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/v/ - The Vineyard
This board is dedicated to the fine art of sticking your penis into a nice wine. Rules:

1. Love your wine as you would love your woman.
2. Please, no trolling, just discussion of some of the finer things in life.
3. Cheese is an acceptable topic of discussion. After all, what goes with wine if not cheese?
4. No champagne.

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Intoxicated by Dipping? Wine Connoisseur 11/06/11(Sat)15:28 No. 1819 [Reply]

File 130779889922.jpg - (623.59KB , 1250x941 , deathValleyStone.jpg )

Will male genitalia absorb the alcohol quickly enough for intoxication? I've partially enjoyed alcoholic drinks, but losing my sense of taste completely ruins the experience. The problem could simply be that I have never tasted wine. I have just never been able to justify the cost for something so temporary.

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Wine Connoisseur 11/11/15(Tue)22:58 No. 2088

Will you gentlemen stop encouraging such plunging and decadent ventures? This kind of relentless and primitive hedonism should not characterize a fellowhood of our taste and ethos. One might argue that our primary pursuit must always be our easthetic accomplishment and even though I do not necessarily agree with such idealistic extremes it's my dudy as a gentleman to object to such promiscuous activities.

Wine Connoisseur 11/12/02(Fri)05:09 No. 2095


I submit to you that you are taking the idea of allowing your lady to enter you instead of vice-versa as a challenge to your masculinity. In today's free-thinking society, turnabout, as they say, is fair play. It is no longer undignified in the modern era for a gentleman to permit his lover to take a more equal role in the affairs of passion.

Wine Connoisseur 12/01/17(Tue)03:43 No. 2124

Wait you're saying that in today's culture pegging is okay? I don't know where you come from, but I'm pretty sure that's still considered "gay as fuck" pretty much everywhere.

Wine Connoisseur 11/11/15(Tue)04:11 No. 2086 [Reply]

File 132132666237.jpg - (188.19KB , 648x2597 , untitled.jpg )

Good day Gentlemen.
Today, I had my first experience of dipping my member into a wine. Having seen you fellows do it, I thought that I should perhaps experience the wonders of submerging my meat into a wonderfully full-bodied red wine.

Like any true connoisiseur I began by smelling this glorious beverage. I picked up subtle hints of vanilla, aswell as a rather spicey aroma which I could not quite place a finger on and name. Regardlesz of this, I decided that this 2004 Der Vulture was worth plobbing my sausage into.

And I say, t'was an experience I shan't forget in a hurry. Cheerio.

Wine Connoisseur 11/11/17(Thu)23:46 No. 2091

I'm glad you enjoyed it - and I wish you many happy returns!

Viticulture Savvy 11/10/26(Wed)15:03 No. 2071 [Reply]

File 13196342204.jpg - (63.86KB , 500x833 , chemical-composition-of-wine.jpg )

Sup /v/
Got my viticulture exam tomorrow and freaking out a little. Please send encouragement and comradere upon the finish, whence i shall dip in a delicious 2007 Central Otago Pinot Noir.

Irrigtion in vineyards Savvy 11/10/26(Wed)07:55 No. 2070 [Reply]

File 131960851282.jpg - (25.69KB , 539x545 , x0490e0o.jpg )

RDI is industry talk for Regulated Deficit Irrigation. This is where you irrigate the vines (a practice disallowed in some old world wine countries) below its daily 'requirement', in order to achieve increased ripeness of berries and vigour control. Usually (depending on rainfall) this can be anywhere between the RP and PWP levels in the soil.

Wine Connoisseur 11/08/13(Sat)11:39 No. 2020 [Reply]

File 131322834425.jpg - (380.98KB , 1576x2594 , bottle.jpg )

How does one obtain wine when underage and in the USA?

>this is a PORN board, fuck you.

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Wine Connoisseur 11/10/10(Mon)07:05 No. 2062



Sealand ID card complies with Maine law, works every time!*

*check your local laws first

Wine Connoisseur 11/10/22(Sat)15:15 No. 2067

This board should be moved out of the porn section

Wine Connoisseur 11/10/26(Wed)00:06 No. 2069

yeah, and moved to "le erotica" or something like this

Wine Connoisseur 11/08/18(Thu)22:56 No. 2031 [Reply]

File 13137010163.jpg - (14.35KB , 250x175 , cropped.jpg )

Dom. Romane Conti 1997

Wine Connoisseur 11/09/13(Tue)05:05 No. 2051

Sangre De Cristo, a young wine perfect for regular days.

Wine Connoisseur 11/10/13(Thu)01:10 No. 2063

Champagne 1925

Wine Connoisseur 11/09/26(Mon)02:10 No. 2057 [Reply]

File 131699581736.jpg - (139.14KB , 800x1205 , oktoberfest.jpg )

Oktoberfest soon. Are you ready?

Americium 11/09/05(Mon)07:53 No. 2047 [Reply]

File 131520199084.jpg - (22.71KB , 567x296 , 0QQvw.jpg )

So I just dipped in a sweet, rather sugary Rose wine.
It was quite refreshing, but it lack that tingling you feel after a good red wine. I have to say, I do quite like it though.

Wine Connoisseur 11/08/22(Mon)09:06 No. 2035 [Reply]

File 131399678711.jpg - (31.74KB , 400x400 , pinot_grigio_wine_diva_tshirt-p235210284609956913q.jpg )

Why does everyone hate pinot grigio?
It's the only wine my mom drinks and I have it whenever I visit home. But everyone I talk to is like ew dude wtf. What's so bad about it?

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Wine Connoisseur 11/08/25(Thu)03:00 No. 2041

I'm not a fan of pinotses.

Wine Connoisseur 11/08/25(Thu)03:52 No. 2042

File 131423712835.jpg - (129.62KB , 480x537 , murder.jpg )

Perhaps this would be up your alley as well, you lout.

Wine Connoisseur 11/08/31(Wed)04:10 No. 2046

It's the most mass produced wine in the world, the quality is shit, but its pretty cheap especialy the italian shit. its just about quantity when it comes to pinot gris.

Wine Connoisseur 11/08/14(Sun)08:16 No. 2023 [Reply]

File 131330257697.jpg - (33.20KB , 275x275 , cheesewine.jpg )

This evening I partook in the consumption of an entire 8oz block of cheese. It was quite exquisite.

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Wine Connoisseur 11/08/18(Thu)21:17 No. 2030

The fellow is more than likely embarrassed to say. If I had to guess, I'd have to say 'twas a cheap harlot from down the road and nothing more.

Wine Connoisseur 11/08/19(Fri)12:04 No. 2034

Terribly sorry, that seemed to have slipped my mind. It was a fine mild cheddar.

Wine Connoisseur 11/08/24(Wed)08:01 No. 2037

I prefer a nice soft Danish Havarti. Bold, yet yielding.

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