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State of IRC by ponbiki - 07/18/22 @ 12:11 AM CEST #

Leaf has once again demanded an update. Consider yourself updated.

State of IRC by ponbiki - 09/26/21 @ 02:30 AM CEST #

<+Leaf> airwolf me someone update the front page its been almost a year

Happy holidays, degenerates! by ponbiki - 12/22/20 @ 10:14 PM CET #

Santa is still not bringing you a loli though...

気持ちいい by ponbiki - 08/22/20 @ 05:55 AM CEST #


COVID-19 Update by ponbiki - 08/07/20 @ 05:54 PM CEST #

Due to the increased rate of positive tests for COVID-19 in neighboring chans, 7chan will temporarily require any visitors from other chans to first quarantine in /fail/ for two weeks before posting on any other boards. This is not a decision that was made lightly, and we appreciate your cooperation with this new policy in these difficult times.

NO U by ponbiki - 06/08/20 @ 02:46 PM CEST #

You're not not my real father! You can't tell me what to do!

Bye by N3X15 - 03/05/20 @ 04:16 AM CET #

I haven't been doing much these past few years, other than handling DMCA requests and the occasional ban. Unfortunately, times are changing. I'm moving on and will no longer be associated with 7chan in any capacity. DMCA processing may be delayed while a new person is found to deal with them.

Hey Perverts by ponbiki - 01/29/20 @ 01:23 AM CET #

Comatoast is coming to delete your threads. How does that make you feel? I bet that it makes you feel bad. Comatoast doesn't care about your feelings. Your threads are as good as gone.

Important Update! by ponbiki - 12/13/19 @ 07:56 AM CET #

There are too few updates.

(ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ by ponbiki - 11/06/19 @ 06:38 AM CET #


October by ponbiki - 10/11/19 @ 08:32 PM CEST #

Halloween is fast approaching, and /777/ is now
black cat with thpooky text

Recent Events by N3X15 - 03/15/19 @ 07:40 PM CET #

We are only going to say this once, so pay attention.

We realize that you guys are going to be edgy edgelords, and post things that fit into that mindset. That's fine, you're entitled to say stupid shit on the Internet.

However, if you post any threats of violence, be they to an individual, a group, a race, a religion, or anything that could be construed as such, you will lose site privileges permanently.

If you post something (or do something) stupid enough that it generates law enforcement activity, we will cooperate fully with the investigation.

It's OK to vent. It's OK to yell stupid conspiracy theories or strut around in your brand new Chinese-manufactured Nazi uniform. Nobody has to pay attention to you. However, advocating, threatening, or committing violence crosses a line, and we aren't going to tolerate it. This "irony" shit has been going on for far too long, long enough that stupid people are taking it seriously, and it puts us in a spot where we have to put our foot down.


We are working on a completely recoded thread reader (read.php). The new version will have support for modern RESTful routing AND JSON/YAML API for all endpoints. We may end up switching to it entirely, since it is far more performant than the old .html page generator.

While we're putting it through its paces, you may notice bugs here and there while we make changes to old code. Please yell at N3X15 in IRC or Discord if you notice a bug.

WILL DISCORD KILL YOUR 7CHAN???? CLICK TO FIND OUT!!! by N3X15 - 10/19/18 @ 05:21 AM CEST #

WASHINGTON DC: You have probably heard of a new drug sweeping cyberspace by storm. It goes by many names: Fart. Spunk. Auto-erotic Asphyxia. But what is Discord, and what does it mean for 7chan?

Dick Hardcheese, a scientician for the Center for Communication Control, tells us that Discord is a trendy new communications platform that all the hip kids are using, after Mumble finally caught fire and sunk into the swamp.

"It's like all the worst parts of IRC, Ventrilo, and Steam." He explains, snorting a line of coke off a hooker's left tit. "All wrapped up in a fancy Electron interface that the kids eat up like fucking candy."

"It won't even let you run a dedicated server!" Beams a random child in the lobby of Fortnite, the summer's hottest crate simulator. "And they're always offline! Everything I ever wanted to talk to friends or organize games!"

In response to several morons trying to start their own 7chan servers and - unsurprisingly - spam the link on the site, the site administration is providing a judgement free zone where addicts can get their fix of Discord without being tenderly loved to death by the staff.

Official 7chan Discord Permanent Invite: 7C2GwSE

The site administrators also ask that people stop fucking linking to Discords in lieu of posting content, reminding members that such activity is how chans die.

Old Fags by ponbiki - 09/26/18 @ 05:32 AM CEST #

Remember oh so many years ago when you were young? You had your whole life ahead of you. You were having so much fun joining raids on /i/, and telling the newest batch of silly sausages to "lurk moar." Well now the years have passed by faster and faster, and you've still not accomplished anything with your sad life. At least you'll always have all those dank memes to give you a chuckle. For a short time /777/ is ready for you to revisit your moldy old memes, so dig out your old /b/ folder, and post the best, the worst, and the forgotten memes. Oh yeah, best meme wins 3 whole internets!

