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doom 2 22/06/15(Wed)08:21 No. 146618 ID: 1d99ec

File 165527411465.jpg - (12.03KB , 194x259 , doom 2.jpg )

I just started playing doom 2 and it's one of the best games I've played. it was so relaxing to play. there are no in app purchases, or weird things, it's just fun. all you need to do is kill demons and have fun.

22/06/15(Wed)08:43 No. 146619 ID: 272320

I could never get super into the classic dooms. Maybe it's my millennial brain growing up on early 3d tech.

22/06/15(Wed)15:53 No. 146620 ID: 838b0b

Doom is so boring and clunky compared to Marathon and Duke, hard pass. This is someone who grew up in that era too. I don't like Duke.

22/06/15(Wed)19:14 No. 146621 ID: 272320

You don't like duke but it's better than doom?

I mean, I like them, but I just don't like them as much as the newer ones.

Nobody666 22/06/16(Thu)14:28 No. 146622 ID: d2b62b

If you get tired of the vanilla content, there's roughly a million custom map packs and mods. Communities are still fairly active to this day for a game originally released in 1994. Most of it needs a source port and there's a lot of stuff that's far harder that makes the vanilla experience pretty tame by comparison.

I'd suggest looking up GZDoom (Source Port) and the annual Cacowards (A showcase of the community's best of) if you're looking for more content.

All mod and source port downloads are free, as long as you have a legal copy of the game somewhere on your computer.

23/02/16(Thu)08:00 No. 146884 ID: 0e4a8f

I wanted to get into the touhou doom mod but its an absolute bitch to setup.

23/05/12(Fri)13:52 No. 146934 ID: 88736e

DOOM? I prefer QUAKE.

23/05/13(Sat)07:12 No. 146937 ID: cf04fa

Fellow Quaker

23/06/18(Sun)03:09 No. 146957 ID: 88736e

DOOM ETERNAL is fun but it is missing something.

23/08/17(Thu)04:58 No. 146979 ID: b7d447

>there are no in app purchases
*cough* D!zone, *cough*

23/08/18(Fri)03:23 No. 146980 ID: 1c94c8

God i loved DOOM I-II alot, RIP & TEAR TIL IT'S DONE!

23/10/23(Mon)10:57 No. 147001 ID: 08d30a

File 169805142322.png - (967.89KB , 998x896 , 11c293d9ea5f630cf6674544981f04728db30037.png )

Is anyone making wads?

23/11/09(Thu)00:41 No. 147005 ID: 9b8c80

Honestly, I've never been sure if I liked doom 2, even tnt is better but ultimate doom is just crazy comfy, doom 2 looks like cardboard cutout of the first one in comparison. Still the modding and mapping community makes up for that. Maybe give the other fps a go, for me Duke3d is usually a good game to follow up doom

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