................. 58
Flying Lizard................................ 60
Gaasyendietha.............................. 62
Ghost Eater.................................. 64
Golems......................................... 67
Chemical Golem..............................67
Tiger Skull Golem...........................69
Pumice Totam Golem......................70
Hafgufa........................................ 72
Hag, Stone................................... 74
Haint Shark.................................. 76
Harpoon Crab.............................. 77
Ikuchi.......................................... 79
Infernal Automaton...................... 81
Jikininki....................................... 83
Kheppi......................................... 84
Kopuwai....................................... 86
Koromo-Dako.............................. 87
Labarindja.................................... 89
Living Encrustation...................... 90
Lotan .......................................... 94
Lycanthrope, Werehagfish............. 96
Lycanthrope, Werewalrus.............. 97
Lyngbakr...................................... 99
Malkin....................................... 100
Nachtkrabe................................. 104
Nightmarchers............................ 106
Ningyo....................................... 107
Ocean Wyrm.............................. 109
Peik-Ta...................................... 111
Picacouatl................................... 113
Piesa.......................................... 115
Pit-Brier..................................... 117
Pla’kad....................................... 119
Rainbird..................................... 121
Raven Mocker............................ 123
Serpent People............................ 125
Shojo.......................................... 132
Skin Cloak................................. 133
Slithering Sargasso..................... 135
Spirit Lizard............................... 136
Sunakake Baba........................... 139
Tavi (Mongoose Folk)................. 141
Tentacle Caller........................... 143
Tephran...................................... 146
Thanatos..................................... 147
Uktena....................................... 150
Umkovu..................................... 152
Water Panther............................ 154
Witch-Beast............................... 156
X’sval, Avatar of the
Unspeakable One..................... 157

Mageguru!1mpu.dpn.g 17/04/11(Tue)23:49 No. 120744


Was that necessary?

sorry but i die for that freeport+bestiary 17/04/12(Wed)00:05 No. 120747

sorry Mageguru-i dont sleep because of Bestiary 6-earlier if you remember like i say-we have access because of donoring books to VH or Prince, i think that be ok-if people spend money to buy, you mean because i post preview or ask for changing? I ask first you-but you say NO, please understand me

bestiary 6 change freeport+bestiary 17/04/12(Wed)00:32 No. 120751

or if any want to i pay for 10 us for bestiary 6-please write me on mail

Norgorber 17/04/12(Wed)00:43 No. 120752

Paying for something we will eventually get at the end of this month? Genius...

bestiary 6 freeport+bestiary 17/04/12(Wed)00:47 No. 120754

because i dont want to waith for this book, someone pay bestiary 6-i because of that write to mageguru, he will lose donors-if every want to waith other to buy-no one buy, alas freeport bestiary i pay so much-in other way i need someone something in two or three months to pay...

Anonymous 17/04/12(Wed)04:32 No. 120759


I think it is time for you to turn off all your electronics and maybe go outside for a few minutes.

Mageguru!1mpu.dpn.g 17/04/12(Wed)05:50 No. 120760

Well we are not doing it like VH or Prince.

We're not taking monetary donations or product donations to get early access, this caused enough problems.

We try to get official Paizo releases out within a week of when all major releases have been donated for that month, and there are a few of us that QC them cause these are donators we do not want to loose. We also don't have trove access as this caused issues with people that had access deliberately posting items that were not clean or QC'd just to piss off VH.

If someone else gets there hands on a release, cleans it, and posts it more power to them.

Hell I don't get anything out of cleaning, more than half the stuff I don't even keep. It's just on the occasion I may get stuff I may request.

thanks for answer freeport+bestiary 17/04/12(Wed)06:12 No. 120763

how i say thanks mageguru for answer, i will post here freeport bestiary cleaned-but file not be released officialy yet-that be ok? Again if any have bestiary 6 please send me to clean-or for honestly helping for my part of buying books. Thanks again

thanks for answer freeport+bestiary 17/04/12(Wed)06:12 No. 120764

how i say thanks mageguru for answer, i will post here freeport bestiary cleaned-but file not be released officialy yet-that be ok? Again if any have bestiary 6 please send me to clean-or for honestly helping for my part of buying books. Thanks again

Anonymous 17/04/12(Wed)14:13 No. 120775

Anyone know where a copy of the Game Mastery: Plot cards could be found? Even the troves seem to have all the card sets (crits and fumbles, for instance) but not that one.
Same goes for the Plot Cards: Flashback...

