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-2020-12-15=”Operation Aurora Phoenix” oswaldsrevenge63 22/01/04(Tue)16:23 No. 21098

File 164130983536.jpg - (87.02KB , 672x938 , Aurora-Phoenix-CMR-672.jpg )

-2020-12-15=”Operation Aurora Phoenix” auto initiated. Search results as follows>>>>>
-Combined FBI HRT/CIA Special Operations Team carried out “Operation Mole Hunt” decapitation raid 2020-12-09 0300hrs. Results as follows>>>>
-(KIA)Q1=Codename Hot Property, Senior Officer in the Pentagon, killed in action, body location unknown
-(KIA)Q2=Codename Moltke, White House Staffer, killed in action, body location unknown, possible clone replacement
-(Detained)Q3=Codename Foxboro, Senior Level FBI Agent, indefinite detention, Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti(11.541777987148233, 43.16645439197113)
-(Detained)Q4=Codename Gold Eagle, Senior Level CIA Agent, indefinite detention, Diego Garcia (-7.411685997543057, 72.45231777383874)
-(KIA)Q5=Codename J-Mac, DIA Agent, killed in action, body location unknown
-(Detained)Q6=Codename Bloodseed, NSA Employee, indefinite detention,Camp Bondsteel(42.36056291287222, 21.253749725477643)
-(Detained)Q7=Codename Mega, Secret Service Agent, indefinite detention, Temara interrogation center, Morocco(33.9345, -6.863883)
-(Detained)Q8=Codename Reindeer, Senior Level State Dept Employee, indefinite detention, Sembach Kaserne, Sembach, Germany, (49.527987420870055, 7.866246060181635)
-(KIA)Q9=Codename Waikiki, Army Intel Officer, killed in action, body location unknown
-(Detained)Q10=Codename Skymaster, Air Force Intel Officer, indefinite detention, Army Regional Confinement Facility, Camp Humphreys, USFK, South Korea(36.98323107149138, 126.98759598655717)
-(Detained)Q11=Codename Anatolia, Naval Intel Officer, indefinite detention,Naval Brig Yokosuka, U.S. Fleet Activities Yokosuka, Japan(35.29184661545282, 139.66969276238876)
-(KIA)Q12=Codename El Dorado, Marine Intel Officer, killed in action, body location unknown
-Q13=Codename Aurora(The Hub Communications officer), Status=Currently on the move and untraceable, location unknown
Nothing follows>>>END

Tin Foil Enthusiast 22/07/13(Wed)07:09 No. 21177

They didn't get El Dorado.

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