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21/08/02(Mon)15:05 No. 146456 ID: 1c6c26

File 162790951373.png - (2.50MB , 1901x1065 , ___.png )

Video games are for kids.

21/08/02(Mon)22:55 No. 146457 ID: 0aaaf2

0/10 troll

21/09/10(Fri)03:53 No. 146479 ID: 59a6cc

I have the soy phenotype. Even if I ditch all of my manchild hobbies and hit the gym, nobody is going to take me seriously because I am 5'9" with a poorly-defined jawline and receding hair. I might as well go hog wild and start filling my living space with Arcade1Up units because it's the only fulfillment I will be able to experience in this life.

21/09/14(Tue)08:07 No. 146482 ID: 6caa8b

Video games are not for kinds but for adults too. I am fond of playing simple flash games. Check new from https://www.juegos.monster/ Its convy, free and do not require to use some special skills and powerful PC. I like t o play most arcdes and adventures games.

21/11/13(Sat)04:04 No. 146513 ID: c66018

So are comic books.

21/11/19(Fri)04:30 No. 146519 ID: 15c902

File 16372926349.png - (24.24KB , 1920x1080 , DR2pATG.png )

So are books

I was reading adult non-fiction in the 6th grade

Therefore adult non-fiction is for kids

22/03/16(Wed)12:14 No. 146562 ID: 94380b

"hey mom, can I play tomb raider? Lara's ass looks fine"
"Okay, honey".

22/06/13(Mon)06:48 No. 146614 ID: fa2089

Moms are for kids.
Video games are for intellectuals, with perfectly formed genitals.

22/08/23(Tue)14:41 No. 146761 ID: 0d44b4

Yes, it is for the young at heart

22/09/21(Wed)03:43 No. 146785 ID: 2fa843

Playing Pavlov VR. Wearing wrist weights. Eating protein. These guns, muscles, are not kid muscles.

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