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Video Download Links Closet Homosexual ## Admin ## 12/06/25(Mon)20:20 No. 75933 ID: bb4fc0 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 134064841598.png - (15.16KB , 600x387 , links for videos go in this thread.png )

There has been at least three separate large scale video threads since /di/ was made, I thought stickying the old one would keep people from making new threads but it hasn't. I've been pretty lenient until now, but having more than one thread is just a waste of space.
From now on all video download links should be posted in this thread. The only rules are as follows:

1) If at all possible post a screencap of the video along with the name of the video/scene.
2) Don't substitute any part of your links for something stupid (Ex: www(dot) downloadsite(dot)com/xiufbgigr) You will not be banned for posting links here.
3) Lastly, but most importantly, please, please, please report all dead links using the Report Post feature, I'll just delete those posts to keep the thread clean.

Other than that, go wild.

Also: No conversation in this thread, if there is any it'll just be deleted

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Anyone knows her name? XXX 21/03/05(Fri)12:00 No. 108615 ID: 3af666


Anyone knows her name? PLZ help :D

Image dump thread Closet Homosexual ## Mod ## 12/03/03(Sat)01:12 No. 66482 ID: e9d3b3 [Reply] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 13307335323.png - (10.79KB , 600x387 , image dumps go in this thread.png )

Okay, I'm going to sticky the image dump thread and see how that goes, it should be fine but we'll see.

Just a few of rules:
1) Please only dump one set at a time with all the relevant info you have on the pornstar(s) involved, if at all possible.
2) Please keep conversation to a minimum, irrelevant conversation may be deleted.
3) As always, no requests.

Generally this will be a pretty free thread; don't be discouraged from posting because you think you might be banned. If you're contributing to the thread in a positive way you will not be banned.

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https://www.chantily.com.br/acompanhantes/asa-sul asa sul 22/10/22(Sat)00:08 No. 109236 ID: 8420d5

muito bom

Rules & Requests Closet Homosexual ## Mod ## 11/10/20(Thu)16:18 No. 60866 ID: e04fb8 [Reply] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 131912031544.jpg - (8.19KB , 259x194 , She's actually a guy.jpg )

After a bit of toying with the system, we feel like we've come to a point where everything is where it should be, but just so it's clarified:

1) "Who is this?" "Source" "Moar?" etc.. Go in this thread. Only reply to this thread if you have something to contribute.

2) All new threads require at least three relevant images; anything less will be considered a request and will be subject to deletion and banning. Relevant conversation threads are exempt from this rule.

3) Use the Report button and the Hide Thread feature. No flaming, bitching about board appropriate content, hook-up threads or furry content is allowed. Reverse Traps are allowed.

4) Make sure you're posting on the right board. Cross-dressers go to /cd/, men go to /men/, women go to /s/.

Update: 5) All video download links should be posted in the video links sticky. Having 4 separate threads for downloads is a waste.

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gohotcontent tcontent 23/08/17(Thu)04:27 No. 109556 ID: d6c23a

Jenna Bush Hager jokes that she's "not Martha Stewart" in the kitchen, but her habitual of creating the same food for her own family every week facilitates hold matters grounded, she instructed to human beings in a cowl tale for the modern problem.


Looking for more Alchemy Chan Closet Homosexual 17/11/18(Sat)18:27 No. 106608 ID: 8db211 [Reply]

File 151102603627.jpg - (250.76KB , 1280x962 , 5309848725476-full-5.jpg )

I can only seem to find about 10 or so images on google + one really low quality tinychat video on motherless. It's driving me nuts. I understand she used to post here. So I figured it'd be a good start.

I'll dump what I have...

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Closet Homosexual 22/11/03(Thu)23:24 No. 109244 ID: 635fd3

File 166751427356.jpg - (24.90KB , 481x406 , 1ea1fed4-7417-430e-84c9-c38ce9469aa3.jpg )


Closet Homosexual 22/11/03(Thu)23:26 No. 109245 ID: 635fd3

File 166751441758.jpg - (264.33KB , 1879x858 , Uten navn.jpg )

Last seen 2014, rip

Closet Homosexual 23/09/26(Tue)00:19 No. 109676 ID: ca8cf8


Help me spread my pictures? Anastasia love 23/07/13(Thu)04:03 No. 109493 ID: 673b32 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 168921382337.jpg - (3.09MB , 3024x4032 , IMG_8976.jpg )

Hi so I had a couple of questions for you all on here. One - what do you think? Do I look passable? Should I transition? What would you do to me? Will you help me spread my photos out onto the internet to anyone and everyone? I just love the idea of everyone seeing me as a girl and seeing me nude or being used by a man.

