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Boogers Darth+Musturd 22/05/16(Mon)07:10 No. 21152

File 165267783498.jpg - (32.05KB , 400x600 , IMG_0643.jpg )

Musturd strikes again, screwballs.

Title, booger, refers to a southern name for Bigfoot. The Wood Booger. Had at least one experience with something that might have been a booger, but very possibly something much, much worse. And a few encounters I believe to be a Bigfoot.
Not much particularly exciting. No being chased out of the woods by 8 foot tall howler monkeys throwing rocks at me. Most of my experiences are just seeing weird stuff coming out of the woods at night from my window, lots of strange noises, things of that sort. Mississippi be cray cray.

Also, just picked up Devolution. Going to give it a read and tell yall how it goes. Pic unrelated

Tin Foil Enthusiast 22/05/16(Mon)15:27 No. 21153

Most Sasquatch avoid human encounters so actually interacting with one is rare. Although I would really like to travel to the U.S. one day in hopes of spotting one.

Darth+Musturd 22/05/16(Mon)23:53 No. 21154

They do mostly avoid human encounters in everything I've seen and heard (aside from the sounds they produce, kind of ironic wording isnt' it?). However, remember that they've been spotted all over the world with surprising consistency. Yeti, Bigfoot, Boogers, Rock Apes, El Cuatlacas, etc. Even ogres and trolls in Europe are surprisingly accurate to Bigfoot descriptions, though I think some may be remnants of the Nephilim.

Tin Foil Enthusiast 22/05/21(Sat)12:23 No. 21155


Bob Gymlan's Youtube channel has some great research on Bigfoot.

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