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## Mod ## 20/11/26(Thu)19:20 No. 146234 ID: 602775 [Reply] Stickied

File 160641480487.gif - (1.35MB , 498x498 , 93143305855d0228a946ac143102382a-imagegif.gif )

Hello /vg/, I would like to take this time to remind everyone that we have an IRC room specifically dedicated to Video Games located at: irc.7chan.org/6697 #netplay

SSL required. Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

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24/02/03(Sat)17:52 No. 147038 ID: 452ee0

>irc.7chan.org/6697 #netplay
So this is where 7chan has been hanging out.
>Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.
Hope you've had a decent holidays and a good New Years, friend.

Anti-Woke Game Mods 24/07/13(Sat)13:07 No. 147245 ID: 8b0975 [Reply]

File 172086886814.jpg - (96.05KB , 600x861 , dd2_nexus_endorse.jpg )

The anti-woke game modding forum welcomes anyone who wants to visit.


Posting comments can be done anonymously.

Metal gear alternative. 24/07/07(Sun)18:55 No. 147244 ID: e97d94 [Reply]

File 172037132558.jpg - (179.87KB , 640x1100 , metal-gear-acid-4e2627540e0ca.jpg )

What would a metal gear acid version of liquid snake or solidus snake look like?

Genesz Discord got pwned lol Lul Zee 24/07/07(Sun)09:16 No. 147243 ID: fbe7ff [Reply]

File 172033657141.png - (6.87KB , 750x56 , eek.png )

About an hour ago the official server for Genesz, devs for the driving game with a cult following "The Long Drive", was completely pwned by persons unknown.

Quote of the night comes from the unofficial server which has served as a 'lifeboat' for the massive amount of people banned for no reason, BS reasons, or just refusing to validate certain voluntary lifestyles.

21/07/02(Fri)15:32 No. 146431 ID: e27569 [Reply]

File 162523275968.jpg - (139.69KB , 1008x746 , kforbid_preview.jpg )

Gonna post about a horror game ive been playing on and off for the last 15 years if that interests anybody


Attached is a screenshot of the game. It's perfect for people with time on their hands at work or dont have a strong pc for gaming etc. You basically play as either a human, vampire or zombie in the quarantined city of serling and fight it out. It has both elements of PVP and npc enemies. You can form up groups which sort of function like guilds, which allow the use of group storage. they also recently (well sort of recently) added base buildings items and crafting (Example: you can fence off a building, any undead have to break the fencing in order to access the buildings. there are different types of fencing and walls you can make via crafting, along with other stuff)

If you do decide to play, my advice for anyone is stop by a fire department and pick up a walkie talkie it allows you to talk to the rest of the game and your first skill I suggest buying is the hiding one so you don't get killed as often.

Oh one last thing, here is a map of the game. its easy to get lost without it


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Mark H Black 21/09/11(Sat)12:41 No. 146481 ID: 462306

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23/02/20(Mon)15:12 No. 146889 ID: 2bac74


24/07/04(Thu)08:21 No. 147241 ID: c8a935

It's gone. Sad I never had the chance to play it.

Haven & Hearth wilko 16/02/16(Tue)17:21 No. 144496 ID: c2e18f [Reply]

File 145563967351.png - (240.86KB , 650x430 , mjlg81.png )

I haven't played this game in years, have no idea if it is still a thing, but I miss Seventh Haven. Good memories. SeVenezuela on eRepublik was fun as well.

I miss you all.

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22/08/23(Tue)20:41 No. 146762 ID: 5d0b54

World 14 just started a couple weeks ago!

22/08/23(Tue)21:09 No. 146763 ID: 838b0b

Firefox Can’t Open This Page

24/07/02(Tue)14:10 No. 147240 ID: 824861

File 17199222502.jpg - (278.19KB , 1300x1300 , XF.jpg )

Try a different browser?

23/10/25(Wed)11:05 No. 147002 ID: c32a88 [Reply]

File 169822470596.png - (135.45KB , 700x1086 , cutscene 2 nort hird panel 7.png )

Made a game called Project Nortubel
Still WIP but it's playable on itch and NG.
Would like some feedback.

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24/04/08(Mon)00:43 No. 147063 ID: 028e6e

File 171252978519.png - (30.85KB , 749x449 , massag art cheerleaders reference.png )

Latest update has tweaks like an instructions text in the pause/main menus and revamped tutorial levels.
Also, some guests.

24/05/01(Wed)17:38 No. 147069 ID: 56ce58

Biggest update so far is out now on NG and itch!
A more ambitious world and bosses even.

24/07/01(Mon)17:03 No. 147239 ID: 0d41ba

Another big update because the game is at its "middle stage", sort of.
You get to see Bonka again.

Video game crossovers 24/01/08(Mon)02:46 No. 147024 ID: c3a372 [Reply]

File 170467840834.png - (1.40MB , 1280x1808 , tumblr_62c5fb00721499e9aab078c683d78836_27711439_1.png )

What makes a good crossover? For me its one that puts in the effort to really explore how two different characters interact. How the personalities or powers of different games would really work if they were to meet each other, not shit like Fortnite which is just a cosmetic, all that does is have something there, but you do nothing with it.

24/02/13(Tue)11:35 No. 147046 ID: 0fd614

I think that's exactly right, the more interesting their contrast in logic and themes, the better. Like Postal Dude in Undertale/Deltarune—what does the game about the divide between player and character mean with a protagonist that VALUES your control over him because it means he's no longer morally responsible for his actions? Even if Chara is still in the picture, what does that mean when Dude by himself is already partner enough?

24/06/29(Sat)04:27 No. 147238 ID: 824861

Does the crossover makes sense? If yes, do it.
eg. Terry & Main in Street Fighter VI.

Indie games Alastor Ita 22/05/02(Mon)15:15 No. 146580 ID: 033f4a [Reply]

File 165149735758.jpg - (221.15KB , 1140x639 , 1651442315010.jpg )

Tell me, what prompted you to play them? Mainly their genre or the innovation they could offer their genres?

Ps. I ask this question because lately I wonder what is the component that makes an indie beautiful. Innovation in gameplay? The graphics? Or just the story?

Can it be a good game for just 1 of these components? Ex, it can be good a game whose graphics and gameplay are shitty, but is the story as good as an MGS?

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24/01/26(Fri)14:20 No. 147036 ID: 17ef0d

I've only played really part of Hollow Knight in this line up.what prompted me to play the game was just the trailer and small bit of gameplay looked good enough to pay for the game. I think the figuring out what to do next in the game is kind of a challenge sometimes but I've backtracked in many games so it wasn't too bad.

24/01/30(Tue)01:00 No. 147037 ID: 78a1c4

Game Trailers - Toggle Video

Still waiting. I want to try the DLC perhaps.

24/06/29(Sat)04:25 No. 147237 ID: 824861

Please support an indie game like 2XKO.. oh wait.. Blazing Strike

Why we NEED Indie Fighting Games

24/01/05(Fri)13:43 No. 147023 ID: b9f318 [Reply]

File 170445861974.jpg - (9.68KB , 200x300 , a6ERzAbZ_700w_0.jpg )

This is SHepard now, Feel old yet?

24/06/26(Wed)17:07 No. 147236 ID: c89e59

why is this site dead?

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