Stupid Buttcoins by ponbiki - 02/21/18 @ 07:08 AM CET #

All you damn miners making it impossible for me to get a new video card for a reasonable price are causing me to rage! Oh, and by the way, there's a new /777/, cryptocurrency, for all your crypto related conversation needs. Now let's try to get back to panic selling!

BAD BOYS by N3X15 - 01/05/18 @ 02:48 AM CET #

We were just made keenly aware that revenge porn (porn you have of someone that you distribute without permission to be a dick) is now illegal in many states. So, revenge porn is banned from the site. Ask your partner before you post, or you could be getting a FREE TRIP in the PARTY VAN.

(And yes we're still around)

ლ(ಠ益ಠ)ლ by ponbiki - 05/02/17 @ 02:07 PM CEST #

Out With the Old by N3X15 - 10/29/16 @ 08:46 AM CEST #

7Chan was originally formed as a counter-statement to 4chan. We had grown tired of the shitty memes, administrative injustices, and other issues. So, after creating the site, we added rules - written and otherwise - that would help us enforce our own culture and keep 4chan shittiness out.

Nearly a decade later, and the world has changed. Even complete newbies who find us from Google are familiar with the culture 4chan has spread to the Internet at large, and many of the memes they have perpetuated have become common parlance.

We now acknowledge this change and, after a unanimous Administrative Council vote (including Saz), we are no longer enforcing bans on greentext, image macros, and many of the other unwritten rules. I am currently going through the ban list and removing the bans made under these rules. If you were banned for the unwritten culture rules, please contact us in IRC (irc.7chan.org #appeals - highlight an op and be prepared to give us your IP address).

<Sazpaimon_> we lost this battle, and im okay with that

.-- .- .-. -. .. -. --. by ponbiki - 10/02/15 @ 07:30 AM CEST #

--... -.-. .... .- -. / .... .- ... / -... . . -. / -.-. --- -- .--. .-. --- -- .. ... . -.. / -... -.-- / --- ..- - ... .. -.. . / .- --. . -. - ... / -.-- --- ..- / .- .-. . / -... . .. -. --. / -- --- -. .. - --- .-. . -.. / -.-- --- ..- / .- .-. . / -... . .. -. --. / .-- .- - -.-. .... . -.. / -.-- --- ..- / .- .-. . / -... . .. -. --. / - .-. --- .-.. .-.. . -..

/be/gone by N3X15 - 03/20/15 @ 12:11 AM CET #

Since nobody came forward to moderate /be/, and it's illegal everywhere, it's been removed again.

The site recode is still in progress. We've just moved all of our templates over to Twig.

No, I'm Sazpaimon. by Found - 12/19/14 @ 10:46 PM CET #

It's Christmas, and we've been thinking. You suck. But it's okay, we're here to help. Check out our new /777/, it's /selfhelp/ - You're Pathetic, We're Pathetic, We Can Do This!

If you want to suggest /777/s for the future, use this thread. If you just want to help me be a better person, post your thoughtful, meaningful, and probably hurtful messages here.

New Stuff? New Stuff! by Sazpaimon - 05/27/14 @ 06:26 AM CEST #

Hey guys, remember me? I added a couple new features I just know you guys will love:

As always, you can head to /7ch/ to discuss these and any other potential new features to make your shitposting experience easier than ever.

7chan stuff and junk by ponbiki - 03/28/14 @ 11:28 AM CET #


Get on IRC so we can mock you
Use your own client to get to irc.7chan.org #7chan or feel free to use the old simple web client courtesy of Eman. You can also check out the new #7chan statistics page courtesy of Semilevel

|                                                   |
|               !#########       #                  |
|             !########!          ##!               |
|          !########!   Union of    ###             |
|       !##########      Soviet      ####           |
|     ######### #####     Sevenchan  ######         |
|      !###!      !####!   Republics  ######        |
|        !           #####            ######!       |
|                      !####!         #######       |
|                         #####       #######       |
|                           !####!   #######!       |
|                              ####!########        |
|           ##                   ##########         |
|         ,######!          !#############          |
|       ,#### ########################!####!        |
|     ,####'     ##################!'    #####      |
|   ,####'            #######              !####!   |
|  ####'                                      ##### |
|  ~##        ALL HAIL THE MOTHERLAND!          #~  |
|                                                   |
|                                                   |
| Ports: 6660-6669, 7000, 7001                      |
| SSL Ports: 6697, 7029                             |

If you want to chat on mumble hit it up at mumble.7chan.org:64738
Tune in to 7chan radio directly or use the web player
Watch some movies with the channel7 crew on the web player or with your own movie player

Another new /777/ by ponbiki - 03/02/14 @ 02:56 AM CET #

The Olympics have past, and it's time for a fresh /777/.

The new theme is "Asshole." Be the absolute worst human being you can to your fellow man. Tell us about the shittiest thing you've ever done to another person. Just be a complete and utter douchebag!

There's a new /777/, and /be/ is back. by Found - 02/08/14 @ 03:04 AM CET #

/be/ is back, go wild. Obey the rules or it's gone again.


