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The Figure - Lost SpongeBob Episode Anonymous 23/03/09(Thu)00:03 No. 21379

File 167831661085.jpg - (160.95KB , 1152x863 , The_Algae's_Always_Greener_Background.jpg )

A majority of people on the SpongeBob fanbase thinks that episodes such as Squid's Visit, Boating Buddies or Graveyard Shift are one of the most scariest episodes on the show. However, I personally think that "The Figure" is one of the most scary episodes of SpongeBob ever created. Now, you may have never heard of, or have basically never seen this episode before. Why? Because it wasn't aired on television and wasn't released on the internet or DVD releases at all. The reason is simple.

One idea that was brought up during production of season four of SpongeBob and was completed into a full episode was of SpongeBob and Patrick exploring a forest and the two ends up finding a terrifying figure which almost kills them. It had its voice work and animation complete before executives decided to cancel the episode, as they felt that what had been produced was too dark for young viewers and following their decision it was never released anywhere. As a result, the episode was forgotten about for many years.

Now, since I worked on Nickelodeon from 2000 to 2010, I have got a lot of production stuff from many shows Nick has created, and SpongeBob is one of them, which is how I got an copy of the episode. The executives told me not to release it or else I would be fired from the job, but since I no longer work there, I would like to release the footage but unfortunately Viacom will suck my cock if I do it.

I am still able to tell what happens in the entire episode, though. Patrick is playing some games with SpongeBob when the two get bored. However, SpongeBob has the idea to explore an forest that was located far from their home. Patrick agrees and the two get some backpacks with a bunch of stuff inside and goes to the forest. They keep exploring it for a while until they hear a strange, loud growling noise coming out from far away.

The two starts to get scared and they immediately leave the forest. The two goes to sleep on their houses until the next night they get really curious as to what they heard. Patrick says that instead of only him and SpongeBob going to the forest, they should bring a group of 3. Which is SpongeBob, Patrick and Sandy. SpongeBob agrees and also thinks that they could bring rifles this time. Patrick agrees and then invites Sandy to explore the forest so that they could find out what was making the strange growling noise. Sandy then joins the group and Patrick gets a backpack and a rifle for Sandy. They all come back to the forest again, on the same night.

This time, they were walking very slowly so that they couldn't make any noise, however the growling sound could be heard again. They get scared but at the same time confused, asking why the figure started growling again even though they didn't make any noise. Sandy theorizes that the figure could have possibly seen us. They all quickly grabs their rifles and they look everywhere to see if the figure could be seen, spying on them. And all of a sudden, the figure quickly grabs Sandy by the leg and drags her into the bushes.

SpongeBob and Patrick quickly starts firing their rifles. The figure screams in pain, and then runs away. SpongeBob and Patrick chases the figure but they stop as they hear Sandy screaming loudly and painfully, screaming for help. The two starts to get scared again but they knew they had to help Sandy, they didn't want her to die. They quickly find where her painful screams are coming from and what they saw, and what I saw as well, was terrifying.

The creature was eating Sandy. No, it wasn't eating her organs, it was really trying to swallow Sandy's entire body. SpongeBob and Patrick screams in shock, very loudly, and starts firing their rifles until they run out of bullets. They try to pull Sandy out of the figure's huge mouth, and they succeed, but the figure starts running extremely fast towards them. They try to run as fast as they can, but the figure ends up getting Patrick and Sandy. He quickly tries to swallow them, this time faster than before, and he unfortunately succeed.

The creature then whispers, on a very deep voice. "I'm not satisfied yet. I need one more meal." SpongeBob's eyes become wide and his pupils become smaller and he had an terrified expression on his face, knowing what the figure really meant. The figure slowly turns his head to SpongeBob, and says: "You're next... Sponge... Bob." SpongeBob then screams in horror and leaves the forest as fast as he could.

While running, he turns back to see if the figure was chasing him, and it was, on a speed faster then SpongeBob's. However, before getting caught, SpongeBob was able to succesfully leave the forest. He turns back once again, but this time, the creature just disappeared. It probably just stayed inside the forest, which, on my theory, is where it lives. SpongeBob starts to cry, thinking that his friends died.

However, the figure then comes out crawling and vomits Patrick and Sandy out. It then comes back to the forest. SpongeBob is happy to see that his friends are still alive and quickly hugs all of them. He dries his tears with a cloth that was in his backpack. SpongeBob wanted to know how they survived inside the figure's stomach, and Sandy explains it, saying that the figure vomited them because she was hitting the figure's stomach several times, which made the figure feel sick.

They started to wonder what happened to the figure. They then spy on it to see if it was still alive or not, but the figure is seen lying on the floor. They thought that the figure died after getting shot many times with the rifles. They become happy to see that the figure died so that it couldn't do any harm anymore. SpongeBob and Patrick were proud to see what was making the strange noise, and the two thanked Sandy for helping them, since they wouldn't come to the forest again if she didn't join the group.

They all come back to their houses, but it shows the figure lying on the floor again for a few seconds before it cuts to its eyes. They them open which reveals that the figure still survived. The screen then cut to black and that's when it ends. I loved this episode due to how scary and well written it is. It's way better out of all other horror SpongeBob episodes ever made. It sucks how this wasn't released on the internet and even I myself can't upload it or else you know what happens next.

Wavegod 23/03/09(Thu)01:27 No. 21380


Tin Foil Enthusiast 23/03/09(Thu)14:47 No. 21384

Impressive. Would wish this happens

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