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Mr_Baxren 22/08/30(Tue)10:36 No. 21213

File 166184861968.png - (351.05KB , 1516x732 , john the killer.png )

john the killer: John was a 15 year old boy moved to a new town with his family john was interested in computers and the then popular killer jeff loved it very much he saw it as ideal he couldn't get used to the school in his new town but he made friends of course but he got into some fights despite his friends, you got aggressive, john the killer finally he wanted to meet jeff the killer and jeff the killer started researching where he was last seen, he thought about this incident and he was about to go crazy he started asking questions like how he was seen here. When sleepy came, he went to bed and when he got up in the morning, his mother said, "You are not going to school today, you are not going to school," 1 janitor was killed at school. His father said they found a note. John realized that no one but Jeff could do it and became alarmed and at night John woke up with a loud noise 12 hours after he went to sleep there was jeff just when jeff was going to burn him john was holding his tablet jeff started to burn john with a lighter the fire came to john's tablet and john was electrocuted and john shrieked but his soul he went from tablet to tablet to the internet, he felt strange, white around him, as if he had died, he soon realized that his soul was on the internet and now jeff was going to kill him and he was going to mess up the internet now he was John The Killer id

Tin Foil Enthusiast 22/08/30(Tue)18:33 No. 21214

File 16618772003.jpg - (59.81KB , 392x500 , read.jpg )


what shadow 22/08/30(Tue)21:39 No. 21216

File 166188839780.png - (167.48KB , 378x378 , 73ABDEBA-149B-499F-858F-918383991195.png )

what did i just read

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