Oh, there's also a new /777/, this decade we've gone for /777/ - Olympics, so all your Olympics related needs. If you want to suggest future /777/s use this thread.

Happy Holidays by ponbiki - 12/25/13 @ 10:08 AM CET #

Happy Holidays from all the bastards at 7chan!

We're glad you spent another year with us, and you can look forward to another year of us oppressing and mocking you, as well as huge new changes and additions to the site (that can also be read as "none").

New /777/ - /i/ by Found - 04/01/13 @ 08:13 PM CEST #

Ever since we decided to do our /777/ trials one board has been requested over and over again. So now, after constant bitching and annoying emails we've decided we're going to bring /i/ - Raid back to 7Chan as a trial board. So, feel free to discuss all your favourite pest control tactics here, and share tips with your fellow 7Channers.

Suggest more /777/s in the /7ch/ thread.

New /777/! (Fixed) by Found - 01/11/13 @ 07:16 AM CET #

Spaaaaace. So much space, we need to see it all!

Okay so there, I've had my fun, now down to the serious business. Firstly, sorry I removed the old /777/ and then disappeared (Saz came by with some hookers and blow, who could say no?!) Now, time for the new /777/ - Space! (I'm in spaaaace). Standard rules apply, and as always, any necessary rules will be added if/when required.
To request future (better) /777/s use this thread.

7Chan's Christmas Spirit/Wildcard Update by Found - 12/01/12 @ 12:36 AM CET #

So, /vroom/ was a failure and didn't get enough posts/unique posters to become a board which means it's time for a new /777/. This month's /777/? Do you even need to ask, c'mon, it's obviously going to be... /Christmas/ - All The Things I Hate About Humanity.

Okay, as you've probably guessed, this /777/ is purely a seasonal board and wont ever become an actual board, I dropped the ball with Halloween and made /grim/ too soon, so this is my way of making up for that clusterfuck.
Use it as you see fit, rant and moan about how much you hate Christmas because it's like, totally just a corporate sham, maaaan, post Christmas porn, post Christmas gift ideas for *Channers, and so on.

Global Rules apply, but apart from that it's pretty much limitless, so Go Wild.

Use this thread to post future/better/more /777/ ideas



We now have 3 new Style options, Obsidian, Grasschan and Sakura. All courtesy of isildur4.

Wildcard Update by Found - 10/28/12 @ 01:46 PM CET #

Well done, /grim/ is now a board, so that means...

There's a new /777/! The new /777/ is /vroom/ - Things With Engines it's for general Planes, Trains and Automobiles conversation, so go check it out and love it.

To suggest more (slightly less shit) future /777/s use this thread.

Wildcard Update by Found - 08/19/12 @ 03:02 AM CEST #

Hey there, how are you? I don't give a fuck and neither does our new /777/ - Grim (Cold, Dark and Unhappy or whatever..).

The /777/ previous to it was successful and now is it's own board.

To request more/better future /777/s please use this thread.

New /777/ by Found - 07/17/12 @ 09:48 PM CEST #

/777/ - /fetish/ was a failure, not enough unique posters and most of the content posted could have been posted elsewhere (sorry, but you creepy fucks know the rules).
Our new /777/ is /pp/ - Penny Pinching, that title is horrific, so if it works we'll need a new title. Anyway, this whole sentence is a link to /pp/ - Penny Pinching so click it, or whatever.

Remember to post ideas for new/future /777/s in this thread.

Wildcard Update by Found - 06/20/12 @ 10:28 PM CEST #

Home, Garden and DIY was a failure. Now we've got /777/ - Fetish, let's see how unsuccessful this can be.

Remember: Keep posting ideas for new /777/'s, that's what it's for.

Wildcard Update by Found - 05/22/12 @ 12:59 AM CEST #

/777/ is now /home/. The place for all your home related advice and discussion
You can request future Wildcard topics in the /7ch/ thread.

/minecraft/ b ded by N3X15 - 05/13/12 @ 06:34 AM CEST #

Due to getting an awesome job, I just don't have the time for maintaining the Minecraft server sourcecode anymore and I shut down the server a few months ago. I left /minecraft/ open in case someone came along to pick up where I left off, but that didn't happen and the board is basically an advertising cesspool now, so it's gone.

Mumble is still operating at mumble.7chan.org.

- Nexypoo

Captcha4Thrads by N3X15 - 02/02/12 @ 10:30 AM CET #

Well, r000t reportedly got bored (more like mad) again and wiped /vg/, so we've enacted a new policy of requiring you to fill out captchas before starting a new thread. Replies will not be affected (since he can reply-spam a thread and it won't matter, since no content will be removed).

In other news, I hate Mono's IL compiler.

FileSonic halted filesharing service by N3X15 - 01/23/12 @ 01:54 AM CET #

Hey guys, FileSonic just disabled their file sharing services, so if you've uploaded shit, you need to re-upload it elsewhere.

Cheers - 7chan Staff

SOPA by N3X15 - 12/31/11 @ 06:00 AM CET #

So we've been avoiding this whole Stop Online Piracy Act bandwagon for a while, mostly because we figured the U.S. government would wake up, get the collective bug out of their asses, and realize this course of action was retarded as fuck.