Mageguru!1mpu.dpn.g 17/04/15(Sat)11:18 No. 120877

The Blight - TB2 Horror in the Sinks (PFRPG)

Grimalkin (5e)

Deep Magic 11 - Elven High Magic (5e)

Anonymous 17/04/15(Sat)11:53 No. 120878

> You don't have permission to access /download/5N7zes/5b00aab0e14f9a7094de9c6628879820/TB2-Horror-in-the-Sinks.pdf on this server.

btw, the idea to replace a few letters isn't gonna help us - you saw what they did to official share thread

I'd encourage you to try Russian servers for the purpose of file sharing, they don't give much dick about DMCAs

just obscure links with some "watch ad to get the link" service and it should be allright

Anonymous 17/04/15(Sat)12:20 No. 120880

Won't let me download.

Mageguru!1mpu.dpn.g 17/04/15(Sat)12:54 No. 120881

I am short linking with cloaking of the actual url.

But thanks anyway.

Thank you Anonymous 2 17/04/15(Sat)14:58 No. 120885


Worked like a charm for me.

Anonymous 17/04/15(Sat)16:55 No. 120889


links not working. yes Im changing the <dot>. thanks for all of your efforts though.

Ilija 17/04/15(Sat)18:11 No. 120890


Are you changing the $ to s

worked just fine for me

bestiary 6 bestiary 6 17/04/15(Sat)18:21 No. 120891

Any have Bestiary 6?

Anonymous 17/04/15(Sat)19:22 No. 120897

ignorant people are getting awful entitled and arrogant.

thank you for the shares and the effort taken.

Ponyfinder Anonymous 17/04/15(Sat)19:32 No. 120898

Any ponyfinder out there?

Anonymous 17/04/15(Sat)20:38 No. 120901


hahah my linux subconscious was thinking $ prompt and ignoring it. I didn't even realize there was a $ sign there. :)

thanks again mageguru

Anonymous 17/04/15(Sat)20:46 No. 120902


looks like you read the meaning of the reply wrong.. or read it like a miserable douche.

Nightfall 17/04/15(Sat)23:04 No. 120907


The book just got released to subscribers. The general public will NOT see the book until Wednesday, April 26th, 2017. So...no, no one has it other than subscribers.

There is a LIST of monsters on this thread that is from Bestiary 6. But nothing else.

Anonymous 17/04/15(Sat)23:42 No. 120908

Hey I'm looking for the Aventyr Bestiary and any really good links to any 3rd party pathfinder troves?

MMonsters anon 17/04/16(Sun)14:10 No. 120925


I'm happy to acquire a couple of these Mageguru - I've benefited greatly from this community. How do I get them to you?

Mageguru!1mpu.dpn.g 17/04/16(Sun)14:53 No. 120926

Click on my name for my email.
Note: email does not accept attachments, so you will need to upload it somewhere you can delete later.

Anonymous 17/04/16(Sun)18:12 No. 120931

Ask again in two weeks when it's actually available in pdf form.

Looking for Anonymous 2 17/04/17(Mon)04:59 No. 120953

Hey, looking for Deep Magic stuff (1-10). The trove I have doesn't contain a Kobold folder. Anyone know where I can find one?

Nightfall 17/04/17(Mon)06:08 No. 120955


I think you mean when it become available to the public...but yes.

anon 17/04/17(Mon)07:46 No. 120958


Email sent.

Thanks for being a legend.

Norgorber 17/04/17(Mon)18:52 No. 120967


That would be incorrect. The product is already available for the public. It could be ordered for a long time now. Available isn't the best word choice, I suppose.

Ilija 17/04/17(Mon)19:43 No. 120971

There are several troves linked in this thread (just have to open the [entire thread]). Also Kobold stuff is sometimes under Open Design as that's what they were called before. I think your best bet is for Deep Magic for 5e is Mageguru's WotC trove.

Thanks Anonymous 2 17/04/17(Mon)20:59 No. 120972


My bad. I was thinking it was for Pathfinder for some reason. No wonder I couldn't find them.

Nightfall 17/04/17(Mon)21:04 No. 120973


I wasn't aware that only being able to get from Paizo and not say, Amazon or Barnes and Noble was being publicly available. But yes, available isn't the word I'd use right now.

