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I need good advices. Sarah Palin 13/12/15(Sun)02:27 No. 14861

File 138707082131.png - (110.55KB , 300x205 , guncrafterindustriesmodelno1.png )

Hello Anon.

First of all, I'm a neophyte.
But since a long, long time ago (and I wasn't even playing video games or watching movies with weapons and explosions everywhere then though I still totally don't) I want to shoot with .50 caliber weapons (anti-material rifles and handguns, mostly). Don't ask, I don't really know why I'm not any more attracted by assault rifles or submachine guns…
I'm also not really attracted by gas operated weapons simply because as far as I've searched (I never owned my own gun, too expansive for me right now) it is more likely to become dirty and jam…

But whatever. I hear a lot of people talking about the M1911. Apparently, this gun is reliable as fuck. I know someday I'll look into a .50 caliber revolver but this is another point. And after searching for a .50 caliber pistol, I heard a lot about the Desert Eagle being the most overrated piece of shit ever (because it apparently jams for nothing because of its gas operated system that quickly gets dirty) so I searched for a .50 caliber chambered M1911 equivalent and I found one : the Guncrafter Industries Model Number 1. It looks good to me but a bit… Expansive. That's why I'm interested in your knowledge about those.

Also, I was wondering what were the "best" .50 B.M.G. chambered anti-material rifles in their categories (I heard a lot about the M82 and M107) but I think I'll just begin with a "simple" handgun for now.

A gun being some sort of investment by being expansive, I really want to get as much tips, advices, points of view, ideas and feedbacks as possible before making my choice. I really want a good, precise and reliable weapon but with more personal characteristics and that's why I need you.

Thanks. :)

Post-scriptum : My english may not be very good. In that case, feel free to correct me, it would be much appreciated.

Sarah Palin 13/12/15(Sun)05:06 No. 14862

I think you might mean "expensive" as in, it costs a lot, rather than "expansive"...

Sarah Palin 13/12/15(Sun)05:29 No. 14863

>>14862 Thanks mate. This should… "Expand" my english level.

Sarah Palin 13/12/15(Sun)07:20 No. 14865

If you're really new to firearms, what you need to start with is a top-shelf firearms safety course. Your first firearm should be a .22 LR, preferably a bolt action rifle. In time you can graduate from that to something more powerful; a shotgun is always a good choice. Big bore rifles...and ESPECIALLY handguns...should wait until you have developed some real experience.

As for the .50 BMG...unless you are going for that one-mile headshot, I don't see the need. It's your money, however; if that's what you want to spend it on, more power to you. Just remember that you can easily accidentally kill someone miles away with a single ricochet.

Sarah Palin 13/12/15(Sun)08:08 No. 14866

>>14865 My father hunts woodcock. He has many rifles, including one .22 L.R. rifle. When he'll give it to me, I'll start shooting with bolt-action rifles with this, awaiting the moment where I'll have enough cash to buy a .50 B.M.G. bolt-action rifle.

But for the handguns, I'm pretty sure that I want to start with .45 A.C.P./.50 G.I. guns. I've already been shooting at the range, except that it was mostly 4,5mm chambered air carbines and pistols. I already handled hunting rifles though, I know the security rules (unless there are more than the ones my father taught me but I don't think so) and how to hold a rifle or a pistol correctly…

I have the "minimal" experience in this domain and am sure as fuck that I want to go deeper with this shit. Here in Europe, there is (sadly) no self-defense allowed (basically if someone attacks you, you must run to the closest police office, this is pure crap but whatever) so I know it'll mostly just be to shoot at the range.

All I "know" about the "serious" stuff is that manual and piston-driven weapons are a bit harder to handle and heavier than other weapons but much more reliable on a long term with additional care and repairs when needed. That's not enough, I need to know more and practice with bigger and harder shit. We live like that in my family : the higher the difficulty, the easier things go once you pass through everything allright. ;)

Sarah Palin 13/12/15(Sun)09:25 No. 14867

>> Here in Europe, there is (sadly) no self-defense allowed (basically if someone attacks you, you must run to the closest police office, this is pure crap but whatever)

Europe is not a country. I don't have complete data available, but to my knowledge at least several countries in Europe have self-defense laws. Typically you are justified to respond with the force necessary to mitigate the threat posed to you or your possessions. Out of curiosity, which country do you live in where the law dictates you run to the nearest police office instead?

