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This board is dedicated to the fine art of sticking your penis into a nice wine. Rules:

1. Love your wine as you would love your woman.
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3. Cheese is an acceptable topic of discussion. After all, what goes with wine if not cheese?
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Wine Connoisseur 11/08/13(Sat)11:39 No. 2020

File 131322834425.jpg - (380.98KB , 1576x2594 , bottle.jpg )

How does one obtain wine when underage and in the USA?

>this is a PORN board, fuck you.

Wine Connoisseur 11/08/13(Sat)20:46 No. 2021

Well, there are mainly two things you can do. Sprout balls ando/or a convincing beard and see how many stores you have to hit before somebody doesn't card you. It's easier than you think. If you get carded, realize that you forgot your wallet in your car.

Your other option is to locate a friendly individual who is of age. They can usually be found at the liquor store, if you don't know anyone personally who'd be willing to buy for you. Just be sure not to confuse the friendly alcoholics for the hooray-this-kid-gave-me-free-money alcoholics. It's a subtle difference.

Wine Connoisseur 11/08/16(Tue)10:54 No. 2024

make some

Wine Connoisseur 11/08/17(Wed)09:11 No. 2025

Just walk into a liquor store or grocery store, grab one bottle of wine, and take it to the checkout. If they card you, just say "thank you" and walk away. That's exactly how it works when they pay people to make sure the checkers are carding. If they don't card you, then you win.

Wine Connoisseur 11/08/18(Thu)08:05 No. 2029

Nice dick, I love you long time OP.

Wine Connoisseur 11/08/19(Fri)00:00 No. 2032

This is what I use to do when I was about 16.
1. Get mate to call saying their from te subway across the street. Say you are sending some kid to get some [insert beverages here].
2. Get beverages, pay go into subway, lout the back entrance.
3. ????
4. Praf*burp*iith

Wine Connoisseur 11/08/25(Thu)20:32 No. 2043

>Dipping in public
How ridiculous. One cannot achieve the intimacy of a good dip with onlookers.

Wine Connoisseur 11/08/28(Sun)21:18 No. 2045

this method worked from the age of 15 to 21(when I no longer needed it). First, you have to be ready to buy in large quantity. Second find a gas station with a huge fat chick working. Third bring as much booze to the counter as you can carry. When she asks for your ID show it to her, don't give it, just hold it out and tight. She will most likely look at it and sell it to you anyhow. If not, leave. She will have to carry that shit back. I got a ton of shitty looks, but this method never failed.

Wine Connoisseur 11/09/10(Sat)08:08 No. 2050

Warning: this method doesn't work in states where the under 21 ID is different from the over 21 ID (eg: Massachusetts)

Wine Connoisseur 11/09/25(Sun)19:11 No. 2055

Couldn't you obtain a different form of identification, perhaps?

Wine Connoisseur 11/09/28(Wed)06:30 No. 2058

You may consider this barbaric, but a wine cooler from a poor deli may be an option if you can't put on a convincing show. Getting your spoils out of the ghetto may be another matter altogether.

Wine Connoisseur 11/10/02(Sun)06:12 No. 2059

>Obtain grape juice.

>Leave it open.


Wine Connoisseur 11/10/10(Mon)07:05 No. 2062



Sealand ID card complies with Maine law, works every time!*

*check your local laws first

Wine Connoisseur 11/10/22(Sat)15:15 No. 2067

This board should be moved out of the porn section

Wine Connoisseur 11/10/26(Wed)00:06 No. 2069

yeah, and moved to "le erotica" or something like this

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