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so uh roblox shadow 22/08/31(Wed)03:19 No. 146767 ID: 284ce9

File 16619087798.png - (14.26KB , 232x199 , sister_proof.png )

its a game i enjoy, but not that much. after i got robux i basically just did nothing, just played games and walked around with my new outfit. plus the mods, OH THE MODS, they are worse than youtube mods. so roblox, you might not be seeing this bc this forum is fucking dead, but if you are for some reason, fix your game man

also are we gonna talk about the fact that fave, a child diddler, is still on the game and roaming free?

yes shadow 22/08/31(Wed)03:21 No. 146768 ID: 284ce9

File 166190891918.jpg - (105.18KB , 524x697 , IMG_20220805_220005.jpg )

and if you were wondering, yes im tired

Roblox is wack 22/09/01(Thu)16:33 No. 146771 ID: 08f36d

Microsoft shills the game like crazy, to the point of not only offering Robux on Bing, but also pushing it onto a bunch of Windows users.

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