Sarah Palin 13/12/15(Sun)16:00 No. 14868

>>14867 Come in France, you will understand what I mean. When someone attacks you with a weapon (whatever weapon it is), you can barely defend yourself with your hands (and if you do, don't harm the guy or you are good to go to jail). If you ask a cop, he'll just tell you to come to the closest police office. It's a shame, it's fascism (or communism, call it like you want it's pretty much the same in the end).

And I don't think it's any different in United Kingdom, Italia, Germany, Spain et cætera… Well, maybe it is but not much different in my opinion. Most of the countries that are in the European Union obey to common laws such as their… Particular vision of the "human rights" (with no "human duties", of course)

Sarah Palin 13/12/17(Tue)02:45 No. 14869

If you want a GOOD .50 cal automatic handgun, OP, you really should go with the Desert Eagle. .50 GI is crap. It's just a slightly scaled-up .45 ACP. Also, the only way to jam a deagle is if you use underpowered .357 or .44 ammo in it or never ever clean it (like US troops did with their "self-cleaning" M16s in Vietnam).
However, if you live in France, I'm pretty sure they (along with Italy, maybe Germany, and some other EU countries) have banned all .50 BMG and .50 AE weapons from civilian ownership as they use "military cartridges" (because teh army totally uses teh deagle brand deagle bro!!!!11).
I suggest you take a look at .50 Beowulf, .500 Phantom, .510 Whisper, .50 Peacekeeper, .416 Barrett (I know the M82A1 comes in .416), .460 Steyr, and .510 DTC rifles and .500 S&W and Linebaugh revolvers, and also old school African hunting rifles like .505 Gibbs and stuff.
Here's the kicker, however: any guns other than those using mainstream, common service weapon-based cartridges (besides magnums and .50cals, which can be pretty costly), are going to be expensive to shoot often unless you handload, with ammo being at least a couple dollars per round.

If you're really still interested in fiddy cow stuff, go read some stuff by JD Jones, John Linebaugh, and Teppo Jutsu.

Sarah Palin 13/12/19(Thu)12:02 No. 14873

Well first of all, most of Europe allows self defense in equal measure. Meaning if a guy attacks you with a knife and you have a gun you probably don't have a good reason to shoot him while he hasn't stabbed you yet. Of course this is just a general guideline, not a rule.

>However, if you live in France, I'm pretty sure they (along with Italy, maybe Germany, and some other EU countries) have banned all .50 BMG and .50 AE weapons from civilian ownership

Shows how much you know.

Sarah Palin 14/01/05(Sun)10:10 No. 14879

Why not go for an early model Barret rifle ? Not gas operated, anti material rifle, and its battlefield proven. Just good luck finding a range unless you have wide open government land close by.

Sarah Palin 14/01/14(Tue)01:35 No. 14881

Like this guy said, you might look into a .50 Beowulf rifle. I have no idea what the laws are in France, but if there are limits on mag size a 10 round .50 Beo mag can serve as a 30 round 5.56 mag, if you need that for some reason. But anything in .50 is going to cost a lot, on top of the costs to be expected where firearms ownership isn't very common, such as in Europe.

PONY!zomGDeAgLE 14/01/24(Fri)14:40 No. 14890

File 139057085738.jpg - (876.17KB , 3525x1326 , optima-v2-pistol.jpg )

+1 on .50 GI being crap. It operates at even lower pressures than .45 ACP. Deagles brand Deagles on the other hand are supposedly good if treated well.

I don't know how France's laws are about inline muzzleloaders, but they usually aren't nearly as heavily regulated as cartridge firearms. Such smokepoles are likely your best bet for big bore boom in nanny nations such as yours. See if you can get your hands on a Traditions Vortek Pistol or CVA Optima Pistol. If I'm not mistaken, Davide Pedersoli makes some inlines as well, but we don't see 'em here stateside.

Sarah Palin 14/01/27(Mon)04:54 No. 14892

>not owning a Hi Point C9

Acroth+Nilsson 15/10/13(Tue)20:45 No. 15180

M1911 is more than having the cock in hand.
I need to shoot straight in through the door and through a protective vest at the same time.
Then this is the best.
But how the hell do I hide the spectacle.
By burying pigs twelve feet under.
God made man and Yahoo made me God!

General! acroth+nilsson 16/01/11(Mon)21:21 No. 15226

After a slide mount to a peepholes through the door.
Then caliber 45 best.

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