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SpongeBob's Depression Anonymous 23/03/08(Wed)22:03 No. 21377

File 167830939467.jpg - (79.28KB , 1443x1080 , SpongeBob's_Depression.jpg )

The episode started pretty normally at first. SpongeBob is watching TV when Patrick knocks on the door. SpongeBob says for him to come in, and Patrick shows him the game "Eels and Escalators." At this moment, I thought that the episode took place before the episode "Sailor Mouth," because here, Patrick was introducing the game for the first time.

SpongeBob finds the game cool and is excited to play it with Patrick. However, before they start playing the game, Patrick tells SpongeBob about the rules of the game first. SpongeBob then understands and they start playing the game. Patrick keeps moving up escalators while SpongeBob gets sent down the eels. After losing the game, SpongeBob gets a bit sad but he later gets ok with it and tries again, thinking he was going to win this time. This is where things get worse.

After many attempts of trying to win and just losing in the end, SpongeBob loses his cool, goes out of character and goes on a crazy rampage, which also involved assaulting Patrick and going into Bikini Bottom causing a ruckus (you may have not heard of this word before but it means causing disturbance or commotion). Eventually, he was caught by the police and was arrested for assault and public disturbance.

SpongeBob, while on jail, says:

"Stupid SpongeBob, why did you do that? I don't even know why you had to do that... Maybe if Patrick didn't bring up that stupid game, this wouldn't have happened! Hopefully I won't be in here for too long. Maybe I'll get bailed out, and go on about my day and apologize to Patrick for my terrible actions. I don't think I'll be here for that long."

A time card saying "1 Day Later..." shows up on the screen for 2 seconds. The time cards on this episode were not spoken by the French Narrator this time. It cuts back to SpongeBob in jail. He says:

"I've been here for one day and nothing has happened. Okay, I think I have learned my lesson here. Now let's see if I can get someone to bail me out!"

Another time card saying "5 Hours Later..." shows up for 2 seconds, and it cuts back to SpongeBob in jail, again. He says:

"Um, it's been 5 hours and I am still here. I don't like it here! Boy, I could sure use a little snack right now, but I don't have any Krabby Patties. This is getting ridiculous!"

The last time card shows up on the screen for 2 seconds saying "The Next Day." It cuts to SpongeBob on jail for the final time. He screams angrily:

"I want to get out of here now! I want to get out of here now! I don't like it here! I want to get out now now now!"

A police officer fish then comes and says angrily:

"Hey, shut up you cheese bastard! You got yourself a visitor."

SpongeBob then calms down, becomes happy and says excitedly:

"Oh boy! Maybe he's here to bail me out!"

Flats the Flounder, the character who also appears in the episode "The Bully," turns out to be the visitor and threatens to kick SpongeBob's butt. SpongeBob gets shocked as he says:

"Oh, my..."

He starts to scream:

"Get away from me! I don't want my butt kicked! I can't take this anymore!"

SpongeBob then escapes the jail, running away. It then cuts to Patrick walking on the street. What I noticed is that the sky this time was gray, meaning that it was going to rain. SpongeBob finds him. Patrick then says angrily:

"What do you even want from me, SpongeBob!"

"Look, I understand you are angry, but-" SpongeBob is then interrupted by Patrick, who says:

"But nothing! I personally have had enough of you for the last time! What you did at the pineapple was totally unacceptable! Totally unacceptable!"

"Patrick, look! I honestly didn't mean to do it! I just had a rough day that day, and I let the worst get to me, and I shouldn't have punched you in the face and send you flying out the window!"

"I don't care about how good or bad your day was that day. I can tolerate you losing your temper on things like that, but you punching me out the window is a different story! Not to mention I had to go to the hospital for 3 days! 3 DAYS!"

"Oh... Patrick, I really want to say that I am so, so sorry for what I did to you. I will never ever do that again!"

"SpongeBob, after what occurred at the pineapple all over a game of Eels and Escalators, you can consider this friendship over."

At this point, sad piano music starts to play in the background. Things were going to become really depressing now. SpongeBob becomes shocked at this, as he says:

"What? Patrick, no! I don't want to end our friendship! You've been my best friend for so many years, and I don't want anything bad to happen! Please please please!"

"No, I will never become friends with you again. We're just not compatible anymore. Goodbye, you cheese bastard!" Patrick then begins walking away as SpongeBob says on a very shaky voice, as he was ready to start sobbing uncontrollably:

"Goodbye, Mr. Best Friend!"

SpongeBob then sits on the street, crying as he screams Patrick's name. He then screams:

"Why did I have to do this, Neptune! Why!"

Wavegod 23/03/09(Thu)01:32 No. 21381

The sponge must be really pressed.

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