Sadly, this is not the case.

So far, it looks like it'll pass, and with all of the stupid clauses that have made it famous on the Internet for being disastrously bad for everyone. (Source)

What does this mean for 7chan?

7chan receives copyrighted material every day, and our legal staff handle approximately 100 DMCA takedowns per month. We do our part by removing the material. We're working on streamlining the system by adding in a built-in system for flagging and hiding copyrighted material for review. However, under SOPA, all our current DMCA copyright safeguards would go right out the fucking window. As soon as someone posts copyrighted material, we're immediately branded as criminals for hosting it, even if we merely link to it.

Although 7chan itself is hosted in a country outside of the U.S., SOPA forces all U.S. ISPs to actively block access (even via proxies and SSL connections; H.R.3261, Sec. 102) to sites that are in violation. The Internet's root DNS servers are also located in the U.S., so if we end up being blocked off, no one would be able to resolve our domain. In addition, under Sec. 107 of the bill, Paypal and other "banks" would be forced to stop processing any funding from the U.S. for our organization, so we would lose our ability to pay our bills.

tl;dr We'd be forced to shut down.

How do you plan to continue in the face of SOPA?

First, we're going to be introducing a series of severe changes to the backend of 7chan soon allowing us to review posts before they appear on the site. If SOPA passes before we can get these changes deployed, we'll just toss an IP.B up until we can get Kusaba ready for prime-time. This will be a long, painful, arduous process. Because text can be copyrighted, we will have to approve text posts, as well.

Because of the additional moderation load, we will have to get some more staff on-hand. We're short on staff as it is, so we already plan on acquiring more staff soon (we'll contact you, so don't ask).

What can I do?

Write your congresspeople via snail-mail asking them to stop SOPA. Call up their campaign offices asking for their position on H.R.3261 (Stop Online Piracy Act; don't just say SOPA). Make it clear that if it passes, they can forget their (re)election. Be courteous, don’t give them a platform to stand on to call us crazy or criminal and dismiss us. This is not a raid (especially since we don’t allow raids, in case you don’t read our rules). Get your friends (oh wait you don’t have any) and family involved.

In short, 7chan opposes SOPA in its entirety. Although we recognize the hard work artists put in to their work, and their right to receive fair compensation for their work, there also needs to be a right for us to discuss their work legally, and handle legitimate copyright complaints in a way that doesn't expose us to liability. SOPA's insistence on blanket liability without takedown notifications and grace periods, or even "good intentions" exemptions are fatal structural faults, and are unfair to everyone. Kill this bill.

- 7chan Administrative Council

Questions? Comments? Bitching?

Go to this /7ch/ thread.

Holy shit what am I looking at by Sazpaimon - 12/13/11 @ 11:47 PM CET #

So yeah, in case you didn't know, we've switched to a new frontpage design, thanks to some mockups from our homies at /co/. We will also be rolling out similar design tweaks on the main board view in the near future, though probably not as drastic a change as you see here.

Now, some points:

WHY ARE THERE DICKS AND TITS IN MY RECENT IMAGES You can fix this by simply rolling up the Porn section on the board list. Recent posts/images only shows content from sections you have opted to see.
WHERE THE FUCK IS MY FRAME? 7chan.org/frames.php. This will save your preference so the frame will show every time you go to the main page again. To make it go away again, just click the "Remove Frame" link in the sidebar.
SHIT'S BROKEN/NOT SEEING SHIT Clear your cache before reporting it in /7ch/
SHIT SUCKS Complain at /7ch/

Captcha by N3X15 - 11/22/11 @ 08:11 AM CET #

Most of you may notice that captcha has been appearing on all boards for a few hours (or days) and then vanishing. I'd like to clarify what's going on so there's no confusion (especially since half of you never go to /7ch/, which you should if you have any questions).

First of all, 7chan is not going to permanently globally enable reCaptcha. However, some individual boards with a high propensity for spam, such as /fag/, have had captcha enabled for now.

In addition, we've recently added a feature to our software to allow us to globally enable captcha on all boards for a period of time for any reason. Captcha has been enabled over the past few months repeatedly, as the other chan is rather unstable and keeps going offline. When that happens, we get flooded with all kinds of riff-raff who proceed to whine about our standards or shit all over the boards. Since half of us are off playing Skyrim or Saints Row the Third at any point in time, we've enabled captcha to slow the boardshitting to a pace we can handle.

Hopefully this will clear things up for you all.

Rapidshare Tracker by N3X15 - 11/08/11 @ 10:06 AM CET #

Some of you may have remembered our /rs/ board, which tracked all filesharing links posted on 7chan.

Well, it's back, with some backend improvements, feature additions, and security fixes. /rs/ is still a bit of a work in progress, as we have to update some of the sites and add some things, but it appears to be usable now.

Oekaki Board Re-Opened by N3X15 - 10/29/11 @ 03:04 PM CEST #

We've just fixed our Oekaki support, so /gfx/ has been turned into an oekaki. We'll be making CSS tweaks and fixes over time (such as allowing non-oekaki image uploads in an oekaki board).

