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Tin Foil Enthusiast 22/06/16(Thu)01:43 No. 21160

File 165533661596.png - (244.51KB , 506x531 , zemblini jennifer.png )

May 4, 2022:
>Dreamed about [Crystal] walking around in some school or gymnasium... And everybody was hiding from the monster because it was mean... and [Jennifer] standing around near one of the metal doors on a reddish brownish brick building.
May 11, 2022:
>being driven around... until he eventually crash landed... and then I had a dream about walking around a school I've never been to before but it was familiar as I've seen it in other dreams in the past. It was like an elementary school...

May 24, 2022:
>The gunman who killed 19 kids and two teachers at a Texas elementary school... The door had just been propped open by a teacher about a minute before Ramos’ truck crashed near the school, McCraw said at a briefing Friday, citing video evidence.


November 18, 2021:
>Today my dream started on some mountain, and I was in the back of a car looking out the window and Mr. Beast was out there inside of a white SUV car. And he then left the white big car and entered the car I was in with some other guy and he started to drive it. And he remotely closed the trunk which was open and somebody was using the trunk when he did it so I got nervous he cut the guys hands off... I started talking about my friend Jennifer who is like a recurring dream character of mine.

November 21, 2021:
>On November 21, 2021, the driver of a sport utility vehicle (SUV) killed six people and injured sixty-two others by hitting participants and observers at the annual Christmas parade


September 25, 2021 & October 23, 2021:
>Today my dream was outdoors and I saw a girl who appeared similar to Jennifer... and then I saw a huge line of semi-trucks sitting around doing nothing? Or they were maybe on strike or something?
>some huge fight was going on at a highway because people were blocking off the traffic. And I saw Jennifer

January 22, 2022:
>Convoy protest over major Canadian highways; demonstration at Parliament Hill


June 25, 2021 & March 25, 2022:
>I saw someone similar to Jennifer walking around near a gas station
>The first dream was about some guy who was stealing gasoline from his neighbor

June, 2022:
>Gas prices are at an all time high, people resort to stealing gas...
>reports of gas being stolen out of cars in the area...


July 24, 2021:
>It might have been Jennifer... And then my last dream today was about Finneas, and he was at the white house or something and posted a few pictures of it on Instagram.

February 9, 2022:

August 6, 2021:
>Today my first dream was inside of a grocery store. And there was somebody mean walking around... then I had a dream where I went to play basketball and while I was playing basketball outdoors I started getting subliminal messages. I was seeing what appeared to be Jennifer's room. And someone was in the room playing a piano and perhaps it was Jennifer...

May 14, 2022:
>Alleged mass shooter Payton S. Gendron faces multiple federal hate crime charges carrying the potential of the death penalty in the killing of 10 Black people last month at a Buffalo, New York, supermarket.


And many more... too many to count.

Tin Foil Enthusiast 22/06/16(Thu)11:34 No. 21161

The same person having all these dreams? Strange.

Tin Foil Enthusiast 22/06/16(Thu)17:53 No. 21162

File 16553947835.jpg - (149.21KB , 800x450 , m8j8n7.jpg )


Tin Foil Enthusiast 22/06/16(Thu)22:44 No. 21164


Tin Foil Enthusiast 22/08/25(Thu)14:51 No. 21211

On 9/11 I dreamed of a circa 1997 Judge Dredd comic about the tallest tower in Mega-City One (mostly on the site of New York) suffering various disasters, including being hit by a flying fuel tanker that caused a fire. I'd not read ir even seen that comic for years, but it suddenly popped up in my groggy half-awake dream.
Also the story was set in a hurricane, but the dream was on a clear, sunny day. The building in the comic wasn't an office, but I was precariousy balanced on an office chair, right on the edge of a broken window.

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