Swift 17/04/18(Tue)02:38 No. 120984

Why, does 7chan itself remove the links? Thought this place was basically unmoderated.

Anonymous 17/04/18(Tue)08:53 No. 120992

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but has Pathfinder Pawns: Villain Codex Box been liberated yet?

Anonymous 17/04/18(Tue)08:54 No. 120993

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but has Pathfinder Pawns: Villain Codex Box been liberated yet?

Anonymous 17/04/18(Tue)08:54 No. 120994

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but has Pathfinder Pawns: Villain Codex Box been liberated yet?

Norgorber 17/04/18(Tue)14:20 No. 120999


You weren't aware? But indeed, it does. If anyone can order it, so it's available to the public. It's not about from where you can buy it, it's about if you can buy it - and anyone can buy Bestiary 6 - so it's available.

After the PDF release date is more suitable, IMHO.

Nightfall 17/04/19(Wed)00:51 No. 121024


Fair enough. It's a bit pedantic about what is and isn't available but it's not inaccurate.

Scathach!EgoMUSS73k 17/04/19(Wed)15:06 No. 121047

I don't think that, if we're here and not cleaning or contributing (which I believe Norgorber is cleaning, and I'm not sure about NF), it doesn't matter if it's available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, or just Paizo; it's not available here, so Anon can sit and wait for our lovely cleaners to release the wondrous warez.

TL;DR (Not directed at Norg or NF): Wait for the people we don't pay to release the PDFs we don't pay for, and do it without bitching.

Anonymous 17/04/19(Wed)18:13 No. 121053

Has anyone donated or liberated a copy of PFS scenario 8-17 Refugees of the Weary Sky?

In The Company of Wights ComputerSmurf 17/04/20(Thu)03:13 No. 121072

So I know this just dropped recently, but thought I should ask if anybody has snagged it and is willing to share?


Nightfall 17/04/20(Thu)05:02 No. 121075


I didn't think I was bitching but you are 100% correct otherwise.

Scathach!EgoMUSS73k 17/04/20(Thu)12:13 No. 121084

You're NF! :)

Swift 17/04/21(Fri)02:18 No. 121100

I could not find any D&D material sharing thread on /tg the same as this PF one, so I am posting this here in the meantime - Tales from the Yawning Portal. Got it from somewhere on the interwebs so whether it is cleaned or not, no idea.

Anonymous 17/04/21(Fri)04:03 No. 121101

Does anyone have Amethyst Rennaissance 2.0?

Nightfall 17/04/21(Fri)05:15 No. 121102


That I am. Now and always.

Secrets of the Renegade Archetype ComputerSmurf 17/04/21(Fri)07:37 No. 121103

Another thing while hunting for stuff in all the neato troves that I noticed was missing.

Does anybody have this squirreled away?

Mageguru!1mpu.dpn.g 17/04/21(Fri)08:53 No. 121108

That's because the main request thread had been taken down by DCMA

And Yawning portal has been posted quite frequently. Not to mention in my WOTC Trove.

Anonymous 17/04/22(Sat)01:05 No. 121137

Shaiza, weren't mosta those ItCO books, PC books? If it don't pop soon, I will scoop it. Genies was awesome.

Ilija 17/04/22(Sat)16:29 No. 121168


It's in Mageguru's trove.

Faces of Tarnished Souk were in VolcanoHounds trove (so somebody should be able to upload them), while In the Company of Wights is new unless somebody picked it up recently (haven't seen it).

Mageguru!1mpu.dpn.g 17/04/22(Sat)16:54 No. 121172


Mythic Monsters 38 - China

Mythic Monsters 41 - India

Some goodies from donors The Liberator 17/04/22(Sat)22:02 No. 121185









Nightfall 17/04/23(Sun)07:10 No. 121214


Thank you Lib!


Thanks Mageguru!

Pathfinder Society CityofCarse 17/04/23(Sun)08:43 No. 121216


It's being released around the 26th from what I understand. Expect it soon after that.

Anonymous 17/04/23(Sun)11:42 No. 121218

Thanks The+Liberator, Mageguru! and donors. You guys have saved me from a very frustrating week. Please keep the PF love rolling.

Anonymous 17/04/23(Sun)20:37 No. 121232

It came out the same day as 8-16 House of Harmonious Wisdom. Though I understand releasing it to us in the wild as part of Aprils haul.


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