For those of you who were born yesterday, an Oekaki is MS-paint for your browser. Click on paint, draw a picture, and click on upload to show your shitty doodles to the world.


Welp by Sazpaimon - 10/01/11 @ 08:18 AM CEST #

Sorry for the downtime, a kernel upgrade on the server didn't go as planned, and as usual it takes support 10 hours to reply to my emails to boot the server into a recovery mode to fix it. As of now we're back in action, though.


..............,/ ................//...................*&*%@@@@@g;,..........

/zom/ is back by N3X15 - 08/21/11 @ 12:26 PM CEST #

/zom/ has passed the traffic requirements, so you have it back. Keep up the posting rate or it'll go away again.

Additionally, /pr/ - Programming is the current /777/ topic. Keep posting if you want it back.

More like ipvdicks by Sazpaimon - 07/30/11 @ 09:34 PM CEST #

Hi guys, as a part of the upgrades the other day which killed 7chan. I've enabled IPv6 on our server. This serves a dual purpose: to test how well Kusaba can work with IPv6 addresses, and to see IPv6 adoption on 7chan (if any). To help gauge this, I've also added a new board, /vip6/. Sorry regular /VIP/ users, this is exclusive to IPv6 users only, VIP and non. If you have IPv6, turn it on when browsing 7chan and help us test!

Whoopsie by Sazpaimon - 07/29/11 @ 06:14 AM CEST #

Thanks to for some unforseen server issues, 7chan was offline most of the day. After a few hours back and forth with tech support, this is fixed.

Courtesy Notice by N3X15 - 07/26/11 @ 10:24 AM CEST #

UPDATE @ 7:22AM: Link fixed, Saz is fixing captcha as I type.

UPDATE @ 2:56AM: Looks like the guy who spammed us is just mad.

UPDATE @ 2:00AM: All of the spam has been cleaned up. Here's a little more information on what happened (mostly for Saz since all of the administrative staff are heading to bed): At about 1:00AM, we received a Scout flood on /b/, then on /fail/ and /h/, prompting a lock, and then a stab at using captcha. Unfortunately, that didn't work, so I locked all boards. The spam claimed to be from n0chan (which is bullshit, since the spammer used the old Scout spam, and the n0chan administrator contracted us to let us know he was being attacked as well). We're going to leave the boards locked until Saz can get on in the AM and get everything unfucked.

UPDATE @ 1:45AM: All boards locked since Steve didn't fix the Captcha system. Everyone yell at Steve.

Due to recent flooding, the boards will temporarily have Captcha enabled. When Saz rolls out of bed in the morning, he'll unlock everything.

Malware Alert Bullshit by N3X15 - 06/13/11 @ 08:37 PM CEST #

UPDATE: There was a single line of code that we managed to overlook that allowed the exploit to reinstall itself. It's been removed, and hopefully this shouldn't resurface itself again.

This morning (Pacific time, fuck the other coast), Google blocked our site because of malicious javascript injected into our site front page. After a thorough investigation, Saz discovered that a previous exploit back in March left some backdoors in place. These backdoors, and the malicious javascript, have been removed and the rest of our site has been confirmed to be clean. Google has now verified this and, as you might notice, has unblocked our site.

To prevent this (and similar problems) from occurring again, we have implemented additional security measures at both our ad provider and our own systems.

No private information was released, as we don't keep private info, and our game servers (7chanistan and the Failtrain) were not affected.

Minecraft Shit Again by N3X15 - 02/06/11 @ 11:19 PM CET #

Since Teffen had a massive temper-tantrum the other day and got removed from "office", we've been looking for a new Minecraft server.

We've since found a good, cheap service and I've ordered a 20-slot (1GB dedicated RAM) server with Bukkit support for 3 months (10% discount) from FragNet. We got a 10-slot Mumble VoIP server for free with the deal, and I've upgraded it to 20 slots.

Connection details are available in /minecraft/, and #minecraft in IRC has live updates and a chat relay.

FYI THIS IS NOT NIRVANA. This is a completely new map and the server has fewer, different plugins and settings (for performance). Nirvana is still being hosted by Teffen via nirrius.


PRRRROMOTION? WHAT FOR? by Lorf - 01/19/11 @ 03:09 AM CET #

Applications are now closed.

Mod Rules Established by N3X15 - 01/18/11 @ 12:12 AM CET #

We've made a huge overhaul to our moderator and administrator rules and regulations. Namely, we created some where none existed before.

The changes you'll notice immediately are:

Many other internal regulations are also present, such as establishing a more defined chain of command, and getting Steve (our current codemonkey) to maintain a presence on IRC until we can find a decent bugtracker for Kusaba issues.

These changes have been brought on by a realization that our previous, chaotic method of moderation was not working, and that to continue expanding in a stable, efficient way, we had to lay down some rules.

Right now, the transition is a little rocky, with a few moderators handing in their guns and badges, and we're still bickering over a few minor details, but in the long run, this should make 7chan better than ever.

