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Legal #

7chan takes no responsibility for what is posted. However, we do our best to moderate and remove all illegal content from our servers. Nothing should be posted here that is illegal to view in Luxembourg or the United States. This includes (but is not limited to): child pornography or people under the age of 18 nude, partially nude, in underwear, or in suggestive poses.

The stories and discussions posted here are works of fiction and falsehood, none of which are to be taken literally under any circumstances. 7chan and its staff are not responsible in any way for false advice, misleading information, or any other falsities that may cause any sort of damage be it of property, mental or physical means.

7chan's administrators and moderators have to the right to deny access as they choose. You are in no way guaranteed access. The interpretations of the rules are up to the staff. Failure to comply with these rules, regulations, and policies will result in banishment of your IP address and/or being reported to your ISP if necessary.

All trademarks and copyrights on this website are owned by their respective parties. Images uploaded and comments posted are the responsibility of the poster. The views and opinions posted to 7chan.org do not represent the views and opinions of the 7chan administration, nor its staff members. If you have any questions regarding the interpretation of our rules, regulations, and policies, please email us.

Global Rules #

These rules apply on every board unless noted.

Do Not Post List #

If you are the copyright holder of an image and you would like it removed, please send a PROPERLY-FORMATTED DMCA Takedown Notice to legal@7chan.org.

For legal reasons, DMCA Takedown Notices MUST include:

  1. Name or Company Name
  2. Address
  3. Daytime telephone
  4. Email address
  5. Name or title of Work(s) to remove.
  6. URLs of offending files or posts.

To get the URL of a file attachment, right-click the thumbnail or filename (above the thumbnail) and choose Copy Link Location. Valid file URLs look like https://7chan.org/b/src/14789054884.gif.

To get the URL of a post, right-click the "No." next to the post ID and choose Copy Link Location. Posts have URLs that look like https://7chan.org/b/res/759941.html#759941.


Failure to include any required information will result in rejection of your DMCA. This information is required by law for counter-claimants, and information other than your company name will be kept private unless subpoenaed.

DMCAs are legal documents and must include valid information. They are ONLY for having YOUR copyrighted material (images, videos, writings, etc) removed from our site in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. False filings can result in permanent banning from the site and referral to the Department of Justice for prosecution.

Note that it is standard procedure to notify our users which company or individual filed the DMCA. Only the name of the company or individual is posted by the script, as is standard practice in the industry.


/VIP/ - Very Important Posters: /vip/ is not accessible to first time users. In fact, /vip/ is not accessible to most of the users of 7chan. This board is an exclusive club that only the best of 7chan's posters are allowed into. If you have to ask for access, you clearly aren't /vip/ material.

Premium Content #

/777/ - Wildcard: The topic of Wildcard changes every week, with the goal of creating more boards of interest to users. A wildcard topic can become a permanent board if that topic reaches 1,000 posts within its week.
If you would like to suggest a topic, contact a moderator or administrator on IRC, or send an e-mail to admins@7chan.org.

/7ch/ - 7chan Discussion: Users can directly communicate with the 7chan administration to make complaints or suggestions to improve the site. Please keep the stickied rules in mind, and remember, this is serious discussion, no porn or trolling.

/b/ - Random: This board has no rules except the global rules. Take note that the staff does not have to follow the rules in here either.

/fl/ - Flash: Macromedia Flash files can be uploaded directly and, for the most part, all content is acceptable as long as it complies with global rules.

/fail/ - Failure: Chaw Chaw Otness Otness Eh Eh Aha Aha.

/gfx/ - Graphics Manipulation: This looks shopped. I can tell from some of the pixels and from seeing quite a few shops in my time.

General #

General boards are not entirely work safe. Racy or pornographic images are allowed as long the image is on topic.

/a/ - Anime & Manga: This is for the discussion of primarily Anime and Manga, but some other aspects of Japanese culture might be acceptable.
1. Please do not spoil any plot details or plot secrets without using the spoiler tags.
2. There is no guarantee that spoilers will be removed in time.
3. This board is about Japanase animation and manga only, American cartoons should not be posted here.

/co/ - Comics: Now you can argue about whether Batman or Superman is better with other basement dwelling virgins.