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Closet Homosexual 23/09/24(Sun)21:25 No. 109673 ID: 2dc42d

Do you think you will ever do a full transition?

Anastasia love 23/09/24(Sun)21:29 No. 109674 ID: 9e6e49

File 169558375528.gif - (3.37MB , 500x282 , 20210114_050944.gif )

Idk, do you think I’m passable enough and should?

Anastasia+love 23/09/24(Sun)21:33 No. 109675 ID: 9e6e49

File 169558399551.gif - (2.14MB , 282x500 , 20210114_043238.gif )

Closet Homosexual 17/09/20(Wed)00:29 No. 106457 ID: 8be289 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 150586019945.jpg - (1.99MB , 2448x3264 , IMG_20170916_134556.jpg )

Be honest please, do I pass? Nothing works best than asking strangers in the internet

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Closet Homosexual 22/06/20(Mon)06:41 No. 109123 ID: b7c265

Completely! You're cute =3

Shaman 22/08/22(Mon)03:53 No. 109167 ID: 7eed0e


Closet Homosexual 23/09/13(Wed)11:51 No. 109653 ID: 691792

You pass

Closet Homosexual 22/03/22(Tue)09:14 No. 109011 ID: 309a36 [Reply]

File 164793689015.jpg - (141.97KB , 1738x2316 , DECAC2C1-63FF-4CC5-BC9A-1375750408A5.jpg )

Hi hi! Just thought I might post some of my stuff here if that's ok

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Closet Homosexual 23/08/29(Tue)07:20 No. 109591 ID: e6eb4c

Hi been a while!

Closet Homosexual 23/09/02(Sat)03:38 No. 109613 ID: 2dc42d

damn girl where have you been? looking as hot as ever mmm wish you would post more often... love seeing your sexy content here <3

Closet Homosexual 23/09/10(Sun)01:38 No. 109651 ID: 53c225

you are so gorgeous

Captions Closet Homosexual 22/04/13(Wed)09:17 No. 109040 ID: 9f0ba0 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 164983421953.png - (5.80MB , 2880x3840 , C60981E4-63B7-4266-8C3E-35342F1E7459.png )

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Closet Homosexual 23/09/05(Tue)06:12 No. 109627 ID: e0d744

Closet Homosexual 23/09/06(Wed)03:41 No. 109628 ID: 2a3f51

Thank you for both, and the first one is a classic. Which artist did the Pam pic tho? I’m or was it AI? Cause it gotta say *he* turned out looking a little creepy lol.

Closet Homosexual 23/09/08(Fri)05:24 No. 109635 ID: e0d744

There's a link in the top right of the image and the artist's signature in the picture too. I think I got it off rule34 or imagefap, I don't recall, but it's not AI. I think the artist most likely takes photos, composites them and then 'traces' over them digitally painting on a layer above the reference images, if I had to guess. I think Pam looks fine but I imagine he might look a little uncanny because he probably wasn't sticking his tongue out originally (but for sure he was definitely surrounded by a bunch of dicks, that part can't be fake, I'm sure of it!)

Here's a few more

Closet Homosexual 23/09/07(Thu)18:37 No. 109634 ID: 717595 [Reply]

File 169410462357.jpg - (145.31KB , 1061x1441 , get.jpg )

is my bf passable?

Hey I just created this persona Vera Trap 21/03/02(Tue)09:26 No. 108603 ID: 7aa367 [Reply]

File 161467358341.jpg - (1.00MB , 3264x2448 , 20210126_021947.jpg )

What do you guys think

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Vera+trap 23/07/17(Mon)07:44 No. 109514 ID: d3ec57

File 16895726584.png - (445.85KB , 720x778 , Screenshot_20230715-022710~2.png )

This one's. Minimalist look from June of this year
If anyone wants to keep a correspondence or just chat any advice etc get @ me at veruhsays@aol.com

Vera Trap 23/09/02(Sat)00:39 No. 109611 ID: 14baa4

Haven't been dressing up in a while here at some mediocre pics
You guys like?

Vera 23/09/06(Wed)06:16 No. 109631 ID: cb0e57

File 169397378727.jpg - (293.48KB , 3264x2448 , received_4283626974980616.jpg )

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