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## Mod ## 20/11/26(Thu)19:20 No. 146234 ID: 602775 [Reply] Stickied

File 160641480487.gif - (1.35MB , 498x498 , 93143305855d0228a946ac143102382a-imagegif.gif )

Hello /vg/, I would like to take this time to remind everyone that we have an IRC room specifically dedicated to Video Games located at: irc.7chan.org/6697 #netplay

SSL required. Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

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24/02/03(Sat)17:52 No. 147038 ID: 452ee0

>irc.7chan.org/6697 #netplay
So this is where 7chan has been hanging out.
>Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.
Hope you've had a decent holidays and a good New Years, friend.

Half-Life 25th Anniversary Update 23/11/20(Mon)19:11 No. 147010 ID: d4d639 [Reply]

File 170050386968.jpg - (72.93KB , 1100x160 , f1df6c3375efd4af7dabe6c5334e8b5a91a605a2.jpg )

Happy 25th Anniversary Half-Life! I hope you remembered to pick up the free copy or tell your friends about it, and I hope you've been having fun playing it with 30k other players.

24/02/20(Tue)23:40 No. 147050 ID: 106cd1

I gotta be honest with ya, I did NOT play past the annoying part with the spires on Xen.

18/11/27(Tue)23:08 No. 145466 ID: ee01aa [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 154335652684.jpg - (12.77KB , 300x300 , facepalm.jpg )

What year was the absolute worst for video games?

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24/01/26(Fri)13:18 No. 147034 ID: 0bd51a

Perhaps current years actually. It's sad for so much potential with newer technologies but then they have to pander to the minorities or their bias with politics.

24/01/26(Fri)13:27 No. 147035 ID: 0bd51a

The funny thing about TLOU Games are all the fans freaking out for the newest remake for the games when they're newer releases because they want updated graphics. I think they're just milking it cause they know their fans are a bunch of idiots who would pay $70+ if given the chance for a 3 year old game remake.

24/02/20(Tue)23:39 No. 147049 ID: 106cd1

File 170846876110.jpg - (184.13KB , 494x500 , freedom.jpg )

On the contrary, 2007 was such a good year for gaming that it made everyone take notice of the hobby. It led to negative consequences but it definitely wasn't a bad year.

22/11/20(Sun)03:44 No. 146830 ID: 772541 [Reply]

File 166891224721.png - (1.28MB , 3276x3148 , 2116342_kolsan_fnf-anniversary.png )

Give me a real reason that liking something that is popular in the real world is bad

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So be persistent with your liking Devin Moses 23/12/07(Thu)05:13 No. 147016 ID: 75be42

I think it's a good thing if you like something, or have a passion. However, you need to ensure a balance between passion and other surrounding factors. Others will support your interests and passions if you know how to balance them.
Just like when I was a child I loved programming languages, and now I have successfully pursued it. My scratch games website has thousands of visits every day. So be persistent.

24/02/10(Sat)02:40 No. 147043 ID: e892c5

I'm not sure if FNF is as popular nowadays as it was in a year or two, but it is weird seeing the Zoomer fanbase it got when the game was based around NG culture.
People already expected a culture shock with the Tumblr porn ban when various artists moved to NG, but it was Twitter that ended up with Tumblr's cancer (Which of course made it more common and ended up carried on by Zoomers).

24/02/20(Tue)23:36 No. 147048 ID: 106cd1

The people who perpetuated tumblr's cancer don't actually like art, they just enjoy bullying people.

Diablo II 24/02/16(Fri)22:42 No. 147047 ID: b87503 [Reply]

File 170811975288.png - (1.85MB , 816x1456 , 123.png )

Diablo II as an 80s Dark Fantasy Film


Video game crossovers 24/01/08(Mon)02:46 No. 147024 ID: c3a372 [Reply]

File 170467840834.png - (1.40MB , 1280x1808 , tumblr_62c5fb00721499e9aab078c683d78836_27711439_1.png )

What makes a good crossover? For me its one that puts in the effort to really explore how two different characters interact. How the personalities or powers of different games would really work if they were to meet each other, not shit like Fortnite which is just a cosmetic, all that does is have something there, but you do nothing with it.