HOUSECLEANING by N3X15 - 01/12/11 @ 07:27 AM CET #

We just finished seriously reorganizing the shit out of the boards to make everything less of a clusterfuck. Several boards have been deleted, others have been combined with a a similar board etc. As shit changes, we'll leave a note here.

Update @ 12:13AM: And we're done. Content on the boards removed is gone since the merging tools are fucked, sorry. We realize this isn't popular (judging from the dozens of whiny threads popping up), but it makes our jobs easier and promotes more activity over a smaller number of boards rather than many.

In the long run, this is better for 7chan.

FUCKING MINECRAFT SHIT by N3X15 - 01/05/11 @ 05:32 AM CET #

All further Minecraft server shit will be here so that it no longer shits up our front page.

In other news, Steve is a faggot.

Finished: Minecraft server switch by Teffen - 11/09/10 @ 09:03 PM CET #

Nirvana has been successfully switched over to VPS. The switch offers faster load times, more player slots and fixes to several connection issues.

Additionally, the server software will be updated on 11/10/10

"General fixes:

* players and mobs in lava or fire no longer spam sound effects
* getting hit with a higher damage while recovering from a smaller one now works as intended
* lava flows further in the Nether
* zombie pigs eventually forgives
* added support for custom texture packs
* fixed duplicate buttons when resizing screens
* zombie pigs and ghasts no longer get hurt by fire or lava
* fixed volume sliders now saving properly

Multiplayer fixes:
* hellworld=true no longer overwrites old save chunks. Player positions will still break if you switch it on a running server, though
* boats are now visible to other players
* minecarts move nicer
* fishing kinda sorta works, but needs more work
* sheep and cows look like sheep and cows now
* buckets work now
* fixed stairs being really difficult to destroy
* increased the timeout before “Took too long to log in”
* made it possible to ride carts and boats (pigs should work too..)"

NEW /gfx/ CHALLENGE by N3X15 - 11/06/10 @ 02:48 PM CET #

Cryo finally got around to creating a new /gfx/ challenge. Go check it out.

Texture Pack Competition and Server News by Teffen - 11/04/10 @ 08:28 PM CET #

Minecraft will be officially supporting texture packs in the next few updates. In honor of this, Webhallen has started a competition to find the best texture pack.

"The best submission will not only receive a 180 GB OCZ Vertex 2 E SSD signed by Notch, which also comes preloaded with Minecraft (a pretty big deal), but also a signed painting by Kristoffer Zetterstrand, estimated retail value 25000 SEK (3700 US$).

Second place will receive a signed and preloaded 120 GB OCZ Vertex 2 E SSD

Third place will receive a signed and preloaded 90 GB OCZ Vertex 2 E SSD"

More info here.

Additionally we are switching from Mom's Basement Enterprises to real server hardware. If you'd like to donate to the switch, click here!

Map switch in the next few hours. by Teffen - 10/30/10 @ 06:49 PM CEST #

Just a reminder, we'll be switching from Devachan to Nirvana tomorrow so pack your inventory for the change. Expect the transition to be bumpy with frequent software reboots. Over the next few hours we'll be testing some starting kits, block placement, backup scripts and a few other plugins that make administration smoother.

Additionally the rules list has been revise to give clarity to player expectations.

1. If something isn’t yours, do not alter it.
2. While glitches may occur, duplication and alteration of item damage is prohibited. When in doubt, ask an Operator for assistance.
3. Client modifications that alter player speed, movement, building limitations, inventory size, health, tool properties or item quantities are prohibited.
4. Respect personal space when building.
5. Don’t be a dick.

October Donation Challenge. by N3X15 - 10/30/10 @ 02:40 PM CEST #

Final board tally for this month's Donation Challenge, furries lost due to a last-minute $200 donation by /b/.

Overall Tally

Humanity:$283.16 (+$200.00)

Board-By-Board Tally

/b/:$224.50 (+$200.00)

Total Monthly donations: $438.93

Next month, furries can donate to get their board back. Until then, it shall burn.

Thanks to those who participated. You helped cover many of 7chan's financial issues and directly improve quality of service.

Minecraft map change by Teffen - 10/27/10 @ 02:12 AM CEST #

With the new changes coming with Notch's Halloween update, we will be switching to a new map.

With these changes you can see:

More info on the map change can be read here.

OH GOD RULE CHANGE by N3X15 - 10/25/10 @ 12:42 AM CEST #

We're no longer banning as severely for advicedog spinoffs/motivators/4chan memes/etc. Warnings will be handed out to first-time offenders to help newbies acclimate to 7chan's premium quality. Furry shit must still be posted in /fur/.

Raids and other bullshit along those lines are still banned. Also, 4channers are encouraged to lurk before posting to avoid looking like the humongous faggots they are.


/ani/ was nuked because it got fewer posts than my grandmother's guest book. /n/ is being demoted to a trial board due to the same issue.

Devachan Updates by Teffen - 10/16/10 @ 04:57 PM CEST #

Due to the ever increasing size of our map and its backups, we will be repartitioning the server's map directory at about 2 PM EST. A downtime of about 30-40 minutes is expected.
Everything is back online.
Additionally a new Cartograph has been generated, you can find it here.

