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Serial Killers Satan 22/05/06(Fri)16:51 No. 21142

File 165184866155.jpg - (810.70KB , 800x1280 , 1651836501156.jpg )

Christopher Poole and a bunch of others are serial killing and keep trying to protect serial killers on 4chan.

Same with Marcus Zuckerberg and Facebook.

And the same is happening with staff of Google and YouTube. Serial killers protecting themselves, trying to.

Already told the CIA about cops about them.

Satan 22/05/06(Fri)16:52 No. 21143

They think they're worth anything to anyone.
They've raped and killed me.
Abused me severely.
Are going to prison.

Satan 22/05/06(Fri)16:53 No. 21144

None of them are worth anything to anyone.
They're fucking stupid.

Satan 22/05/06(Fri)16:54 No. 21145

All of them are going to prison.

Satan 22/05/06(Fri)16:55 No. 21146

Derek is going to prison too.
Not worth anything to anyone.

Satan 22/05/06(Fri)16:56 No. 21147

The Amandas and Tiffany aren't worth anything to anyone either.
Neither is Ryan.

Satan 22/05/06(Fri)16:57 No. 21148

Alicia and Meg aren't worth anything to anyone either.

Satan 22/05/06(Fri)16:58 No. 21149

Doesn't Amanda's mother strangle her?
For strangling her and raping her.

Satan 22/05/06(Fri)16:59 No. 21150

Do you really prefer poorly written threads by serial killers?
Who are trying to kill you, too?
Christopher Poole is involved.

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