24/02/13(Tue)11:35 No. 147046 ID: 0fd614

I think that's exactly right, the more interesting their contrast in logic and themes, the better. Like Postal Dude in Undertale/Deltarune—what does the game about the divide between player and character mean with a protagonist that VALUES your control over him because it means he's no longer morally responsible for his actions? Even if Chara is still in the picture, what does that mean when Dude by himself is already partner enough?

20/08/16(Sun)14:34 No. 146122 ID: aa1b7a [Reply]

File 159758128273.png - (2.09MB , 2560x1377 , Hazeron_Apr-1-2020_22-07-04-290.png )


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20/08/16(Sun)21:49 No. 146124 ID: 6ec29b


20/08/17(Mon)19:18 No. 146125 ID: aa1b7a


23/11/14(Tue)10:02 No. 147009 ID: e6c16d

Nobody is giving you money gambleshill

23/10/25(Wed)11:05 No. 147002 ID: c32a88 [Reply]

File 169822470596.png - (135.45KB , 700x1086 , cutscene 2 nort hird panel 7.png )

Made a game called Project Nortubel
Still WIP but it's playable on itch and NG.
Would like some feedback.

23/11/29(Wed)10:09 No. 147013 ID: a0495f

File 170124894060.png - (101.50KB , 1606x1091 , 4 nortubel chars.png )

And the game recently got an update reaching 18 levels and 6 cutscenes.
Feedback is appreciated.
You can find it on NG and itch too.

24/01/08(Mon)22:42 No. 147027 ID: 262ff1

File 170475013589.png - (286.32KB , 749x449 , nort art summer time.png )

The newest Nortubel update is about features to make the game more accessable to people, based on some feedback I received.
You can even play as the kid character if the commands and ladder stuff still annoys you.
If you struggled with the game at first, maybe now you can give it a second chance.
Again on Newgrounds and itch.

24/02/10(Sat)02:36 No. 147042 ID: e892c5

Did an update with 8 levels and a lot of stuff.
3 of the main world of the game and 5 of a new world.
I even did new gameplay things like a new type of door and switch.

Indie games Alastor Ita 22/05/02(Mon)15:15 No. 146580 ID: 033f4a [Reply]

File 165149735758.jpg - (221.15KB , 1140x639 , 1651442315010.jpg )

Tell me, what prompted you to play them? Mainly their genre or the innovation they could offer their genres?

Ps. I ask this question because lately I wonder what is the component that makes an indie beautiful. Innovation in gameplay? The graphics? Or just the story?

Can it be a good game for just 1 of these components? Ex, it can be good a game whose graphics and gameplay are shitty, but is the story as good as an MGS?

8 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
24/01/08(Mon)05:21 No. 147025 ID: d9a990


24/01/26(Fri)14:20 No. 147036 ID: 17ef0d

I've only played really part of Hollow Knight in this line up.what prompted me to play the game was just the trailer and small bit of gameplay looked good enough to pay for the game. I think the figuring out what to do next in the game is kind of a challenge sometimes but I've backtracked in many games so it wasn't too bad.

24/01/30(Tue)01:00 No. 147037 ID: 78a1c4

Game Trailers - Toggle Video

Still waiting. I want to try the DLC perhaps.

Só para Brasileiros 24/01/26(Fri)04:35 No. 147033 ID: 76b99d [Reply]

File 170624011571.jpg - (286.67KB , 1920x1080 , egs-social-rocketleague-news-1920x1080-1920x1080-9.jpg )

phzix09 faz transmissões de Rocket League.

Live Link - https://www.twitch.tv/phzix09

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