Devachan temporarily down by Teffen - 10/03/10 @ 08:00 PM CEST #

The server will be down while the map is downsized. Your creations are safe, this is to remove unnecessary areas that are far and unused.
Server is back online. A Cartograph map has been generated which can be found here

Staff Removal by Scruffy - 09/30/10 @ 06:15 AM CEST #

The Following Staff accounts have been deleted due to inactivity, If you feel this in in error please email dev.null@7chan.org:

Server Change by Teffen - 09/26/10 @ 02:05 AM CEST #

The server has successfully moved to Ubuntu and is much more stable than previously on Windows.

SERVER URL HAS CHANGED: mine.7chan.org

A little late but... by Teffen - 09/24/10 @ 03:43 AM CEST #

To a long missed Operator,

Happy Birthday BOSSE!

New Sidebar Option by Scruffy - 09/23/10 @ 11:08 PM CEST #

You may notice a new section on the sidebar "7chan related services"
This is for all the 7chan related services, such as Channel7 and Radio, 7track, Failtrain, and Minecraft.

Please enjoy the new layout.

Scruffy, the janitor.

Minecraft - Devachan by Teffen - 09/03/10 @ 08:09 AM CEST #

7chan's survival Minecraft server is running. Head over to the thread for server details and more info.
Update: Minecraft now has it's own board!

/vip/ maintenance by Scruffy - 07/28/10 @ 10:38 PM CEST #

Hello, /vip/ is under going some maintenance tonight to resolve some issues with new /vip/er's not being given access. Normal /vip/ access should resume by 10 AM GMT. Please email vip@7chan.org for any questions

EDIT:As of 12:23 GMT VIP inbox is FULLplease stop spamming the address

Thank you, 7chan Administration

EDIT:As of 04:41 GMT the vip database has crashed, and is ruined. However we have backups up to the point that maintenance started so nothing will be lost. Restoring the backups will take until 5 PM GMT, sorry for the delay.

We're back! by Sazpaimon - 06/20/10 @ 02:14 PM CEST #

Sorry for the extended downtime, the new server guys took their dear sweet time in setting up the new machine, but now we're officially back in business.

I never got a chance to make a backup more recent than 3/22, but honestly, we didn't lose much between that time, maybe 1 or 2 boards, but content-wise, April through June were pretty slow months, due to the server issues. Any boards lost because of this will be restored soon.

Anyway, welcome back 7chan!

Mysterious happenings on /x/ by Cryomancer - 03/15/10 @ 09:22 PM CET #

Somehow, it seems /x/ - Paranormal has become /x/ - Paranoid.

But what could this mean? It's simple. /x/ now caters to a wider variety of discussions regarding things beyond the everyday. We have opened up the vault doors to allow for subjects such as Conspiracies and Theology. /x/ standbys like the occult, aliens, cryptozoology, etc are of course still very much welcome and will likely remain the bulk of the board's content. This doesn't mean you should all rush to make 5000 threads about dreams and / or atheism though. You shouldn't do that ever, really. So don't. But do feel free to get your tinfoil on.

What's the status on Arcadia? by Teffen - 02/02/10 @ 09:25 AM CET #

My Minecraft server, Arcadia, was temporarily shutdown for several reasons. I've had little time to devote to the server and with real life responsibilities taking more of my attention I've decided to have a temporary downtime. The other reason is a declining interest which stems from our frequent users having obligations of their own.
As for now, preparing a new map is my next priority as well as setting up user permissions to improve anti-grief measures. Optimistically I would say that we should be up and running in the next week or so.
If you have the old server URL, you might catch some behind the scenes work.

/men/ and /fag/ by Scruffy - 12/27/09 @ 04:40 AM CET #

/men/ has now been split. /men/ is now a strict porn board. /fag/ is all the random discussion and hookup thread that were so prevalent in /men/ before. any question can be sent to Scruffy@7chan.org

General boards return by Cryomancer - 11/20/09 @ 06:59 AM CET #

As you may have noticed, some boards got put into the "new" General section today.

What does this mean?
It means that these boards are no longer considered to be SFW no-titties zones.
This does NOT mean that they are now porn boards.

So while you can now post a booby screenshot on /a/ or /me/ or /vg/ and so on, it does not mean that these boards should have giant porn dumps or shitty filesharing links all over the place, got it? I like to think that you guys can handle this, but it's up to you to show that you can. The NSFW section was also correctly renamed to Porn, because those ARE porn boards.

150th VIP Registration by ## VIP ## Mark .C - 11/06/09 @ 05:33 PM CET #

We're proud to announce /VIP/'s 150th registration. Thanks goes out to all VIP posters who bring quality posts to the site.

stop fapping for five minutes by ponbiki - 07/29/09 @ 06:19 AM CEST #


Eman has requested a nice MOTD for the 7chan IRC.
(that's irc.7chan.org #7chan if you have a client)

Get on,and let us know your suggestions

Then we'll yell at you.

A lot.