/eh/ - Particularly Uninteresting Conversation: Talk about, y'know, stuff.
This is not /b/.

/hi/ - History: Historical and current events discussion. No trolling and no political flame wars. Abide by the stickied rule.

/me/ - Media: Music, movies, TV and all other forms of discussable media are allowed here. Your original works are strongly encouraged.

/rx/ - Drugs: All of you junkies have a place to congregate. Talk about your favorite drugs, dosage, prices in your area, etc. Just don't set up deals, and don't try to get anyone killed ;D.

/vg/ - Video Games: Discussion of every kind of video game. Do not start flamewars over everything. Debating and voicing your opinion is fine, but unconstructive uncalled for posts will be deleted. Tanukihat might delete your post and ban you if he doesn't agree with it anyway. You've been warned.

/wp/ - Wallpapers: Title says it all. No requests or I WILL BITE YOUR TORSO AND GIVE YOU A DISEASE. Minimum resolution is 1024x768.

/x/ - Paranormal/Conspiracy/Zombieghoasts: Monsters, ghosts, shadow people, conspiracy theories and all other sorts of alleged "paranormal" activity. Keep creepypasta to a few threads.


Pornographic content will not be tolerated in the SFW boards.

/fit/ - Fitness & Health: For muscleheads to compare biceps and masturbate. Make sure your question is not already in the FAQ sticky.

/halp/ - Technical Support: 1. 7chan is not responsible for any damage done. Remember that following any advice posted is at your own risk, we take no responsibility for your actions.
2. This is not a warez board, questions on how to hack will be deleted.
3. This forum is for support threads only. If you wish to have a discussion about technology, post in /sci/.
4. Use google first.

/lit/ - Literature : For all six of us that still read books.
1. Please do not spoil any plot details or plot secrets.
2. There is no guarantee that spoilers will be removed in time.

/sci/ - Science & Technology: Serious discussion about science. You have been warned that no one in here is a real scientist.
1. This is not a technical support forum. If you have a technical support question, go to /halp/.

/tg/ - Tabletop Games: An even bigger nerd orgy than /co/! Here you can discuss Warhammer, Warhammer 40k, Dungeons & Dragons, and uh... Warhammer.

/w/ - Weapons: Strap yourself up for the end of days and find the best gun to take down a fully grown man... atee. Yeah... Nothing illegal here at all >.> <.<


*Absolutely no child pornography, or images of anyone under 18 in a pornographic nature. Anyone violating these rules will be permanently banned.

/cake/ - Delicious: Only drawn images are allowed, child pornography will not tolerated.

/d/ - Alternative Hentai: Transformations, vore, guro and the like, you goddamned freak. No furry shit.

/di/ - Sexy Beautiful Traps: Chicks with dicks. Just keep telling yourself it's not gay, homo.

/elit/ - Erotic Literature: Almost entirely user generated content, it's like porn, but without the pictures.

/fag/ - Men Discussion: This is a general discussion board for homosexuals, in the literal sense. This means content doesn't necessarily have to exclusively be about homosexuality, but should have some type of connection to things typically associated with gay culture.

/fur/ - Furry: This is the only place that your furfaggotry shit is alowed. Post it outside of here and suffer the consequences. Also, Trolling the furfags will get you banned.

/gif/ - Animated GIFs: Animations of all variety go here. There's a reason it's in the NSFW section.

/h/ - Hentai: Because we all know you prefer your women to be drawn.

/men/ - Sexy Beautiful Men: Globally-accepted "ugly men" and cross-dressing women will be deleted.

/s/ - Sexy Beautiful Women: Globally-accepted "ugly women" and cross-dressing men will be deleted.
No. Links. Outside. of. Stickies.

/sm/ - Shotacon: /cake/ for women and queers. Only drawn images are allowed, child pornography will not tolerated.

/ss/ - Straight Shotacon: /sm/ but with little boys fucking women. Only drawn images are allowed, child pornography will not tolerated.

/unf/ - Uniforms: Don't complain about content (or the hideous default css) and look through all the pages before starting a new thread.

/v/ - The Vineyard: For men who enjoy the finer things in life and love wine like they love women. Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like.