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Anonymous ## Admin ## 12/05/16(Wed)20:13 No. 5879

File 133719198755.png - (286.57KB , 460x312 , Every 60 seconds in Africa - A minute passes.png )

Okay, it's time for a new /777/, the ideas in this thread are fucking awful so I've picked out the least fucking awful ones and decided that these might make boards that only suck a little. Pick one of the following as what you'd like to see next, if you don't I'll pick one at random:

/fetish/ - For all you sick bastards and your sick fetishes
/tech/ - For all you nerd bastards and your nerd toys and shit
/pasta/ - For all you unimaginative bastards out there and your copy pasta.
/grit/ For all you manly man bastards and your manly man chest hair.
/eco/ For all you broke bastards who need help saving money.
/home/ For all you stay at home basement dwellers out there who want to know about homecare, gardening, cooking and other home related shit.

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