Alternatively, you can send your suggestions straight to Eman's recycle bin.

poast moar fgts

especially porn :D

Also, 7chan Radio is still around for anyone wanting to listen.

Ex opere operantis by VIPPER - 07/25/09 @ 07:38 AM CEST #

Word is that some of you commoners cannot muster up the quality to reach VIP and are interested in the program so I thought that we would give you a peek of what you're missing out on.
While you are looking at your bland and basic 7chan page, this is what we are looking at. This will probably be the only VIP content you'll see so get a good look while you can.

OH WAIT, this is too much for your eyes, we should tone this down a bit. Take your scraps.

The VIP Control Panel

/VIP/ in action

Enjoy, Medocrity.

Haec olim meminisse iuvabit

Crescat scientia vita excolatur by VIPPER - 07/24/09 @ 10:33 AM CEST #

Looks like I haven't made this VIP thing clear enough so I thought I would explain the whole system a little more.

Step 1: The poster (you) makes a thread or replies to an existing thread.

Step 2: The Kusaba X VIP module scans your post for VIP-patterns made from quality matching strings of text.

Step 3: Counting each VIP pattern, points are added for each one found. This does not mean that one post will bring you to VIP, points are accumulative.

Step 4: After a certain number of points are counted you are granted VIP status thus enabling your VIP panel.

Actually not really, this is all bullshit. You are born VIP, there are no shortcuts.

Vi veri universum vivus vici

Fucking Awesome by ## VIP ## Mark .C - 07/21/09 @ 07:01 AM CEST #

That's all that needs to be said about the VIP accounts. Keep it classy 7chan.

Fixes and whatnot by Teffen - 07/20/09 @ 08:30 AM CEST #

Fonts have been fixed to avoid Times New Roman mixing with sans-serif.
Additionally the Conductor Cat banner contest is ending Monday at 11 PM, you can find the thread here.

Ex uno disce omnes by VIPPER - 07/19/09 @ 09:22 AM CEST #

What does it mean to be VIP?

VIP is life worth living, VIP is the pinnacle of existence. What was once your placid life may soon become more than you can ever hope to imagine.

When is VIP?

VIP is now, VIP is the future and overwrites all pasts in this dimension and next. To post like VIP you must not only BE VIP, but you must think like a VIP. How is that you might ask? Well that my simple minded friend is like asking God how he is omnipresent, these things just happen and frankly they cannot be explained in words. You’re either VIP or you’re mediocre, there is no in between.

Where is VIP?

VIP is all around you, you’ve seen it but you can’t describe it. It’s that ever present feeling that someone’s words jump off the page and rape your mind’s comprehension of reality. There is no end to VIP quality nor is there a beginning, only once you witness it firsthand can you realize what you were missing all along.

Who is VIP?

Well my friend I will not answer that question for you may already know the answer. VIP is all around us, perhaps you may already be VIP, although this is most likely not the case. Become a VIP and doors of opportunity will open, colors will be more vivid, life will be more fulfilling, people will find you more attractive and you will succeed in your future goals.

But where do I begin?

Remember that the road to VIP is long but fruitful, never ending but continuing in another plane of quality.

This is VIP.
Ab hinc

It's just like a mini mall! by Teffen - 07/13/09 @ 04:45 AM CEST #

We've fixed the video embeds, if they're are any bugs check with us on IRC. Due to security popups and the size of the video windows, they are now enclosed in a collapsible div tag. Additionally the FAQ and the rules have been restored except for their images (hopefully soon).
have fun
Update:We've reinstated the Flash board.
I've been also getting a lot of questions on how to dump a whole directory of images so I've put up a guide in the FAQ, you can find it here.

same ol' by Teffen - 07/11/09 @ 06:48 AM CEST #

Expect a lot of changes as we get back 100%. Note that some things may be broken at the moment.
Update: A few video embeds are being tested, they may or may not work. (Hulu is borked atm)

Alrighty then by Sazpaimon - 07/11/09 @ 03:49 AM CEST #

I've readded most of the old boards (all of the SFW, most of the NSFW). I'll start making backups once content starts filling up again.

whats a happen by Sazpaimon - 06/30/09 @ 01:51 AM CEST #

It seems bad luck follows 7chan wherever it goes. I figure I at least owe you an explanation.

Ecatel, our old hosts, out of nowhere, deleted our account. No explanation at all. No idea why it happened, it just did.

"Alright", I says to myself, "I'll just get a new server and load up the backup on that." I had just moved, so I had to re-connect the external hard drive I use for the backup. I plug it all in, and, knowing our luck, the drive doesn't work. It's dead, most likely a mechanical error not worth the money to fix. So we have nothing. Again. Isn't that absolutely Grand?

At any rate, we have our new server, for how long I don't know, but if we lose this one, rest assured I've made a much more secure form of backups that will make sure we never lose our precious content ever again (knock on wood).

Stay tuned for boards being re-added.

UPDATE: Someone was kind enough to convert google's cache of 7chan to an sql file that I was able to restore. I *may* be able to restore some images as well. I'm keeping the boards locked for a couple days while I try to salvage what I can.